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"Have a duel with me…"

Fang Yi stood on the mountain and placed one hand behind him. As the wind blew, his white garment fluttered.

His confidence impressed even the top forces, who were filled with praise for him. Fang Yi could become the leader of the younger generation in the North Territory, as he possessed amazing abilities.

Although he had met with setbacks in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, because of Cai Xiao, he had not become depressed over them. Instead, he reflected upon them as being lessons, then used them to advance his strength further.

In fact, his spirit of seeking a breakthrough in the face of such adversity had won the praises of the people. This was the spirit of a true master.

Fang Yi smiled and looked at Mu Chen, who was standing in the air. He then said, "If you can defeat me, the Divine Pavilion will automatically retreat."


His words caused an immediate uproar among the people heard. Fang Yi was challenging Mu Chen to a duel! Many forces watched with intense interest.

The two of them were popular among the younger generation in the North Territory. One of them had been the overlord of the Dragon-Phoenix Record for many years. The other was a dark horse, who was a rising star in the North Territory.

If the two of them had a duel, many people would be watching, as they were relatively famous. The people were dying to know if Mu Chen would advance triumphantly, or if he would fall from his position.

Fang Yi was the more reputable of the two. He also had a higher status than Mu Chen.

Some of the top powers felt that it was not fair for Fang Yi to invite Mu Chen to battle. After all, Mu Chen was still a nobody, while Fang Yi was already well-known in the North Territory.

"Do you really think that, under such circumstances, you are still able to choose the method of fighting?" Nine Nether looked at Fang Yi coldly, then sneered.

She could tell that Fang Yi had advanced to Grade Five Sovereign. If Mu Chen were to have a duel with him, she was afraid that Mu Chen would be at a dangerous disadvantage. After all, he was only a Grade Four Sovereign.

"Hehe, if you want to have a war, our Heavenly Alligator Troop is ready to take you on. However, you may lose more than half of your troop," Xu Ba said, with immense killing intent.

"I will make sure that every single man in your troop dies!" Nine Nether said coldly.

Fang Yi smiled, then stopped Xu Ba from talking. He looked at Mu Chen and said, "You are smart. You should be able to tell from this situation that, if we start a war, both sides will suffer great losses. Although you are able to condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent of the Nine Nether Troop, you are still small in number."

Having said that, Fang Yi pointed at the forces that had gathered together, then said with a smile, "You know very well that there are many people out there, who are waiting to benefit from our war. It will not do us any good if we fight. So, the best way to resolve this matter will be to have a duel instead…"

Mu Chen looked at Fang Yi and said with a smile, "Well said. However, I can see a strong killing intent in your eyes. Hence, I think, you still wish to kill me."

Fang Yi squinted his eyes. Mu Chen had hit the nail on the head. He had never taken Mu Chen to heart, until he saw that Mu Chen had condensed the fighting spirit of the Nine Nether Troop. He felt the potential in Mu Chen, so he now saw him as a threat.

If Fang Yi allowed Mu Chen to continue to grow in strength, Mu Chen would become a great threat to the Divine Pavilion. Thus, he had to kill Mu Chen before this happened.

"I can understand if you refuse to duel," Fang Yi said flatly. "After all, you are new. It is already a great achievement for you to have come this far. Even I am impressed by you."

"Your reverse psychology isn't going to work on me," Mu Chen said with a smile.

Fang Yi frowned. He finally knew how difficult it was to deal with Mu Chen. Although Mu Chen was young, he was sharp and very mature. He was not rash and competitive, like so many other youths. In fact, Fang Yi was rather annoyed with Mu Chen's unshakable disposition!

"However…" As Fang Yi was frowning, Mu Chen smiled and said, "It is not impossible, if you wish to duel with me. In fact, it is extremely simple…"

"500 Meteorfall Alchemy." Mu Chen stretched forth five fingers and shook his hand.

The atmosphere that had already been tense, now froze at this juncture. Even Fang Yi was taken aback. No one would have expected Mu Chen to say such a thing, much less in this kind of a setting.

"500 Meteorfall Alchemy?" When Xu Ba heard it, he laughed. He then looked viciously at Mu Chen and sneered, "Young man, do you think that you are worth 500 Meteorfall Alchemy?"

