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Five armies encircled the hill. Above them, five streams of fighting intent surged while all five armies were at rest, so the offensiveness of the aura of fighting intent seemed to be restrained and even somewhat docile.

However, Mu Chen, who had knowledge of fighting intent, knew that this meekness was only a superficial phenomenon. The origin of fighting intent was the combination of each soldier's own spirit and will. So long as these soldiers were full of fighting spirit, the fighting intent would immediately rise with the change of their will and become full of aggressiveness.

Mu Chen's black eyes stared at the five distinct streams of majestic fighting intent as he ruminated. He could now control the Nine Nether Troop's fighting intent with perfect precision, but the number of soldiers in the Nine Nether Troop was limited, after all. With the improvement of Mu Chen's strength, he was no longer satisfied with just controlling the fighting intent of the Nine Nether Troop…

However, such a well-trained army could not be trained overnight, and every soldier needed a long time to integrate the spiritual power with their will. Only after the spiritual power and the will were matched could they integrate. Otherwise, it would be like a bucket of loose sand, and the fighting intent would not have the slightest power.

When comparing a thousand members of a motley crew with a thousand combatants who were capable of merging spiritual energy and will, it was clear that the latter would crush the former.

Thus, even if Mu Chen felt that the Nine Nether Troop could no longer satisfy him, he did not have too many ways to become a war troop dispatcher. If there was no huge elite army acting as support, it would be impossible to accomplish anything. It would be like expecting a cook to make a meal without any ingredients. No matter how skillful the cook was, it just wouldn't be possible.

The power of a war troop dispatcher came from one's army.

Mu Chen now had a great opportunity to try with the other four armies before him, including the Cracking Mountain Palace's Cracking Mountain Army, Blood Hawk Palace's Blood Hawk Troops, Spirit Sword Mountain's Spirit Swordsmen, and Cave Grand Cliff's Grand Army…

If he could use his own strength to resonate with the four armies, then it would show that he was likely able to control the four armies' fighting intents.

If he could really achieve that, Mu Chen's power was bound to reach an astonishing degree. He was able to compete with Xu Ba, a Sixth Grade Sovereign, by virtue of the Nine Nether Troop's fighting intent alone. He would no longer need to fear the Sixth and Seventh Grade Sovereigns if he could advance with the help of the other four armies.

Of course, Mu Chen was not a fool, and he knew that his current strength now may not be enough to control the majestic fighting intent of five elite armies. Unless he could really become a war troop dispatcher, the vastness of fighting intent alone could erode and destroy his willpower.

That would only cause things to backfire, and he would have to let nature run its course.

However… control might be impossible, but if he could resonate with the armies, it would at least prove that he had that potential, and perhaps he would be one step closer to becoming the mysterious war troop dispatcher. 

Although this kind of interference in the other lords' armies seemed to be overstepping his boundaries, Mu Chen had ways to resolve the problem afterwards.

Thinking of this point, Mu Chen could not help but take a deep breath of cold air. Hesitating no longer, he slowly closed his eyes. His mind was in the dark night sky, rippling like waves. 

His vision was dark, but the perception of his mind became increasingly vast. In Mu Chen's sense of perception, the five oceans of fighting intent surrounding the mountains quietly rippled. It seemed that there was a lot of fighting intent roaring, shaking the space.

Amid the five oceans of fighting intent, Mu Chen felt one that was incredibly familiar, and that was from the Nine Nether Troop. As for the other four, each of them was hovering like ferocious dragons and tigers.

Mu Chen pondered and spread out his thoughts to approach the four great oceans of fighting intent. Hesitating slightly, he then tried exploring to make contact.


However, just as Mu Chen's mind had barely made contact with those four streams of fighting intent, it was harshly rejected and rebounded back, attracting unconscious resistance and an attack from the majestic fighting intent, shocking Mu Chen's mind.

The first attempt at contact concluded in failure.

Mu Chen knitted his brows and frowned. The streams of fighting intent seemed extremely resistant to unfamiliar minds approaching. If his thoughts had been mixed with any aggression before, he would have been attacked by the four streams of fighting intent.

These fighting intents were too sensitive.

After a long silence, Mu Chen's frown relaxed slowly, as he was quite familiar with the concept of fighting intent and knew that it was useless to control it by force.

Mu Chen gradually calmed down his fluctuating state of mind, quietly waiting for his heart to calm down completely, only then spreading his thoughts out again. This time, he did not deliberately touch the four streams of fighting intent, but instead let his thoughts spread in the night sky like a wave of water, gradually rippling out, and finally making contact with the four great streams of fighting intent again.


