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Four hundred thousand Meteorfall Alchemy pills?!

The moment they heard this enormous amount, even Lin Ming's expression stiffened abruptly. Behind him, Lord Heavenly Evil looked gloomy, apparently shocked by the number.

Four hundred thousand Meteorfall Alchemy pills were enough to render their effort in these months on the Meteorfall Battlefield for naught, and if they really lost this amount of Meteorfall Alchemy pills, they could forget about unlocking the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure.

Nobody expected that Mu Chen's supposed bigger gamble would be to this extent. This was akin to forcing people into a dead end!

Amid the crowd, all the forces stared at the youth who had a calm expression but a cold glint surging in his eyes. They could not help but feel a tinge of fear.

Netherworld Palace had originally intended to dig a hole to bury Daluo Territory. All their plans had been thought of meticulously, but they had not expected that Mu Chen would be so insane as to drag Netherworld Palace, who had set the trap, down with them.

With this, Netherworld Palace would now be dragged into the trap, and if they declined Mu Chen's bet, they would inevitably become a laughing stock. They would have been played when they were the ones who intended to play Daluo Territory. This would utterly tarnish Netherworld Palace's reputation, and in this North Territory, the top forces cared most about reputation because it was necessary to recruit groups of heroes. Once you had a bad reputation, it would be difficult to garner talents.

"Mu Chen, have you gone insane?" Lin Ming gnashed his teeth. Though he was confident that he would not be weaker than Mu Chen, 400,000 Meteorfall Alchemy pills would be gambling everything Netherworld Palace had. If things did not go their way, the Netherworld Palace Master would end him.

Mu Chen looked down, his calm voice mocking. "Why? Didn't Netherworld Palace want to play before? Now let's take a greater gamble. Don't you have the courage to play the game now?"

Lin Ming's face was steely with rage, and his eyes were twinkling wildly, staring at Mu Chen as if wanting to devour him whole.

The various top powers, such as the Divine Pavilion and Holy Mountain, were also somewhat surprised to see this development, especially when they saw Mu Chen's calm gaze. Their hearts jolted. This kid was young but his brutal decisiveness was not at all inferior to some of the sly and crafty elder generation.

Facing Mu Chen's madness, even these top powers could not help but feel fearful. They were relieved they weren't the target, otherwise, the 400,000 Meteorfall Alchemy pills were enough to frighten any of the top forces.

"If you dare not fight, let him go and scram." Mu Chen looked at the higher echelon of Netherworld Palace and said with a sneer, "So Netherworld Palace is just a bunch of incompetent people."

Speaking calmly, he looked at Lin Ming again. "You are delusional if you think you can ascend to high places in one move, but it is also necessary to have that qualification, otherwise, you are just asking to humiliate yourself!"

Lin Ming's eyes instantly turned bloodshot. He stared at Mu Chen, and then the corner of his mouth slowly curved into a grim smile. He said eerily, "Mu Chen, it seems you are hell bent on asking for death!

"In that case, I will fulfill your wish today!"

Lin Ming took an abrupt step forward, his aura full of harsh murderous intent.

Many high-ranking officials' faces in Netherworld Palace could not help but twist in apprehension when they saw that Lin Ming had actually agreed to Mu Chen's challenge. Although Lin Ming was unstoppable and had not suffered defeat during this period, this was an immensely serious matter, and if there was any mistake, none of them could afford that responsibility!

Lord Heavenly Evil and the Prince of Netherworld's eyes were twinkling. They were naturally enraged by Mu Chen, and they knew that he had forced them into a humiliating situation.

They had started the situation first, but now facing Daluo Territory's counterattack, if they were daunted and the news spread, Netherworld Palace would become a laughing stock.

By then, their Palace Master would still be enraged, and if he pursued the matter, they would be held accountable. So either way, their only way out was to accept the challenge.

Moreover, Daluo Territory was also facing a great risk in this battle. If Mu Chen lost, Daluo Territory would be completely destroyed. In this Great Hunting War, they would return empty-handed and by then, the entire Daluo Territory would face the danger of being exterminated.

In this battle, although the risk was insanely high, the harvest was also incredibly attractive and tempting.

The only thing they needed to consider was who had a higher chance of victory between Mu Chen and Lin Ming.

The Prince of Netherworld and Lord Heavenly Evil looked at each other and transmitted messages to each other secretly.

"Although Mu Chen defeated Xiao Tian in the Death Relic, Xiao Tian was not a war troop dispatcher at all, thus there is no room for comparison."

"As for Zhantai Liuli, she had not become a war troop dispatcher yet, which was why Mu Chen could still take advantage of that. With Lin Ming now, even Zhantai Liuli is not confident that she could gain an edge over him in a battle."

"Furthermore, the inheritance that Lin Ming acquired belonged to an extremely powerful being who had a terrifyingly brutal reputation in the primordial generation."

Finally, their gazes suddenly turned fierce. After considering so many factors, the probability of Lin Ming winning was definitely higher than that of Mu Chen!

