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"Hand over Lord Glacier or go to war. Netherworld Palace can choose."

When Lord Asura's cold and murderous voice spread among the heavens and the earth, all the forces in the region were slightly shocked, as it was somewhat unexpected that Daluo Territory would be so straightforward in their demands.

The meeting between the heroes had been full of hostility and animosity from the get-go.

Standing before the Netherworld Palace's army, a glint flashed in Lord Heavenly Evil's eyes as Lord Asura's voice was heard. He slowly raised his gaze, and his eyes met Lord Asura's. The chilling glint in them was strong enough to freeze the air.

"Lord Asura, is this the kind of attitude you use to ask for someone's return?" Lord Heavenly Evil stated calmly, a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"If Daluo Territory employs a better attitude and pleads with us in a softer tone, maybe I'll take the whole situation into consideration and let Lord Glacier go, but at the moment, you don't seem like you are here to negotiate."

A sardonic smirk surfaced on Lord Asura's face. He stared at Lord Heavenly Evil and smiled. "Lord Heavenly Evil, with which eye did you see that we came to negotiate? Today, no matter whether you hand him over or not, Daluo Territory is not willing to take things from Netherworld Palace lying down."

Lord Asura's words were absolutely decisive, and the killing intent in them was even more intense. Lord Glacier was captured, and his men were slaughtered. If they let such enmity go, Daluo Territory's reputation would be utterly ruined.

The sarcastic smile on Lord Heavenly Evil's face also fell slightly. Clearly, he had not expected Lord Asura's determination and ruthlessness. Originally, they did try to tarnish Daluo Territory's reputation, but now it seemed that Lord Asura was equally shrewd and showed no willingness to compromise. Obviously, Netherworld Palace had miscalculated.

However, although there were some miscalculations, they did not affect the overall situation. Today's matter was set up as a trap for Daluo Territory. A cold glint flashed in Lord Heavenly Evil's eyes. He said indifferently, "Take things lying down? Lord Asura, do you really think our Netherworld Palace is an inferior force?

"Today, I have gathered all the men of my Netherworld Palace. Even if all the forces of your Daluo Territory have swarmed out in full strength, what can you do?"

Lord Asura stated chillingly, "What can we do? Daluo Territory will fight to the death with Netherworld Palace and by then, we can both die together!"

Both parties were top powers in the North Territory. If they really fought, they would be sure to concentrate their full strength. Whoever won would inevitably pay a heavy price, and by that time, the fruits of the victory would not belong to either side but would fall to others who were covetous and eager to win.

Lord Heavenly Evil's eyes narrowed slightly. Lord Asura's attitude was such a pain in the neck, and his domineering stance did inflict a sense of oppression. After all, the determination to drag the opposition down, even at one's own expense, was not something most people had.

Between the heavens and the earth, all the forces were watching the confrontation. The top two forces were both emanating murderous auras. The level of conflict was such that even the first-class forces were not qualified to join in, so they had to wait for the situation to develop and then see if anything could be gained from it.

Just as a cold glint was flashing in Lord Heavenly Evil's eyes, laughter suddenly rang out from the other side of the sky, and countless gazes suddenly shifted away. Lord Heavenly Dragon stood before the Divine Pavilion's army, and an aura of dragon power flashed in his eyes as he laughed.

"Haha, I haven't seen you, Lord Asura, for many years, but it's really admirable that your style of doing things is still so brutal. But today I'm afraid it will be hard for Daluo Territory to drag us down with you."

As soon as Lord Heavenly Dragon said this, many forces felt something was wrong with the atmosphere, and they seemed to sense that today's so-called grand gathering of the heroes was targeting Daluo Territory.

Before they recovered from the shock, a tall and burly man covered in golden armor stood in front of the forces of Tian Xuan Hall and declared in a low voice, "Since Daluo Territory has already made so many enemies, then Tian Xuan Hall will partake in this, too. Let's see if Daluo Territory can retreat safely today!"


After the Heavenly Divine General of Tian Xuan Hall had spoken, a boisterous uproar erupted in the arena as everyone's gazes flickered. They obviously did not expect the three top forces—Netherworld Palace, Divine Pavilion, and Tian Xuan Hall—to form an alliance and attack Daluo Territory at the same time!

Facing the siege from the three top forces, even if Daluo Territory was also a top force, it would face absolute, inevitable doom!

Could it be that before the final battle of the Great Hunting War, the people of Daluo Territory would be annihilated here?

The eyes of all the forces were constantly twinkling, and the air seemed to be freezing at this moment. The confrontation between the four top forces resulted in a sense of oppression that left people breathless.

The Prince of Netherworld from Netherworld Palace, Fang Yi of the Divine Pavilion, and Liu Yan and Xiao Tian of Tian Xuan Palace all stared at Mu Chen, who was standing in front of the Daluo Territory army with a cold look in his eyes. They looked at the prey they were about to hunt. After all, this situation was a dead end for Daluo Territory.

