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Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array, activate.

When these words flowed softly through Mu Chen's heart, the four black lotuses floating in the sky slowly bloomed. A light as black as ink rippled forth, silently emitting a wave that moved people's hearts.

Anyone could feel the terrifying power hidden within the four black lotuses.

This was the final death blow from Mu Chen.

The perfect form of Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array consisted of four lotuses. In the past, Mu Chen had been limited by his own capabilities and was unable to manifest four black lotuses.

However, as Mu Chen broke through his power's limits again and again, his affinity in forming spiritual arrays had deepened. Although he rarely exposed his identity as a Spiritual Array Master after his arrival at Daluotian, he did not neglect his spiritual array cultivation. As he improved, his affinity in his spiritual array cultivation strengthened as well.

This fact was so deeply hidden by Mu Chen that even Nine Nether and Mandela did not know about it. Without a soul noticing it, Mu Chen's understanding of spiritual arrays reached rather astonishing heights.

The perfect form of Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array was a type of Earth Grade Spiritual Array. Spiritual Arrays of this level, especially the stronger ones, were feared even by Grade Five Sovereigns. Furthermore, Earth Grade Spiritual Arrays of higher levels could fend off Grade Six Sovereigns!

There were three grades of Spiritual Array Grandmasters: Heaven, Earth, and Man. Initially, Mu Chen was a high level Man Grade Spiritual Array Master. At that grade, the probability of successfully deploying a perfect Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array was extremely low. But as Mu Chen broke through the barrier of Grade Four Sovereign, his inner spiritual energy was strengthened, and in turn, his accomplishment as a Spiritual Array Master was as well.

With the help of the marvelous Small Heart Demon State, he ultimately attained Earth Grade, and was able to successfully deploy the perfect form of Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array!

And when the four black lotuses appeared, Mu Chen could vividly feel the heavens and the earth suddenly fall silent. Around the Platform for Bestowing Lordship, innumerable powerful individuals dropped their jaws in awe. Even the lords' faces turned pale, evidently surprised.

They knew about Mu Chen's identity as a Spiritual Array Master as Mu Chen had laid out a spiritual array before their eyes previously. But at that time, Mu Chen's attainment level in spiritual arrays was not sufficient to warrant fear.

But now, looking at this spiritual array before them consisting of four black lotuses, even they could feel a sliver of danger, and their faces turned grim.

Mu Chen's capabilities as a Grade Four Sovereign may not have earned their caution. However, combining that with the fact that he was an Earth Grade Spiritual Array Grandmaster, the lords no longer dared to despise him.


At the very moment Qiu Taiying let out an alarming shout of anger, Mu Chen's slender finger had already tapped downward. His pale, young visage was as calm as water.


The four black lotuses blossomed and tilted towards the Lunar Celestial Body, and four lights as dark as ink gathered at the pistils. Suddenly, with a tremble, four pillars of light as black as ink shot out without a sound.

The surface of the black pillars of light was seemingly riddled with ancient patterns, mysterious and unpredictable.

As the pillars tore through space, they did so quietly, but wherever the pillars passed through, four dark, long crevasses lingered.

"Shield of Lunar!"

All the hairs on Qiu Taiying's body stood up. His face blackened, and he hastily formed a seal with both hands, releasing his inner spiritual energy in an explosion without restraint. Black runes started to shine on the Lunar Celestial Body's surface, forming a gigantic shield of black ice in front of it.


The four black beams of light flew past in the air silently, crashing into the shield of black ice as countless nervous gazes watched.


At the moment they collided, it was silent. There was no loud bang or crashing, and immediately countless eyes widened, as the seemingly impenetrable shield did not even delay the pillars one bit.

The shield melted like ice that had come in contact with lava and was instantly penetrated.

Qiu Taiying looked at the four mysterious black beams that seemed to have pierced through the ice shield in an instant. His face was flushed with the color of fear. Before he could react, the horrifying black beams closed the space between them and hit the Lunar Celestial Body's huge figure ferociously as he looked on with a sliver of terror in his eyes.

The black light pillars projected into the Lunar Celestial Body. At the point of entry, a black floral pattern spread forth with an alarming speed, covering the entire Lunar Celestial Body extremely quickly.

As the black floral pattern grew, Qiu Taiying's face turned pale because he could feel the immense spiritual energy quickly dissipating wherever the patterns reached.

No matter how he tried to stop the dissipation, it just wouldn't stop.

How is this possible?! Qiu Taiying shouted in his heart, but it was obviously a fruitless act. Within ten breaths, everyone could see the coldness around the Lunar Celestial Body thinning, and the huge figure was turning transparent, which was a sign that the spiritual energy could no longer support the sovereign celestial body.

As the spiritual energy of his sovereign celestial body dissipated, Qiu Taiying's visage turned increasingly pale. A sovereign celestial body was connected to its host, thus the dissipation of his sovereign celestial body's spiritual energy was a heavy injury to him as well.

