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After the great battle between Lin Min and Mu Chen, the Skeleton Mountain was left in complete disarray. There were large cracks on the mountain, and many of the neary smaller mountains had collapsed due to the fierce fight. These repercussions showed how aggressive the fight had been. Fortunately, the great battle had now come to an end.

Everyone knew that this was the beginning of something even more terrible. In fact, all of these horrible things came about because of the bet. After all, 400,000 Meteorfall Alchemy was an enormous amount that no top force would be able to bear.

After Mu Chen and his troops had fought for so many months, the total number of Meteorfall Alchemy units that they had gathered was nearly enough. However, should this amount of Meteorfall Alchemy have to been given away, they would have to forget about opening the secret treasures of the Earthly Sovereign. It would be wiser for them to return to their palace right away.

This plan of retreat applied not only to the Daluo Territory, but to Netherworld Palace as well. When the top powers from Netherworld Palace saw that Lin Min had been captured by Mu Chen, and realized that the other forces were looking at them, they turned ghastly pale.

"It is his fault!" The top powers from Netherworld Palace gritted their teeth and looked at Mu Chen. Mu Chen was the one to blame for the situation that they were in. If it hadn't been for him, the Daluo Territory would be the ones caught in a tight spot!

"Netherworld Palace is a top force in the North Territory. Surely you wouldn't disgrace yourself by going back on your word in front of so many people, would you?" Mu Chen smiled and said.

"Shut up!"

Lord Heavenly Evil looked harshly at Mu Chen. He was furious. He knew that Mu Chen was out to destroy Netherworld Palace.

"Lord Heavenly Evil, you are a top power in the North Territory. You should behave gracefully, even though you have lost. Of course, if you wish to take back your words, we will go along with it," Lord Asura said coldly.

Lord Heavenly Evil gritted his teeth and contemplated his next move. The top powers from Netherworld Palace dared not say a word. All of the forces looked at Netherworld Palace, waiting to see how they were going to fix this terrible mess.

There was dead silence for some time. Lord Heavenly Evil finally let out a sigh. When the top powers saw his expression, they were shocked. Judging from his demeanor, Netherworld Palace seemed to be handing over the Meteorfall Alchemy!

Just as Lord Heavenly Evil was about to speak, an elderly voice snorted in the void. It sounded like thunder and it echoed throughout the area.

The area then quaked. The top powers from the forces looked shocked. They had noticed a strong oppression, which had pierced through the space and covered the area.

Space warps were formed above Netherworld Palace. Following that, an elderly figure walked out slowly.

The elder had a hunchback and was robed in black. He had grey hair, and his murky eyes were flickering. They seemed to pierce through the entire space. The elder held a bone staff and stood in the air. The oppression that the top powers had just felt had obviously come from him.

"Netherworld Elder!" When Lord Heavenly Evil and the top powers of Netherworld Palace saw the elder, they were elated.

"It is Netherworld Flame Elder. He is one of the three elders of Netherworld Palace!" Lord Asura and the rest of the lords turned pale. They had not expected to see him at such a crucial moment!

"Netherworld Flame Elder?" Mu Chen was shocked and started to frown. The three elders of Netherworld Palace were equally famous, known as the three kings of the Daluo Territory. However, the top powers should be at the Meteorfall Battlefield, so they wondered why one of the was here.

"Be careful. Netherworld Flame Elder is a Grade Eight Sovereign. He is extremely powerful," Lord Asura warned, starting to tense up.

He looked warily at Netherworld Flame Elder, then stepped in front of Mu Chen to protect him. He was afraid that Netherworld Flame Elder would attack Mu Chen.

"Grade Eight Sovereign?" Mu Chen was shocked. This was basically the highest level! Given Mu Chen's limited strength and power, it would be impossible for him to contend with Netherworld Flame Elder.

The other forces looked at Netherworld Flame Elder in shock. Generally speaking, masters who were at this level would not appear at this time. This naturally made them wonder why he had appeared.

"Greetings, Netherworld Elder!"

When the top powers of Netherworld Palace saw him, they saluted him.

"Ha, you're just a bunch of useless guys. If you hand over the Meteorfall Alchemy, how are you going to answer to Palace Master?"

"Netherworld Elder, this…" Lord Heavenly Evil smiled wryly. They were confident that Lin Min would win, but they had not expected that Mu Chen would be more ruthless than him. As Lin Min was no match for Mu Chen, the whole situation had turned around dramatically.

"Let me handle this," Netherworld Flame Elder said in a grave voice. When Lord Heavenly Evil heard this, he heaved a sigh of relief. He had been wanting to wash his hands off this mess for a long time.

