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"Fighting spirit, activate!"

When Mu Chen's low growl erupted, the battle cries of the five armies behind him exploded like thunder. Their vast fighting spirit swept through the sky and the earth, like a furious storm.


The five fighting spirits of completely different elements hovered above the five armies, as if projecting countless roars from within. The spirit of violence from this scene had the whole space rippling.

The five fighting spirits suffused the air. But, they still existed independently, without blurring the lines between one another. None of them showed signs of polymerizing with one another, despite the absence of any hostility. After all, they could be considered as the same force of energy, at least up to a certain extent.

The fighting spirits were filled with the consciousnesses of tens of thousands of warriors. It was impossible to combine all of these consciousnesses without the control of a single strong and forceful consciousness.

Among the five vast and immense fighting spirits, the Nine Nether Troops and the Band of Blood Shadow had already condensed their spirit of fighting intents. These two fighting spirits had always been in control of Mu Chen.

As for the fighting spirits of the other three armies, they were only roaring and bellowing with rage, showing no signs of their spirit of fighting intent condensing whatsoever. At a moment like this, these three troops of armies basically could not contribute much, especially if their spirit of fighting intent could not be condensed!

This is why Mu Chen knew that he must condense all five of the spirit of fighting intents simultaneously. Only then would he be able to contend against the spirit of fighting intent from the Black Tortoise Battle Array.


Mu Chen took a deep breath of the chilly cold air, his face straight and serious. He fully comprehended the challenges that were involved in condensing and controlling five spirits of fighting intent. Such a difficulty level might even surpass that of Zhantai Liuli's, when she controlled thirty thousand Liuli Troops alone!

Mu Chen tipped his toes, then abruptly took a few steps backwards. Immediately, he emerged directly above the Mountain Cracking Army. Right beneath his feet, the immense fighting spirits from the three armies gushed forth furiously, like a torrent.

Mu Chen slightly shut his eyes, sending his consciousness rushing out and instantly gushing into the spirit above the three armies.

Wham! Wham!

A deafening roar thundered towards him, as Mu Chen forced his consciousness into the spirit. This roar converged the minds of over a hundred thousand warriors!

However, Mu Chen had already experienced this kind of situation, when he had attempted to condense the spirit of fighting intent of the Mountain Cracking Army. He did not resist. Instead, he dropped all of his defenses, allowing his own consciousness to swiftly seep into the fighting spirit of the three armies.

As Mu Chen's consciousness started to penetrate it, the fighting spirit began to surge, as if it possessed an intelligence of its own. Then, the condensing started quickly, but did not succeed immediately. The spirit of fighting intent had yet to form a shape of its own, but only revealed a vague impression of its existence.

A drop of sweat glided down Mu Chen's face. Both of his fists were clenched tightly. His expression showed his struggle.

The process of condensing the spirit of fighting intent was not easy. After all, he had to focus on all five simultaneously. This wasn't something that could be easily achieved, even for a prodigy like him.

As he focused on condensing the spirit of fighting intent from the other three armies, the fighting spirit of the Black Tortoise did not merely sit around and wait for him to succeed. Instead, it kept launching waves of attack. Under such an assault, the fighting spirit of the Nine Nether Troop and the Blood Hawk Troop kept backing down, causing the battle runes on their torsos to gradually dim.

Standing beyond the battle array, Nine Nether and Lord Mountain Cracker were anxious. They could not hide the worry on their faces.They understood that, if Mu Chen failed to condense the five battle spirits, he would not stand a chance against the fighting spirit of the Black Tortoise.

Wham Bamm!

The fighting intent whirled crazily above the three armies, while countless warriors looked on. The fighting intent seemed to have inched towards forming a shape, but at a painfully slow pace.

"Mu Chen should be able to do this! He just needs more time. Hopefully, the fighting spirits of the Nine Nether Troop and the Blood Hawk Troop can fend off the assault from the fighting spirit of the Black Tortoise long enough." Nine Nether let out a sigh of relief, as they watched the slow formation of the three spirits of fighting intent. They remained anxious, as they watched the fighting spirit of the Nine Nether Troop and Blood Hawk Troop ebb and flow.


Droplets of sweat kept gliding off of Mu Chen's forehead. However, even at critical moments like this, Mu Chen only became more composed. He knew that, the more he fretted, the closer he would be to failure.

'"Almost there…" Mu Chen muttered softly to himself.


Another ray of extremely violent fighting intent bombarded the shield, which had been formed by the spirits of fighting intent of the Nine Nether Troop and the Blood Hawk Troop. This caused numerous warriors in the troop to cough up blood.


The Black Tortoise's fighting spirit growled ferociously, its enormous eyes suddenly locking onto Mu Chen. It seemed to have sensed something.

The huge python tail of the Black Tortoise abruptly stretched open its serpent mouth. In a split moment, a dark fighting intent pierced through the void, between the defense area that was created by the spirit of fighting intent of the Nine Nether Troop and the Blood Hawk Troop, like a javelin. It was heading straight at Mu Chen! Nine Nether and Lord Mountain Cracker panicked at the sight of it.