Qiu Taiying could feel his body getting weaker and weaker. His expression darkened. It was clear that he did not expect Mu Chen's spiritual array attack to be so eerie. While the black beams did not seem to possess destructive abilities, the strange power that dissipated spiritual energy could very well be lethal.


The Lunar Celestial Body turned more and more pale, until it could no longer sustain its manifestation. With a bang, it exploded into black spots of light that filled the air as countless eyes looked on.


When his sovereign celestial body was destroyed, Qiu Taiying convulsed violently and vomited a mouthful of blood. His spiritual energy fluctuation dropped to its lowest point.

In the air, Mu Chen looked nonchalantly at Qiu Taiying, whose face was as white as paper. Then, he formed another seal, turning the black lotuses to focus on Qiu Taiying, and the black light bloomed once more.

Seeing this, a fearful expression surfaced on Qiu Taiying's face. He had not expected Mu Chen to able to launch his frightening move again. Without his sovereign celestial body, he would suffer near lethal damage if that attack hit his exposed actual body. He bellowed with haste, "Mu Chen, do you have no mercy?!"

Mu Chen ignored him, and ethereal light gathered rapidly at the pistils of the lotuses.

"D*mnit, I surrender!" Qiu Taying acknowledged Mu Chen's intense killing intent, and shouted out of the fear in his heart.

Hearing Qiu Taiying's surprising surrender, the heavens and earth erupted in commotion. The innumerable powerful individuals stared at each other, shaking their heads while sighing. Who would've thought that Qiu Taiying, the one who had the ultimate advantage, would surrender voluntarily?

Mu Chen smiled faintly after hearing Qiu Taiying's words. His long black hair instantly reverted to its normal form, and his eyes, which were as dark as black holes, became normal as well. As Mu Chen terminated his Small Heart Demon State, his face was lively once again.

"Thank you for letting me win, Clan Leader Qiu." A smile surfaced on Mu Chen's pale face as he said those words with sarcasm. As he spoke, the four lotuses immediately vanished into thin air, and the expression in Mu Chen's eyes calmed. Everyone could tell that Mu Chen had run out of strength.

The merciless move to kill Qiu Taiying just now was just a facade!

Countless powerful individuals dropped their jaws, followed by strange smiles on their faces. They could not help pitying Qiu Taiying, who was trembling with rage. This fella had been tricked by Mu Chen.

Qiu Taiying's spiritual energy had waned, but he obviously still had fight in him. However, Mu Chen had totally depleted his reserves. If the battle continued, Mu Chen had no energy left and would have to surrender.

He had just become a Grade Four Sovereign after all, so his inner spiritual energy was unstable. It was only natural that he was no match for Qiu Taiying in an extended battle.

But no one expected the fatigued Mu Chen to frighten Qiu Taiying into surrender.

The innumerable powerful individuals stared at each other, then sighed while shaking their heads. This Mu Chen was too cunning!

Restrained laughter resonated throughout the plaza. Qiu Taiying stared at Mu Chen as his whole body trembled. The anger in him almost exploded as he heard the humiliating laughter. He could imagine the scar on his reputation that would result if word of this incident spread around.

"Little trash, you should die!"

Qiu Taiying's eyes reddened, and the fury within him overwhelmed his logic. With a roar and clench of his fist, a pearly white jade scroll appeared in his hands. Sophisticated runes were carved on the jade scroll, and an extremely violent spiritual energy fluctuation seemed to be emanating from them faintly.


Qiu Taiying's face scrunched up and with a shake of his arms, the white jade scroll suddenly launched itself forward and exploded. A ferocious spiritual energy surged out like a storm, turning into a raging lion of spiritual energy, brandishing its claws and teeth. Moments later, it rushed toward Mu Chen in a killing frenzy.

An extremely terrifying spiritual energy fluctuation surrounded the raging lion. Even the lords' countenances fell as they witnessed the fluctuation.

"Seal of the Sky Lion?!" The Three Kings widened their eyes in shock, and their faces turned pale. The Seal of the Sky Lion was a technique exclusive to the Xuan Tian Hall. Only the most important core members of the Xuan Tian Hall could own that seal.

The humongous raging lion of spiritual energy leaped and landed right in front of Mu Chen. Under the frightening spiritual energy pressure, Mu Chen seemed as miniscule as an ant. The lion immediately opened its jaws and fiercely clamped down towards Mu Chen. Even a Grade Five Sovereign would surely be killed by this attack!

At that moment, Mu Chen could only look on powerlessly as the enormous mouth of the raging lion expanded rapidly before his eyes.


However, when the lion's mouth was about to touch Mu Chen's body, the shouts and screams vanished immediately, and the heavens and the earth were silent.

Mu Chen could feel that the rushing lion had been frozen in its tracks. His nervous heart was suddenly at ease, because he could see a petite figure slowly appearing before him.

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