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The violent fighting intent raged like a tornado, and the surrounding mountain peaks trembled under the influence of its impact. The boulders kept rolling down, smashing the earth beneath them into smithereens.

In the horizon, two vast oceans of fighting intent surged. As they were locked in a confrontation, behind them, the two oceans released a strong aura of oppression, which was enough to instil fear in a Sixth Grade Sovereign!

The various forces observed the confrontation in the sky, their gazes solemn. A duel between war troop dispatchers was extremely rare, even in the North Territory. After all, the total number of war troop dispatchers was quite small.

Although there had been war troop dispatchers in the North Territory before, they eventually left the North Territory and ventured to the more powerful territories of the Tianluo Continent, where they were able to obtain better resources. The Northern Territory, though considered vast to many of the strongest, was just one corner of the Tianluo Continent, which was one of the ten largest supercontinents in the Great Thousand World.

"This fellow has really become a war troop dispatcher!" In the direction of the Divine Pavilion, Fang Yi looked at the tremendous fighting intent behind Mu Chen, thinking back to when he first saw Mu Chen in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift.

Back then, Mu Chen did not even have the qualifications to make him pay attention to his existence! Even in the end, it was only by his relying on the help of the daughter of the Flame Emperor that Mu Chen was lucky enough to become the biggest winner in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift.

How could he have imagined that, by the time they met again, the man who had been so insignificant in his eyes back then, would now be able to compete with him? Now, Mu Chen had become a war troop dispatcher, and with the help of the power of fighting intent, he had far surpassed him!

Zhantai Liuli's expression was quite calm. Although Mu Chen had not inherited the Heavenly Array Emperor's legacy, he had inherited the more powerful inheritance of the Nine Calamity Battle Emperor. Although that inheritance was not complete, at least in a short time, the drawbacks of obtaining an incomplete legacy would not yet appear.

"This Mu Chen is indeed a young hero. It seems that there will be a well-matched fight between the two. If they fight against each other, one will surely be defeated. This will be good news for us at the Divine Pavilion." Lord Heavenly Dragon looked at the scene calmly.

Naturally, he was happy to see the struggle between the Daluo Territory and the Netherworld Palace, for in this Meteorfall battlefield, what they could gain was the focus. Although they also had feuds and grievances with the Daluo Territory, they were not necessarily on harmonious terms with Netherworld Palace.

"Now, let's take a look at the decisive battle between the war troop dispatchers. We'll see who has the last laugh in the end."

"I see you have indeed become a war troop dispatcher…"

Lin Ming stood in the air. He looked at Mu Chen, who was standing some distance away. He then smiled maliciously. "I wonder if it would make my mind power more refined, should I devour the mind power of a war troop dispatcher," he said.

As soon as his finished speaking, he stamped his feet into the void, causing the space to ripple. Behind him, the vast ocean of fighting intent roared. Then, everyone felt a stronger sense of oppression, which had quickly emanated from the turbulent ocean of fighting intent. 

The sea of fighting intent seemed to be surging with waves, and in the center of it, a huge whirlpool formed. Then, within the whirlpool, a huge black skull rose slowly.

The black skull was covered with dense battle runes, and a dark light glistened, as if it were a demon from hell. It emitted a palpitating shock wave. When the black skull appeared, everyone's faces twisted slightly, as they presumably sensed the danger of the black skull.

"Is this the Spirit of Fighting Intent that Lin Ming has condensed?" Some of the strongest men had solemn faces. They could perceive that the Spirit of Fighting Intent, which was cultivated by Lin Ming, was significantly more powerful than that of the other armies.

This was the strength of the war troop dispatchers! As such, fierce fighting intent, when place in their hands, would manifest the most terrible power!

"Death Battle Light!"

Lin Ming grinned, then his hands conjured up seals. The black skull opened its mouth, and a black beam of light burst out, approximately 100 feet long. The space was torn apart, and in its silence, a terrible destructive power filled the air.

Once the Spirit of Fighting Intent had been condensed, its power was enhanced by more than one level. Thus, this simple beam of light's power was even more striking than the fierce battle broadsword from before!

The light beam was rapidly magnified in Mu Chen's pupils as it approached, and his hands suddenly conjured seals.


The black light burst in front of Mu Chen, then swept through. It was as if it had swallowed him up entirely! The space was terribly distorted from the shocking impact.

Countless Sovereigns watched the scene closely, thinking to themselves... Was Mu Chen directly hit by Lin Ming's ferocious thunderstorm-like attack?

Lin Ming also looked at the dark light, which was enveloping the space in the distance. The next moment, his pupils suddenly contracted, only to see a raging gale of wind, which was causing the black light to be swept away and to dissipate.