Mu Chen must be joking. 500 Meteorfall Alchemy was what they had gained. They were fortunate to have reached the few historical sites before the rest of the people and had refined the relics. Mu Chen had now asked for the 500 Meteorfall Alchemy, just to have a duel.

Who does he think he is?!

"It is not up to you to determine if I am worth it."

Mu Chen continued to smile at Fang Yi, who was looking shocked. He stretched forth his hand and said, "Brother Fang Yi, if you are dying to kill me, I don't think this is a high price to pay. Of course, if you think that this method is not feasible…"

As he said this, Mu Chen suddenly stopped smiling, his dark eyes turning cold. He then said, "Let's have a war. I would like to see if the Heavenly Alligator Troop is capable of making us pay a high price!"

Mu Chen's voice was suddenly filled with killing intent. The whole area turned cold, and the top powers were shocked by his sudden change of expression.

There was a ferocious tiger among their meek youth! When one had exceeded the limit of Mu Chen's patience, he would turn cold and sharp.

Xu Ba turned pale and was furious. However, Fang Yi stopped him again. Fang Yi looked coldly at Mu Chen, then said, "Mu Chen, don't you think it is meaningless? Some things are just not meant for you, even if you own it."

"Five hundred, I said. Nothing less than that. If you are willing to give it, we will duel. If not, let's start the war!"

Mu Chen smiled and waved his hand. When Xu Ba saw it, he was so angry, his face twitching uncontrollably. He felt like tearing Mu Chen apart!

Nine Nether could not refrain herself from laughing. She looked snappily at Mu Chen. He had turned the duel into a monetary transaction, causing the onlookers to be dumbfounded.

Fang Yi stared at Mu Chen with an extremely cold stare. However, he did not lose his cool entirely, but smiled calmly and said, "Since this is your wish, let's do it."

"Lord Xu, sorry to trouble you." Fang Yi turned to look at Xu Ba.

Xu Ba's face twitched, and he felt the pinch. The 500 Meteorfall Alchemy was all that they had. If he gave this away, they would have worked for nothing!

"They will not be able to get away," Fang Yi said.

Since Fang Yi had said this, Xu Ba gritted his teeth, then waved his sleeve. Immediately, 500 Meteorfall Alchemy whizzed out, flying towards Mu Chen. The people looked on with envy. Even the forces were tempted by the 500 Meteorfall Alchemy.

Mu Chen grabbed his palm, and the 500 Meteorfall Alchemy hung around him. After he had roughly counted them, he smiled. He then said, "Brother Fang is really generous."

Fang Yi smiled, before replying calmly. "It is all right. I will let you have them for a while. Then, I will get them back with interest later."

Mu Chen nodded and said, "I hope so."

"Is it too risky?" Nine Nether asked softly. Since Fang Yi had given out 500 Meteorfall Alchemy, he must be confident of his defeating Mu Chen. It did not seem wise to duel with him otherwise.

"If both troops fight, we will have to pay a high price, and this is something that I cannot bear to see," Mu Chen said softly.

Regarding what Fang Yi had said, even if the Nine Nether Troop managed to defeat the Heavenly Alligator Troop, they will have to pay a high price. Although the losses would not be as great as what Fang Yi had said, Mu Chen could still not bear to see a single loss of life.

It suited Mu Chen well to have a duel with Fang Yi instead of starting a war. However, he did want to make them upset and incur some monetary losses before this duel occurred.

Nine Nether nodded. She knew that, in order to rescue Blood Hawk Palace, they had to fight. The Heavenly Alligator Troop would not be intimidated by them.

However, Fang Yi was no weakling. He had been the overlord for many years in the Dragon-Phoenix Record. No matter how powerful Mu Chen had become, Nine Nether was still not confident that Mu Chen was an adequate match for him.

After he had kept the Meteorfall Alchemy, Mu Chen stepped forth. His dark eyes turned sharp, and the aura from his body was also sharp, like a Divine Spear. Fang Yi felt the aura coming from Mu Chen, which caused him to raise his eyebrows.

"I want his head!" Xu Ba gritted his teeth and said. He hated Mu Chen to the core, especially after he had taken 500 Meteorfall Alchemy away from him.

"I will fulfill your wish. He shall die this day."

Fang Yi smiled flatly. He stepped out in the sky, before appearing directly in front of Mu Chen.

The people fixed their gazes on the two of them. The overlord of the Dragon-Phoenix Record and the dark horse would be having a duel this day...

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