This Mu Chen thought that just because he had gained a small victory in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, he could underestimate the various heroes. Now, they must let him understand there would always be someone better than he is!

With a plan in mind, Lord Heavenly Evil and the Prince of Netherworld did not comment further, and when the rest of the Sovereigns in Netherworld Palace saw that they had not opposed the bet, the commotion gradually subsided. Anyway, even if they failed, at least Lord Heavenly Evil and the Prince of Netherworld were there in front of them as support.

Moreover, in their hearts, they shared the same sentiment as Lord Heavenly Evil. If Lin Ming could really defeat Mu Chen, then Daluo Territory would be dealt a seriously damaging blow, and that was bound to be a great contribution. The Palace Master would be extremely pleased and would reward them with a variety of rare mythical Divine Arts, artifacts, and a large amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, Spiritual Pills, and so on.

They would take the gamble!

Many strong men in Netherworld Palace gritted their teeth and no longer hesitated. At the same time, they stopped the ones still trying to object, as things had now gone so far that they could no longer stop the situation's development.

Lin Ming, who stood at the forefront of Netherworld Palace, naturally also noticed the opposition gradually subsiding behind him, and immediately his eyes grew increasingly bloodshot. He looked at Mu Chen ferociously and said chillingly, "After I defeat you, I'll see how Daluo Territory will deal with you, an imbecile who only brings a disastrous mess to them!

"By then, you will die because of your own arrogance!"

"That's if you even get the chance to see it happen." Mu Chen smiled.

"Is that so?!"

Lin Ming's eyes were dark, and he smiled maliciously, stomping his feet and conjuring seals with his hands. He roared, and the sound rumbled. "Netherworld Army!"


As Lin Ming's roar reverberated across the horizon, behind him among the thick, dark clouds, the mighty fighting intent surged like turbulent waves. A strong and unparalleled oppressive aura of fighting intent directly enveloped the world.

Lin Ming stood in the air, and behind him was a dark, inky, majestic fighting intent. The torrents directly crushed and distorted the space.

In the face of such powerful fighting intent, even Sixth Grade Sovereigns such as Nine Nether were slightly floored.

In the rear, the dark clouds fluctuated, revealing a dense army. At first glance, perhaps there were more than 50,000 soldiers, but beyond that, there were apparently other armies of the Netherworld Palace.

Many forces stared at the scene with grave expressions. No wonder Lin Ming's reputation had grown so much in brutality recently. With such a powerful degree of fighting intent, even Sixth Grade Sovereigns found it hard to subdue him.

This Lin Ming must have already attained the rank of a true war troop dispatcher, and at present, no one knew whether Daluo Territory's Mu Chen had done the same. Otherwise, with his strength of a Fifth Grade Sovereign, it would be impossible to resist Lin Ming at this time!


With a grim look in his eyes, Lin Ming took the lead in attacking and roared loudly. The sea of fighting intent behind him howled and surged. The momentous convergence of fighting intent transformed into a massive broadsword about 1,000 feet long. The huge broadsword was covered with battle runes, and the surging fighting intent tore the void apart.


The massive broadsword of fighting intent swung down violently towards Mu Chen.

Lin Ming saw the faces of some Sixth Grade Sovereigns become increasingly somber, obviously aware of the fierce offensive attack. In the face of such a formidable blow, even they had to go all out, thus no one knew how Mu Chen would counter this.

Everyone focused their gazes on the young figure standing in the air, leading Daluo Territory.


A puff of white breath slowly spewed out of Mu Chen's mouth, and his expression gradually turned cold. Clasping his hands, he growled loudly, "All the armies, join me in this battle!"


The deafening roars rumbled through the heavens and the earth in a chorus, and it seemed that the world trembled a little. Then, among the many Daluo Territory armies, five armies soared into the sky. Their magnificent formation obscured the sky and the sun, a majestic sight to behold.

Five armies hovered behind Mu Chen, and the majestic fighting intent swept up into a raging storm. The vast sea of fighting intent gathered behind Mu Chen, causing turbulence in the space.

Mu Chen's face was cold and with a stomp of his foot, time and space seemed to ripple. Behind him, the tremendous fighting intent converged and transformed into a massive spear of fighting intent. On the spear, battle runes surfaced.


The battle spear buzzed and shattered the space, and in the next moment, it was piercing through. Under countless grave stares, it clashed ferociously with the massive broadsword of battle runes and resulted in an explosive impact.


The storm-like shockwaves raged, the space shook, and cracks emerged in the space.

All the forces of the heavens and the earth watched the fierce confrontation, and a moment later, when the storm cleared away, they saw the two figures standing firm like unmovable rocks in the sky.


Some Sovereigns inhaled a cold breath of air as their hearts palpitated. They had understood Mu Chen's strength thoroughly with this move.

Lin Ming was not the only war troop dispatcher.

Likewise, Mu Chen had also become a war troop dispatcher!

This would be a duel between war troop dispatchers!

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