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The huge blood hawk fanned its massive wings. Torrents of fighting intent surged, and the space shook violently as everyone could clearly feel that the fighting intent of the Blood Hawk Troop had far surpassed its previous level!

This was the power of a Spirit of Fighting Intent!

Lord Blood Hawk raised his head as he looked at the huge eagle with a stunned expression. A moment later, his body trembled, and uncontrollable ecstasy poured out of his usually grim face.

He had been cultivating the Blood Hawk Troop for so many years, and now they had actually successfully condensed a Spirit of Fighting Intent!

Beside him, the other three lords were aghast at the sight, for they knew very well what earth-shaking changes would take place when an army condensed the Spirit of Fighting Intent.

Although the Blood Hawk Troop was previously intercepted and attacked by the Heavenly Alligator Troop and suffered a loss of nearly half of its men, now that the Spirit of Fighting Intent had been condensed, its combat effectiveness had surpassed its previous peak.

All these changes made the other three lords' hearts pound with heated anticipation. The armies under their command should be stronger than the Blood Hawk Troop in terms of strength, especially Lord Mountain Cracker's Cracking Mountain Army, which had more than 10,000 strong men, enough to rank as kings in the top three ranks among the lords. If it condensed the Spirit of Fighting Intent, its combat effectiveness would be overwhelmingly powerful.

At this moment, the other three lords glanced heatedly towards the distant mountain where a silhouette could be seen sitting silently. The figure seemed rather slender, but even powerful Sovereigns such as Lord Mountain Cracker dared not underestimate him.

The lords knew very well what horrifyingly strong potential a man had who could help other armies condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent. Mu Chen was indeed a rare prodigy of fighting intent.

In their fervent gazes, Mu Chen suddenly rose and looked at the giant hawk over the Blood Hawk Troop. He could feel that the fighting intent of the Blood Hawk Troop was under his complete control.

As long as he was willing, he could immediately consolidate the Nine Nether Troop's fighting intent. In this way, he controlled the two armies and that level of power was greater than before.

This attempt made it clear that Mu Chen had the ability to control the fighting intent of other armies.

With a flick of his sleeve, the mighty Spirit of Fighting Intent over the Blood Hawk Troop transformed into countless streams of blood falling down into the troop's sea of fighting intent.

He appeared before the lords as they hurriedly clasped their fists in respect, appearing more polite than before.

Before they could speak, Mu Chen looked at Lord Blood Hawk and said, "Lord Blood Hawk, do not be anxious to thank me yet. To be exact, the Blood Hawk Troop has yet to condense the real Spirit of Fighting Intent."

Lord Blood Hawk and the others were startled when they heard this and looked dubiously at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen smiled bitterly and said, "When I stepped in, the Blood Hawk Troop really succeeded in condensing the Spirit of Fighting Intent, but they did so under my control. Once I withdrew from their minds, the soldiers were still unable to rely on their own strength to maintain the existence of the Spirit of Fighting Intent."

The smile on Lord Blood Hawk's face stiffened at once, and a moment later he gave a bitter laugh. Mu Chen was not their commander, so naturally, it was impossible for him to follow the Blood Hawk Troop everywhere. However, even if that had been the case, it would be hard to determine who this army now belonged to.

It was impossible for Lord Blood Hawk to find a man as capable as Mu Chen, for a powerful character like him would never be satisfied with joining the Blood Hawk Palace.

While Lord Blood Hawk and the other lords were disappointed, Mu Chen smiled. "Although the true Spirit of Fighting Intent cannot be maintained by your own strength, you can really rely on your strength to condense the Pseudo Spirit of Fighting Intent."

"The Pseudo Spirit of Fighting Intent?" The lords looked at each other in bewilderment. What was this? Was there a difference between the true and false Spirits of Fighting Intent?

Mu Chen smiled and said, "My previous actions were not totally ineffective. I have sealed all the marks of the Spirit of Fighting Intent in the minds of the Blood Hawk Troop, so the next time they trigger their fighting intent, they can activate that mark and condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent, but... This is not the Spirit of Fighting Intent that is condensed by the Blood Hawk Troop itself. So in terms of power, of course, it would not be as great, so I call it the Pseudo Spirit of Fighting Intent."

Lord Blood Hawk and the others looked astonished. It was the first time they realized that the Spirit of Fighting Intent could still be condensed by external forces. However, what Mu Chen said caused them to feel relieved. Whether the Spirit of Fighting Intent was true or false, they were glad as long as they could use it, as they did not expect to ascend to the sky at once.

