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"Primordial Celestial Palace?"

When these four words had left Nine Nether's mouth, Mu Chen jerked with a shock. His eyes were filled with disbelief, as he glanced at the gray-robed figure.

He had not thought that this strange man in front of him could actually be one of the members of the legendary mysterious Primordial Celestial Palace?! This was the first time that he had encountered such a being, who knew of this mysterious Celestial Palace after having been in the Tianluo Continent for such a long time.

"He's a member of the Primordial Celestial Palace? Did you get the wrong person?" Mu Chen swallowed hard, continuing to stare at the gray-robed figure in disbelief. He still just could not believe that he could obtain the information that he so greatly desired, especially after just entering the Meteorfall Battlefield.

"I wouldn't recognize him wrongly, as the unique spiritual symbol on his forehead is what the members of the Primordial Celestial Palace all possess. It would appear naturally, if one cultivates the Divine Art from the Celestial Palace, and it cannot be replicated by other objects."

Nine Nether stated this confidently. After all, she was from the Ninenether Bird Clan, which made her aware of many secrets from the primordial ages. Thus, she had some insider understanding of the Primordial Celestial Palace.

Mu Chen heaved a sigh of relief. His gaze had been intensely focused on the gray-robed figure. The figure's ferocious expression, held within his strange scarlet-black eyes, had now dissipated entirely, replaced by a gentler expression.

Boom! Boom!

When the scarlet-black color of the gray-robed figure's eyes had dissipated entirely, the numerous bone dominoes that surrounded him began to explode, disintegrating into spots of light, then vanishing.

When the countless spots of light had dissipated, it was as if they could see countless silhouettes, but only vaguely. The silhouettes turned, then bowed slightly to Mu Chen, as if they were thanking him for arranging their bones in a proper way. After these silhouettes had bowed in gratitude, they turned into spots of light, then vanished entirely from this world.

Mu Chen sighed, then clasped his fists, returning the gesture of respect, as he faced towards where the spots of light had just dissipated. In this posture, he thanked them for helping him at this crucial moment.

After Nine Nether discovered what Mu Chen had done, she sighed and remarked, "Thanks to your gathering of their broken bones, they were able to retain their last traces of willpower, which caused them to sense the evil energies. This activated their final shred of willpower, allowing them to join forces in order to banish the figure's evil energy."

Mu Chen smiled bitterly, as he obviously had not imagined that his casual act would have created such consequences.

"How is he now? Is he still alive?" Mu Chen's eyes turned back to the gray-robed figure. If the latter was really a man from the Primordial Celestial Palace, then he would probably know a wealth of information about the Primordial Celestial Palace.

"Haha! I fell thousands of years ago, when the evil energy entered my body and sealed my willpower. Although it also preserved my body, it was only a superficial illusion. Now that the evil spirit has dissipated, my body should soon be reduced to ashes." A slightly hoarse voice suddenly rang out gently, relief evident in his aged voice.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether were astonished, before realizing that the gray-robed figure had come to his senses, a light now twinkling in his eyes. However, anyone could tell that this twinkling was the last radiance of a man's setting sun, as it was clear that he would die soon.

The gray-robed figure, having regained his senses, now glanced towards the two. He bowed deeply. "Thank you for ending my suffering. It was torture being invaded by that evil energy."

Mu Chen and Nine Nether hurriedly bowed back in respect. "Elder, you are too polite. You fell while carrying out your duty to protect the Great Thousand World, so that the next generation, like us, could live in freedom. Hence, we are honored to be of any assistance to you."

The gray-robed figure smiled gently. "My physical body will not be able to sustain much longer. Thus, I am unable to show my gratitude for your generous help. But, if you would like to know anything, I am glad to tell you as much as I can."

Clearly, he could tell that Mu Chen and Nine Nether were very curious about his identity as one of the members of the Primordial Celestial Palace. Mu Chen could not hide his glee, as he clasped his fists respectfully. "Is Elder a member of the Primordial Celestial Palace?"

"I am the Chief Disciple of the Fourth Hall Master of the Primordial Celestial Palace, Xiao Qingyun." The gray-robed figure smiled. He was clearly proud of his identity and of where he hailed from.

"The Fourth Hall Master?" Mu Chen and Nine Nether looked at each other, a bit confused. This was a term that was quite foreign to them.

"The Primordial Celestial Palace had seven halls. Each hall had a master. Above the seven hall masters, would be the Master of the Celestial Palace."

Xiao Qingyun, seeing the bewilderment on the pair's faces, knit his brows in a frown. Melancholy flit across his gaze. He then asked hesitantly, "I'm not sure what the Primordial Celestial Palace is like in the Great Thousand World now…"

Mu Chen smiled bitterly, before replying, "Elder, the Primordial Celestial Palace no longer exists..."

