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It took two days for Mu Chen to completely condense the Pseudo Spirit of Fighting Intent for the other three armies. After completing the task, he was left feeling utterly weak for an entire day. 

Refining the Spirit of Fighting Intent was not only draining in regards to one's spiritual energy, but it also took a toll on one's willpower. To control the will of tens of thousands of people required a high degree of willpower. This was one of the main reasons why many strong and powerful men are still unable to control the will of fighting intent.

Continuously condensing the Spirit of Fighting Intent for four armies, and finally sealing the imprint in the minds of all the soldiers, was no easy task. Hence, when Mu Chen was done, he was very fatigued, only gradually recovering the next day.

The next day, when Mu Chen had finally recovered, the other four lords were the first to come and thank him. This polite gesture from them had never been seen before! But, when Mu Chen was still weak the day before, they had tested the power of the Pseudo Spirit of Fighting Intent. Although it was not really the true spirit, it still allowed their troops to improve their combat prowess greatly.

Thus, after experiencing the benefits themselves, they became more aware of Mu Chen's importance, so they felt the need to be on good terms with such a powerful figure. Otherwise, their army would be reduced to its original form after the fighting intent seals were exhausted.

Upon seeing the demeanor of the other four lords, Nine Nether, who had been standing beside Mu Chen, could not help but feel amused. Yet, she also sighed.

When she was crowned as a lord in the Daluo Territory, although the other lords did not target her, like how Lord Blood Hawk did, they still did belittle her. After all, regardless of age, strength, and qualifications, Nine Nether was not as worthy of the title back then.

The Nine Nether of today had clearly surpassed her past self, and her strength was no longer inferior to the other lords. But, she was still very clear that this could only make the proud lords no longer belittle her. She still desired more, specifically, for them to truly respect her.

Now, even the arrogant Lord Mountain Cracker had to be polite to the Nine Nether Palace, as they dared not offend them. All these were changes that were brought about by Mu Chen.

This young man may not have overwhelmingly strong power, but he really relied on his own means, causing even powerful figures, like Lord Mountain Cracker, to bend down and make his acquaintance.

"The four of you are welcome. As we are all from the Daluo Territory, naturally, we need to support each other in this Great Hunting War." Mu Chen also responded politely towards the four lords' harmonious response.

The four lords saw how Mu Chen remained polite and was not arrogant, just because he had mastered such an important skill, like the seal of fighting intent. This made them feel much more at ease, their expressions becoming kinder.

"Haha. Lord Mu Chen, these days we have been slowing down the speed of our exploring the relics. Do we need to give our all to the endeavor now?" Lord Mountain Cracker asked with a smile, clearly looking to Mu Chen to make the decision.

Mu Chen pondered this, then asked, "What's the situation at Meteorfall Battlefield?"

All of his energy had been used to condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent. As such, he hadn't yet been able to concern himself with what was happening at the Meteorfall Battlefield.

"It's getting more intense," Lord Mountain Cracker said gravely. "We are now going towards the depths of the Meteorfall Battlefield. Generally speaking, those who can go further will be some forces with extremely strong strength. Hence, if we start a war, it will be a brutal war. As far as we know, in these two days, the forces that have been destroyed have reached into the hundreds. Among them, there is no shortage of elite first-class forces."

Mu Chen's gaze turned grave. These first-class forces were not considered weak in the North Territory. But, they were still destroyed, so it was difficult to imagine how cruel the war really was.

"Do we have any news about the other forces from the Daluo Territory?" Mu Chen asked.

"The Meteorfall Battlefield is so vast, which causes intelligence gathering to be limited. So, it's not clear how other forces are doing now." Lord Spiritual Sword shook his head as he spoke.

Mu Chen nodded, then said, "I'm afraid that we do not have sufficient Meteorfall Alchemy pills."

Although they had the help of the Spirit Seeking Compass, they still had brought more than 10,000 Meteorfall Alchemy pills in their hands. But, it is said that to unlock even the first seal on the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure, it would require at least tens of thousands of Meteorfall Alchemy pills. Hence, what they had was far from being enough!

"Right now there are not enough pills to be able to extract from Grade Three Relics, so we need to look for more advanced relics." Nine Nether frowned slightly. 

Generally speaking, they should be able to extract hundreds of Meteorfall Alchemy pills from a Grade Three Relic. At the beginning, that was considered to be a very large amount, but now it seemed grossly inadequate. In addition, they were several armies combined, and the hundreds of pills that were allocated to various armies would cause everyone to only get a small amount.

Although they could be compensated by the number of Grade Three Relics, with the help of the Spirit Seeking Compass, the value of the Grade Three Relics was ultimately too low. In fact, the remains of some heritage treasures among the relics proved entirely unimpressive to the lords.

