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When Lin Ming slowly stepped out from behind Lord Heavenly Evil, countless gazes were instantly cast upon his body. These were glances filled with shock and fear.

A month ago, not many people had even heard of Lin Ming, but now, his name was famous enough to rival many of the top powers. Out of all of the commanders, who could control fighting intent and were his enemies, aside from Zhantai Liuli, it was said that they had lost their talents for manipulating fighting intent, and thus, were now invalids.

In the face of such vicious consequences, in today's Meteorfall Battlefield, the fighting intent prodigies from the forces were most frightened by Lin Ming from Netherworld Palace. They knew that once their talents for manipulating fighting intent were abolished, then their positions in their respective forces would also drop dramatically.

Those consequences were too terrifying! Therefore, when many forces saw Lin Ming's appearance, their eyelids all twitched.

Under the scrutiny of countless gazes, all of which were filled with hatred and fear, Lin Ming stood by the side of Lord Heavenly Evil. He looked at Lord Asura and smiled slightly. "Lord Asura, on such an occasion, for you to pose threats of your dragging us down together, the effect is not as good as you would think. This is because you cannot afford the consequences!"

A cold glint flashed in Lord Asura's eyes. He gazed at Lin Ming with indifference.

"Today, you have aligned yourself with the Holy Mountain and Demon's Gate, so it seems that it's impossible to encircle and exterminate the Daluo Territory."

Lin Ming tilted his head, while his eyes were as cold as a snake. His glance was directed towards Mu Chen, who was behind Lord Asura.

With a wave of his sleeve, a majestic aura of fighting intent was sent soaring into the sky from the Netherworld Palace Army. The fighting intent felt as if it had been transformed into chains of war, and in the middle of it, a silhouette was bound up tightly. The silhouette was Lord Glacier, who was in an unconscious state.

"If you want to rescue him, let' see if you have the ability to do so!"

Lord Asura stared at Lin Ming coldly, challenging him. "If you want a war, the Daluo Territory will gladly take you on!"

Lin Ming looked down and said faintly, "I have said it before, so you don't have to threaten war anymore. Now that Lord Glacier is under my control, I can kill him effortlessly."

"After I kill him, if the Daluo Territory wants to start a war, just remember that the Netherworld Palace is no weakling! We'll see who gets the last laugh."

Lin Ming was obviously a ruthless man. He knew that, in certain circumstances, both sides would have to pay a huge price to start a war, and for Lord Glacier, the Daluo Territory may not be willing to pay such a heavy price.

Lord Asura's gaze was full of murderous intent. He looked into Lin Ming's eyes, as if he wanted to swallow him whole! The horrifying oppressive aura of spiritual energy of a Seventh Grade Sovereign emanated slowly from him.

However, before Lord Asura's anger could completely erupt, Mu Chen restrained him. He was able to do this at the moment that their eyes met.

Lord Asura took a deep breath to suppress the anger in his heart, while Mu Chen took a step forward. As Mu Chen came forward, many eyes were locked on him, followed by some hushed whispers.

"That's the new Lord of the Daluo Territory, named Mu Chen? The power of a Fifth Grade Sovereign ranks last amongst the various Lords…"

"What a joke! But, what you don't know, is that once, in the Death Relics, Mu Chen led the army of the Daluo Territory to become the biggest winner! Also during that time, not only did Tian Xuan Hall's fighting intent prodigy Xiao Tian loe the use of an arm, but even the famous Zhantai Liuli suffered injuries to both of his hands."

"It is said that this Mu Chen is also a war troop dispatcher, but I don't know how he compares with Lin Ming."

Many voices spread between the heavens and the earth, but the commotion caused Tian Xuan Hall's Liu Yan's and Xiao Tian's faces to twist in anger. Xiao Tian glared at Mu Chen, his face full of hatred. He glared at Mu Chen, looking as if he wanted to tear Mu Chen into shreds!

