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Beyond the valley, on the top of a steep solitary peak and in the sky around the peak, numerous shadows stood in the air, and the majestic fighting spirit surged out like a tide, almost permeating the whole world.

At a rough glance, those figures were enormous in size and almost 10,000 in number. An army of that size, even among the Lords of the Daluo Territory, was absolutely ranked among the top.

When such a large army was gathered together, naturally their fighting spirit would also be majestic to a rather alarming degree. Fighting spirit permeated the environment, enveloping the valley like a birdcage, shrouding all the people in the valley within. Even a fly could not escape from it.

Above the top of the hill, a silhouette swept through the sky, kneeling on one knee as he clasped his fists in respect and reported, "Your Excellency, the Blood Hawk Troop has been forced into the valley, and if we launch an offensive attack, they will surely be wiped out!"

On the top of the mountain, two figures stood at the front. One of them was an old acquaintance of Mu Chen's, the man Cai Xiao had forced to escape in humiliation from the Dragon-Phoenix Rift but who still firmly occupied the first rank of the Dragon and Phoenix Record, Fang Yi.

Fang Yi, who was clad in white robes, still appeared elegant and composed without the slightest hint of despondence because he had been defeated. His eyes were actually brighter, because he had learned from that failure and had become increasingly strong. After all, the Divine Pavilion had high hopes for him, and it was apparent that he was obviously a determined man who would not lose his willpower because of a mere failure. If he had, he would have soon been abandoned by the Divine Pavilion.

Fang Yi stood with one hand behind his back, his demeanor radiating scholarly elegance. This image was completely unlike that of a ruthless man dominating the first rank of the Dragon-Phoenix Record.

Standing beside Fang Yi was a man with an overwhelming aura. He was a middle-aged man and unlike Fang Yi's elegance, he was emanating a chilling air of brutality. His eyes were like a ferocious beast's, and ordinary men would be fearful upon seeing him.

The man was clad in dark black armor, on which a primordial alligator was engraved. The ferocious alligator stepped on the mountain, and a malicious aura permeated the heavens.

This man was one of the ten Lords of the Mountains, the Lord of Alligator Mountain, Xu Ba!

Upon hearing his subordinate's report, Xu Ba nodded as he gazed at the distant valley with a fierce look and a grim smile etched on his face. "This Blood Hawk Palace had the audacity to compete with my Heavenly Alligator Mountain for the relic. What a ridiculous daydream. The Blood Hawk Troop actually wants to contend with my Heavenly Alligator Troop, biting off more than they can chew."

Fang Yi smiled slightly and looked into the distance around them. There were constantly groups of people sweeping towards them, those who were drawn by the news of the battle between the two top powers of the Divine Pavilion and Daluo Territory. No matter what the outcome would be, it would be rather earth-shattering.

"If Lord Xu could really devour the Blood Hawk Palace, it would have been a great achievement, and your reputation would have spread in this Great Hunting War." Fang Yi smiled.

Xu Ba grinned when he heard what Fang Yi said, but there was a strong ferocity in his smile. He said, "It's all thanks to you, or we wouldn't have found the mouse that stole the relic right from under our nose."

"However, although the Blood Hawk Palace is now a trapped beast, Lord Xu should still be careful. Lord Blood Hawk is a Fifth Grade Sovereign at his maximum potential, and if he is desperate, things could become a bit tricky," Fang Yi warned.

"Fifth Grade Sovereign at his peak?" Xu Ba said, twisting his lips in a scornful arc. "Among our ten Lords of the Mountains, this kind of strength can only be regarded as the bottom. That Lord Blood Hawk has no ability to escape from me."

However, despite his words, Xu Ba clearly did not intend to complicate matters and with a wave of his large hand, he was ready to order an attack, completely wiping out the Blood Hawk Troop.


However, just as his palm was about to swing, his and Fang Yi's expressions suddenly changed. As they looked towards the northwest, the sky shook startlingly, and fighting spirit surged towards them like a rapidly approaching storm.

The many forces hidden in the world also perceived this occurrence at this time and cast countless astonished glances in that direction. They were obviously surprised. After all, everyone knew that this was a battle between the Divine Pavilion and Daluo Territory. Ordinary forces dared not interfere indiscriminately so as not to get embroiled and bring fire upon themselves.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Amid the countless gazes between heaven and earth, a dark screen of light emerged at the distant edge of the sky, and in that vast screen of light, numerous dark shadows roared out. Majestic fighting spirit emanated from their bodies, as if carrying wind and thunder, announcing their arrival in this world, overwhelming the powerful characters.

"Who are you, who dare come to meddle in the affairs of the Divine Pavilion?!" Xu Ba looked at the majestic dark army, and his eyes suddenly froze as he presumably was aware of this army's majestic fighting spirit. Roaring fiercely, his shouts echoed like rumbling thunder between the sky and the earth.

"Who are you?!"

In the sky outside the valley, nearly 10,000 soldiers of the Heavenly Alligator Troop roared together, and suddenly, horrifying fighting spirit rose to the sky, causing the wind and clouds to change and the world to shake.

Under such terrifying fighting spirit, even a Sixth Grade Sovereign would have to avoid their sharp aura!

However, the black torrent-like army which had surged forward remained motionless and unwavering. Standing in front of the army, a slender figure flashed out, and a clear laughter echoed and rang in the air. "Daluo Territory, Nine Nether Palace!"