Xiao Qingyun's expression froze. He remained silent for a few moments, his entire being becoming instantly downcast. He then murmured, "So, even the Primordial Celestial Palace failed to withstand the great calamity…"

"Elder, it's been said that the Primordial Celestial Palace is now hidden deep within the space of the Tianluo Continent, and that it cannot be found by ordinary people. However, the Primordial Celestial Palace has something that I need! Thus, I would like to enter it. I was wondering if you would be able to help me?" Mu Chen asked this cautiously, as he glanced somewhat nervously at Xiao Qingyun.

Upon hearing this, Xiao Qingyun froze, before smiling bitterly. "I'm sorry. If anyone has kept the Primordial Celestial Palace hidden, that would be the Master of the Celestial Palace. He is extremely powerful, and if he truly wanted it to remain hidden, I'm afraid that I wouldn't know how to locate it either."

Mu Chen's heart turned cold upon hearing this, as he had hoped that Xiao Qingyun would be able to give him some information. Mu Chen had never imagined that he would know even less about the situation than him.

Seeing Mu Chen's dejected expression, Xiao Qingyun coughed awkwardly, then remarked, "Don't be too anxious. Even though I don't know the whereabouts of the Primordial Celestial Palace, I think my mentor, the Fourth Hall Master, would know."

"The Fourth Hall Master?" Mu Chen's head was beginning to hurt. Such an ancient character would have fallen long ago. Moreover, if he had to search for him, he might as well just search for the Primordial Celestial Palace straight in the Tianluo Continent. Both were needles in a haystack!

"It's true that the Hall Master had also fallen in this battle. However, with his capability, his willpower would still be lingering. Hence, if both of you can locate it, you should be able to obtain information about the Primordial Celestial Palace." Xiao Qingyun sighed.

Mu Chen froze, then looked at Nine Nether. The Fourth Hall Master of the Primordial Celestial Palace should also have the capability of an Earthly Sovereign, which meant there was a high possibility that his willpower would be hidden within an Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure!

However, finding an Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure, which would be concealed by a great array of the heavens and the earth, would be extremely challenging. In fact, it was something that even Mandela may not absolutely be confident in achieving. Hence, with their lesser abilities, the pair doubted whether it would be possible for them to achieve it. 

Xiao Qingyun smiled at the two, as he searched for something in his robes. Finding it, he took out a black compass, which had strange light symbols glowing vaguely upon it.

"Although I have been as good as dead for thousands of years, I still know about the changes that have occurred in this battlefield. This Spiritual Compass is an object of the Primordial Celestial, which is capable of exploring the strange power of this battlefield. It was originally the Hall Master's. It still has a trace of his mark, so it will give you some guidance on your approach to the site where he fell."

Mu Chen's eyes lit up. As he took the black compass, his heart beat faster. He now understood the strange power of this battlefield. It was the Meteorfall gas that they needed the most now!

That was to say, as long as they possessed the compass, they would know the direction of these ruins! This was extremely beneficial for their quest to obtain the Meteorfall gas and to cultivate the Meteorfall Alchemy.

Furthermore, this compass could also guide them in searching for where the Fourth Hall Master of Primordial Celestial Palace had fallen. There was the true Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure, and if they found it, it would be a great advantage for the Daluo Territory!

Mu Chen and Nine Nether glanced at each other, surprise written in their gazes. Xiao Qingyun had truly given them a great gift!

"This is the last thing that I can do to help you." Xiao Qingyun smiled. His physical body was glowing, as it disintegrated slowly. Clearly, he had reached his limit, having persisted for so long.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether clasped their fists together, showing their respect and gratitude. Admiration rose in their hearts for this Sovereign, who had fallen to protect the Great Thousand World.

"Before my willpower dissipates entirely, please let my body contribute one last thing." Xiao Qingyun smiled, as majestic Meteorfall gases surged out from within his body, transforming into Meteorfall Alchemy pills, like a mighty current. They then moved to hover around Mu Chen and Nine Nether.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether stared in shock, as there were around 200 Meteorfall Alchemy pills now surrounding them, which was a terrifyingly large number. In fact, it was more than the total found in these three ruins combined!

As the last of the Meteorfall gases condensed into Meteorfall Alchemy pills, Xiao Qingyun's body disintegrated into spots of lights, then dissipated. Only his voice of relief, after having been delivered from his suffering, reverberated unceasingly in Mu Chen's and Nine Nether's ears.

"Thank you, for letting me regain my senses in my last moments. The world is constantly changing however, and the great calamity has yet to end. In the future, you must protect the heavens and the earth. May you last forever, together with the heavens and the earth."

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