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An angry voice thundered, resounding throughout the area. A horrifying spiritual energy windstorm swirled up, its sheer intensity taking the top levels aback. Then, as the horrifying spiritual energy oppressed the area, it slowed down the spiritual energy flow of many of these top powers.

Mu Chen turned pale, as he knew that the spiritual energy oppression was being directed at him. The oppression had even cause the space around him to become frozen. In fact, the sheer intensity of the oppression was comparable to that of the Dragon-Phoenix Steps!

Bright golden rays encircled Mu Chen's body. He gritted his teeth, then tried to activate the Dragon-Phoenix Body. At the same time, he fixed his gaze towards the sky.

There, he saw a great space warp, from which, a man had just stepped out into the sky. He was dressed in green and had an imposing spirit. His cold look caused the temperature in the area to drop drastically.

As he stood in the air, the heavens and the earth seemed to be pulled towards him. All of the top levels also felt an irresistible oppression coming from him, one that completely rendered them unable to stand upright. This was undoubtedly the oppression of a Sovereign!

"Is that Liu Tiandao, hall master of Tian Xuan Hall?"

"Oh no, why is he here?"

"Is he here to deal with Mu Chen…"

When Liu Tiandao appeared, the entire place was in an uproar. No one had expected Liu Tiandao, one of the top forces in the North Territory, to come to this place!

Many of them looked at Mu Chen. If the Earthly Sovereign struck, it would be impossible for Mu Chen to survive!

The horrifying oppression caused Mu Chen's muscles to twitch and his back to fill with sweat. However, he looked calm, not showing his anxiety.

He lifted up his head to look at Liu Tiandao, then said loudly, "Hall Master Liu, we have to accept whatever happens in this Dragon-Phoenix Rift. Are these not the rules? Are you disregarding your status by seeking revenge for Liu Yan?"


Cold lights surged in Liu Tiandao's eyes. He seemed to pierce straight through Mu Chen's soul as he looked at him.

He then said flatly, "Do you not know that we set the rules in the North Territory? You are silly to be talking to me about these rules."

Mu Chen's heart sank. He had not expected Liu Tiandao to disregard his status. If he should attack Mu Chen, Mu Chen would definitely be killed!

"Hohoho. You are just an unsophisticated overlord, but you talk big." As Mu Chen was thinking of how he could escape, Cai Xiao, who was behind him, sneered at Liu Tiandao.

She looked mockingly at him with disdain. Many of the top powers were stunned. This was the first time that they had encountered someone talking to an Earthly Sovereign in such a bold manner.

"Ignorant girl!"

Liu Tiandao looked coldly at Cai Xiao. He stretched forth his hand...


The space in front of them collapsed, as a Spiritual Energy Giant Hand instantly appeared. As the Spiritual Light dazzled, the Hand looked like a bright gem. This was a sign to represent that the spiritual energy had been refined to an extremely high level.

No ordinary Sovereign would be able to do such a thing! Needless to say, it was extremely powerful.

The bright Spiritual Energy Giant Hand was as quick as lightning. It pierced through the air, appearing above Mu Chen and Cai Xiao. When Mu Chen saw it, he turned pale and pulled Cai Xiao behind him.

Then, the golden lights from his body shot up to the sky. Also, the golden dragon symbol on his chest and the golden phoenix symbol on his back both started to heat up. Although he knew that there was no way for him to contend with Liu Tiandao, he had no choice but to try!


The bright Spiritual Energy Giant Hand pressed down. Mu Chen gritted his teeth.

Then, just as Mu Chen was about to bear the destructive blow, the space above him suddenly tore apart. A small figure appeared in the air, then gently hit upward with her palm. The space tore apart, instantly destroying the Spiritual Energy Giant Hand.

A Spiritual Energy Shockwave swirled out. Mu Chen lifted up his head, completely startled by the scene. He saw a familiar figure in the air, a horrifying spiritual energy fluctuation encircling her. The spiritual energy was causing crackling sounds to echo throughout the space.


As Mu Chen looked at her, he was overjoyed. He heaved a deep sigh of relief. Mandela was here to help him. If she had not arrived, he would not have been able to escape!