Having said that, Netherworld Flame Elder looked sharply at Mu Chen, Lord Asura, and the rest of the lords. He sneered and said, "You are too much. How dare you have designs on Netherworld Palace?"

Lord Asura said flatly, "What are you saying, Netherworld Elder? All of the forces have witnessed this fight. Moreover, the bet has been clearly stated. If Netherworld Palace is not afraid of tarnishing your reputation, we are fine with it."

"Tsk tsk. Tarnish our reputation?" Netherworld Elder sneered and said, "Lin Min has got himself into the bet and created this mess. He is only a Grade Four Sovereign. Who is he to represent Netherworld Palace?"

"Since he has lost the bet, that is his problem. If you want to have the Meteorfall Alchemy, go and get them from him."

When Netherworld Flame Elder said this, the lords of the Daluo Territory turned pale. The elder was so shameless, he had placed all of the responsibilities on Lin Min.

"Oh? Since you have said this, we can wake him up and ask him if he has been instructed by the higher ups to agree to this bet." Mu Chen smiled, while he lifted up Lin Min, who had fainted.

"If you think that Lin Min cannot represent Netherworld Palace, then all the higher ups of Netherworld, who are present, are not qualified to do so either."

Netherworld Flame Elder looked coldly at Mu Chen and said, "Young man, who are you to talk to me in such a way? Don't forget your place!"

Having said that, Netherworld Flame Elder suddenly disappeared out of the blue. Lord Asura turned pale. He then punched Mu Chen's chest and sent him flying. As Mu Chen flew, the space where he had stood seemed to have been squashed by an invisible hand, causing the space to shatter.

Netherworld Flame Elder appeared at the very spot. When he saw that he did not hit Mu Chen, his eyes turned colder. He stabbed out with his two fingers, causing the void to surge and sending a ray of black light across it.

The hair on Mu Chen's body stood up upon seeing the black light appear. He immediately used Lin Min to fend off the black light.


As the black light darted across the space, Lin Min's head exploded, sending blood spewing all over the area. Mu Chen wiped the blood away with his sleeve, then looked at the now headless body. Lin Min had died a terrible death!


Nine Nether, Lord Mountain Cracker, and the other lords darted toward Mu Chen to protect him. They looked warily at Netherworld Flame Elder.

The sudden change of events took the forces by surprise. Lin Min had really been killed! This shocked them greatly.

Everyone could tell that Netherworld Flame Elder was not targeting Mu Chen. Instead, he had wanted to kill Lin Min.

"Netherworld Elder is ruthless," Lord Asura said in a low voice.

Netherworld Elder looked flatly at the headless corpse, then said, "Useless being. You should never have become so reckless, just because you became a war troop dispatcher. This Big Hunting War concerns the future of Netherworld Palace. Compared to that, what is a ten thousand battle rune war troop dispatcher? So, is nothing to lose you…"

Although Netherworld Palace had taken great pains in grooming this top war troop dispatcher, 400,000 Meteorfall Alchemy was worth far more than his life. Regardless of those harsh facts, the forces were still disappointed when they saw how ruthless Netherworld Flame Elder was.

"You have this bet with Lin Min. If you want to have the Meteorfall Alchemy, go and look for him."

After Netherworld Elder said this, he looked coldly at Mu Chen, Lord Asura, and the rest of the lords. He then said, "Now, I shall settle the score with you for causing the death of our war troop dispatcher!"

Netherworld Flame Elder suddenly lifted up his hand and shouted, "Kill Lord Glacier! Let him keep Lin Min company!"

When Lord Heavenly Evil and the rest heard his words, their eyes were filled with killing intent. Lord Heavenly Evil immediately appeared beside Lord Glacier, He pressed on his head, and spiritual energy surged forth. He was ready to smash Lord Glacier to a pulp!

When Mu Chen, Lord Asura, and the other lords saw this, they turned pale.

"Kill!" Netherworld Flame Elder said viciously.

"Yes!" Lord Heavenly Evil replied. He grinned, then punched forth a blow.

However, just as Lord Heavenly Evil was about to hit Lord Glacier's head, his body froze. The laughter of an elderly voice was heard.

"Netherworld Flame, you are so shameless. How can you bully these younger ones? Now that I am here, you can forget about killing any of my men."

As they heard the elderly voice, all of them saw that the space behind Lord Heavenly Evil had surged. An elderly figure appeared, then grabbed the void. A horrifying spiritual energy oppression covered the entire area and caused the space to freeze. Lord Heavenly Evil was unable to move. His palm hung above Lord Glacier's head, rendering him unable to hit it.

When Mu Chen, Nine Nether, Lord Asura and the other lords saw the elderly figure, they were elated. The elder was one of the three kings of the Daluo Territory, the Condor King!

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