In the moment of contact, Mu Chen's body shook violently, and in his mind, it seemed as if there were innumerable roars of battle that suddenly reverberated as the violent fighting intent seemed to be seizing his mind and taking control.

However, the roar of fighting intent did not cause much hindrance to Mu Chen. He was not a rookie when it came to understanding fighting intent, so he immediately steadied his mind and let the fighting intent make its impact. Moments later, the roar gradually weakened until it completely dissipated.

At the same time the roar had dissipated, Mu Chen's thoughts had spread out like a swimming fish, swimming down the stream into the vast sea.

His thoughts had finally entered the four vast oceans of fighting intent.

He felt as if he had intruded into a raging volcano with different degrees of violence and rage, and with different attributes.

For example, the Blood Hawk Troop was full of bloodshed, the Cracking Mountain Army full of resolve, the Spirit Swordsmen full of sharp intent, and the Grand Army full of decorous intent…

These attributes were due to the long-standing characteristics of each army or, in a sense, a reflection of an army's style and what it was good at.

Mu Chen's thoughts mingled with the violent oceans of fighting intent. The numerous chaotic roars of war were constantly channelled into Mu Chen's heart. If it were any other person, he would have been destroyed by the streams of fighting intent and would have found it impossible to remain sane. 

Fortunately, Mu Chen was no ordinary person.

Moreover, after mingling with the four great streams of fighting intent, Mu Chen was not anxious to become one with these fighting intents, but rather to allow his own thoughts to ripple in the oceans of fighting intent.

It was as if a river fish were diving into the sea, letting itself blend in with the others as much as possible.

Of course, the most important thing was that Mu Chen did not intentionally conceal the existence of his thoughts, so when his thoughts rippled in the four oceans of fighting intent, the thoughts amid the fighting intent were also aware of him.

Those intentions came from the soldiers in the four armies.

Thus, when they perceived the slightest thought of Mu Chen entering, among the four armies beneath the hill, countless soldiers suddenly opened their eyes in amazement, disbelief in their expressions.

Generally speaking, if they had this thought that did not belong to their army, they would have attacked and wiped out the intruders but now, the intruder was Mu Chen…

These days, Mu Chen led the Nine Nether Troop hand in hand with them, and they were envious that the Nine Nether Troop could condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent in Mu Chen's hands and achieve a burst of astonishing power. Thus, when they perceived Mu Chen's thoughts, they did not show resistance reflexively, but after a moment's hesitation and seemingly no excessive action from Mu Chen, they had accepted the existence of Mu Chen's thoughts. After all, they and Mu Chen both belonged to Daluo Territory and were considered partners.

However, although the ordinary soldiers accepted this, there were still many commanders of the four armies under the leadership of the four lords. As high-ranking officers of the army, they naturally could not regard it as nothing. After hesitating for a moment, they passed on the truthful news to their leaders, the four lords.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

When the news arrived, the four lords soared into the sky at the same time. They looked at the mountain with the same expressions of astonishment.

Nine Nether also appeared in the sky at this time, and when she did, the four lords looked at her. "Lord Nine Nether, what is Lord Mu trying to do?" 

Although the four lords were still polite, Nine Nether could still sense some of their doubts. After all, this kind of behavior of intervening with the other lords' armies without asking seemed rather brash.

Nine Nether smiled exasperatedly and was just about to reply, when a thought spread out and Mu Chen's voice echoed in the night sky.

"May I borrow the four lords' armies for cultivation? If it is successful, it may help the four armies gain a deeper understanding of the Spirit of Fighting Intent."

Mu Chen's soft voice rang out and made the four lords' eyes light up. Bright smiles appeared almost instantly on their faces.

"Haha, if Lord Mu thinks they are worthy, then take them." Even the silent and taciturn Lord Hongya could not help but laugh. In these days of working together, they saw the effect of the Spirit of Fighting Intent on an army. Thus, they were all envious, but had no genius such as Mu Chen and could only look on. Now that they heard Mu Chen's words, even with the composure of the four lords, their eyelids could not help but to twitch rapidly.

If it weren't for fear of causing other people's discontent, they all wanted to say, as long as you can condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent, do whatever you want with my army.

Nine Nether smirked upon seeing how the four lords were so eager to give Mu Chen their armies, but she then knitted her brows in a frown, glancing at the figure atop the mountain.

This fellow has made such exaggerated promises. It's not that easy to cultivate a Spirit of Fighting Intent… 

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