There was a collective uproar in the area. Although the top levels were unfamiliar with Mandela, the horrifying spiritual energy fluctuation that surrounded her had revealed her power and status. Other than the Dominator of Daluo Territory, no one would stand up for Mu Chen, much less be able to contend with Liu Tiandao!

The Earthly Sovereigns were the most influential people in the North Territory. Thus, ordinary top levels were unable to see them most days. However, these leaders of two top forces had suddenly appeared in this place. This surprising turn of events gave the top levels quite a shock!

Mandela was dressed in a long black dress. The dress had golden flower prints on its hem. She looked extremely elegant.

Then, completely ignoring the uproar, Mandela looked at Mu Chen. She rebuked him and said, "Don't be rude. Address me as Lord Dominator!"

After she had said this, she smiled. "You have done well. You did not bring disgrace to us." Judging from her tone, she already knew about Mu Chen's performance in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift.

"I was nearly killed!" Mu Chen said snappily. If Mandela had appeared slightly later, he would have surely been killed by Liu Tiandao. Mu Chen did not have any confidence in his taking that blow from such a fierce opponent.

"Don't worry. He is not capable of killing anyone from my territory," Mandela smiled and said flatly. Although her voice was gentle, it was authoritative and domineering. It was also extremely powerful.

"Ha!" Liu Tiandao snorted in the air. He stared at Mandela and said coldly, "Dominator of Daluo, this boy has abolished the skills of my two sons. I will not take such an insult lying down! If the Daluo Territory is shielding this boy, don't blame Tian Xuan Hall for killing your men during the Big Hunting War!"

Mandela glanced at Liu Tiandao and said, "We have established ourselves in the North Territory, not because someone has shown mercy to us. If you want to fight, we will take you on at any time."

The top powers were shocked. Although the Dominator looked extremely cute, her tone was tough and forceful, as though she could dominate the world! Everyone knew that, once the top forces started a war, they had to pay a high price. If they were defeated, they would surely be encroached upon. However, the Dominator still showed no signs of fear.

Liu Tiandao turned gloomy, looking at Mandela with a strong killing intent.

"Liu Tiandao, stop tooting your own horn! You don't have the capability to snatch anyone away from me," Mandela said. She was not threatened by Liu Tiandao's look.

Upon hearing this, Liu Tiandao sneered and said, "Since you are not afraid of me, then what if I add one more person?"

Mandela stared at him, then tilted her head to the side. A blood shadow appeared from the horizon, then surged toward her like a sea of blood. In split seconds, the shadow figure appeared before her.

Many people watched the scene in awe. The figure was dressed in red. He was a middle-aged man with a sharp thin face. His lips were thin and his pupils were triangular. He looked cold and exuded an ominous aura. When he appeared, a strange scent spread out.

"That's the Venomous Revered Snake from the Snake Shrine!" The top levels shouted out, recognizing the figure in red.

"Venomous Revered Snake?" When Mu Chen heard this, his heart sank. It was the hall master of the Snake Shrine. He recalled that Scarlet Blood from the Snake Shrine had died at Cai Xiao's hands during the Dragon-Phoenix Rift.

When Mandela saw Venomous Revered Snake, she frowned. She was not afraid of Liu Tiandao. However, she knew that facing two Earthly Sovereign masters would be tough for her to handle.

"Is Venomous Revered Snake planning to war against the Daluo Territory as well?" Mandela looked at Venomous Revered Snake and asked coldly.

"Hiss, hiss…"

Venomous Revered Snake laughed, but his laughter sounded more like the hissing of a snake. He pointed at Cai Xiao, who was standing beside Mu Chen, then said sharply, "I can smell Scarlet Blood coming from your body. It seems like you have refined his bloodline…"

"Dominator, if you give her to me, I will stay out of your disputes."

Venomous Revered Snake licked his lips. He stared at Cai Xiao, as though he wanted to strip her. Although snakes were lustful, given his power, he should be able to control himself! However, when he saw Cai Xiao, he was unable to suppress his animalistic desire. He felt that Cai Xiao would be able to help him greatly in his cultivation!

When Mu Chen saw Venomous Revered Snake targeting Cai Xiao, his heart sank. But, just as he was about to say something, Cai Xiao stopped him. She smiled charmingly at Venomous Revered Snake, beckoning him closer with her finger. Her laughter resounded in the heavens and the earth.

"If you want me, you can come over and try to get me."

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