"Higher ranked relics…"

Mu Chen ruminated for a moment, above the Grade Three Relics were the Grade Two Relics. These relics were really extraordinary. In fact, the last time that they had met one by chance, even though they had paid a price for it together, the harvest was really delightful.

It was only one relic, but it was enough to be worth ten Grade Three Relics. Besides the numerous heritage treasures, thousands of Meteorfall Alchemy pills had also been extracted.

However, although the Grade Two Relics were rich with treasures, they were very difficult to find. Before, even if Mu Chen had the help of the Spirit Seeking Compass, they could still only find one.

In today's Meteorfall Battlefield, as long as there was news of a Grade Three Relic, there would be an imminent influx of forces flocking over to stake their claims.

"About those higher ranked relics... I wonder if you have heard any news these two days?" Lord Hongya, who had been silent, suddenly spoke.

"Oh?" Lord Mountain Cracker and the others knit their brows. He then frowned immediately and said, "Are you talking about news of the Death Relic that has been spreading?"

"Death Relic?" Mu Chen was also stunned, obviously not understanding what this was.

"Recently, in the northwest area of the Meteorfall Battlefield, it is said that a relic was found. It is also said that, so far, all of the people who entered, never came out. This is apparently why some people call it the Death Relic," Nine Nether explained.

"Now that news of the Death Relic has been passed down, there are a lot of first-class and top-notch forces that have shown great interest in it. According to their speculations, the so-called Death Relic is likely to be a Grade One Relic!"

"Grade One Relic?!" Mu Chen's eyes were wide open, as that was the second most privileged relic, just below the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure! Even with the help of the power of a Spirit Seeking Compass, they had not found a Grade One Relic! This fact alone showed how deep the relic was hidden.

"That is the news, but we do not know whether it is truly a Grade One Relic. After all, in an eerie place like the Meteorfall Battlefield, anything can happen. Nobody knows what they can obtain, if they spend enough effort to break in. But…"

Lord Mountain Cracker paused, staring at Mu Chen. He then continued, "It is said that there seem to be traces of a fallen war troop dispatcher in the Death Relic..." 

War Troop Dispatcher?!

Mu Chen's expression changed drastically, as he directed a burning gaze towards Lord Mountain Cracker. That kind of legendary existence was extremely rare in today's vast Great Thousand World! Thus, he was not clear how to become a formal war troop dispatcher, even if he could control fighting intent. However, he was only at the initial level, so he had to rely on his own exploration to cultivate.

Nine Nether, seeming to have expected such a reaction from Mu Chen, then said, "It is said that a large number of corpses from armies have been found there. So, it is speculated that the remains of the dead may have been left there by the war troop dispatcher."

Mu Chen's agitated mood calmed slowly. He nodded slightly after a moment. Although the Death Relic was indeed extremely attractive, the danger must have been unimaginable. So, even he could not help but hesitate a little.

If it's just a bunch of people from Nine Nether Palace at the moment, Mu Chen naturally would want to try it out. After all, the war troop dispatcher held a lot of attraction for him.

But, now that there were other lords present, Mu Chen wasn't sure if they were willing to take such a big risk, especially for some unrealistic and unconfirmed rumors. Although they had not seen the Death Relic, it was obviously not a good place, since it had such a malicious reputation! 

"If you are interested in the Death Relic, you must decide as soon as possible. It is said that the two prodigies of fighting intent from Tian Xuan Hall and the Divine Pavilion are now rushing towards the Death Relic. So, if my speculation is right, they are targeting the information of the war troop dispatcher." Nine Nether smiled, further tempting Mu Chen.

"Haha, if Lord Mu Chen is interested, we would accompany you. At present, all four of our armies have the Spirit of Fighting Intent. I think that, no matter how dangerous the Death Relic is, we should have the ability to protect ourselves." It seemed that he was aware of the hesitation in Mu Chen's mind, and the other four lords smiled, looking from one to the other.

"We haven't tested how formidable a Grade One Relic is, so now we can try out its prowess."

Upon hearing his words, Mu Chen was relieved. If only Nine Nether Palace had gone to explore, it would have been too dangerous, as they had to support themselves. However, with the support of the other lords, the probability of safety could be greatly raised. This is all thanks to his help in condensing the other armies' Spirit of Fighting Intent. Otherwise, the other lords would not have been so willing to step into such unknown murky waters!

No matter what, they now had the approval of the other lords, so they could now target the Death Relic! Mu Chen clenched his fists tightly, a burning gaze surging in the depths of his dark eyes.

He was anticipating the appearance of a war troop dispatcher. Hopefully, this Death Relic would not disappoint him!

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