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After sending the four Lords away, Mu Chen's thoughts merged with the four great oceans of fighting intent again. Then, perhaps with the consent from the four Lords, the soldiers of the four armies withdrew all of their forces against Mu Chen. This resulted immediately in many thoughts within the surging seas of fighting intent to accept Mu Chen's thoughts, which were unfamiliar to them. 

Mu Chen was very careful to quietly integrate his thoughts. He did not want to interfere with how the the four armies' fighting intent operated. Instead, he was like a bystander, quietly drifting with the waves.

As such, if one wanted to resonate with fighting intent, they must first integrate with it. In this state of drifting with the waves, Mu Chen's mood became increasingly calm. The innumerable bellows of warfare that were previously roaring in his mind from the sea of fighting intent now weakened. Gradually, they dissipated completely. The whole world seemed to be quiet at this time.

In the eyes of all the people outside, the atmosphere around Mu Chen seemed to become restrained. The four Lords looked at each other's armies, seeming to find that the surging fighting intent had also become much quieter…

They were not quite sure what the cause of the change was, but their eyes grew brighter, as the change at least indicated that Mu Chen seemed to have a great talent for controlling fighting intent! Perhaps, it was possible that Mu Chen could help their army condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent.

They were not worried about what Mu Chen would do to their troops. After all, they were all from the Daluo Territory. Hence, if Mu Chen did anything detrimental, the Daluo Territory would not condone it. Furthermore, after the interaction over these days, they had developed some understanding of Mu Chen's temperament. This allowed them to believe that he would not do such a despicable thing.

Time passed slowly in the night. After about six hours, Mu Chen's thoughts had been transformed into the thoughts of an ordinary soldier, completely integrated into the sea of fighting intent that was formed by the four armies.

He could feel that the four armies no longer had total repulsion towards him. Yet, he still felt that it was not enough.

"Do all of you want to condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent and become stronger?" Mu Chen's idea spread out into the sea of the four armies, being transmitted to every soldier.


The sea of fighting intent suddenly fluctuated. It signaled the strong, immediate response from the soldiers of the four armies, who were filled with almost mad excitement. The most coveted thing for every trained army was to condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent, since it could only then be an army with a soul. Otherwise, they would always be like stragglers, unable to achieve great success.

Mu Chen listened to the numerous eager responses, smiling. With their strong anticipation, it would be much easier to trigger resonance. The four Lords also felt the sudden boiling fighting intent of each other's armies at this time. They immediately rubbed their hands together excitedly.

"Fellow Lords, this is the first time that I'm trying this, so I can't help you try to condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent at one go. At the moment, the Blood Hawk Troop has the least soldiers, so I'll start with them."

When they heard Mu Chen's words, the faces of the three other Lords stiffened, while Lord Blood Hawk grinned. His obvious glee caused the other three Lords to glare at him, frustrated that the Blood Hawk Palace would be the first to try.

They did not fully expect that Mu Chen could really succeed, after all, since condensing the Spirit of Fighting Intent was no simple task. Yet, they couldn't help but wonder what would happen if he really succeeded! At just the thought of the Blood Hawk Troop's being able to condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent, the three other Lords pursed their mouths in displeasure.

Mu Chen did not pay attention to what they were thinking. He knew that, with his present ability, if he tried to help all four armies condense their fighting intent at one go, his mind might be destroyed by the raging sea of fighting intent.

Thus, he had to do this one by one, and the smallest Blood Hawk Troop was clearly the best testing subject. Mu Chen's thoughts retreated from the three other armies quickly, then surged into that of the Blood Hawk Troop. The troop immediately burst out in the warmest welcome, directly letting Mu Chen' s thoughts in to rapidly integrate.

"Let all of your fighting intent erupt." Mu Chen's thoughts spread into every soldier's mind.


Upon hearing Mu Chen's words, the Blood Hawk Troop immediately roared together, causing the majestic fighting intent to sweep out like a sea of blood, before charging brutally into the world, full of bloodthirst.

Mu Chen's thoughts were heightened. He looked out upon a dramatic vision, as if he was in a sea of blood amid mountains of corpses. The whole world seemed to turn blood red.

The Blood Hawk Troop's fighting intent was condensed and strong, but it was still inferior to the Nine Nether Troop. So, Mu Chen's thoughts had no fluctuation, but gradually sunk, before finally falling into the deepest depths of the sea of bloody fighting intent.

