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"What should we do?"

Nine Nether's beautiful eyes looked towards Mu Chen, who looked distraught. It was clear that the two had lost their calm, due to their having received the sudden distress signal.

The nine Lords, who were under the command of the Daluo Territory, had nine armies in all. Thus, they constituted the backbone of the Daluo Territory. If they lost one of these armies, it would certainly weaken their strength.

As the present Great Hunting War was extremely cruel, in order to survive, it was a must to preserve every force, at least as much as possible. Thus, when Mu Chen and Nine Nether saw that, within the first day of the Great Hunting War, a Lord-ranked army had already found themselves in a desperate situation, it came as a shock to them.

Mu Chen was very clear about the pride of the Lords. They were the greatest in the Daluo Territory, perhaps even in the entire North Territory. They could also be regarded as being rather reputable Sovereigns, together with the powerful armies under their command. Hence, for them to have resorted to seeking assistance from other Lords, they must have been forced into an extremely dark and hopeless corner.

"I don't know which Lord is calling for help. And, who exactly did they encounter? I can't believe that they were forced to take such desperate measures." Nine Nether clenched her fists, while exclaiming.

Mu Chen also shook his head. The bronze mirror could only call for help and locate the direction vaguely. Thus, it was impossible to transmit the rest of the information.

"Now that all of the elite members of the great powers have ventured deep into the Meteorfall battlefield to search for the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure, only another top force could force a Lord to this level of extremity. And… It's very likely that they were lured into a trap and surrounded." 

Nine Nether narrowed her eyes at Mu Chen. "What do you intend to do? If it's as you said, if we go to their rescue, we might get embroiled within the battle, too."

After a moment's silence, Mu Chen took a deep breath and said, "No matter how dangerous it is, we have to go. We cannot let one of our Lord-ranked forces be wiped out. Plus, Mandela has said that, just by relying on our own strength, there seems to be no way to venture deep into the Meteorfall battlefield."

Nine Nether nodded gently in agreement, clearly admiring and appreciating Mu Chen's actions and thought processes. Even though all of the Lords were under the command of the Daluo Territory, there was still all kinds of competition present. Thus, there would always be some disharmonious factors within the ranks, just like those that existed between the Nine Nether Palace and the Blood Hawk Palace.

As a matter of fact, the relationship between the two Palaces was not very good at the moment. Therefore, when Mu Chen received the call for help, he could actually decide to go to their rescue immediately, showing a kind of generous magnanimity that was appreciated even by Nine Nether.

"Let's not delay any further. Let's go!" Mu Chen looked at Nine Nether, before glancing towards the Nine Nether Troop, who was already gearing up.

He said nothing more. Then, with a wave of his hand, his figure soared towards the sky. Behind him, Nine Nether and the Nine Nether Troop transformed into countless shadows, then followed him closely.


Time was running out, so the Nine Nether Troop was basically pushing their speed to the extreme, rushing at full speed in the direction that was indicated on the bronze mirror. Along the way, they met many other forces.

These forces were all surprised to see the murderous aura that the Nine Nether Troop emanated. As such, no one dared to stop them.

After about an hour of rushing at full speed, they finally got closer to the area where the distress signal had come from. Shortly after entering the area, they received some information, which caused Mu Chen's face to turn grave.

Just as they had speculated, it was not only one of the most powerful forces that had targeted the Daluo Territory, but it was the most powerful force in the North Territory: the Divine Pavilion! This mammoth force, which was said to have gone through five Great Hunting Wars, even filled the Daluo Territory with dreadful wariness.

"According to some of the information that we have just gathered, the Blood Hawk Palace might be in deep trouble." Nine Nether's beautiful eyes looked towards Mu Chen, as she pursed her red lips in exasperation.

Apparently, she hadn't expected that it would be the Blood Hawk Palace that would send them a distress signal. In the Daluo Territory, they were not on friendly terms with one another. In fact, they were even downright hostile!

"It was the Divine Pavilion's Lord of Alligator Mountain, commanding the Heavenly Alligator Troop, that drove them to such a desperate situation," said Nine Nether.

"The Master of Alligator Mountain..." Mu Chen's brows knit in a frown.

Now, he was no longer a rookie, who had no knowledge of the North Territory. In fact, he was well aware of the top forces.

In the Divine Pavilion, the ruler was the Master of the Divine Pavilion. Under him, were the four masters of the four directions, The North, South, East, and West Pavilions, which should be regarded as the equivalent of the Daluo Territory's Three Kings. Under these four masters, there were the Lords of the Ten Mountains, which were named after birds and beasts, such as the Lord of the Alligator Mountain.

"There is an old nemesis there, so it seems that one truly can't avoid his enemies." Mu Chen looked to the distance, smiling in exasperation, for it was not only the Lord of the Alligator Mountain, who had struck at the Blood Hawk Palace, but also an old acquaintance of his. It was Fang Yi from the Divine Pavilion, the one who was forced by Cai Xiao to flee in humiliation from the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, but who was still firmly ranked as first in the Dragon-Phoenix Record.

Mu Chen and Cai Xiao got along well. But Cai Xiao had left, and she was now the daughter of the Flame Emperor, so even if Fang Yi channeled all of his courage, he would not dare to go to the Endless Fire Territory to seek trouble with her.

Instead, he would naturally target Mu Chen to vent his anger upon. Thus, Mu Chen could already imagine how furious Fang Yi would be upon seeing him. At that time, war would be inevitable.

