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Boom! Boom! Boom!

The dark plain that had been filled with fighting spirit had been totally changed. When the evil spirit had dispersed from the Sky Array Emperor's body, the decomposed troop gradually fell apart.

As the large troop dispersed, the Meteorfall gas in their bodies was released and was all over the area.

When the top powers saw it, they were filled with greed. After all, they had come to the Death Relics for the Meteorfall gas.

This was a Grade One Relic. The Meteorfall gas that it contained was enough to refine tens of thousands of Meteorfall Alchemy, which was a large amount.

This amount of Meteorfall Alchemy was enough to break the seal of an Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure. If the top powers could lay their hands on it, they would not have to worry about breaking the seal of any Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure that might come their way.

The top forces in North Territory, namely Daluo Territory, Divine Pavilion, and Tian Xuan Hall, were eyeing the large amount of Meteorfall Alchemy.

The moment the decomposed troop turned into Meteorfall gas, the three top forces immediately wrestled over it.

The other forces did not fall behind and wrestled with them as well.

The allied forces turned against one another when wrestling for the Meteorfall gas.

Although there was a large amount of Meteorfall gas, as the three top forces wrestled over it, it started to dwindle very quickly. Soon, there was a fierce fight over it.

The three top forces started to kick out those forces who were less powerful. However, there could not be three ferocious tigers in one territory.

The three tigers soon met. What took the people by surprise was that two tigers formed an alliance very quickly to tear the other tiger apart.

Daluo Territory was obviously the odd tiger out.

The power of Daluo Territory had weakened compared to the other two top forces, as their troop had been led by Mu Chen into the battle array. While Mu Chen was not around, the troop had lost its commander and was unable to get out of the battle array on their own. This had caused Daluo Territory to lose out on their strength.

However, Daluo Territory had maintained its prowess without the five troops. Nine Nether, Lord Mountain Cracker, Lord Blood Hawk, and the other three Grade Six Sovereigns were powerful and had the situation under control very quickly. Although the lords had been besieged by the two top forces, they would not be easily killed.

Boom! Boom!

Violent spiritual energy surged above the dark plain. The spiritual energy shockwaves raged out and caused the ground below them to crack.

Bang! Bang!

Shadows crossed paths in the sky and attacked one another crazily. Every time there was an exchange of blows, space warps would be formed by the horrifying spiritual energy.

This area had been controlled by the Divine Pavilion and Tian Xuan Hall. There was a large battlefield between them, with the men of Daluo Territory trapped within.


Nine Nether was up in the sky, and she looked cold. The black feather sword in her hand turned into a flaming purple sword ray and shot through the void. It forced a Divine General from Tian Xuan Hall to retreat.


As the Divine General had been forced to retreat, an astounding spiritual energy whooshed out from behind him. Lord Heavenly Alligator from the Divine Pavilion suddenly appeared and punched out hard. Majestic spiritual energy turned into a large Sky-devouring Alligator and headed fiercely toward Nine Nether.

Nine Nether formed a seal with her hands. Majestic spiritual energy fluctuations burst out and turned into a large Nine Netherworld Bird. The Nine Netherworld Bird flapped its Cloud Wings and collided with the large Sky-devouring Alligator like a sharp blade.


Violent spiritual energy burst out and caused cracks in the space. Nine Nether and Lord Heavenly Alligator were thrown flying backward. They had to use their spiritual energy to regain their balance, and both of them looked grave.

"Hahaha, Nine Nether, stop being stubborn. Divine Pavilion and Tian Xuan Hall have joined forces. You are definitely no match for us. If you hand over the Meteorfall Alchemy, we will let you go!" Lord Heavenly Alligator looked at Nine Nether and broke out into laughter.

As Lord Heavenly Alligator was laughing, the Divine General came over and trapped Nine Nether in between them.

In the face of the two Grade Six Sovereigns, Nine Nether was in a disadvantageous situation. However, she looked fearless and said coldly, "Let's see if you dare to snatch our Meteorfall Alchemy away. If you want to wipe out Daluo Territory, you have to be prepared to stay here forever. Which of you are willing to do that?"

