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"Can we discuss how to deal with the current situation together?"

Everyone was stunned when they heard the gentle voice in the dark mountain range. Their eyes flickered. All the various forces who gathered here were competitors. They guarded and plotted against one another. But now, Zhantai Liuli from the Divine Pavilion wanted them to join forces?

Mu Chen had a slight change in his expression, but he remained calm. Zhantai Liuli may have looked soft and weak, but she had some resolve. Moreover, it was impossible to break the deadlock individually, even if one tried his best.

But it was up to Zhantai Liuli to convince the various forces who had an ax to grind to join together.

Whispering followed after Zhantai Liuli spoke, but no one agreed... yet. Everyone clung to their hostilities.

Zhantai Liuli did not find their cold response surprising, so she continued to speak slowly. "I guess everyone is definitely not satisfied with the little harvest you all had on this trip. As you can see, the big feast is just right in front of everyone. If this army is purified, it will be able to refine at least over a 100,000 Meteorfall Alchemy pills. We can complete our collection tasks successfully, too."

The various forces held their breath when they heard her words. Over 100,000 Meteorfall Alchemy pills was a considerable sum to any one of them. With this amount of Meteorfall Alchemy pills, they might be able to decipher the seal on the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure.

"Apart from the Meteorfall Alchemy, there were a lot of top powers who perished a long time ago in this army. You can also benefit from the powerful Primordial Divine Art they left behind, if you can find one.

"As for this army, they are indeed formidable. Neither one of us can deal with it alone. But they are not indestructible. According to my source, there is a tyrannical Spiritual Four Battle Array hidden in this army that even a Grade Seven Sovereign cannot handle if he enters."

The various forces were speechless when she made the sudden remark about the Spiritual Four Battle Array. Their facial expressions changed when they heard it was unbreakable, even for a Grade Seven Sovereign.

She knows quite a lot. Mu Chen was a little surprised. She seemed to know more about this death relic than anyone else. They only learned about the Spiritual Four Battle Array a short time ago.

While everyone had their own thoughts, Zhantai Liuli spoke again. "Although the array is powerful, it is not flawless." Strange confidence was in her soft and gentle voice.

"Where does your confidence come from when a Grade Seven Sovereign can't even break through?" Some of the top powers could not help but speak their mind. They did not believe her.

"As long as everyone agrees to join forces, I will reveal the breakthrough method. I will not include anyone who is not keen on this," Zhantai Liuli said indifferently.

Everyone looked at each other, wondering if Zhantai Liuli really had ways to overcome the array.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether looked at each other with surprise. Could Zhantai Liuli really break through the array? If so, she was even more dangerous than they thought.

Mu Chen thought about it before he smiled and said, "Hehe, if Zhantai Liuli is really confident in it, we, Daluo Territory, are interested." He was very keen on the Death Relics. They had already made it this far, and they should give it a shot if Zhantai Liuli really had a solution.

Of course, Mu Chen was not naive at all. Zhantai Liuli would not be so generous. She just wanted to make use of the combined power to destroy the array.

After the breakthrough, there would be another brutal conflict ahead of them when they needed to fight for the treasure of the relic.

On the other side, Liu Yan kept quiet before he finally spoke. "If what you say is true, Xuan Tian Hall is willing to give it a try." Their mission for this trip was to obtain the method of cultivation left in the relic by the previous war troop dispatcher. But apparently, it was impossible to do it by themselves.

Therefore, Liu Yan shared the same thought as Zhantai Liuli.

Xiao Tian, who was standing beside Liu Yan, was looking at Mu Chen with his bloodshot eyes and his darkened expression. But Mu Chen did not even mind and chose to completely ignore his death stare.

The agreement to work together from the two top forces stirred some commotion as the rest of the forces, who were hesitant earlier on, were considering whether they should change their minds.

They were smart enough to understand that Zhantai Liuli was only using them. But even if they were to cut a deal with her, they would need to ensure that they could preserve their own strength, so that if they could not vie for the treasure, they could at least scrape together some Meteorfall Alchemy pills and quickly retreat.

