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The moment that Mu Chen's body rushed into the massive dark gate, he could clearly feel the darkness fading away like a tide. On the other side of the gate, it was an entirely different world.

It was a world that was filled with dark red. The earth and the skies were dyed a tint of mahogany. The ground was punctured with countless holes and covered in menacing scars. It was clear that an extremely fierce battle had taken place here.

The very moment that Mu Chen entered the crimson world, his body immediately tensed. A purplish golden light shone on his shoulders, and his wounds quickly healed. Owing to his body being as strong as a divine beast, the degree of these injuries was obviously of no real threat to Mu Chen.

An immense amount of spiritual energy gathered around Mu Chen. He looked around cautiously. Then, just when he wanted to take a step forward, his face turned grave. He had noticed something shimmering in the space on his right. Immediately, a slender figure emerged from the distorted space.

The two faced each other. As their eyes locked, they were both startled for a moment. With shocked expressions on their faces, they both retreated a few steps.

"Mu Chen?!" The charming figure shouted in surprise, her elegant face painted with shock. It was apparent that seeing Mu Chen here had struck her like lightning.

"Oh, hello there, Miss Zhantai." Overcoming his initial surprise, Mu Chen quickly calmed down. He looked at Zhantai Liuli with a half-hearted smile.

When she saw the smile on Mu Chen's face, she forced a smile as well. Her eyes were shimmering, hiding the disbelief in her heart.

She clearly had not expected Mu Chen to emerge from the Spiritual Four Battle Array at the same time she did, arriving here after passing the test.

How could this Mu Chen could triumph over the Black Tortoise Battle Spirit, especially with only five rag-tag armies?

Thinking of this, Zhantai Liuli could not help but clench her fists and bite her lip.

"Oh, it seems like Miss Zhantai is surprised that I am here?" Looking at Zhantai Liuli, Mu Chen spoke with a faint smile.

Crossing his arms, he looked at Zhantai Liuli teasingly. Previously, Zhantai Liuli had obviously tricked everyone. If it weren't for Mu Chen's desperate attempt in forcibly amalgamating the powers of the five fighting spirits, he could not have possibly broken out from the array. If Zhantai Liuli was able to snatch the advantage, they would've given it to her for free!

"Lord Mu Chen is truly capable, as breaking through the Black Tortoise Battle Array is nothing short of a miracle!" Zhantai Liuli stepped two steps back, speaking with a forced smile.

Now, her Liuli Army had yet to arrive, and she had only recently attained the level of Grade Four Sovereign. To Mu Chen, who had defeated Fang Yi by his own strength, her power obviously did not pose any real threat.

Without her army, Zhantai Liuli did not have the means to oppose Mu Chen. She was not like Mu Chen, who not only had an astonishing talent in controlling fighting spirits, but who also possessed keen skills for spiritual energy cultivation.

"Miss Zhantai really does know how to take advantage of others," Mu Chen said with a faint smile.

Hearing this, Zhantai Liuli could only laugh bitterly. Finally, she stopped beating around the bush. "The Great Hunt is supposed to be full of deceit and competition. Moreover, we, the Divine Pavilion, are an enemy of the Daluo Territory!"

Zhantai Liuli's frankness surprised Mu Chen slightly. He squinted his eyes."So that means that you have no qualms about what I am going to do to you?"

"We are enemies. Even if you kill me here, there is nothing strange in that," Zhantai Liuli said calmly.

"Oh, really?" Mu Chen's eyes focused into a cold gaze, an indistinct killing intent surging within them. Zhantai Liuli could be considered as a dangerous threat, at least once she regained control of the Liuli Army. In that case, Mu Chen, even with the strength of the five armies, would have great difficulty in dealing with her.

Zhantai Liuli's eyes dropped slightly. She spoke with a calm tone. "But, instead of your killing me, the inheritance of the Sky Array Emperor should be the thing that you want the most. I am more familiar with the situation here. Thus, if you are willing to team up with me, your chances of obtaining the inheritance may be higher."

"Cooperation? Now you want me to trust you? Moreover, if I kill you, wouldn't there be no one else for me to have to compete with for the inheritance?" Mu Chen jeered.

"Strange traps and occurrences abound within the Death Relics. Lord Mu Chen, as cautious as you are, you must not have thought it would be easy to obtain the inheritance of the Sky Array Emperor! Although we have broken through the array, who can say for sure that the real threat does not begin now?"

