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Chapter 891.5: Very Close

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Boom! Boom!

The majestic fighting spirit spread throughout the area. The five troops darted across the sky. The five Spirits of Fighting Intent roared, exuding stunning fighting spirit oppressions, which caused the heaven and the earth to quake.

When the five Spirits of Fighting Intent appeared, the scene was surreal. Even the top powers from the Divine Pavilion and Tian Xuan Hall were shocked. They watched the scene, looking grave.

“Lord Mu Chen is finally out.” Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest heaved sighs of relief. They had managed to hold out against the top powers of the two top forces. If they had not been so well-trained and powerful, they would have been defeated by the Divine Pavilion and Tian Xuan Hall.

Fortunately, they had persevered until Mu Chen had arrived. With his power and ability to control the fighting spirit of the five troops, even the Grade Six Sovereigns would be no match for him. Mu Chen’s power was more frightening than that of Lord Mountain Cracker, who had reached the Peak of Grade Six Sovereign.

Fang Yi and Liu Yan looked gravely at Mu Chen, their eyes cold.

“Brother Fang, we have finally trapped them. But, this fella has come and messed up our plan!” Liu Yan looked at Fang Yi, speaking in a low voice.

Fang Yi nodded his head and frowned. All of the top powers from both sides had besieged Nine Nether, Lord Mountain Cracker, and the rest, and the Grade Six Sovereigns could not be deployed to deal with Mu Chen at the moment. Fang Yi and Liu Yan knew that they were no match for Mu Chen, who was controlling the five troops.

“Liuli, are you still able to fight?” Fang Yi looked at Zhantai Liuli, who was looking pale. If she could control the Liuli Army, she would not have any problem holding Mu Chen back.

However, Zhantai Liuli shook her head and said, “No, I can’t. I have been seriously injured. If I try to control the fighting spirit, there will be repercussions.”

When Fang Yi heard this news, he was disappointed. But, it could not be helped, since Zhantai Liuli did look seriously injured. Thus, he could not force her to control the Liuli Army to deal with Mu Chen. After all, the Divine Pavilion had expended a great amount of effort in grooming the army. If anything should happen to them, it would be a great loss for the Divine Pavilion.

“Leave Mu Chen to me then.”

As Fang Yi was troubling over this situation, a horrifying laughter was heard. It was filled with arrogance. Fang Yi looked up to see Xiao Tian, who was stepping out from behind Liu Yan.

“Although we lost some of our men in the Azure Dragon Battle Array, the Tian Xuan Troop is, after all, still an integrated troop. Unlike Mu Chen, whose troop is formed by some Tom, Dick, and Harry. I can finish him off easily!” As Xiao Tian was talking, he stared angrily at Zhantai Liuli.

If if had not been for Zhantai Liuli, he would not have fallen into the Azure Dragon Battle Array. But, since he had, many of his men had been killed, and he had lost the opportunity to receive the inheritance from the Sky Array Emperor. Zhantai Liuli was not affected by Xiao Tian, as she looked flatly at him.

“I will have to trouble you then, Brother Xiao,” Fang Yi said, heaving a sigh of relief. After Xiao Tian had controlled the fighting spirit, he had become even more powerful. He had not been able to break out from the battle array earlier, as he had fallen into the most powerful battle array.

The Tian Xuan Troop did indeed look more powerful than the five troops that Mu Chen had cobbled together. Although Xiao Tian might not be able to kill Mu Chen, he would have no problem holding him up.

When Zhantai Liuli heard what Fang Yi had said, she curled her lips into a mocking look. These brainless people had only looked at the surface of things. Mu Chen had proven himself through his accomplishments in the realm of the fighting spirit Specifically, it was when he had gotten out of the Black Tortoise Battle Array with the help of his five different troops. He had come out of the Battle Array at the same time as her, but he could have done it earlier, if not for the difficulty he had in controlling the fighting spirit of five troops.

As Zhantai Liuli did not have a good impression of Xiao Tian, she did not bother to warn him, but simply looked on.

“If I am able to kill him, I believe the Divine Pavilion will give me part of the inheritance?” Xiao Tian suddenly said with a smile.

When Liu Yan heard this, he smiled and said, “That is right. Brother Fang, we are now partners. We should not be contributing for nothing in return.”

Fang Yi frowned, as he looked at Zhantai Liuli. After pondering for a while, he gritted his teeth and said, “Alright! If you are able to kill Mu Chen, I will give you part of the inheritance from the Sky Array Emperor!”

“Hahaha, Brother Fang, you are generous. I will bring Mu Chen’s head to you!” Xiao Tian was elated. He looked pridefully at Zhantai Liuli, then waved his hand. More than 20,000 men in the Tian Xuan Troop, who were behind him, roared. Their vast fighting spirit raged out like a windstorm.


