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The clouds surged in the horizon, as the two figures stood in the sky. They looked at each other sharply, animosity in their eyes. An aura of cold killing intent indistinctly spread out.

This was a fight between two strong powers!

The crowd was shocked, as they looked at Mu Chen, who was standing on the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. The earlier punch had left a deep impression on them. Many top powers looked grave, as they knew that no ordinary Grade Five Sovereign would be able to take on such a powerful punch.

Mu Chen had the audacity to accept the duel, as he was indeed powerful. He had lived up to the name of the mighty dark horse. However, it was still unknown, as to who would emerge as the winner of the duel.

Fang Yi remained calm, looking at Mu Chen. He found the fluctuation of the wind blast of Mu Chen's fist familiar. It was the power that he had received from the Dragon-Phoenix Body at the Dragon-Phoenix Rift.

The Dragon-Phoenix Body was extremely mysterious. It had allowed a Grade Four Sovereign to have such amazing power! However, if Mu Chen had thought that he could challenge Fang Yi with this level of strength, he was being much too naïve.

Light flashed across Fang Yi's eyes, as he stomped his foot hard. The air screeched below his feet, while visible sound waves swirled out beneath his feet.


As Fang Yi stomped his foot, a horrifying spiritual energy swirled out from the space behind him. Its movement was like a tidal wave, shaking the entire space.

Fang Yi stood on the spiritual energy tidal wave, looking small in comparison. However, he was like a monarch that ruled the area. Even Nine Nether, Lord Blood Hawk, and Xu Ba were shocked with the spiritual energy oppression that he exuded.

Mu Chen could feel the oppression as well. He was shocked to see that Fang Yi had become more powerful. When they were at the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, Fang Yi was an ordinary Grade Five Sovereign. However, he must have reached the Peak of Grade Five Sovereign by now, as h seemed to have made good progress during this period.

"It is amazing that you are able to defeat Grade Five Sovereigns at your level. However, among the Grade Five Sovereigns, no one has been able to defeat me!" Fang Yi looked at Mu Chen, sounding confident.

Mu Chen had performed well, and so had he. Ever since he had attained Grade Five Sovereign, no one within the same rank had been able to defeat him!

Boom! Boom!

Majestic spiritual energy roared behind Fang Yi. It complemented his demeanor, making him look like a divine being with a strong oppression.


Fang Yi suddenly shot up to the sky, then formed a seal with his hands. He then pressed the void with his right hand. Ancient light runes speedily spread out from his palm.

The huge tidal wave behind him turned into numerous rays of light that burst out. It then gathered under his palm like lightning. Then, an oppression started to spread out in the area.

Many top powers looked grave. Even the Grade Five Sovereigns were frightened, as they sensed that Fang Yi's attack was a deadly one.

Fang Yi was obviously out to kill. He wanted to end the duel as soon as possible. He wanted the people to know that no one would be a match for him, the overlord of the Dragon-Phoenix Record. He was determined to show clearly that any of those that challenged the overlord would be trampled into ashes!

Mu Chen also turned grave, as he felt the oppression from Fang Yi strongly. Fang Yi was indeed extremely powerful.


Mu Chen took a deep breath, his eyes turning dark, like a black hole. His black hair also speedily grew long.

As his long hair danced in the wind, his lively face turned calm, like a deep lake. He stood still, and seemed at peace, almost as if nothing seemed to affect him.

Supreme Heart Demon Chant, Small Heart Demon State!

When a lion desired to catch a rabbit, it would go all out. Fang Yi was not a rabbit, but was a ferocious tiger! All the more, Mu Chen had to use different trump cards to fight with him.

Boom! Boom!

Spiritual energy raged on the horizon, creating friction within the space and causing loud bombing sounds. Fang Yi's eyes turned cold and sharp. He looked down at Mu Chen, then pressed his palm, which was filled with ancient light runes, on the void. His indifferent voice resounded throughout the air.

"Cosmic Divine Scripture, Cosmic Seal!"


The people looked perplexedly at the Cosmic Star Atlas that had formed under Fang Yi's palm. Vast spiritual energy oppression spread out, then turned into a Spiritual Seal that was carved with stars. It then pressed down.

Wherever the Star Atlas Spiritual Seal passed, visible cracks were formed in the space. The oppression that came along with it caused the top powers to turn pale.

