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The space above Skeleton Mountain surged. The top forces were shocked as they looked at the elderly figure who had appeared. He was one of the three kings of Daluo Territory, the Condor King.

The forces talked softly among themselves. They wondered what had happened on the Meteorfall Battlefield since the two masters had suddenly appeared.

When Mu Chen, Lord Asura, Nine Nether, and the other lords saw the Condor King, they heaved a sigh of relief. With the Condor King around, Netherworld Palace would not be able to do anything to them.

Netherworld Flame Elder turned gloomy when he saw the Condor King. He snorted and said, "Old fool, why are you following me?"

The Condor King smiled and looked at Lord Heavenly Evil, whom he had frozen. He smiled flatly and said, "Alright, let's call it a day."

"Call it a day?" Netherworld Flame Elder said deviously, "You have caused us to lose our only war troop dispatcher. Do you think that this is a small matter?"

"Were you not the one to kill him?" the Condor King said with a smile. "However, considering that you have lost a war troop dispatcher, we will not ask you for the 400,000 Meteorfall Alchemy."

The Condor King was generous. He just waved off 400,000 Meteorfall Alchemy pills. He knew that it would be impossible to get Netherworld Flame Elder to hand over 400,000 Meteorfall Alchemy pills, especially now that the secret treasure of the Earthly Sovereign had been found.


Netherworld Flame Elder looked ferocious. He then looked coldly at Mu Chen. As he looked past Mu Chen, Mu Chen felt numb. He felt as though he had been targeted by a serpent.

Mu Chen's expression changed. He knew that he would be in a dangerous position if the Grade Eight Sovereign wanted to kill him. Even Lord Asura would not be able to save him.

The moment the Condor King appeared, he had suppressed Lord Heavenly Evil, whose strength had reached Grade Seven Sovereign. Although it was a surprise attack, it had shown the vast difference between a Grade Seven and Grade Eight Sovereign.

"Hohoho, Netherworld Flame, I suggest that you throw the idea away. The moment that you strike, I will kill Lord Heavenly Evil," the Condor King said flatly as Netherworld Flame Elder looked fiercely at Mu Chen.

"I don't think it will do Netherworld Palace any good if you get both parties injured."

Netherworld Flame Elder looked hideously at Mu Chen and ultimately shifted his gaze away. He knew that the Condor King was right. No matter how fast he was, even if he managed to kill Mu Chen, Netherworld Palace would also lose a Grade Seven Sovereign.

It would be a greater loss compared to the loss of Lin Min.

"I will let him off for now. However, don't be too happy. When our Palace Master hears about it, he will settle the score with you!" Netherworld Flame Elder gave a petrifying smile and snorted. He waved his sleeve and disappeared into thin air. When he appeared again, he was in front of Netherworld Palace's troop. The Condor King brought Lord Glacier back to the lords of Daluo Territory as well.

Both of them were masters at the Grade Eight Sovereign level. They did not use futile means, as they knew that if they were to fight, they would lose many of their men.

"Condor King!" When the lords saw the Condor King, they hurriedly cupped their fists to salute him.

The Condor King smiled and waved his hand. He then turned to look at Mu Chen and said with a smile, "Congratulations, Lord Mu. You have become a war troop dispatcher. After so many years, Daluo Territory finally has a war troop dispatcher."

Having said that, he asked the most important question, "How is the collection of the Meteorfall Alchemy coming along?"

"After adding it all up, we have a total of 430,000 Meteorfall Alchemy pills," Lord Asura replied.

"Four hundred and thirty thousand?" The Condor King's eyes brightened up. He looked pleased and said, "Not bad. This is much more than was collected in the previous Big Hunting War. Although the secret treasure of the Earthly Sovereign is special, this quantity should be enough to handle it."

"If not for Lord Mu, we would not have been able to collect so many Meteorfall Alchemy pills from the Big Hunting War," Lord Mountain Cracker said with a smile. He was apparently giving credit to Mu Chen.

"That is right. Most of the Meteorfall Alchemy pills have been collected by Lord Mu and his men," Lord Asura said.

When the Condor King heard it, he was stunned and looked at Mu Chen. He had never expected Mu Chen to have such an outstanding performance in the Big Hunting War. Even Lord Mountain Cracker and Lord Asura, who were prideful, respected Mu Chen and behaved politely toward him.