The black fighting intent swept by in an instant. Just as it was about to reach Mu Chen's body, the oceanic fighting intent soared angrily above the three armies. The fighting intent exploded, causing the three vast spirit of fighting intent to form almost simultaneously!

Above the vast ocean of fighting intent that was on top of the Spiritual Sword Troop, a sword-wielding giant figure slashed its gigantic sword downward, protecting Mu Chen in front of him, like a shield. As the figure did this, he also blocked the fighting intent that was coming towards him!


The great sword bounced back, as the fighting intent dissipated. Mu Chen seized this short window of opportunity to readjust himself. He sprung into the air, hovering above the five armies.

At that moment, five vast spirits of fighting intent appeared above the ocean of fighting spirit. Strong gushes of fighting spirit permeated the space, shaking the space violently.

The appearance of the five spirits of fighting intent was obviously shocking to many. Beyond the battle array, all parties were astonished to witness the incident. Liu Yan, who was from the Tian Xuan Hall, and Fang Yi, who was from the Divine Pavillion, could barely mask the shock in their eyes. Their faces also turned deathly pale.

''I can't believe he was able to condense them all at once!''

Lord Mountain Cracker let out a long sigh of relief. He then applauded, "What a talented young man Lord Mu Chen is. Condensing and controlling the five spirits of fighting intent is hardly possible to be achieved, even for Geniuses of War!"

Lord Spiritual Sword relaxed his face, then even smiled a little. They could not help but catch themselves in awe, as they watched the momentum that was boiling among the five armies. Although they were not joining the war themselves, they could still sense that the spirit of fighting intent that was condensed by Mu Chen was far different than those that they had condensed in the past. Troops like this could only operate as a truly divine weapon, when they were being led by a Genius of War, like Mu Chen!

Just like everyone beyond the battle array felt a huge weight had been lifted from heir anxious shoulders, Mu Chen himself was also relieved. Fortunately, he had condensed the fighting spirit for the Mountain Cracking Army previously, which had contributed to his familiarity with them.

Otherwise, it could have taken even longer to condense the spirit of fighting intent. In that case, the fighting spirits of the Nine Nether Troop and the Blood Hawk troop would have collapsed completely under the constant waves of attack! Luckily, he made it in time!

Mu Chen took a look at the spirit of fighting intent that was hovering within the ocean of fighting spirit above the five armies. Aside from the spirit of fighting intent of the Spiritual Sword Troop, which wielded the Great Shadow Sword, the spirit of Mountain Cracking Troop was wielding the Great Shadow Axe with ferocity. The Hong Army's spirit was a physical shadow of a giant turtle, emitting a sense of sturdiness to its surrounding.

"The Cracking Mountain's spirit should be the strongest among all of these spirits of fighting intent."

Mu Chen felt that the spirit of fighting intent from the Mountain Cracking Army was radiating the strongest waves of power. There were over six thousand stripes of battles runes on its body, making it seemingly more powerful than the Nine Nether Troop's spirit, which had four thousands stripes of battle runes.

Of course, this did not mean that the overall fighting quality of the Mountain Cracking Troop was better than the Nine Nether Troop. After all, they had an advantage in number, as the tens of thousands warriors in their troop was twice the manpower of the Nine Nether Troop.

"Since they weren't troops that were directly under my command, their compatibility and cooperativeness were too low." Mu Chen expressed his regret aloud.

With the five thousand warriors from the Nine Nether Troop, he was able to condense a spirit of fighting intent that had over four thousand battle runes. In contrast, with the Mountain Cracking troop, tens of thousands of warriors could only summon a spirit of battle intent that had two thousand more battle runes. Although such a result was pitiful, Mu Chen also knew that he had done all he could to fend against the spirit of fighting intent from the Black Tortoise.

Right now, I have control over thirty thousand warriors. Yet, I can vaguely feel something starting to slip out of my control. If there were any more of them, I am afraid I would collapse, and my consciousness would be flushed away by this hurricane-like fighting intent…

Mu Chen's eyes glistened a little, as a thought kept running in his head.

How do the great war troop dispatchers manage to control hundreds of thousands of warriors, or even millions of warriors, all at once? How can the mind of a person be so powerful? There must be something that I am missing. Perhaps, that is the ultimate secret of a war troop dispatcher…

Mu Chen's black pupils flashed. War troop dispatchers in this era were rather mysterious. Rarely did any information about them circulate among the general population. This was exactly why the inheritance of war troop dispatchers had become so precious in the Death Relics.

Nevertheless, if he were to make it out of here alive, he would finally be able to learn the secrets of a war troop dispatcher! By then, he would be able to overcome his own bottleneck to become a true war troop dispatcher himself!

Mu Chen gradually tightened his fists. Then, with a gaze as hot as scorching flames, he lifted his head to glare directly at the ferocious Black Tortoise spirit of fighting intent.

Try me, if you can! But, with the five spirits of fighting intent backing me, you won't beat me today!

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