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"Can we talk it over nicely now?" Mu Chen said.

He sounded calm. No one dared look down on him, as he exuded a horrifying fighting spirit.

Even Xu Ba squinted his eyes and looked at Mu Chen viciously. He said, "I have belittled you. Although you are young, you are able to keep your fighting spirit well under control."

Mu Chen simply shrugged. He looked at the Blood Hawk Troop that had been trapped in the valley, then said, "Lord Xu, it does not seem wise for us to start a war now. If you wish to encroach upon the Blood Hawk Palace, you will have to pay a high price for it. Hence, I suggest that you withdraw your troop. We will settle our scores another day. What do you think?"

Mu Chen stood in the air and smiled. Although the Heavenly Alligator Troop looked ferocious, he showed no signs of fear. His calm disposition took many top forces by surprise.

Xu Ba was equally shocked by his calmness. However, he was agitated by what Mu Chen had said, so he started to laugh. He pointed at the large Heavenly Alligator Troop, then said with a weird look, "Young man, do you think that you are capable of making me pay any price?"

Although the majestic fighting spirit that was exuded by the Nine Nether Troop had taken Xu Ba by surprise, it only showed that they were capable enough to take on the Heavenly Alligator Troop. However, he had 10,000 soldiers in his troop, while Nine Nether only had 5,000. Hence, if they were to fight, Nine Nether would definitely be defeated. Naturally, the price that Mu Chen had mentioned sounded like a joke to Xu Ba.

As Lord Blood Hawk and the Blood Hawk Troop looked out from the valley towards the sky afar, where the confrontation took place, they had mixed feelings. They could feel that the Nine Nether Troop was very different than it had been a year ago. 

"Master, Nine Nether Palace is no match for the Heavenly Alligator Troop…" Wu Tian hesitated for a while, then spoke softly.

He had mixed feelings about the help that had been extended by Nine Nether Palace. What he had said was indeed true. They had fought with the Heavenly Alligator Troop before, so they knew how powerful they were. Although the Nine Nether Troop was powerful now, when compared to the Heavenly Alligator Troop, they were still inferior.

According to Wu Tian, the only troops that could take on the Heavenly Alligator Troop would be the Asura Troop, which was led by Lord Asura, and the Cracking Mountain Army, led by Lord Mountain Cracker. Only these two fine troops could triumph over the Heavenly Alligator Troop. Hence, the Nine Nether Troop was still not quite up to the mark.

When Lord Blood Hawk heard this, he nodded. He then said, "Wu Tian, if the Nine Nether Troop strikes, you will lead the Blood Hawk Troop to fight together with them, in order to ease them of some of the burden. As for Xu Ba, I will handle him. I will distract him from controlling the situation."

Wu Tian nodded. The only way for them to break away from the entrapment of the Heavenly Alligator Troop would be to work with the Nine Nether Troop.

As the two of them were talking, Mu Chen squinted his eyes. He had heard how Xu Ba was mocking them. Xu Ba had thought that he had the upper-hand, as he had a large army. This caused him to look down on the Nine Nether Troop.

In that case…

Mu Chen formed a seal with his hands. The calm look in his eyes turned sharp, and a sharp aura exuded from his body suddenly, like a sword.

"Nine Nether Troop!" Mu Chen shouted. "Fight!"

The soldiers of the Nine Nether Troop stamped their spears on the ground and shouted. Their voices thundered across the horizon. Dark fighting spirits surged up to the sky, like a huge, rolling wave. From afar, it looked like a dark sea that was covering the entire area.


Mu Chen stomped his feet, causing a dark fighting spirit to surge behind him. The sound of a bird with a frantic fighting spirit resounded in the air. A huge Nine Netherbird, with battle runes carved on its body, had formed from the fighting spirit. As it spread out its huge wings, it covered the sun.

The Nine Netherbird cried out to the sky. The people saw dark fighting spirits gushing up to the horizon, like a fountain. Within seconds, the entire place was filled with vast fighting spirits.

"Spirit of Fighting Intent!"

The people shouted in shock, and the area was in an uproar. The top forces turned pale, staring in disbelief at what was before them.

"Mu Chen has condensed the Spirit of Fighting intent of the Nine Nether Troop…" Lord Blood Hawk and Wu Tian were stunned. They looked at each other and gasped.