Surrounded and suppressed by the three top forces, the fate of Daluo Territory had been sealed.

To the slight surprise of the four, however, they did not see panic on Mu Chen's face. His young face was actually still calm and composed.

After we catch you, let's see if you can continue to put up a front! The four people sneered internally and thought Mu Chen was just trying to put up a strong facade.

The sky was silent, and the air was frozen.

Mu Chen stood in front of Daluo Territory's huge army. He also noticed the glances of Fang Yi and others, but he looked down slightly and did not pay attention to them. After a moment, a voice finally rang out. His slightly tense body relaxed because the voice came from Demon's Gate.

"Hehe, you all are ganging up on Daluo Territory. Demon's Gate will not stand for this. Hmm, Netherworld Palace attacked our fighting intent prodigy and crippled them some time ago. Shouldn't you give us an explanation on this matter?" The voice belonged to the beautiful and charming Demon Fairy of Demon's Gate. She looked at the Netherworld Palace with a smile, but there was a chilling threat in her crisp voice.

The sudden interruption from Demon's Gate directly broke the solidly tense atmosphere. Lord Heavenly Evil of the Netherworld Palace was dismayed, and his face immediately became glum. He stared at Demon Fairy and said, "So? Does Demon's Gate want to have a hand in this today?"

"Since everyone present is out to settle their own feud, Holy Mountain would also like to do so."

Before Demon Fairy could respond to Lord Heavenly Evil, the Holy Elder of the Holy Mountain stated with a weathered but calm voice, "Although the Divine Pavilion is strong, the members of our Holy Mountain are not weak people. Some time ago the Pavilion surrounded and attacked Azure Elder, resulting in her death. At this time, there should be a clear settlement."

When Holy Mountain came to the fore and expressed their stand, all the forces in the area took a deep breath, and their eyes were full of shock. What was this now? Would the six leading forces declare war directly?

If the fight truly started, it would definitely change the circumstances within the North Territory!

In fact, the forces all had excited gazes, as it was unexpected that the confrontation would be so fierce right from the start.

Compared to these forces who were just enjoying the show, the faces of the three leaders of Netherworld Palace, Divine Pavilion, and Tian Xuan Hall turned somber as the sudden intervention of Demon's Gate and Holy Mountain directly thwarted all their plans.

They had never imagined that Daluo Territory would form alliances with other top forces in secret so that their so-called siege and suppression would no longer be meaningful.

That's because when Daluo Territory, Holy Mountain, and Demon's Gate united, their combined strength was not weaker than theirs. If they continued to declare war, the price they would pay would be one that no one could bear.

"Heh, it's a good time to watch the show today, but Snake Shrine will not be involved in this show, so you can play whatever you like, and we'll be watching."

Python Elder from Snake Shrine let out a strange laugh, and with a wave of his sleeve, led the Snake Shrine army to retreat a distance away. His gesture clearly showed his decision to not interfere in the fight between the two sides.

However, it was Python Elder's manner that made Lord Heavenly Evil and other people's hearts sink. The Snake Shrine was also cunning, as they obviously intended to sit and wait for them to go to war, and then take advantage of the situation.

The coagulated atmosphere, which was still so tense that people didn't dare to breathe, dissipated cleanly at the moment. The confrontation became somewhat awkward because it was clear to everyone that when the two sides were evenly matched in capability, the possibility of a full-scale war was minimized.

Some who secretly expected these top powers to declare an all-out war without caring about the heavy price paid were slightly disappointed that they had no chance to take advantage.

The slightly awkward atmosphere lasted for a long time. Lord Heavenly Evil finally opened his mouth and said in a glum manner, "Daluo Territory sure has some tricks up its sleeve..."

What he meant was, of course, that Daluo Territory had turned this situation, which should have been an encirclement and annihilation, into an embarrassing confrontation.

"I could say the same for you," Lord Asura answered nonchalantly, but his eyes glanced at Mu Chen beside him. He was full of admiration, because it was Mu Chen who had sent people to communicate with Holy Mountain and Demon's Gate.

Sensing Lord Asura's gaze, Mu Chen smiled. The Netherworld Palace tried to deal with Daluo Territory using its feud with the Divine Pavilion and Tian Xuan Hall, but they forgot that they were not the only ones who knew how to use these tricks.

However, although it was impossible to start a full-scale war at the moment, the other side would not give up that easily. Today, the meeting of the heroes had just begun.

Just as this thought flashed through Mu Chen's heart, Lin Ming, who was standing behind Lord Heavenly Evil and had been staring Mu Chen, stretched out his scarlet tongue and licked his lips. His lips curved into a strange smile, and then he slowly stepped out under the gazes of all forces in the world.

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