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As the storm of spiritual energy ravaged the Meteorfall Battlefield, the violent battle raged on. Every force was fighting fiercely for the Meteorfall Alchemy Pill and the other inheritance. In such a ferocious battle, some forces began to fail to bear the burden of war, eventually fading away quietly.

Of course, once the Great Hunt had escalated to this scale, even escaping became a difficult task. As some forces tried to run away to preserve their strength, they were ambushed again.

As such, many powerful individuals of various sects were eliminated. The rest, who managed to survive, were obviously incapable of reviving their sects. Therefore, such forces, once reputable, would finally dissipate away from the North Territory, like vapor and smoke. Their previously renowned names would pass away, like a fleeting puff of wind.

This was the Great Hunt. Here, no one was forever a hunter, as no one could truly know when the hunter might become the prey!

It was in this cruel atmosphere that Mu Chen led a large company of the Daluo Territory to leave the land of seclusion, heading straight toward the place where the lords of the Daluo Territory were gathered.

The company was well-trained and powerful. Due to their previous feats in the Death Relics, Mu Chen garnered the attention of all of the forces immediately as he appeared.

Within the month, however, it was Zhantai Liuli who garnered the most attention on the Meteorfall Battlefield. However, even she had suffered a great loss in the Death Relics thanks to Mu Chen. As such, many viewed Mu Chen as a more difficult enemy than Zhantai Liuli. Thus, they were naturally more cautious upon his emergence.

But, Mu Chen gave not a single thought to this attention and these gazes. He merely pushed on as quickly as they could, not stopping at all. Due to Mu Chen's notoriety and the scale of their army, not a single force along the way tried to attack them.

As they travelled at full speed, they were able to cross half of the Meteorfall Battlefield within just four days. They then gradually approached the inner region of the Meteorfall Battlefield.

This region was much more horrifying than the ones before it. Anyone with the guts to enter this region would certainly be worthy of high praise. Though there would be lesser battles fought here, every battle would still be sky-crumbling and earth-shattering.

Upon entering this vast area, Mu Chen and his company slowed down. They were more cautious and vigilant now, wary of being ambushed by other forces.

A dark, depressing color tinted the great plains of the inner Meteorfall Battlefield. Horrifying cracks ran throughout the earth, some of them cutting entirely through the earth, as deep as abysses. Their dark depths seemed to be bottomless. These were the scars of the Primordial War.


On the dark plains, a loud wind resonated. Countless figures enveloped the skies and the earth, carrying with them an intimidating presence. The heavens and the earth shook slightly as a result.

Mu Chen, who was leading the company, squinted his eyes, then checked his surroundings. He turned around toward Nine Nether and asked, "How much longer until we reach the rendezvous point?"

"At this pace, it should take us two more days," Nine Nether replied.

"Two days, is it?" Mu Chen mumbled quietly. Then he nodded and ordered, "Everyone, be on guard! Especially look out for the Netherworld Palace."

Nine Nether was startled for a moment, then she nodded as well. They had received the same information recently. The Netherworld Palace seemed especially interested in their company. However, since they were far away, they hadn't posed a threat. But now, with the both being in the Meteorfall Battlefield, the Daluo Territory company had to raise their guard.

"The Netherworld Palace's activity has been overly frequent and intense recently. Moreover, it's strange that their targets were all commanders, who are gifted in fighting intent." Mu Chen frowned. He felt that there was something fishy happening, as the Netherworld Palace seemed to be pinpointing certain individuals.

But, he could not figure out the reason behind the targeting of commanders, who are also talents in fighting intent. So, he put away the thought for the moment. With a wave of his hand, he continued leading the company onward.


When Mu Chen was leaving, he, Lord Mountain Cracker, Nine Nether, and the others suddenly froze for a moment. Mu Chen waved his palm, causing the armies behind him to be on full alert as well.

They looked at the sky to their right, noticing a huge army approaching them. When the army saw Mu Chen and the rest, they were equally startled. They then slowed down their pace, evidently staying just as vigilant.

"They're from Demon's Gate." With her sharp eyesight, Nine Nether noticed the unique patterns on the clothings of the other company.


The hearts of Mu Chen and his company were slightly shaken. After all, the Demon's Gate was a top force in the North Territory. Their members were exceptionally strong and tyrannical. If a battle broke out, it would definitely be a shockingly huge one.

"Do not act first!" Mu Chen commanded. Frankly, he did not want to make Demon's Gate their enemy, especially seeing that the Daluo Territory had no grudge with them. Furthermore, the Daluo Territory was already on bad terms with the Divine Pavillion, the Netherworld Palace, and Xuan Tian Hall. Thus, adding another enemy onto that long list was obviously a foolish idea.