"In addition, the seal I created cannot be used indefinitely, and when the seal's power is exhausted, it will dissipate automatically and need to be supplemented." Mu Chen shrugged his shoulders.

The other lords broke out in cold sweat. This thing still requires charging... It seemed that if they wanted to keep the imprint of the Spirit of Fighting Intent for a long time to come, they couldn't really afford to offend Mu Chen.

Mu Chen looked at their faces, scratched his head, and said, "There are a lot of drawbacks to this. If you are not satisfied with it, then we can forget about it..."


Lord Mountain Cracker, Lord Spiritual Sword, and Lord Hongya shouted in unison. As soon as they spoke, they looked at each other in dismay. Lord Mountain Cracker laughed and said, "Lord Mu is too modest. Although the Pseudo Spirit of Fighting Intent is not as miraculous as the true Spirit of Fighting Intent, I am afraid no army would forgo such treasures. Thus, I would have to trouble Lord Mu to assist our three armies, too."

Lord Hongya, who was usually silent, also clasped his fists and said, "This kindness will be remembered in our hearts. If Lord Mu needs anything in future, do let us know."

Mu Chen waved his hand and said, "It is natural that all of us should help each other as members of Daluo Territory. If the three lords are willing, I will try my best to condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent for your armies over the next two days. But I also have a request and need your consent."

"Lord Mu, please!"

"I just want to borrow some of your troops at critical moments," Mu Chen said, smiling.

Mu Chen now knew that he could resonate with other armies. That is, he could control other armies' fighting intent at a critical moment. Of course, it must be with the consent of the four lords, who would be recognized by the warriors of the four armies, and then he could put them under his control. After all, some of the troops were neither Nine Nether's nor belonged to him.

The lords looked at each other with a smile and said, "No problem, and I think if we did reach that point, we would all be in danger. So long as Lord Mu has the ability, our armies would be in your control."

They also agreed readily because they knew that Mu Chen could only borrow their troops, and could not take them away. After all, these troops were trained by their hard work, and the soldiers only obeyed their orders. As long as they refused, no matter how brilliant Mu Chen was at controlling fighting intent, he could not trick them and take control over their armies.

Thus, at that time, handing over control of their armies to Mu Chen was also in their scope of acceptance. In any case, they could treat it as reciprocity towards Mu Chen, who helped them condense the Pseudo Spirit of Fighting Intent.

When Mu Chen saw their agreement, he smiled and nodded. He really didn't have any other ulterior motives. He just wanted to take control of the other troops at the critical moment and improve their combat effectiveness.

Since he became aware of the fact that among other top forces, they also had a prodigy of fighting intent who could condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent, he had increased his vigilance. After all, the Nine Nether Troop had developed rapidly this year, but there was still some shortage in its number and scale. Generally speaking, much of the strength of the Spirit of Fighting Intent depended on the size of the armies on both sides.

However, at a time like this, it was clear that there was no chance of expansion for the Nine Nether Troop, and that the army could not be trained to be more skillful in a short period of time, so Mu Chen had to turn his mind to the elite armies of the other lords.

Although it may have seemed more difficult and troublesome to control other troops, there was obviously no other way for Mu Chen. In this crisis-ridden battlefield, one had to depend on oneself for everything.

Mu Chen looked at the crowd and said, "During the next two days we will slow down a little in our search for relics so that I can condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent for the other three armies. Then we will continue our search."

Lord Mountain Cracker nodded and paused before stating, "I have received news regarding the prodigy of fighting intent from Tian Xuan Hall."

Mu Chen's gaze turned somber upon hearing this.

"That guy has a reputation in the Meteorfall Battlefield lately, because all who encounter his forces are ultimately massacred, and less than ten percent managed to escape alive..." 

Lord Mountain Cracker turned to Mu Chen and said, "According to our information, this guy seems to be looking for you."

"Tian Xuan Hall is it…"

Mu Chen's gaze was calm, and he nodded slightly. He had a deep grudge with Tian Xuan Hall. Since the man hailed from there, it was no wonder that he would come out to deal with Mu Chen.

"In addition... We also got news that the prodigy of fighting intent from the Divine Pavilion managed to defeat many elite first-class troops recently. According to my instincts, it is very likely that they are coming for you."

Mu Chen's eyebrows knitted together in a frown. Getting targeted by two prodigies of fighting intent was troublesome indeed but...


Mu Chen breathed softly, laughing faintly, but confidence surged in his calm voice, which made people look askance.

"If they are really coming for me, it's up to them. I don't mind letting them know what it's like to fail."

Over the years, he had seen too many brilliant geniuses, but he had never been afraid. He never was and never would be.

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