In the face of this prodigy, who had dominated the Dragon-Phoenix Records for many years, even if Mu Chen had now advanced to a Fourth Grade Sovereign, he still dared not claim that he could defeat him.

He was also well aware that this Fang Yi was not a simple figure, as the latter could not have been standing still while he was making progress. With the aid of the vast resources of the Divine Pavilion, the speed of his training and the aces up his sleeve were bound to be very amazing. After all, Mu Chen was not like Cai Xiao, who was a supreme talent who was meant to defeat brilliant prodigies.

"Now that the Blood Hawk Palace has been forced into a deep valley hundreds of miles away, it has been completely surrounded. This incident has caused quite a lot of trouble in this region and attracted a lot of forces." Nine Nether gently shrugged her shoulders.

In this Great Hunting War, when the top forces began to fight against each other, it was the most wonderful and cruel thing to watch. Also, now that the Daluo Territory and the Divine Pavilion were up against each other, many people would be alerted. So, once there was any news, it would inevitably attract widespread attention.

"It's Lord Blood Hawk. That idiot. Are we still going?" Nine Nether glanced at Mu Chen in frustration. Qiu Shan also looked at him, waiting for him to make a decision.

"What a jerk."

Mu Chen rubbed his forehead, cursing under his breath. He was clearly conflicted over this. After all, the Nine Nether Palace and the Blood Hawk Palace were far from being on good terms. If it were other Lords, Mu Chen would not hesitate at all. But, now that it was Lord Blood Hawk, his head hurt from having to make a decision.

"Although this guy is a thorn in our eyes, he is also a member of the Daluo Territory. If we allow them to be destroyed by the Divine Pavilion, it will not be good for us." Mu Chen finally took a deep breath, then stated solemnly, rational thought overriding his disdain towards Lord Blood Hawk. 

"We have our own means of dealing with the feud between us. Hence, we will not rely on the external force of the Divine Pavilion to deal with them. If we save them and he dares to turn on us, I will teach them a lesson."

Qiu Shan and the others looked at the suddenly dominant Mu Chen, passion burning in their eyes. They knew that their Nine Nether Troop's combat prowess had surpassed that of the Blood Hawk Troop at the hands of Mu Chen. Thus, Mu Chen was qualified to say this.


Mu Chen glanced at Nine Nether. Seeing the latter nod gently, he no longer hesitated, but soared towards the sky in a stream of light.

They came to a huge red valley that was rather dim and dark, as if covered with blood, and depressingly gloomy.

In this valley, there were many people standing upright. They were donned in blood armor. Their eyes were fierce, but their majestic fighting spirit was clearly in disarray, having obviously suffered a heavy blow.

In the center of the army, Lord Blood Hawk, donned in blood armor, looked darkly across the valley, where countless silhouettes and shadows were suspended in the sky. Apparently, a mighty fighting spirit had sealed off the entire valley, so that they could not escape.

"My lord, we have lost nearly a thousand soldiers." Standing beside Lord Blood Hawk, the bloodstained Wu Tian murmured, his originally cold face full of shame and heartache. 

Upon hearing this, Lord Blood Hawk trembled. Losing a thousand soldiers of the Blood Hawk Troop, which accounted for almost one-fifth of the entire troop, was a devastating blow.

"My lord, I will lead the Blood Hawk Troop to engage in a final stand, tearing the blockade open. I will ask you to leave as soon as possible!" Wu Tian wiped the blood off of his face.

Lord Blood Hawk roared, "You want a Lord like me to flee, like a dog with its tail between its legs? How would I then be able to establish my stand in the Daluo Territory? If they want to attack later, you will charge ahead with me. Since they want to treat us as pushovers, I must make them understand that, if they attempt to devour Blood Hawk Palace, they must also be prepared to be bitten back!"

Lord Blood Hawk's expression was full of ferocity. The savage fury in his bones had clearly been triggered.

"My Lord, do not worry. We have sent out a distress signal. As long as we can hang in there for a little while longer, there will certainly be reinforcements coming!" Wu Tian saw that Lord Blood Hawk had the intention of engaging in a deadly struggle, so was attempting to persuade him against this decision.

"It's too late." Lord Blood Hawk shook his head, then looked sharply at the sky beyond the valley, where the majestic fighting spirit had begun to oppress the valley. It was obvious that the Heavenly Alligator Troop were geared up for an attack.

As the Blood Hawk Troop felt the fighting spirit approach, they clasped their long halberds tightly, ready to die in battle. Lord Blood Hawk took a deep breath. Then, with a clench of his fist, a blood-red long halberd appeared in a flash, while powerful spiritual energy fluctuations emanated from his body.

However, just as Lord Blood Hawk was preparing to engage in a deadly final stand, his gaze suddenly froze. He saw that, outside the valley, the Heavenly Alligator Troop's majestic fighting spirit had suddenly fluctuated in disarray.

"My lord, our reinforcements are here!" Wu Tian, seeing this scene, suddenly rejoiced. He noticed an equally powerful majestic fighting spirit, which was rapidly permeating the battlefield! It was one that clearly did not belong to the Heavenly Alligator Troop!

"Which Lord is it?"

Lord Blood Hawk stared into the distance, his expression becoming a little more complicated. Then, after a moment of silence, he murmured, "It's Lord Nine Nether and Lord Mu Chen."

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