Zhantai Liuli, however, had a more calm expression. She gazed at Mu Chen with her beautiful eyes. She could feel somehow that Mu Chen was more dangerous than he had been before. Clearly, in this last month, Mu Chen's strength had greatly improved.

"Lin Ming has also inherited the legacy of a war troop dispatcher, and the Technique of Mind Power that he practices seems extraordinarily unorthodox. During this period of time, his mind power has been maturing. Thus, he is now a great enemy! It's uncertain how Mu Chen will fare against him." Zhantai Liuli's gaze flickered.

She had clashed with Lin Ming before, so she was very clear on how challenging dealing with the latter was. If she had not obtained the complete inheritance of the Heavenly Array Emperor, it would have been difficult for her to compete with Lin Ming.

More importantly, Lin Ming had been constantly targeting any rising fighting intent prodigies, as his mind power was becoming increasingly strong. This made Zhantai Liuli particularly wary of him.

Amid the murmured whispers, Lin Ming stared at Mu Chen's silhouette with narrowed eyes. Then, he immediately curved his mouth into a smirk, saying, "You are supposedly the fighting intent prodigy of the Daluo Territory? Your name is Mu Chen?"

Facing the unsettling and chilly gaze of Lin Ming, Mu Chen smiled calmly and said, "Tell me what you are really up to. Although the Daluo Territory fears a full-scale war, you or Lord Heavenly Evil are similarly not qualified to bear the price of combat either."

Lin Ming smiled and said playfully, "It seems that you are a perceptive man. I heard that, in the Death Relic, you seized the army of the Divine Pavilion, then finally let them reclaim their army with Meteorfall Alchemy pills."

When Mu Chen heard this, a chilling glint flashed in his black eyes. This Lin Ming was vicious indeed, as it was their intention to force the Daluo Territory to reclaim their man with Meteorfall Alchemy pills in front of all of the top forces. This was obviously done to humiliate them in front of the heroes.

In the direction of the Divine Pavilion, Fang Yi listened, then immediately looked at Mu Chen coldly. He let out a pleased breath and sneered, "Mu Chen, you have been humbled today..."

"This Lord Glacier is a Sixth Grade Sovereign, so I think he's worth the Daluo Territory's using 200,000 Meteorfall Alchemy pills in exchange for him," Lin Ming smiled.

"You're asking for death!" Lord Mountain Cracker roared, while all of the others glared at him. If Lord Heavenly Evil, who was of the same strength, had not been standing behind him, he would have killed Lin Ming!

The rest of the parties present could just watch the forces at war in awe, as they were shocked at the exorbitant request of the Netherworld Palace. If they truly paid these 200,000 Meteorfall Alchemy pills, the effort that the Daluo Territory put in to collect the Meteorfall Alchemy pills would have been for naught!

The Netherworld Palace seems to have no intention of handing the person over at all. They just want to use this opportunity to humiliate the Daluo Territory. In this way, the Divine Pavilion gets avenged for the humiliation they suffered from the Death Relics. Thus, they can then suppress the Daluo Territory and get into the Divine Pavilion's good graces, killing two birds with one stone...

These are the thoughts that the leaders of the other forces were thinking to themselves.

In the heavens and the earth, Demon's Gate and Holy Mountain did not speak at this time. After all, they were not really unshakable allies with the Daluo Territory. Now, they would support the Daluo Territory, just because they had some enmity and resentment with the other opposing forces, and they do not want to see the Daluo Territory, who had a feud with the Divine Pavilion and Netherworld Palace, so easily destroyed. Should Netherworld Palace be destroyed, it would then be their turn to face these formidable powers!

Thus, without paying too much of a price, they were willing to help the Daluo Territory. But they could only help to a certain point, as once it was beyond their means, they could only be bystanders.

"Haha, what do you think of the ransom? If you don't feel like paying it, just leave. But, just know that, as you turn around, I'm afraid Lord Glacier's soul would go to the Netherworld!" Lin Ming laughed and looked at Mu Chen, his thin lips curved in a smile.