Lord Heavenly Alligator and the Divine General's expressions changed upon hearing what Nine Nether said. Although the Divine Pavilion had joined forces with Tian Xuan Hall to deal with Daluo Territory, they were not of the same mind. They were still wary of each other, and would not be silly enough to cause harm to themselves and let the other party benefit from it.

It was due to this mindset that they were in a deadlock, even though they had joined forces.

"Hahaha, Lord Nine Nether is right. If you want to benefit from it, one of you has to sacrifice yourself!" Lord Mountain Cracker, who was dealing with two powerful Grade Six Sovereigns, laughed loudly. His laughter was like thunder, and the ominous aura shocked Lord Heavenly Alligator and the Divine General.

Fang Yi, who was looking at the situation from afar, suddenly shouted, "Ha, don't be threatened by them. If we cannot kill them after joining forces, we will not be able to answer to the Pavilion Master."

Liu Yan from Tian Xuan Hall sneered and said, "That is right. Men of Tian Xuan Hall, listen up. Give it your best shot. I don't believe they dare to put their lives at stake just for the Meteorfall Alchemy."

When the top powers of the Divine Pavilion and Tian Xuan Hall heard it, they pondered for a while before nodding. Although they valued their lives, they did not want to miss out on this golden opportunity to kill the people of Daluo Territory.

"Go all out!"

The top powers from the two forces looked at one another and nodded. Overbearing spiritual energy surged out like a windstorm as they shot toward the sky.

When Nine Nether, Lord Mountain Cracker, and the others saw it, their hearts sank. Very quickly, they gritted their teeth and decided to brave it out. As long as they could hold on until Mu Chen returned with the troop, their strength would be increased. They would then be able to take on the Divine Pavilion and Tian Xuan Hall.

Just as they were about to strike, they suddenly heard a sharp cry which shocked everyone. "Mu Chen, I will not let you off!"

The sudden cry took everyone by surprise, and all the top powers turned their heads to look at the battle array that had been destroyed. Zhantai Liuli darted out in a sorry state, and her mighty troop became flustered after seeing her. They had lost their tyrannical attitude.

"Mu Chen?"

When Nine Nether and the rest heard it, they were overjoyed. Mu Chen had fought his way out!

Liu Yan gritted his teeth and said, "He is still alive!" His face immediately turned grave.

Fang Yi had the same expression. However, he knew how important Zhantai Liuli was and immediately went forward to meet her. He said in a low voice, "Are you alright?"

Zhantai Liuli wiped away the bloodstains that were at the corners of her mouth and said angrily, "Mu Chen has injured me while we were fighting over the inheritance."

"Has he taken the inheritance?" Fang Yi turned pale upon hearing it.

"Each of us gets half of the inheritance," Zhantai Liuli said, and her eyes flashed. She could not tell Fang Yi that she did not obtain anything. That would lower her position in the Divine Pavilion, and she would lose access to much of its resources.

When Fang Yi heard it, he heaved a sigh of relief. He then said in a petrified tone, "It is alright. If he dares to come out, I will make him hand over his part of the inheritance!"

Having said that, he looked at the battle array that had been broken. Air rending sounds covered the area, and five troops whooshed out like locusts. The battle array was majestic.

A figure with large golden wings hung in the sky above the five troops. He was looking at Fang Yi and the rest with his cold dark eyes.

He slowly lifted up his hand and suddenly waved down. He shouted, his voice filled with killing intent.

"Five troops, listen up. Fight!"


Majestic fighting spirit rushed out like a tidal wave and caused everyone to turn pale. Five large rays of Spirit of Fighting Intent stood behind Mu Chen. They were like five huge objects, carrying with them powerful fighting spirit oppression.

With the five huge rays of Spirit of Fighting Intent behind him, Mu Chen looked like a God of War who had returned. The array was so majestic that it took the Grade Six Sovereigns like Lord Heavenly Alligator by surprise.

They could sense that Mu Chen had become a more dangerous person than ever before.

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