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The top powers looked intensely at the sky. The two terrifying powers clashed together like meteorites…


There was a loud explosion. A horrifying spiritual energy windstorm raged and swirled out, covering a radius of a thousand miles.

The mountains were flattened by the windstorm, and large rocks turned into powder. Cracks formed on the ground…

In the face of such destructive power, even the Grade Five Sovereigns turned pale. They knew that given their power, they would not be able to attain such a high level.

However, they saw this level of power in the duel between Mu Chen and Fang Yi.

They were not surprised by Fang Yi's power, but Mu Chen had taken them by surprise. It was not easy for a Grade Four Sovereign to come this far...

Some of the top powers looked at one another and saw the grave look on one another's faces. Mu Chen had not been pushing himself too hard when he accepted Fang Yi's challenge. He was indeed powerful.

The duel between the dark horse and the overlord was extremely interesting.

As the top powers were dwelling on it, two rays of colorful lights attacked each other crazily. They were Fang Yi's Cosmic Seal and Mu Chen's Dragon-Elephant Divine Halberd…

The two rays of colorful lights had activated their spiritual energy to the optimum. However, they were caught in a situation in which neither could destroy the other.

Mu Chen's Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art was comparable to Fang Yi's Cosmic Divine Scripture!

Fang Yi stood behind the colorful lights and looked coldly at the scene. He was furious, as he had not expected such an outcome.

He could tell that the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art displayed by Mu Chen was a Near Perfection Divine Art. In terms of ranking, it was comparable to the Cosmic Seal. However, Fang Yi's strength was at the Peak of Grade Five Sovereign!

His realm was higher than Mu Chen's. Logically speaking, the power of a Divine Art of the same ranking would depend on the spiritual energy of the martial artist. Fang Yi should have the upper hand since his realm was higher, but this was not the case.

His spiritual energy is not as powerful as mine, but he is able to control it well. He is able to condense it when he activates it…

Fang Yi's eyes glittered. After persisting for a while, he started to realize why Mu Chen was able to be on par with him. Fang Yi started to become doubtful. He found it hard to believe that a Grade Four Sovereign had the ability to control the spiritual energy in his body and condense it so well.

Even Fang Yi was not able to do it!


As Fang Yi was thinking of ways to defeat Mu Chen, he suddenly looked up. Two huge rays of colorful lights clashed against each other, and the Dragon-Elephant Divine Halberd exuded a spiritual energy fluctuation that was extremely violent.

Mu Chen intended to blast the Dragon-Elephant Divine Halberd!


As the Dragon-Elephant Divine Halberd exploded, the area suddenly darkened. Dazzling colorful lights that were brighter than daylight spread out and brightened the area.

As the rays of light burst out, humongous spiritual energy shockwaves swirled out. Visible cracks were seen within a large area in the sky.

The Cosmic Seal blew up as well.

The top powers turned pale and speedily retreated. They were fearful of being caught by the horrifying shockwaves.

Fang Yi looked cold. He shot backwards to avoid the shockwaves, leaving only afterimages. He fixed his gaze on the space where the spiritual energy windstorm had taken place.

Mu Chen should be in that direction. Given his speed, he would not be able to pull himself out of the horrifying shockwaves in time. Moreover, he was near the Dragon-Elephant Divine Halberd.


As these thoughts were running through Fang Yi's mind, he was suddenly taken by surprise. He felt that the space behind him had been torn apart as a shadow appeared. The shadow had a pair of huge Phoenix wings, and as the wings spread out, they covered the sun.


When the shadow appeared, Mu Chen immediately threw a punch at Fang Yi. The real dragon symbol indistinctly squirmed around his fist. The wind blast of his fist caused cracks in the space.

Even Fang Yi was shocked at his power. However, he was not a weakling. He clenched his fist, and majestic spiritual energy swirled out from his palm.

"Cosmic Spiritual Shield!"

