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With the help of the Great Pagoda, Mu Chen was able to refine 20,000 Meteorfall Alchemy pills without fail. The most reassuring thing was as long as the pagoda was powered with spiritual energy, it would be able to refine automatically. He did not need to keep an eye on it, which in turn saved him a lot of time.

He could make use of the extra time to study the "Nine Calamity Thunder Prison Visualization" scroll, which he had found in the Death Relics.

Even a Grade Six Sovereign would be jealous of the thick smoke lingering in the cave that contained a huge amount of spiritual energy essence.

Meanwhile, Mu Chen was sitting quietly in the cave. His body was covered in clouds of smoke, but his expression remained unchanged. He sat there like a stone, not moving at all.

After he entrusted the task of refining the Meteorfall Alchemy to the Great Pagoda, he immediately drew out the Nine Calamity Thunder Prison Visualization scroll from his memory.

When the Nine Calamity Thunder Prison Visualization appeared in his mind, a low thundering sound echoed in Mu Chen's mind along with it. The sound of the thunder seemed to possess a strange magical power that could lower his concentration.

However, Mu Chen was not distracted by the thunder. As thunder was intangible, it could only make use of sound to attack. Mu Chen had studied the Netherworld Thunder Heart before, so he was almost immune to the sound wave's interference.

He stayed focused and used his mind to read through the Nine Calamity Thunder Prison Visualization. Suddenly, low thunder seemed to be rumbling from an ancient time. The sound of it was so dignified that even the earth trembled.

The scroll said, "The Nine Calamity Thunder Prison Visualization is divided into nine calamities. Create thundering prisons with your mind power and endure the inexhaustible thunderbolts. Train your mind power with thunderbolts, and when it reaches the extreme, it will lead to thunder calamities.

"Thunder Calamities are divided into nine stages. The intensity of the calamities will grow higher as the stage gets higher. You will master the Nine Calamity Thunder Prison Visualization after you pass all nine stages. When you have mastered it, you will be able to control billions of fighting spirits. With this control power, you can challenge the Heavenly Sovereign."

The ancient voice echoed in the Mu Chen's mind. The information shocked him. Could one really control billions of fighting spirits if he finished all nine stages?

How scary would that be?

Mu Chen's heart was trembling as he could not imagine the power of it. Currently, he was already having a hard time controlling 20,000 to 30,000 fighting spirits, so it was hard for him to imagine how daunting it would be to be able to manage billions of fighting spirits. By then, like the scroll had said, there would be no need to fear the Heavenly Sovereign and those invincible masters in the Great Thousand World.

Similarly, if one mastered the way to become a war troop dispatcher, he could also achieve a high-ranking position in this land.

Mu Chen recovered from his shock and started to immerse himself in mastering the Nine Calamity Thunder Prison Visualization. As the scroll's content was hard to read, it was difficult to comprehend. Hence, it would take more than just an average level of mind power to read and understand. If one had weak mind power, one would find it difficult to continue.

However, Mu Chen had extraordinary mind power compared to the others. When he finished reading the scroll, his brain hurt, and it felt even more tiring than when he fought the enemies with the fighting spirits of five armies.

Mu Chen was slightly shocked by his body's reaction. It was no wonder that war troop dispatchers were scarce, because not only were the teachings rare, but it also took an extremely high threshold to be able to read the manual, and it would be difficult for an ordinary person to study it. With so many constraints, it was no wonder there were only a few war troop dispatchers.

Although studying the instructions for the Nine Calamity Thunder Prison Visualization was hard, Mu Chen could not help but gasp at the wonders of the cultivation method after reading it.

To cultivate the Nine Calamity Thunder Prison Visualization, one had to visualize a thundering prison and then lock the mind power into the prison and endure training with countless thunderbolts.

Thunderbolt training was common in the Great Thousand World. Many skills with thunder attributions required such practices. But how could the thunderbolt strike the mind power when it was intangible?

