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"Since you dare to do so, you may take over the lead," Zhantai Liuli said with an indifferent expression. Although she looked calm, everyone could feel the coldness in her words.

"In that case, let me be the first to try out the power of the Spiritual Four Battle Array for everyone."

Xiao Tian did not mind her coldness. He grinned and exchanged gazes with Liu Yan, who was at his side, before he swung his palm.


As his palm swung, violent fighting spirit soared from the back of the alliance army. A large troop of soldiers dashed towards the sky. It was the Tian Xuan Troop, an army directly commanded by Xiao Tian.

The Tian Xuan Troop hit a scale of 15,000 soldiers, a number that even Mu Chen and Lord Mountain Cracker could not compare to, even though they had a large number of soldiers as well.

However, while everyone thought that Xiao Tian was only going to lead this Tian Xuan Troop, the latter gave a faint smile and took a cold glance at Mu Chen. He waved his palm again.


Another fearsome fighting spirit roared once more. The rest of the forces were shocked to see that another army of about 10,000 men appeared at Tian Xuan Troop's side.

The new troop that appeared was part of the Tian Xuan Army, but it was not directly under Xiao Tian's command. It looked like he was going to lead the two troops into the Spiritual Four Battle Array.

Xiao Tian's action was undoubtedly a shock to many forces. They spoke in whispers immediately.

"Xiao Tian can actually control two troops at the same time?"

"This is his trump card. If he had revealed his hand when he was up against Mu Chen, Mu Chen would not have had any advantage at all."

"Xiao Tian is really amazing."


Xiao Tian stared at Mu Chen with his lips curled when he heard the whisperings. This backup troop was indeed his trump card. But to use this troop, he had had to make a little sacrifice. If it were not for this reason, he could have used it against Mu Chen, then there would not have been any chance for Mu Chen to show off in front of him.

Mu Chen sensed Xiao Tian's cold gaze but he did not mind at all. He was looking down with surprise as he was not expecting this from Xiao Tian.

He could feel it. The backup troop may not have been as elite as the Tian Xuan Troop, but they were definitely not weak, either. Most importantly, Xiao Tian and the backup troop cooperated very well with each other.

That was to say, both of them had been training together for an extended period of time.

Mu Chen could not help but secretly gasp. After all, his time in Daluo Territory was too short, and therefore, his preparation was insufficient when compared to Xiao Tian, who had been in Tian Xuan Hall for many years.

But that was all. Even though Mu Chen was surprised by Xiao Tian's backup troop and the ability to control the fighting spirit of 20,000 soldiers, there was still no room for him to concede defeat.

With this thought, a sharp radiance surged in his eyes.

Xiao Tian made a move and appeared in the front of the two troops. As he looked down, he could sense the apprehension and fear in the eyes of various forces. He curled his lips even more. Without any further hesitation, he swung his palm and yelled, "Follow me!"


Hundreds of thousands of voices roared together like thunder rumbling in the land. The tyrannical fighting spirit whooshed like storms.

Looking at the strong army behind Xiao Tian, Zhantai Liuli turned to Mu Chen and said, "Lord Mu, if you don't feel comfortable, you can move ahead of me, too."

Mu Chen laughed. "No, I trust Miss Zhantai, so you can go first."

Although he was wary of her, he did not think it was necessary to go ahead since Xiao Tian had already made the first move.

Zhantai Liuli saw Mu Chen smiling and nodded. She turned around and swept her gaze at the large army led by Xiao Tian. She curled her red lips into a sneering smile.

But she quickly covered up the smile, and no one saw it except Mu Chen, who had been keeping an eye on her. He was slightly shocked by it.

Zhantai Liuli raised her delicate hands. With a gentle wave and a clear voice she said, "Liuli Army, listen to my orders!"


The thunderous voices resounded fiercely. Countless top powers were shocked. They quickly looked up and saw a dazzling cloud rise from the alliance army, suspending itself in the air.

But that was not a real cloud. It was made up of a huge army. They were wearing crystal-like armor made of glass. The army was emitting a strange fluctuation.