They finally understood why Mu Chen and Nine Nether had the audacity to come to this place, even though they knew that the Heavenly Alligator Troop would be here. They were full of confidence!

Everyone knew that the Spirit of Fighting Intent was extremely important to a troop. It could enhance their power manifold entirely!

"This guy…" Wu Tian had mixed feelings.

He sighed and recalled that, one year ago, when Mu Chen came to the Daluo Territory, he had looked down on the young man. However, one year later, Mu Chen had not only been ranked number three in the Dragon-Phoenix Record, he had surpassed Wu Tian in leading the army. Even Wu Tian had to admit that there was now a big gap between him and Mu Chen.

"Spirit of Fighting Intent?"

As Xu Ba stared at the Nine Netherbird, which was filled with majestic fighting spirit, he turned pale. He had not expected Mu Chen to have such a trump card.

He finally understood what Mu Chen meant, when he had said that Xu Ba would have to pay a price. It was not because Mu Chen was young and aggressive. It was because he truly had the means to make it so.

Although the Nine Nether Troop was inferior to the Heavenly Alligator Troop in terms of numbers, Xu Ba was no longer confident that he could defeat them. He knew that the Spirit of Fighting Intent was extremely important to a troop.

Fang Yi, who was beside Xu Ba, frowned. He looked gravely at Mu Chen. He had never taken Mu Chen seriously, even after Mu Chen had performed so well in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift. He knew that, had it not been for Cai Xiao, he would have easily suppressed Mu Chen in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift.

Judging from the current situation, he seemed to have belittled this opponent. Fang Yi knew that, one who could condense the Spirit of Fighting Intent of a troop, had great potential and could pose a great threat.

Xu Ba looked gloomy. He stared sharply at Mu Chen and said, "Do you think that, just because you have the Spirit of Fighting Intent, you are able to contend against us? I would like to see how powerful your Spirit of Fighting Intent is!"

Although Xu Ba knew that the Spirit of Fighting Intent was powerful, he would not back down, even though he knew that he would have to pay a high price If they were to fight. At that instant, Fang Yi stretched forth his hand to stop Xu Ba, who was about to strike.

He looked at Mu Chen, then said with a smile, "You have indeed surprised us…"

"Thank you," Mu Chen smiled and said. "If both of you wish to avoid a life and death struggle, which others would then benefit from, I suggest that we all take a step back. This will be the best option for everyone."

Fang Yi smiled, then said slowly, "It seems like you have no wish to fight the Heavenly Alligator Troop, as you know that the Nine Nether Troop will have to pay a high price as well. However, if you want us to simply let the troop go, it seems like you may be expecting a bit too much from us."

Mu Chen squinted his eyes, then said, "Do you want to see who is tougher?"

Fang Yi waved his hand, then said with a smile, "There is no point in starting a war. However, you should know that, if we simply let the troop go, it would be a disgrace to the Divine Pavilion."

"So, what do you suggest?" Mu Chen raised his brows, while looking at Fang Yi with a smile.

Fang Yi smiled back. He tilted his head to look at Xu Ba, then said, "Lord Xu, can I decide for you?"

Xu Ba pondered for a while, then nodded his head. Fang Yi held a special position in the Divine Pavilion. Although he was young, he would achieve much in the future. Thus, Xu Ba welcomed his interference.

Moreover, the situation had become tough for him to handle, since this intervention of Nine Nether Palace. In fact, he would be happy to let Fang Yi take over the situation.

When Fang Yi saw that Xu Ba had nodded his head, he turned to Mu Chen and said with a smile, "You are aware that, if we start a war, both parties will have to pay a price. However, if you want to rescue the troop, you cannot simply ask for it to be so."

"So?" Mu Chen smiled. He tilted his head to look at Fang Yi.

"I have seen your performance in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift. You have done well. However, I believe that you performed so well only because of your friend."

Fang Yi slowly stretched out his hand. Spiritual energy was glittering around his fingertips, like lightning, and dangerous fluctuations spread out.

"I have a suggestion that can resolve the situation, thus bringing the loss to a minimum. However, I do not know if you have the guts to do it."

Mu Chen's gaze turned grave.

Fang Yi smiled warmly, but there was an unfathomable fluctuation in his eyes.

"Have a duel with me."

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