After the dark light dissipated, Mu Chen stood calmly. But, in front of him, a huge and unparalleled palm of fighting intent emerged like a shield. The massive palm was covered with dense lines of battle runes. Lin Ming's powerful strike was obviously blocked by this massive palm of fighting intent.

"Is that massive palm of fighting intent the Spirit of Fighting Intent that Mu Chen condensed from the five armies? It seems that its number of lines of battle runes is also amazing." Many Sovereigns looked upon it, astonishment blooming in their hearts.

Mu Chen's dark eyes locked onto Lin Ming, then his eyes glistened coldly, as he saw the huge palm of fighting intent fiercely shoot out and appear above Lin Ming in a flash. Then, it relentlessly swung down!

With a blow of this palm, there was no fancy move. Instead, on the tremendous hand, thousands of lines of battle runes flashed, while a terrifying fighting intent surged and swept away!

It was like a mountain descending from the sky, its power being enough to shatter the void! Encountering such an attack, even a Sixth Grade Sovereign must give his all to counter it!


However, Lin Ming simply gave a cold hum. He stamped his foot, and the black skull behind him opened its massive mouth and emitted a sharp, piercing scream.

Whir whir!

The black sound waves that were even visible to the naked eye surged and spread, and every sound wave seemed to contain a terrible force. When they struck the huge palm of fighting intent that was suppressing the waves, they caused a violent explosion, which, in turn, made the massive palm unable to continue suppressing them.

The attack was blocked, causing Mu Chen's gaze to glisten. He conjured up seals at lightning speed.

Behind him, in the sea of fighting intent, countless light pillars of fighting intent rose to the sky. Eventually, it roared and soared across the sky, enveloping Lin Ming and the army behind him. Such an offensive attack could only be regarded as a great blow.

"Competing with me over fighting intent, eh? Do you think I'm afraid?" In the face of such a magnificent attack from Mu Chen, Lin Ming was not at all afraid. Instead, with a sneer, his palms suddenly waved downwards.

Behind him, the sea of fighting intent's wave quickly surged in turbulence, then transformed into huge torrential waves, which steamrolled over the void and eventually clashed violently with the light beams of fighting intent.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the sky, two terrible forces of fighting intent formed a clashing force, as if they were dividing the vast sky into two. At that juncture, the sky seemed to be torn apart.

All of the forces were staring at this violent confrontation with astonishment. In a battle of such momentum, even if one was a Sixth Grade Sovereign, it would be difficult to achieve this!

Some Sovereigns could not help but sigh, as the spiritual energy cultivation between Mu Chen and Lin Ming was one where, the former was only a Fifth Grade Sovereign, while the latter was only a Fourth Grade Sovereign.

Normally, it would be impossible for one to compete with a Sixth Grade Sovereign, but now, with the help of the power of fighting intent, even a Sixth Grade Sovereign would have to be afraid! The mystery of this fighting intent was truly intriguing indeed.

"Liuli, who do you think will win?" In the direction of the Divine Pavilion, Lord Heavenly Dragon Lord looked at the sky, which was filled with violent fighting intent.

Although Lord Heavenly Dragon was a Seventh Grade Sovereign, with his strength, even if Mu Chen and Lin Ming had the help of the power of fighting intent, they were no threat for him to worry about. But, regarding the mysterious power of fighting intent, he was an outsider. So, at this time, it was impossible for him to see who had the upper-hand between Mu Chen and Lin Ming.

Zhantai Liuli murmured slightly and said, "Looking at the number of battle runes, the Spirit of Fighting Intent that was condensed by Lin Ming has 11,000 battle runes. On the other hand, Mu Chen's has 10,500 battle runes. The gap is very small. So, if it's purely a battle of fighting intent, it is difficult to judge who will win or lose at present, but both of them are unusual beings with hidden means. As for victory or defeat, it depends on the strength of their respective cards, which they certainly have hidden up their sleeves."

When Lord Heavenly Dragon heard this, he nodded his head slightly and stopped talking, He then looked up at the violent confrontation of fighting intent in the sky.


Amid countless astonished glances, the confrontation of fighting intent in the sky, which lasted for a few minutes, faded away. It was obvious that Mu Chen and Lin Ming were aware that no one could win with this degree of attack.

"You do have some tricks, but the more persistent you are, the more delicious your mind power will be. So, I shall have your mind power today, by hook or by crook!"

Lin Ming's scarlet tongue licked his lips. His eyes were full of greed and desire. The next moment, he gave a malicious grin and said, "But the warm-up is over now. I can't wait to absorb your mind power!"

As Lin Ming finished speaking, his gaze suddenly turned chilling. Then, his hands changed suddenly, conjuring up an unsettling seal. When the seal was formed, a cold voice came out slowly from his mouth.

"Demon-Devouring Art, Demon-Devouring Seal!"

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