"This troop…"

Mu Chen's eyes narrowed immediately when he saw the troop, as they were made up of an astounding 30,000 soldiers.

Moreover, the soldiers were all trained together as they exuded the same fighting spirit.

Zhantai Liuli hid her army well. Mu Chen was a little shocked. When the alliance army first came in contact with the decayed troop, he observed the Divine Pavilion army. But he did not discover the Liuli troop. Obviously, Zhantai Liuli deliberately camouflaged them with the rest of the soldiers in the Divine Pavilion.

Thirty thousand soldiers almost suppressed the impressive display from Xiao Tian's army.

Xiao Tian's expression darkened. After a while, he smiled. "Miss Zhantai should be careful with 30,000 of soldiers. Don't be too hard on yourself. The violent fighting spirit might consume your own willpower."

Controlling the fighting spirit was not as easy as it sounded. The vast fighting spirit contained the spirit and the willpower of countless soldiers. Consequently, the commander must have a strong will to control it. If the willpower was not strong enough, the violent fighting spirit would destroy one's own willpower and eventually cause one to lose their mind.

This was also why large scale armies such as those under Lord Mountain Cracker had many commanders to share the load. Among them, no one dared to control all of the troops directly. 

"You don't have to worry, Xiao Tian Commander," Zhantai Liuli replied indifferently. Instead, she looked at Mu Chen and said, "Lord Mu, the Spiritual Four Battle Array is a tough array. Your Nine Nether Troop could be a little lacking in number."

Zhantai Liuli was not being sarcastic. It was true that with a strength of 5,000 men in the Nine Nether Troop, it was incomparable to the Liuli Army. The Tian Xuan Troop was already thrice as much as his. Moreover, each soldier could not counter thousands of super soldiers. So if Mu Chen was relying on only the Nine Nether Troop, he would not be able to get past one array regardless of how capable he was.

Mu Chen smiled politely to Zhantai Liuli. After which, he turned to Lord Mountain Cracker, Lord Blood Hawk, and the rest.

Sensing Mu Chen's gaze, Lord Mountain Cracker said without any hesitation, "If Lord Mu has the need and is capable of handling it, our troops are under your dispatch."

"Thank you all." Mu Chen cupped his fist in appreciation. He paused for a while before he displayed a bright smile on his handsome face. "Then I shall borrow four troops!"

"Four troops?!"

The smile on Lord Mountain Cracker and everyone's faces hardened. Even the rest of the leaders nearby stared at Mu Chen as if they had seen a ghost.

Nine Nether also looked at Mu Chen with a shocked expression. She had not expected that Mu Chen would borrow four armies at the same time. In that case, he would need to control five armies including the Nine Nether troop!

These five armies had different fighting spirits, and the soldiers added up to more than 30,000! It would not be easy for Mu Chen to control all five armies!

Zhantai Liuli also showed surprise on her pretty face for a short while before regaining her usual composure. She looked at Mu Chen hard, but she did not say much.

"What an arrogant fellow!" Xiao Tian said coldly. In his view, Mu Chen deliberately tried to borrow them from other Daluo Territory's commanders so as not to lose out to him.

If this army was not controlled well, Mu Chen would lose his mind before he could go through the array.

"Lord Mu…"

Lord Mountain Cracker and the rest woke up from their shock and looked at Mu Chen with astonishment. But when they saw Mu Chen's calm face, they knew that he was not joking with them.

They looked at each other and gritted their teeth. "Since you are so confident, we will hand over our armies to you!"

At that point in time, they could only choose to believe Mu Chen's capability in controlling five different armies with five different fighting spirits.

Mu Chen did not pay attention to those gazes that were looking at him as though they were looking at a madman. He cupped his fist in front of Lord Mountain Cracker. "Thank you."

He did not say anything further. He looked in the direction of Daluo Territory and waved his palm.


Five armies of different scales rose into the sky. The mighty postures seemed to be even more powerful than the Tian Xuan Troop and Liuli army.

After all, it was made up of five troops.

Mu Chen made a move and appeared in front of them. He ignored all the shocked gazes and showed an open hand gesture to Xiao Tian with a smile.

"Commander Xiao Tian, please!"

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