Indeed, as some of the powers had already guessed, he did not expect the Daluo Territory to pay such an expensive ransom. Moreover, if the Daluo Territory did turn around and leave, Lin Ming had the means to tarnish their reputation.

A cold glint flashed in Mu Chen's black eyes. He looked at Lin Ming, then retracted his gaze. He then moved his lips slightly, passing on a secret message, along with spiritual energy, to the lords behind him.

From the moment they arrived at the Skeletal Ridge, they had already entered the trap. If they turned around and left now, it would be a great blow to their prestige and status, which is exactly what the Netherworld Palace wished would happen.

They were disadvantaged when Lord Glacier had been captured, which caused them to lose the opportunity to strike first. Thus, it was not easy to turn the situation around now.

Behind Mu Chen, when Lord Mountain Cracker, Nine Nether, and the others heard Mu Chen's message, their anger gradually subsided. But, they were still hesitant, because Mu Chen's plan was somewhat dangerous. However, under such circumstances, regardless of whether they moved forward or retreated, they were still caught in the other party's trap.

Lord Asura's eyes twinkled. After a moment, he suddenly nodded his head and said in a deep voice, "Mu Chen, if you are confident, we'll leave it up to you!"

When Mu Chen heard this, he heaved a quiet sigh of relief. He clasped his fists at Lord Asura and said, "I will do my best."

He turned his head, then shot a sharp, knife-like gaze at Lin Ming again. When the latter saw his eyes, he raised his eyebrows and sneered, "What? Have you consulted each other and come to a decision? Now, can you tell me whether you intend to redeem him or leave?"

Mu Chen stared at Lin Ming, a smile appearing on his handsome face. He then said, "200,000 Meteorfall Alchemy pills, right? Alright, we, the Daluo Territory, will pay it!"

This statement shocked all of the forces in the place. The Divine Pavilion, Demon's Gate, Tian Xuan Hall and all of the other top forces were stunned, as they had not expected that Mu Chen would actually use 200,000 Meteorfall Alchemy pills to exchange for Lord Glacier. They all had many thoughts swirling in their heads…

Did they not know how important Meteorfall Alchemy pills were?

How could the Dominator of the Daluo Territory forgive them, should the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure open and they not have enough Meteorfall Alchemy pills to break the seal?

Even Lin Ming's pupils contracted slightly. A moment later, he smiled and said, "That shows great courage. Now, I will have to trouble you to hand over the Meteorfall Alchemy pills first, of course."

"I would naturally hand over the Meteorfall Alchemy pills…"

Mu Chen stared at Lin Ming, but the corners of his mouth slowly curved into an arc. He continued in a whisper, "But, if you want to play, why not make it a bigger gamble? Can you Netherworld Palace imbeciles only resort to such despicable tricks, like mice hiding in the shadows? Or, should I say, you, who were a nameless nobody before, have you no courage to play fairly?"

Mu Chen's words, though calm and understated, were undoubtedly an impactful blow, which caused many to be thunderstruck and seethe in rage. Lin Ming's face was somewhat distorted, because what he cared most was his image! For this day, he had suffered too much humiliation, and now that he become a war troop dispatcher, he absolutely would not endure any more humiliation ever again!

Thus, Lin Ming took a deep breath. He looked at Mu Chen, his smile growing fierce. "No matter how you want to play it today, be my guest! We, the Netherworld Palace, will play it out till the end!"

At this point, Mu Chen was also backing the Netherworld Palace into a corner, as if they did not agree, it would be their turn to have their reputation destroyed. When Mu Chen heard Lin Ming's words, his gaze was sharp for an instant. He raised his head and pointed to Lin Ming, his voice echoing like thunder in everyone's ears.

"We shall fight! Whoever loses will have to give up 400,000 Meteorfall Alchemy pills!"

Upon hearing this statement, countless strong men gasped in disbelief. This Mu Chen had truly brutal means, as such tactics would force both parties into a crucial endgame!

The Netherworld Palace had really encountered a formidable foe this time!

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