The spiritual energy turned into a primitive Spiritual Shield in front of Fang Yi, and the Cosmic Star Atlas glittered on the surface of the shield. It seemed sturdy and unbreakable.


The wind blast that contained the real dragon's spiritual energy hit the shield and caused ripples to be formed. As the ripples became more rapid, it caused the shield to burst.

Fang Yi came to himself and looked glum. He had not expected Mu Chen to escape from the terrifying shockwaves and come from behind without his knowledge. If he had not been on guard, Mu Chen would have hurt him.

"Since you have sneaked your way here, don't ever think of escaping!"

Fang Yi sneered. He activated his spiritual energy to the optimum at the Peak of Grade Five Sovereign. Golden lights surged on the surface of his skin, and the cry of a dragon resounded.

Fang Yi had possessed the Real Dragon Body from the Dragon-Phoenix Rift!

Although the Real Dragon Body was not as powerful as the Dragon Phoenix Body, his power had been greatly enhanced. With Fang Yi's powerful spiritual energy at the Peak of Grade Five Sovereign, not many Grade Five Sovereigns would be able to contend with him.

Bang! Bang!

Fang Yi shot out like lightning. The wind blast was powerful like a dragon. Every punch that he threw caused the space to crack. The wind blast covered Mu Chen's paths of escape like a storm.

Fang Yi was powerful in close combat as well!

Under such a forceful attack, even a martial artist at the Peak of Grade Five Sovereign would lose.

Mu Chen turned grave. He had not expected Fang Yi to be so difficult to deal with. His surprise attack had not given him the outcome that he expected, but it had given Fang Yi the chance to suppress him with his spiritual energy.

Mu Chen's eyes glittered as he entered into the Small Heart Demon State. He looked calm and suddenly sprang out as the crowd shouted out in shock.

Dark golden light emanated from Mu Chen's body, and the Spirit of the Real Dragon squirmed around. The Spirit of the Real Phoenix turned into a pair of Phoenix wings and flapped on his back, causing a gale.

Mu Chen had fully activated the power of the Dragon-Phoenix Body and complemented it with the Unperishable Flame, the Netherworld Thunder Heart, and the Small Heart Demon State.

With these various means, a majestic wind blast whizzed out from his palms and clashed against the blow Fang Yi had thrown out.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The two of them were like ferocious dragons fighting each other in the sky. The wind blasts from their fists thundered as they hit each other. The space rippled, and a spiritual energy windstorm raged.

The top powers were amazed by Fang Yi and Mu Chen's aggressive attacks.

"This guy is able to take on Fang Yi to this level!" Xu Ba looked gloomy as he watched the fierce fight between the two of them. Although he could tell that Fang Yi had the upper hand, Fang Yi was still unable to defeat Mu Chen.

Mu Chen was unexpectedly difficult to deal with.

However, Xu Ba was not the least worried. He knew how powerful Fang Yi was. If Fang Yi continued to attack Mu Chen, Mu Chen would soon reveal a fatal flaw.

Nine Nether and Lord Blood Hawk frowned and became worried as they thought likewise.

"You are just a Grade Four Sovereign, and you have the audacity to take me on. You think too highly of yourself!" Fang Yi said coldly.

They hit each other hard again, and Fang Yi's eyes suddenly turned sharp. Forceful spiritual energy like a windstorm filled the majestic wind blast from his fists. Fang Yi threw out a blow towards Mu Chen's arms at lightning speed.


The space shook and Mu Chen flew backward like a bullet. Traces of blood flowed down from the corners of his mouth. Mu Chen was injured by this powerful blow.


There was an uproar as the people saw what had happened. Mu Chen had lost out to Fang Yi.

As Mu Chen was being thrown back, his eyes turned sharp like an eagle's.

When Xu Ba, Nine Nether, and Lord Blood Hawk saw it, they were shocked.

Purple light swirled out from behind Mu Chen, and a huge, beautiful flower appeared.

Fang Yi turned pale when he saw the flower. He could feel a dangerous fluctuation emanating from the mysterious flower!

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