Zhantai Liuli smiled faintly, the confidence seeming to have returned to her eyes. She raised her elegant face, looked at Mu Chen, then said, "From what I know, Lord Mu Chen is a decisive person. If you really wanted to kill me, you would've done it long ago, instead of just blabbering on."

Mu Chen squinted his eyes, then stared at Zhantai Liuli faintly. He was struck with awe, as Zhantai Liuli's cool demeanor and sharp wit were totally out of his expectations. He was surprised because she was right about this strange land, which also caused him to become more cautious and uneasy.

Although he had broken through the battle array, he could still feel, for reasons unknown, that it wasn't the most dangerous thing within the Death Relics. Zhantai Liuli was more familiar with the area, and she also possessed significant strength. As such, seeing that she could be of help, he did not seek to destroy her immediately, when he first saw her.

"If you want to collaborate, give me something to assure me that I can trust you." The coldness in Mu Chen's eyes gradually diminished, but he his eyes were still locked onto Zhantai Liuli's.

Zhantai Liuli bit her lip. Then, after a short hesitation, she said, "Your intuition is right. Merely overcoming the battle arrays will not grant us an easy path to the inheritance. From the info I have obtained, this may be the most dangerous place within the Death Relics."

Mu Chen's face turned grave. He frowned, then asked in a low voice, "What do you mean?"

"Not only was the Spiritual Four Army invaded by evil energy, but so was the Sky Array Emperor in the great war. So, the most dangerous one here would be the Sky Array Emperor!."

Zhantai Liuli's expression turned solemn, then she said, "Due to the evil energy within him, his body is still preserved. If I am right, he should be in the depths, waiting for our arrival."

"Do you mean that, after breaking through the battle array, we have entered a land of death?" Mu Chen let out a sneer.

If what Zhantai Liuli had said was true, the Sky Array Emperor had been invaded by evil energy and lost his sanity. Thus, he was not someone to be easily dealt with. Yet, Zhantai Liuli, knowing this, still chose to enter!

Had she lost her mind?!

"I chose to enter because there is an opportunity that I can take advantage of." Zhantai Liuli understood Mu Chen's suspicions, so she explained her reasonings calmly, "When the Sky Array Emperor was invaded by evil energy, he prepared a battle array to suppress himself and the evil spirit in him within the depths of the Death Relics. In this way, he prevented the evil spirit from wreaking havoc with his body. If we can reach the depths and activate that battle array, we could suppress the evil spirit. Then, when the Sky Array Emperor regains his remaining sanity, we could obtain his inheritance from his hands!"

Having listened to her words, Mu Chen could feel that Zhantai Liuli did not seem to be lying. In fact, he sensed that there was a degree of truth to her words.

Of course, Mu Chen naturally could still not completely trust her. After several encounters, Mu Chen already understood the fox-like cunning nature of Zhantai Liuli.

"How do we activate the battle array?" Mu Chen's eyes shone, directly asking her the most crucial question.

"I chanced upon an ancient scroll that was left behind by the Sky Array Emperor. The method of activation is recorded in the scroll. As such, I am the only one who can activate it." Zhantai Liuli spoke without a sliver of hesitation.

"You mean that I have no choice but to get your help, if I want to obtain the inheritance?" Mu Chen asked with a laugh.

"That is a fact."

Zhantai Liuli nodded, ignoring the mocking tone in Mu Chen's laughter. She then said, "Don't even think of asking me for the method. I will not hand it over, even if you kill me. The only win-win situation that is possible here, is if you choose to work together with me."

Mu Chen squinted his eyes to focus on Zhantai Liuli. She returned the stare, not backing down a single inch. After locking eyes for awhile, Mu Chen retracted his gaze, then fell silent for a moment.

Then he nodded, saying, "Let's do it as you suggested. But, let me say this, if I notice anything strange about you, I will immediately take your life! Do not think you are my match! With your limited capabilities, and your being without the Liuli Army, killing you is as easy as flipping my palm!"

At the end of his speech, a fierce killing intent could be heard in Mu Chen's voice. Zhantai Liuli felt the killing intent, but remained calm and unfrightened, only smiling elegantly. She then extended her small and fair hand, saying, "I hope that we can cooperate cordially."

Mu Chen smiled faintly, then shook her hand. At that moment, a collaboration was formed between them. But, to what extent their trusts reached in this collaboration, only the two of them know...

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