"Nine Nether Palace!"

A divine light burned in the gazes of the soldiers of the Nine Nether Troop. The vast fighting spirit was like turbulent waves surging, roaring like thunder as it continued boundlessly. It caused the oppressive fighting spirit of the Heavenly Alligator Troop to become scattered and dissipated.

Between the heavens and earth, two horrendous auras of fighting spirit pervaded the skyline by halves, and even the sky shook violently as cracks spread from the clash.

"Nine Nether Palace?" Xu Ba's gaze flickered as shock surfaced in his eyes. As far as he knew, the Nine Nether Palace was at the bottom of the rankings among the nine Lords of Daluo Territory, but now to see this majestic aura, why was it even more powerful than that of Blood Hawk Palace?

Beside Xu Ba, Fang Yi knitted his brows and frowned. His deep gaze was locked onto the slender figure standing in front of the Nine Nether Troop as he commented faintly, "Lord Xu, your information is too outdated. This man is Mu Chen, the tenth Lord of the Daluo Territory. Nine Nether Palace is now commanded by two lords, which is unique in Daluo Territory."

"Mu Chen?"

Xu Ba was slightly stunned before he smiled and said, "So he's the young man who has been stirring up a storm in North Territory recently…"

After speaking, his gaze turned ferocious as he glared at Mu Chen's silhouette far away. He laughed maliciously. "A brat who is still wet behind his ears dares to come to rescue someone? He's overestimating himself!"

Xu Ba's voice reverberated in the air as countless glances were directed towards Mu Chen. Curiosity was apparent in their gazes, clearly having heard of this familiar name in this period.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether stood in the air, the latter's gaze turning chilling hearing Xu Ba's cackle as majestic spiritual energy surged in her palm.

"I suppose this is the Lord of Alligator Mountain?" With a faint smile, Mu Chen looked at the fierce Xu Ba, then at Fang Yi beside him, smiling as he clasped his fists in greeting.

"You inexperienced brat, don't bother with the pleasantries. Get out of here, before I end you, too." Xu Ba was obnoxiously rude, his voice dripping with sarcasm and fierce disdain. It was obvious that he completely did not regard Mu Chen and Nine Nether Palace at all.

Upon hearing this, Mu Chen rubbed his nose and smiled. "Seems like we have nothing to talk about, then."

"You're asking for death!" Xu Ba remarked coldly, and with a wave of his sleeves, 5,000 soldiers from the Heavenly Alligator Troop left their battle formation, and a malicious fighting spirit emanated from their low, rumbling roars.

In Xu Ba's eyes, the number of Nine Nether Troop soldiers was a measly 5,000. It was enough for him to delegate 5,000 Heavenly Alligator Troop soldiers to deal with them. After all, in the previous clash between the Blood Hawk Troop and the Heavenly Alligator Troop, the Blood Hawk Troop's soldiers were defeated in a short period of time, which was the time needed to burn approximately half a joss stick of incense.

The most important thing for him now was to get rid of the remnants of the Blood Hawk Troop in the valley, and then he would end Nine Nether Palace.


The Heavenly Alligator Troop roared across the sky. The majestic fighting spirit was like a sea of crimson blood soaring across the sky. As their aura surged, it directly transformed into a million massive spears, charging towards the direction of the Nine Nether Troop.

Even a Fifth Grade Sovereign would be killed in such a battle formation.

However, Mu Chen only looked up, his black eyes calmly looking at that howling barrage of thousands of battle spears. He smiled faintly and said, "You seem to look down on us Nine Nether Troop…"

He lifted his palm gently, before landing it.


The black tide was like a volcano as it rose and surged from the Nine Nether Troop. The majestic Nine Nether fighting spirit condensed directly into massive dark wings of light, and on the edge of the light wings was a ray of light sharp enough to tear space…


With a flick of Mu Chen's fingers, the dark wings of light disappeared, and no one could see it, but a ray of light swept across the sky, and where the light passed, the countless battle spears were almost instantly shattered, turning into bright spots of light all over the sky.

It was a destruction as effortless as pulling a dead branch from a tree!


The beam of light flitted across the myriad astonished stares of the crowd and eventually crossed the Heavenly Alligator Troop, hitting the barrier of fighting spirit that enveloped the valley in the distance.


At the moment of collision, the barrier of fighting spirit condensed from the fighting spirit of the Heavenly Alligator Troop disintegrated and shattered completely as if it were fragile glass.

With the collapse of the barrier of fighting spirit, the Blood Hawk Troop in the valley was also revealed, but in that moment, they were somewhat shocked at the scene before them, and it was apparent that they had also witnessed Nine Nether Troop's astonishing strike. 

Xu Ba's face twisted at this scene, and even the calm and composed Fang Yi couldn't help but to narrow his eyes, as they were shocked at the overwhelming fighting spirit exhibited by the Nine Nether Troop.

Who would have thought that the Nine Nether Troop, which only had around 5,000 soldiers, would have such a horrifyingly strong fighting spirit?!

Amid the sea of shocked glances, Mu Chen smiled as he looked at Xu Ba, whose face had turned red with fury. His laughter rang in the air, but no one dared to ignore and belittle him.

"Well, can we have a good talk now?"

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