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"Demon-Devouring Art, Demon-Devouring Seal!"

As Lin Ming's chilling voice spread between the heavens and the earth, the huge dark skull behind him slowly opened its massive mouth, and black waves of fighting intent gathered in it wildly. However, the fighting intent was so violent, the space around the huge mouth quietly shattered.

Lin Ming was obviously prepared to do his best after the initial trial.

Mu Chen looked at the fighting intent that had gathered in the dark skull's mouth, and his gaze turned sharp. He was not foolish enough to be negligent in the face of a war troop dispatcher's best efforts.

He breathed out gently and clasped his hands together.


Atop the dark skull, tens of thousands of battle runes glistened with dazzling luster, and the roar of fighting intent grew more violent until at last, a dark glow of intense light rose slowly from the skull's mouth.

The dark light was almost as thick as a black hole and caused people not to be able to see clearly, but the wave that emanated from it caused many powerful people to be alarmed.

Within the black light, something seemed to be consuming it. Soon, the black light began to shrink and after a few moments, it dispersed. Countless strong men gazed at the sight as a black light seal about 100 feet long floated in the sky.

The area above that black seal was covered with dark lines of battle runes flickering like the mouth of a demon, causing others to feel a dreadful chill.

The black light was suspended in the sky. However, the fluctuations that were emitted were directly distorting the space.


Lin Ming smiled at Mu Chen, and his palm stretched out slowly. Suddenly that black light seal also shot out, appearing above Mu Chen in a flash of light in the sky. The black seal rose against the storm and expanded thousands of feet in an instant. The appalling momentum suppressed the area so that even the space couldn't bear the pressure and emitted shattering sounds.


Although the mountain-like black seal was still a long way from the ground, that terrible pressure resulted in the ground beneath collapsing and forming a vast pit.

Once Lin Ming thoroughly launched his attacks, even Sixth Grade Sovereigns would have to be so wary that their eyelids would twitch.

Darkness hung over the sky, but Mu Chen did not raise his head. His hands conjured seals even more quickly, and shadow afterimages seemed to form in his hands.


The mountain-like black seal suddenly shook, and the space trembled, releasing a terrible pressure. Mu Chen's figure quaked as he was forced hundreds of feet down from the high altitude.

This scene caused the faces of the lords of Daluo Territory to twist anxiously, presumably aware of the domineering power of Lin Ming's attack.


Lin Ming was laughing at this moment, and his palm once again exerted fierce pressure. A mountain-like black seal imprint once again descended as Mu Chen's body was constantly shaken and fell further down from the sky under countless gazes.

At present, it was undoubtedly Lin Ming who had the absolute advantage.

However, as he faced Lin Ming's strong attacks, Mu Chen's eyes still remained slightly drooped, and his face seemed to be extremely calm, but his palms were conjuring seals that were becoming more and more complicated.


It was a heavy blow filled with oppression, and Mu Chen's body was forced down as he fell from the sky and landed on a mountain. When his feet reached the peak, suddenly a crack spread beneath his feet, covering the entire peak.

The fighting intent surrounding him was also affected at this time and became somewhat scattered.

"It's time for you to die!"

Just when Mu Chen's aura of fighting intent dispersed, the cold glint in Lin Ming's eyes suddenly flashed, and that was when his fatal blow landed!


The suspended black seal erupted, and every beam of black light seemed like a black hole—even the light could not penetrate it—and then the black seal descended heavily.

The mountain below Mu Chen's feet began to break apart, apparently at the edge of collapse, and then the black seal whistled down. It suppressed Mu Chen relentlessly as the astonished crowd looked on.

The mountain collapsed as the black seal crushed it, and together with the shattered mountain and Mu Chen, the black seal crashed into the ground.


The whole earth seemed to tremble.

The black seal stood between the heavens and the earth like a majestic mountain. While many of the strongest Sovereigns were silent, their eyes were shocked at the black seal's cold and violent power.

On the black seal, battle runes were like a demon's mouth that was constantly wriggling and squirming. It was an extremely creepy sight.

Lin Ming stood in the air as he looked at the black seal with a chilling look in his eyes. He said with a malicious smile, "Mu Chen, I know you have the means, but you are a little too foolish to the point of being arrogant. As long as you are trapped in my Demon-Devouring Seal, you will be constantly devoured until all your strength is swallowed up!

"This battle seal cannot be broken with your power!"

