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The originally desolate mountain was now greatly shaken, and the source of that tremor was naturally due to that extreme Fighting Spirit Giant Hand which was currently in the sky.

That huge hand seemed like it belonged to a primordial giant who had gone through time and space to get there. There were ancient battle runes permeating above it, and a terrifying fluctuation of fighting spirit rippled out, which directly caused the space to shake violently.

Even for a strong person such as Lord Mountain Cracker, his eyes could not help but to narrow, and his expression became especially solemn as he looked at that huge hand filled with battle runes.

This was because he could feel the power permeating from above that huge hand filled with battle runes, and even he was terribly afraid of that kind of power. If he needed to face this sort of attack head on, he did not have the absolute confidence that he could withstand it.

Considering how Lord Mountain Cracker was this shocked, what about other people like Lord Blood Hawk? Their capabilities were weaker than those of Lord Mountain Cracker, and thus the feeling of danger from that Fighting Spirit Giant Hand was even more violent for them.

"Is this the power of a war troop dispatcher? It is really terrifying," Nine Nether said with a solemn look on her pretty face. No wonder Zhantai Liuli could lead the troops from the Divine Pavilion to defeat the Holy Mountain, which was equally as powerful as they were. It looked like the powers that could be exerted by a true war troop dispatcher were far beyond those of a so-called Genius of War.

At least in their eyes, this Fighting Spirit Giant Hand, which was currently emboldened by Mu Chen, was a few times stronger now than it had been a month before. How it was before and after were on completely different levels.

In the sky, Mu Chen gazed at that Fighting Spirit Giant Hand. Soon after, with a wave of his sleeve, that Fighting Spirit Giant Hand turned into light spots and dissipated. That expansive fighting spirit permeating the horizon had also begun to calm down. Finally, it whizzed down and fell into the middle of the five armies.

But the calming down of the fighting spirit did not pacify Mu Chen's feeling of slight shock. While Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest were shocked by that war troop dispatcher's power, it wasn't as if Mu Chen was not shocked about it at all as well.

He could feel more clearly how terrifying the actual difference between 10,000 battle runes and less than 10,000 runes was. He was certain that if the present version of himself had met the person he had been in the past, perhaps he would've been able to kill the latter while he was still moving.

Although there seemed to be only a gap of 1,000 battle runes between 9,000 battle runes and 10,000 battle runes, undoubtedly the quantitative change had initiated a quality change and caused these two to not be on the same level.

The current Mu Chen had the utmost confidence that just by relying on the power of this 10,000-runed war troop dispatcher, he need not be afraid of anyone under a Grade Six Sovereign.

This war troop dispatcher was truly a marvelous occupation that even its alternative could still make it seem extremely dazzling. From a certain perspective, it was not weaker than the cultivation of spiritual energy, there was just a difference in both their intrinsic qualities. Spiritual energy practitioners were people who cultivated their own bodies and caused them to possess a terrifying power which would allow them to be on an equal level with heaven and earth, whereas war troop dispatchers relied on the strength of the troop's fighting spirit and valued quantity over quality.

There was no allocation in which one was higher or lower in rank. There was just a slight difference between them.

Of course, perhaps a war troop dispatcher's only flaw would be that if he wanted to exert this type of power, he would have to lead millions of troops at all times, or else the moment he lost his troops, there would be no need to fear even the strongest war troop dispatcher.

As for spiritual energy practitioners, they needed only to rely on the power of their own bodies to produce clouds with one turn of their hand and rain with another to be on an equal level with heaven and earth.

It was clear that each of the two had their own strengths. After all, a method of cultivation which could still be handed down despite having experienced a myriad of years would certainly have its merits.

The shock in Mu Chen's heart had finally calmed down. Soon after, his figure slowly dropped down.

Lord Mountain Cracker chuckled. "Congratulations, Lord Mu. From now on, our Daluo Territory will finally have a true war troop dispatcher. I'm afraid that Lord Mu, you will have to exhibit your tricks in this Big Hunting War." Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest smiled as they cupped their fists in their other hands. In the excess of warm smiles, there was also a sign of respect. After all, respect was to be given to the strong people in this world, and the power Mu Chen had shown earlier had already caused their hearts to palpitate. At this moment, it was clear that Mu Chen's age had been completely disregarded.

When Mu Chen heard this, he smiled as well before cupping his fist in his other hand politely. After claiming to be slightly ashamed by such compliments, he inquired about the things that had happened over the past month in the Big Hunting War.

Nine Nether and the rest told him the truth, with special mention of that battle between the Divine Pavilion and Holy Mountain.

"Zhantai Liuli really became a war troop dispatcher?" After hearing about this from Nine Nether and the rest, Mu Chen was not surprised. After all, the inheritance which Zhantai Liuli received was far more complete than his own. Although the reputation of the Sky Array Emperor could not be compared to that of the Nine Calamity Battle Emperor who had created the Nine Calamity Thunder Prison Visualization, when all was said and done, the Nine Calamity Thunder Prison Visualization received by Mu Chen was not complete. Thus, there were a lot of things which he had had to fumble on his own, whereas Zhantai Liuli had a teacher who paved a good path for her. Hence, it made sense for her to have crossed the threshold faster than he had.

"Now, Zhantai Liuli's name can be considered as having resounded through Meteorfall Battlefield. I think after this Big Hunting War, she will become a well-known person within North Territory," Nine Nether exclaimed.

Even Grade Six Sovereigns like them would feel extremely afraid when facing a 10,000-runed war troop dispatcher.

Lord Mountain Cracker spoke as well, "It was said that the remaining top forces at the moment had all been stimulated by this. Then, they began to search with all their strengths for any remains in relation to war troop dispatchers in the Meteorfall Battlefield in hopes that they could obtain some sort of inheritance to similarly cultivate their own Genius of War to become a war troop dispatcher."