The sea of bloody fighting intent, with infinite bloodthirst, poured into Mu Chen's mind. As countless images of killing and fighting flashed in his heart, he recognized that these were the fierce battles that the Blood Hawk Troop had once experienced.

However, from Mu Chen's perspective, the fighting intent of the Blood Hawk Troop was still not condensed enough. This was because there had never been a leader who could really command the entire situation, because the Blood Hawk Troop had always been controlled by a number of commanders. With such a division of labor, although it can help in expanding the number of rulers, the commanders were still slightly different from each other, which made it hard for them to condense the fighting intent to a similar degree.

In order to condense fighting intent, there can only be one sole controller, such as with Mu Chen, when he commanded the Nine Nether Troop. However, to command the fighting intent of the Blood Hawk Troop, one needed to get the approval and recognition from all of its soldiers.

"Give me your fighting intent." Mu Chen's thoughts quickly spread out in the sea of fighting intent.

His words caused some uproar amid the Blood Hawk Troop. These soldiers were from the Blood Hawk Palace, after all, and fighting intent was their greatest reliance, regardless of the situation, so letting a stranger command their fighting intent was a great taboo.

Sensing the turmoil within the the Blood Hawk Troop, Lord Blood Hawk immediately rolled his eyes, then shouted angrily, "Do what Lord Mu Chen says!"

With the roar from Lord Blood Hawk, the Blood Hawk Troop no longer hesitated. As their majestic fighting intent surged, Mu Chen's thoughts instantly diffused and spread, mingling together with the fierce fighting intent.

A strong bloodthirsty aura rushed madly into Mu Chen's mind. In fact, if it had been any ordinary Sovereign, that bloodthirsty aura might have eroded his mind into a killing frenzy!

However, it had no effect on Mu Chen, who ignored the endless bloodthirst. Instead, with a thought, he sent a hurricane blowing wildly in the midst of the bloody sea of fighting intent. Then, a scarlet pillar of light suddenly sprayed out of the sea of blood, causing a bloodthirsty atmosphere to instantly pervade the world. 

Mu Chen's thoughts remained silent, completely melted into the sea of bloody fighting intent. He could intensely feel the fiery bloodthirst, as well as their past fights to the death…

All of the Blood Hawk Troop soldiers looked solemn at this moment, their eyes sparkling. They felt as if an invisible hand was forcibly bringing their fighting intent together. The hand seemed to be extremely broad and powerful, capable of exploding their power to the extreme apex. What they were feeling was Mu Chen's willpower.

They had never felt such a strong willpower! It was a willpower that no other commander of their Blood Hawk Palace could reach.

All of the Blood Hawk soldiers tuned out the external interference, channeling that sense of peace that allowed them to focus on doing their utmost best.


The bloody sea of fighting intent surged wildly, as Lord Blood Hawk looked on with great anticipation. He could clearly feel the rapid rise of the fighting intent that was coming from the Blood Hawk Troop.

No leader of the Blood Hawk Troop had ever condensed the fighting intent of the troop to this degree! This was a true prodigy of fighting intent! Only in the hands of such a gifted prodigy of fighting intent could the force of a military troop become invincible!

Lord Blood Hawk sighed, as he looked at Nine Nether with envy. Then, grinning bitterly, he said, "You have brought back a wonderful fellow."

Nine Nether smiled, a trace of pride flitting across her cold and beautiful face. When Mu Chen had first arrived in the Daluo Territory, everyone had belittled him. But, they now understood that they had all been wrong.

The other Lords also stared up at the sea of bloody fighting intent, unblinking. There were countless scarlet beams colliding with each other, the majestic fighting intent causing the space to ripple constantly. With their keen senses, they could feel what seemed to be taking shape in the depths of the raging fighting intent! 

Blood-red light permeated the heavens and earth.


All of a sudden, a sudden sharp cry of a hawk reverberated in the sky. Lord Blood Hawk's body trembled violently. His palms clenched, and his face was full of excitement. Lord Mountain Cracker, Lord Spiritual Sword, and Lord Hongya's eyes were also lit up with anticipation.

Countless soldiers in the troops looked up at the blood red fighting intent. There, blood-red light permeated the entire sky, and a huge red hawk slowly unfolded its wings. It then fluttered its wings, sending an overwhelming fighting intent sweeping through the world. That blood red hawk was the Spirit of Fighting Intent that was condensed by the Blood Hawk Troop!

The other Lords gasped in astonishment, looking at each other. Their eyes were full of shock and ecstasy.

Mu Chen had actually succeeded in helping the Blood Hawk Palace condense a Spirit of Fighting Intent!

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