"This is one of most powerful Divine Scriptures in the Divine Pavilion. This is a Near Perfection Divine Art. Fang Yi is indeed amazing!"

"Any Grade Five Sovereign will be defeated by it. Fang Yi has lived up to his name!"

"The Divine Pavilion is indeed amazing. Ordinary people will not have a chance to see it. Only those in the Divine Pavilion have the chance to cultivate it."

As Fang Yi was throwing out the blow, the crowd whispered among themselves. Many top powers were envious and impressed by the Near Perfection Divine Art that Fang Yi had displayed.

"Is this a Near Perfection Divine Art?

Mu Chen lifted up his head to look at the Star Atlas Spiritual Seal. As he was in the Small Heart Demon State, even if a dreadful blow was before him, he would look expressionless.


Mu Chen speedily formed a seal with his hands, causing a space warp to form behind him. The Majestic Sovereign Sea indistinctly appeared, the spiritual energy within it surging. As it did so, four rays of beams shot out from it.


The cries of a dragon and elephant resounded. Two huge dragons and two elephants instantly appeared above Mu Chen. As they stepped on the void, the space quaked.

All of the top powers could feel the oppression from the two dragons and the two elephants. However, if Mu Chen was using this to contend with Fang Yi, it would still not be powerful enough.

"If two dragons and two elephants are not enough…I shall add more."

Mu Chen muttered to himself. He had cultivated Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art for about a year. Although he had not perfected it, he had at least advanced to another level.

Given Mu Chen's current strength, the two dragons and two elephants were not his most powerful means. Mu Chen's dark eyes flickered, as he changed the seal. The cry of a dragon and elephant resounded again in the Sovereign Sea. Then, the people saw two streamers shoot out from the Sovereign Sea.

Additional dragon and elephant!

The top powers turned grave, as they looked at the three dragons and three elephants that were standing in the sky. Even the Grade Five Sovereigns felt oppressed.

Before they could recover from their states of shock, they were taken aback again. After summoning three dragons and three elephants, Mu Chen had changed the seal again!

Was he summoning even more?

The top powers were extremely shocked. Although Mu Chen was only a Grade Four Sovereign, he had displayed great power. They could sense that the Divine Art that was being displayed by Mu Chen was as powerful as the Cosmic Divine Scripture that was displayed by Fang Yi!


Suddenly, Mu Chen stopped forming the seal, leaving the Sovereign Sea behind him in a state of turmoil. Two streamers shot out from it.

Four dragons and four elephants!

When the eight huge creatures appeared in the horizon, even Xu Ba and Lord Blood Hawk were stunned. Fang Yi looked gloomy, hitting his fist down on his palm. The huge shadow, formed by the Cosmic Divine Seal, then moved toward Mu Chen, covering him up. Fang Yi did not believe that, with his strength being at Peak of Grade Five Sovereign, Mu Chen would be able to counter the Cosmic Divine Scripture!

"Cosmic Divine Seal, Control Cosmic!"

Mu Chen placed his palms on top of each other, his deep voice resounding in his heart.

"Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art, Four Dragons Four Elephants Hate the Firmament!"

Four dragons and four elephants cried out to the sky, while visible sound waves swirled out. The space was in constant state of turbulence.

The eight streamers that were formed by the four dragons and four elephants clashed together, sending spiritual lights bursting out. They then turned into a huge ancient halberd, which was about a thousand feet tall. The four dragons and four elephants then rested on the huge ancient halberd, like a divine force.

"Dragon-Elephant Divine Halberd!"

Mu Chen's eyes were bright. He lifted up his hands and roared.


The huge ancient halberd buzzed loudly. Then, in the next instant, it turned into a streamer, tearing the void apart at a speed of lightning. In the twinkle of an eye, it then appeared below the Cosmic Spiritual Seal! It then slashed hard on the Cosmic Spiritual Seal that was above it!

The Dragon-Elephant Divine Halberd and the Cosmic Spiritual Seal were like two meteorites that had fallen from the sky. They carried with them destructive fluctuations, which clashed hard against each other.

The top powers fixed their gazes on the point where they had clashed. Everyone was dying to know, now that the two powerful Divine Arts had clashed together, which one would be more powerful?!

Was the Divine Art from Divine Pavilion more powerful than the mysterious Divine Art displayed by Mu Chen?

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