Xiao Tian took the lead and darted out, followed closely by the Tian Xuan Troop. They were like dark clouds, appearing before Mu Chen and his five troops, blocking them off completing.

“Mu Chen, if I were you, I would run for my life. If you don’t, you will not have the chance to do so later,” Xiao Tian sneered. He stood in the air, looking hideously at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen simply smiled at his arrogant remark. He waved his hand, then said, “Buzz off!”

Mu Chen’s response to Xiao Tian’s arrogant remark was direct and rude.

“You are digging your own grave! Do you think that you are better than me, just because you have fought with me once?” Xiao Tian looked fiercely at Mu Chen, then said, “I will kill all of your troops later. I will see if you still dare to talk to me in such a manner!”


Xiao Tian waved his hand, sending forth a powerful fighting spirit, which swirled out from behind him. It then turned into a large Python Fighting Spirit.

The Spirit of Fighting Intent was more ferocious and larger than the one that he had used to fight Mu Chen earlier. Moreover, its build was more stunning than any of the Spirits of Fighting Intent from Mu Chen’s side, and its fighting spirit was like magma, which was burning up the entire space.


Xiao Tian had condensed the Python Fighting Spirit, which gave Mu Chen no time to react. The Python Fighting Spirit spewed out hot fighting spirit, like a dragon’s breath, that moved straight towards the five Spirits of Fighting Intent.


The five Spirits of Fighting intent roared toward the sky, while five majestic fighting spirits swept out. They pierced through the void, directly clashing with the hot fighting spirit. At that instant, shockwaves raged out, causing the entire space to quake.


The five Spirits of Fighting Intent remained fearless in the raging shockwaves. They shot out under the control of Mu Chen.


When Xiao Tian saw this, he snorted. The Python Fighting Spirit whizzed out as well. Battle runes glittered on its body, which looked quite frightening!

Boom! Boom!

The six Spirits of Fighting Intent collided in the horizon. They were like wild beasts, attacking crazily. They were obviously more powerful than even wild beasts!

Every time that they collided, they would cause the space to quake. In the face of this siege from the five Spirits of Fighting Intent, the Python Fighting Spirit was fearless.

Every time it attacked, it would throw one of the Spirits of Fighting Intent back with its overbearing fighting spirit. The attacks from the five Spirits of Fighting Intent did not seem to obstruct the Python Fighting Spirit from attacking.

“Hahaha, Mu Chen, do you think that your mixed troop is comparable to my elite troop? Although we have equal numbers, the Tian Xuan Troop’s fighting spirit is able suppress your five different troops!” When Xiao Tian saw the scene, he mocked Mu Chen.

When Fang Yi and Liu Yan saw that Xiao Tian had the upper-hand, they heaved a sigh of relief. They then commanded the top powers to quicken their paces in defeating the lords of the Daluo Territory.

Zhantai Liuli simply looked coldly at the situation. If Mu Chen had only such limited capabilities, he would not have been able to break out from the Black Tortoise Battle Array. Xiao Tian and the rest were rejoicing too soon.

Mu Chen looked calmly at the Python Fighting Spirit from afar, his eyes glittering. He muttered, “There are around 8,000 battle runes in Xiao Tian’s fighting spirit…”

He had checked earlier, discovering that there were 8,000 battle runes on Xiao Tian’s Spirit of Fighting Intent, which was far more powerful than before. However, it would be too naïve of them to think that they could defeat Mu Chen with these 8,000 battle runes.

Mu Chen stomped his feet and triggered his thoughts. The five Spirits of Fighting Intent, which were attacking the Python Fighting Spirit, suddenly shot up and collided together.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Majestic fighting spirits swirled out. The five different fighting spirits collided, causing violent fluctuations to surge within the space. They formed a large beautiful aperture, with the fighting spirits continued to surge within it.

“You are crazy to merge five different fighting spirits together. Are you not afraid that they will swallow one another up? Do you think that you are a war troop dispatcher?” Xiao Tian was taken aback, so he spoke coldly.

Boom! Boom!

Mu Chen simply curled his lips, and a thunderous sound came down from the heavens. All the top powers lifted up their heads to see a colorful beam that was about a few thousand feet, shooting out of the aperture!

The colorful beam exuded a horrifying fluctuation. Numerous battle runes spread out on its body. They were many different colors, and the fighting spirit was not congruent with them. As the battle runes came in contact with one another, the fighting spirit became even more violent. In fact, the fighting spirit exuded an intensely destructive force.

Zhantai Liuli’s facial expression changed suddenly. She gasped and was shocked. She had never expected that Mu Chen would be able to reach this level! Only a true war troop dispatcher could merge these different fighting spirits together!

She found it even more shocking to see more than 9,000 battle runes on the colorful beam! This quantity was very close to 10,000 runes!

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