"Lord Mountain Cracker, you are too kind. If all the lords had not worked together, I would not have been able to do anything." Mu Chen was shocked that Lord Mountain Cracker had given him credit. However, he simply smiled, and did not get carried away and behave proudly.

"Hohoho, it seems like the Dominator and Nine Nether have found the right person." The Condor King admired Mu Chen for not being proud or rash. He had to admit that initially, he had been nice to Mu Chen because of Nine Nether. After that, it was because Mu Chen had the Dominator to back him up. Finally, the Condor King knew that Mu Chen possessed unique charm and capabilities.

Mu Chen had worked his way up from the position of an ordinary commander. His advancements had taken everyone by surprise. No one knew where he would end up in the future.

When Nine Nether saw that Mu Chen had slowly gained the acceptance of the entire Daluo Territory, she was happy for him. She smiled and said, "Condor Elder, tell us. Has the Dominator found the secret treasure of the Earthly Sovereign?"

When the lords heard her question, they quickly pricked up their ears. They had fought so fiercely in this Meteorfall Battlefield just to prepare for the opening of the secret treasure of the Earthly Sovereign. They could not be involved in the search for the secret treasure and had to depend on the Dominator to do it.

The Condor King smiled and nodded. He then said helplessly, "The secret treasure has indeed been found but things did not turn out too well."

"What has happened?" Mu Chen and the lords were surprised.

"The deepest part of the Meteorfall Battlefield is the most violent region. Spiritual energy windstorms can swirl out at any time, and even the Earthly Sovereigns have to be cautious. After a few rounds of unsuccessful exploration, we have found traces of the secret treasure of the Earthly Sovereign. This secret treasure is majestic. It has surpassed all the other secret treasures that we have explored," the Condor King said.

"Oh?" The lords were curious.

"As it is majestic, all the lords of the top forces are eyeing it," the Condor King said.

Mu Chen and the lords were shocked. They were then horrified at the thought of six or seven Earthly Sovereigns waiting outside the secret treasure, ready to pounce on it.

If they were to end up in a fight, it would be earth-shattering. The fights that Mu Chen and the lords had been involved in previously would be nothing compared to it.

"What shall we do now?" Nine Nether asked.

"Get ready to go to the Meteorfall Battlefield. We must not give up on the secret treasure of the Earthly Sovereign. The owner of this secret treasure must have been extremely powerful judging from its majesty. If we can get a hold of the Spiritual Deity Liquid that he has left behind, the Dominator might be able to break through to Upper Earthly Sovereign. If the Divine Pavilion or Netherworld Palace get their hands on it, it will be bad news for us," the Condor King said gravely.

When everyone heard it, they nodded. Although they did not know the difference between Lower Earthly Sovereign and Upper Earthly Sovereign, there must be a vast difference judging from what the Condor King had said. The fate of Daluo Territory depended on it.

When the Condor King saw their expressions, he waved his hand, and the men from Daluo Territory started to make a move.

Suddenly, the Condor King froze. Mu Chen and the lords sensed something as well, and they lifted up their heads. They were stunned.

Space warps were everywhere, and multiple figures appeared in the sky. These figures exuded powerful oppression, and they caused the area to quake.

Demon's Gate, Tian Xuan Hall, and the other top forces suddenly shouted out in joy. The masters who had appeared were from their forces.

With the discovery of the secret treasure of the Earthly Sovereign, the masters finally had some free time to help their men.

"These guys are fast." The Condor King smiled flatly. He had no intention of staying there. He waved his hand, and his body exuded vast spiritual light and formed a large screen. It covered all the men of Daluo Territory within.

"Let's go."

The Condor King dashed out, and the large screen swirled out like clouds with the men of Daluo Territory inside.

After the Condor King had left, the rest of the top forces speedily shot up into the sky as well after gathering their men.

When the top class forces saw the scene, they sighed within themselves. They knew that the highlight of the Big Hunting War was about to begin. Unless there were Earthly Sovereigns in their forces, they would not be qualified to participate in it.

After the Big Hunting War, they wondered what changes would take place in the structure of the North Territory. How many forces in the North Territory would remain and how many would collapse…?

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