The various forces quickly did some calculations in their heads. Finally, they came to a conclusion without any further hesitation.

"Since the Divine Pavilion has such great confidence, the Qing Yun Sect would love to be part of it."

"Same for the Vajra Sect."

"The Obelisk Sect, too."

Each of those voices represented a sect from one of the regions. Although they may not have been able to overcome a top-notch force as individuals, when they combined their strength and power, they could even cast fear into the hearts of any top-notch forces.

Mu Chen looked at those who agreed to join forces indifferently. Both Mu Chen and Nine Nether exchanged gazes and smiled faintly. With such a combined force, they were looking forward to a breakthrough in the deadlocked situation.

But Mu Chen was really curious about how the array could be overcome. As he was sensitive to the fighting spirit around him, he could sense a faint fearsome fluctuation emanating from the dark army in the plains.

With such a fluctuation, he doubted any Grade Six Sovereign could put up much of a fight.

While Mu Chen had his thoughts, a few figures flitted over from the Divine Pavilion. Zhantai Liuli was the first to land on one of the mountain peaks.

She was in her wheelchair, and she looked frail and weak in her white gown. Her red lips revealed a slight trace of persistence.

Fang Yi stood at the back like a guard, sweeping his cold-looking gaze occasionally in Mu Chen's direction.

"Can all the commanders of the troops come forward to discuss the plan to break the array?" Zhantai Liuli said with a smile while casting her gaze on all the various forces.

Mu Chen and Lord Mountain Cracker looked at each other and nodded. They flitted together and showed up at the peak along with Nine Nether. Mu Chen cupped his fist with a smile and said, "Mu Chen from Daluo Territory. Nice to meet you, Zhantai Liuli."

Zhantai Liuli looked over at Mu Chen and was surprised by his youthful and handsome appearance. The gentleness he had with him now was very different from the sharp radiance he had displayed when he fought with Xiao Tian.

"Nice to meet you too, Lord Mu." Zhantai Liuli nodded slightly.


Liu Yan and Xiao Tian flitted over, but the way both of them looked at Mu Chen was so cold, a fight would have broken out if it were not for the inappropriate venue.

Shoo! Shoo!

Other leaders from the various forces landed on the peak, too. Within a short while, the summit was crowded with all the top powers, and the line-up was extravagant.

Liu Yan cupped his fist and asked, "Miss Zhantai, can you tell us now about how we can destroy the array?"

The rest gazed at Zhantai Liuli, who looked weak and soft. But she did not show any timidness, even though all the top powers were staring at her. With a gentle voice she said, "From the information I got, the current army was known as the Spiritual Four Army in ancient times. The commander of this army was called the Sky Array Emperor. He was a true war troop dispatcher.

"There were millions of soldiers when the Spiritual Four Battle Array was in its prime. Judging from their current scale, their strength was left with less than half of their original number. But even so, they are still difficult for us to manage now."

Everyone looked stern when they heard about the army with millions of soldiers. After all, the soldiers were not any disorderly troop. They were elite warriors who had been cultivating for at least a few years. Anyone below Earthly Sovereign would not be able to fight against the fighting spirit that they gathered.

"But there is no need to fear. Although they were strong, now they have all turned into rotted corpses with less than half of their previous power."

Zhantai Liuli smiled and continued, "The Spiritual Four Army is divided into the internal and external troop. The external troop has a large number of soldiers, which makes it hard to break through, while the internal troop is guarded by the Spiritual Four Battle Array. This array is so powerful that breaking it by force is not going to work. As the array is further separated into four smaller arrays, we must destroy all four of them at once. Otherwise, if only one is damaged, it will be repaired immediately by the other three.

"Most importantly, all of us cannot rush in together with our attacks, as the arrays will get stronger whenever they meet a stronger opponent. As such, we can only invade the array and destroy it with one army's strength lead by one of the four commanders."

Zhantai Liuli looked at everyone and continued, "So we need the combined troops to deal with the external troop, and another four talents to control the fighting spirits to join hands and destroy the four internal arrays."

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