Sensing no hostility from the Daluo Territory, the people from Demon's Gate relaxed slightly. Suddenly, an elegant figure flew by, emerging before the company of the Daluo Territory.

The figure revealed herself, wearing a red dress that was wrapped around her seductive and enchanting curves. Her cheeks were as pink as cherry blossoms, which made her appearance even more charming. Mu Chan was not unfamiliar with this peerlessly gorgeous girl. She was Demon's Gate Snapper, who he had met previously in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift.

"May I know if Brother Mu Chen is here?" Snapper appeared before the people of Daluo Territory and asked with a gentle voice. Her voice caused tingles within hearts all over the place!

Mu Chen was surprised to find that Snapper was looking for him. Lord Mountain Cracker and the others had funny looks in their eyes, as they grinned teasingly.

Mu Chen looked at them helplessly, as he stepped forward. "I am here. It seems like Miss Snapper is leading a huge army from Demon's Gate to visit us. How can I help you?"

When Snapper saw Mu Chen, her eyes lit up a bit. She continued with a bitter smile, "This was just a coincidence, but I hope you can offer us some help."

"Oh?" Mu Chen was startled.

"Two days ago, we bumped into the Netherworld Palace Army and fought with them," Snapper explained, a grave expression on her face.

Mu Chen's eyes were focused, as he listened intently. Due to the frequent activities by the Netherworld Palace lately, coupled with their obsession with him, Mu Chen had also been thinking about them.

"We at Demon's Gate also have a Genius of War. But, in the fight two days ago, he was defeated by Lin Min of the Netherworld Palace..." Snapper continued, as she clenched her teeth, "But for reasons unknown, he was rendered unconscious. We tried many ways to wake him, but to no avail."

Mu Chen's eyelids twitched as he pondered this.

Could Lin Min be the Genius of War of the Netherworld Palace?

"Brother Mu Chen is also a Genius of War, and I have heard of your great feat at the Death Relics. I believe that you have successfully become a war troop dispatcher? This is why we hope that you can help us? We came to see if you could awaken him." Snapper pleaded with a sincere tone.

Mu Chen did not reply directly, but smiled. "Miss Snapper, you should know that the Great Hunt is all about deception and taking advantage of others. If I really did help you to wake your Genius of War, wouldn't that be causing trouble with the Daluo Territory in the future?"

Snapper tilted her face upward, then said with a serious expression, "Having another friend is always better. We were ambushed by the Netherworld Palace, and we will be sure to pay them back. Also, according to what I know, the Netherworld Palace has always been searching for you. I believe that they have ill intentions. So, at the very least, we have a common enemy."

She continued, "Besides, Lin Min of the Netherworld Palace had specifically declared that he was targeting you! He also said that you do not know of his capabilities. So, you might at least be able to get some hints regarding his moves from observing our injured Genius of War, so that you can prepare yourself. Furthermore, with your prowess now, a mere Genius of War should pose no threat to you."

Mu Chen's could not help but praise Snapper's intelligence in his heart, after hearing her logical words. Snapper was truly clever! What's more, her proposal was a win-win situation, which Mu Chen had no reason to reject.

Though Mu Chen knew that there were no absolute co-operations in the Great Hunt, improving their relationship with Demon's Gate would, at the very least, be beneficial to the Daluo Territory.

"Alright, please carry him here," Mu Chen said. He naturally wouldn't walk into the middle of a huge army by himself!

Snapper, knowing that it was impossible for Mu Chen to walk into her camp, waved her hands. Immediately, several figures flew out from the huge army behind her, hoisting a plank up above their heads. Upon the plank, a pale man lay, his eyes shut tight.

Mu Chen looked at the pale man, frowning a little. Behind him, Nine Nether, Lord Mountain Cracker, and the others came forward as well.

"What is it? There is nothing wrong with his spiritual energy," Lord Mountain Cracker asked in a low voice.

Mu Chen nodded. After a short hesitation, he extended his right middle and index fingers. He tapped the pale man on the center of his eyebrows. Immediately, Mu Chen's eyes tensed up, a piercing expression shooting out from them.

"Brother Mu Chen, what has happened to him?" Snapper asked hastily.

Mu Chen retracted his fingers slowly. With a solemn face, he spoke slowly, "His consciousness is gone. He will no longer be able to control a fighting spirit."

When he said these words, his own heart was shaken as well. Lin Min of the Netherworld Palace had apparently used a strange and tyrannical method to destroy the man's consciousness, and in such a cruel manner!

As a war troop dispatcher, Mu Chen understood that this Genius of War from Demon's Gate had now been rendered completely useless. Lin Min seemed to be an extremely difficult fellow to deal with.

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