Lin Ming's unsettling laughter spread between the heaven and the earth, and also caused ripples of shock in the hearts of many Sovereigns. Had victory and defeat been determined already? Being struck head-on by Lin Ming's domineering offensive attack, even a Sixth Grade Sovereign would be defeated, thus Mu Chen's fate was likely to be sealed.

Many of Daluo Territory's Sovereigns paled. Even Lord Asura's eyebrows were knitted together tightly. In Netherworld Palace, everyone's faces had looks of joy, as it was unexpected that in the face of Lin Ming's fierce attacks Mu Chen would be so thoroughly defenseless.

"This Mu Chen is so vulnerable…" Fang Yi looked at the scene and could not help but shake his head and sneer. Who would expect the imposing Mu Chen from before would be easily defeated by Lin Ming.

"You have underestimated Mu Chen."

Zhantai Liuli looked at him nonchalantly, then turned her eyes to the mountain-like black seal. Her beautiful eyes narrowed slightly. Underneath the black seal, she seemed to hear some sounds that made her heart jolt, as the sound seemed to be the roar of thunder.

Fang Yi listened to Zhantai Liuli's words and wanted to comment, but before he could say anything, a roar suddenly rang from the sky and the earth, and then he saw the black seal covered with battle runes unexpectedly tremble.

Lin Ming smiled maliciously and narrowed his eyes.

Boom! Crash!

Thunder began to rumble, and the trembling of the black seal grew more intense, until finally, the gazes of all forces were filled with wonder.


Suddenly, at the bottom of the black seal, there was a dazzling flash. Between the surge of thunderbolts, cracks were torn straight out of the surface above the black seal, and thunderbolts were seeping through the cracks.

Lin Ming's expression twisted drastically.


However, before he could do anything, the waves fluctuating beneath the black seal suddenly became violent, and a loud roar of thunder broke out. The seal, which had been strong enough to suppress a Sixth Grade Sovereign, was blown to smithereens.

The black seal dissipated into spots of black light, and Lin Ming's face grew steely with rage and disbelief. He had obviously not expected this to happen. He had just spoken, and the next moment, his confidence in the Demon-Devouring Battle Seal was directly shattered by Mu Chen.

"How could it be! My Demon-Devouring Fighting Intent is domineering and unparalleled. How can it be broken by Mu Chen?" Lin Ming gnashed his teeth. His inheritance was derived from an ancient war troop dispatcher named Demon-Devouring War Lord. This person had been quite notorious in the ancient times and had a unique inheritance. Although strange, it absolutely could not be underestimated.

"Is it domineering?"

There was a faint sound in the collapsed earth from the suppression of the black seal, and then the boulders broke apart to reveal a figure who rose slowly from the ruins.

That figure was enshrouded in blinding thunderbolts. The thunderbolts were extremely strange. They were not real thunderbolts but were transformed from fighting intent. Amid the thunder and lightning, Mu Chen raised his head, glancing towards Lin Ming's direction. His eyes were indifferent.

"Since you are domineering, I will break it down in a more overbearing way." Mu Chen's indifferent voice rang out. If they really wanted to talk about domineering, he would let Lin Ming know that the Nine Calamity Battle Emperor's dominance was something he could not imagine nor understand.

When his voice fell, Mu Chen's tightly clenched fist opened little by little, and with this action, a bright thunderbolt suddenly burst out of his palm.


It rang from Mu Chen's palm like a dragon's roar as a lightning bolt about the size of a palm slowly rose from Mu Chen's hand.

It was only when the lightnin rose that many powerful men in the world discovered that the lightning was a mini lightning dragon, which was extremely peculiar, as it had no physical entity. If one looked closely, they could see that it was condensed by countless lines of battle runes.


The mini lightning dragon stretched its body in front of Mu Chen, and the earth-shaking sound of a dragon's roar exploded from within its tiny body. It seemed to be transformed from the God of Thunder and Lightning, tyrannical enough to destroy the world.

In these petite lightning dragon battle runes, it had condensed within it the fighting intent of five armies!

That power directly shocked the Sovereigns on all sides. Lin Ming's eyes narrowed abruptly, apparently aware of an extremely dangerous fluctuation.

"Since you like being domineering, I'll let you see who is more domineering then…"

Mu Chen stared at Lin Ming. The corner of his mouth curved into a smirk, and with a flick of his finger, the mini lightning dragon immediately flew out as the roar of thunder and lightning shocked the world.

"Nine Calamity Thunder Prison Visualization, Nine Calamity Lightning Dragon Runes!"

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