One had to visualize a thundering prison and trap his own mind power in it. After doing so, one had to imagine the thunderbolt striking the mind power. The mind power would become stronger after every strike.

Mu Chen had never heard of such a cultivation method.

The so-called visualization was actually like a dream in layman's terms. It was creating something that did not exist in this world and using that non-existing thing to train the mind power.

This unusual training method stunned Mu Chen for almost half a day before he could slowly return to his usual self. He gave a bitter smile and wondered who was the crazy master who developed such an incredible method of cultivation.

On top of it, to master the Nine Calamity Thunder Prison Visualization, the mind power had to have a certain degree of recognition with the thunderbolt. Only when the recognition was sufficient would it be possible to imagine a true thundering prison that had the most effective bolting effect.

In the thundering prison, every thunderbolt visualized was different, so the bolting effect would be the best when one visualized a thunderbolt that could be related to the most.

Mu Chen finally understood why he was fit to develop the Nine Calamity Thunder Prison Visualization when he read this. It must have been the Netherworld Thunder Heart which he had fused his spiritual energy with before.

When he visualized the thundering prison, he could visualize the Netherworld Thunder Heart. After all, he had fused with the Netherworld Thunder Heart, so the effect of visualizing the thundering prison would be twice as good.

Most importantly, the Netherworld Thunder Heart was an intangible thing. It used the sound of thunder for attacking. In a certain way, it was quite close to using his mind power. The effect would be good if it was used to train the mind power.

Mu Chen was feeling lucky when he read this. He was chosen to train in this Nine Calamity Thunder Prison Visualization because it was indeed very suitable for him.

However, the visualization was not just thinking about the things in one's mind. It required complicated steps to make it work. The hardest part would be visualizing the thundering prison and making it stay in the brain. If it disappeared after visualizing, every training would have to be done again. Perhaps there was no need for cultivation anymore.

It involved much concentration, keeping the visualizations in the brain. The difficulty level was quite high, and Mu Chen was vexed about it. This was the first time he felt that being a war troop dispatcher was not as easy as he thought it would be.

But at this point, Mu Chen could not give up on anything that may have seemed impossible. He had had a hard time getting this scroll. If he gave up now, it would be a waste.

Mu Chen did not hesitate anymore as he thought of this. He calmed down and stayed focused. Following the scroll's instructions, he cleared all these thoughts from his mind.

His mind continued to empty for quite some time before it reached a totally blank state. In the blank state, he forgot about himself. This was a dangerous move. According to the scroll, if one forgot entirely about himself, the mind power could lose consciousness, and it would disappear. If it disappeared, Mu Chen would never be able to wake up again.

However, Mu Chen was ready for it. When his mind was becoming empty, he had a self-imposed reminder to wake his subconsciousness.

When he regained his mind power, he started his visualization.


In his empty mind, thunder rumbled, and darkness began. Claps of thunder roared through the dark.

After thunder was heard, lightning followed behind.

Mu Chen started to think as though he had created his own world. The lightning struck in the darkness as soon as he wanted lightning.

Thunderbolts should come after the lightning.


Mu Chen wanted to visualize the thunderbolt after the flash of lightning, but the thunder roared even more aggressively in his mind. Mu Chen was distracted by the sound of it and was thrown out of his visualization.

When the subconsciousness was out, his consciousness returned, and his mind started to receive all the information. He had no choice but to purse his lips. His first visualization had failed. Visualizing the thundering prison was indeed more difficult than he thought it would be.

However, Mu Chen was not disheartened by his first failure. After all, if it were so easy to visualize the thundering prison, the war troop dispatcher's training would be too easy then.

Just keep going even if it fails.

Mu Chen was not bothered about it and smiled in his heart. He calmed his mind down again without any hesitation. He entered into a blank state again by clearing his mind.

If he failed the first time, he would try another ten times, hundreds of times, thousands of times. He believed that he would succeed in visualizing the thundering prison after he practiced thousands of times.

He decided to spend all his time on the Nine Calamity Thunder Prison Visualization!

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