Mu Chen nodded. After all, in this scale of war, the power which could be exerted by a war troop dispatcher was rather strong indeed. Thus, it was only natural for the remaining top forces to find ways to obtain it.

"What was the outcome of their search?" Mu Chen asked. This Meteorfall Battlefield was too vast. Currently, they had only explored a corner of this iceberg. Thus, it was certain that the Sky Array Emperor was not the only war troop dispatcher who had fallen and hence, there would definitely be remains left by other fallen war troop dispatchers.

"Since all the large top forces have been searching wildly, of course there would be some reward. We have also received some news about it recently, but we don't know if it is the truth." Nine Nether pondered for a moment before saying, "However, some time ago, we were informed that Netherworld Palace seemed to have competed with the troops which were at the Divine Pavilion where Zhantai Liuli was. But ultimately, they ended with a draw."


The expression in Mu Chen's eyes froze. Those troops from Netherworld Palace could actually fight with Zhantai Liuli and the rest and end it as a tie? Could it be that a war troop dispatcher had also appeared in Netherworld Palace?

"We suspect that Netherworld Palace has also found the remains of a war troop dispatcher and obtained some inheritance. Then, they cultivated Netherworld Palace's Genius of War to become a war troop dispatcher," Nine Nether said with a solemn look on her beautiful face.

Mu Chen nodded slightly. This was probably the only logical reason. But this was also enough to make him sigh, for within just the short span of a month, drastic changes had occured in the Meteorfall Battlefield. War troop dispatchers, which had never appeared before, suddenly began to surge out like spring water. Although this Meteorfall Battlefield was extremely dangerous, it also contained many opportunities to gain quick success.

However, for Daluo Territory, Netherworld Palace could not be considered a friendly party. Thus, Mu Chen was rather happy to see the dogfight between them and the Divine Pavilion.

Nine Nether paused before continuing to speak. "Additionally, in that crossing of swords, Divine Pavilion's Fang Yi seemed to have been defeated by Netherworld Palace's Prince of Netherworld."

When Mu Chen heard this, he was startled. Soon after, he said with a slight tone of surprise, "The capabilities of that Prince of Netherworld have actually forged ahead so vigorously and quickly?"

Previously, when they confronted each other at the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, the Prince of Netherworld was clearly weaker than Fang Yi. However, not even half a year later, he had actually experienced a huge reversal of fortune and directly transcended Fang Yi?

Previously when Mu Chen confronted Fang Yi, the latter had already stepped into a Grade Five Sovereign. If they were to consider it this way, then the Prince of Netherworld must have also reached this level quite some time ago. As expected, none of these fellows could be underestimated.

Mu Chen sighed and looked towards Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest before saying, "What do we plan to do next?"

"At the moment, the Meteorfall Alchemy in our hands has already completed our task. Thus, I suggest that we should first converge with the remaining lords, or else it would be difficult to avoid an unforeseen event," Lord Mountain Cracker said with a serious tone.

The situation of the current Meteorfall Battlefield was getting increasingly tragic. Even top forces like Holy Mountain had suffered a crushing defeat to the extent that they lost a Grade Six Sovereign. Thus, the only thing they could do at the moment was to converge with all the remaining lords. Only through doing so would they be able to avoid being encircled and annihilated by other forces.

Mu Chen nodded. Originally, the forces of Daluo Territory's lords sought to divide and conquer as they searched for the remains throughout the whole Meteorfall Battlefield in order to refine the Meteorfall Alchemy. The reason why their troops were converged in advance was because of the fact that the Spirit Seeking Compass, which was in Mu Chen and the rest's hands, could be used to search for the remains. As for the remaining lords' forces, they should still be fighting their own battles.

At this point in the Meteorfall War, if they still choose to fight their own battles, then it would be extremely dangerous for them because they would become other top forces' best targets to encircle and annihilate.

When that moment came and they were encircled and annihilated, not only would they bear the loss of all their Meteorfall Alchemies, they might even suffer heavy casualties. After all, at such a time, a solitary force would be especially exposed to danger.

When Mu Chen and the rest heard this, they all nodded slightly. At the moment, the most important thing they had to do now was to converge first. Then, they could wait for Mandela's instructions. As long as Mandela was able to find the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure at that time, they would be able to move out the entire army.

"Let's start!"

Every single person there was someone who would act decisively, whereby the moment they made up their minds they would not procrastinate any further. With a wave of their sleeves, all kinds of commands were issued. Immediately, the mountain began to shake like thunder followed by countless shadows rising straight from the ground. Finally, they turned into light shadows which overwhelmingly swept across the world and ultimately disappeared into the horizon in a rapid pace.

While Mu Chen and the rest set off to rush towards Daluo Territory's place of convergence at the far north, two silhouettes stood still on top of a mountain peak. One of them was, astonishingly, Netherworld Palace's Prince of Netherworld. Beside him, a black robed silhouette silently stood still.


The sounds of something sweeping against the wind could be heard from behind them. Then, a silhouette swept over and landed by the Prince of Netherworld's side before respectfully offering a scroll with both hands.

The Prince of Netherworld took it with an indifferent expression and opened the scroll. There was a slight flicker in his eyes and a while later, he smiled faintly. He looked towards the black robed man beside him and said, "The mouse which has been in hiding for a month has finally appeared…"

When that black robed man heard this, a strange color suddenly erupted from his eyes. He nodded slightly before a hoarse voice, which was unpleasant to the ears, could be heard.

"After I've absorbed his mind power, that Zhantai Liuli will be the next target."

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