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The ancient golden bone laid quietly in Mu Chen's hand. There were mysterious, strange-looking runes on the bones.

Mu Chen studied the mysterious golden bone. It seemed to be closely related to the Dragon-Phoenix Body he had cultivated since the Dragon-Phoenix Body only reacted to it.

Mu Chen rubbed the golden bone with his palms and tried to infuse spiritual energy into it. However, he failed to do that. There seemed to be a power in the golden bone that did not allow any other power to enter it.

Mu Chen's eyes glittered. In order to know the secret of the golden bone, he would have to infuse power that it was willing to accept…

The power that it is willing to accept?

Mu Chen suddenly had a thought and smiled. He clenched his hand into a fist and allowed his fingers to prick into his palm. Fresh blood flowed out and dripped onto the golden bone.

As the fresh blood covered the golden bone, the ancient runes seemed to come to life and started moving. They whooshed out, turned into a golden ray, and entered Mu Chen's body between his eyebrows.


Mu Chen's body shook, and his head was like an erupting volcano. The explosive sound caused the energy and blood in his body to surge.

He felt the world turning around, and there was darkness before him. After a while, golden lights replaced the darkness. Mu Chen looked around and found himself standing on a stretch of golden ocean.

There were ripples on the surface of the golden ocean, and they started to gather together. They formed a tidal wave and swirled toward Mu Chen.

As Mu Chen looked at the wave, he suddenly saw a figure sitting cross-legged on top of the wave. The figure was covered with golden lights, and Mu Chen was unable to see the face. The oppression that exuded from the figure weighed Mu Chen down.

The mysterious figure suddenly lifted his head and cried out. It sounded strange. It was like the cry of a dragon as well as the cry of a phoenix. It was like a combination of the two and was extremely powerful.


Golden lights burst out from the mysterious figure and turned into a huge real dragon and real phoenix.


Mu Chen gasped. As he watched the dragon and phoenix circling around the mysterious figure to protect him, he suddenly came to a realization. The figure had cultivated the Dragon-Phoenix Body!

The Dragon-Phoenix Body was so powerful that it could turn the Dragon-Phoenix Symbols into the real thing!

Although this real dragon and real phoenix did not possess the combat force of the real dragon and real phoenix of old, they had destructive power. If this real dragon and real phoenix joined forces with their master, they could be more powerful than those Sovereigns whose power was comparable to the real dragon and real phoenix.

"What a powerful Dragon-Phoenix Body!"

Mu Chen was excited. Although the Dragon-Phoenix Body that he had cultivated was at its initial stage, he was confident that one day he would be able to reach the realm of this mysterious figure.

As Mu Chen looked on with envy, the mysterious figure stood up on the tidal wave and waved his sleeve. The real dragon and real phoenix circling around him suddenly cried out and crashed against each other.

Bright golden lights exploded. Mu Chen froze and was taken aback. He saw that the real dragon and real phoenix had disappeared, and a humongous mysterious creature had appeared.

It had the body of a dragon covered with glittering golden scales. It also had a huge pair of phoenix wings, and as they spread out, they covered the sky.

The mysterious creature was majestic. It seemed to be the most perfect creature in the heavens and the earth. It caused one to be in awe of it.

"Is this…"

Mu Chen was shocked and muttered, "Is this the legendary Dragon Phoenix?"

According to legend, the Dragon Clan and Phoenix Clan were the top clans among the Divine Beasts. They refused to accept each other and had fought many battles against each other. There was a period recorded in history when the Dragon Clan and Phoenix Clan formed an alliance. The one who had led the Dragon Clan and the Phoenix Clan was the Dragon Phoenix!

Only the Dragon Phoenix had gained recognition from both the prideful Dragon Clan and the Phoenix Clan to become their leader.

However, the Dragon Phoenix rarely existed. After so many years, no one had heard a thing about the Dragon Phoenix, and they knew nothing about it. Even Mu Chen had only heard of it from Nine Nether once in a while.

A Dragon Phoenix had now appeared before Mu Chen's eyes.

"What a powerful Dragon-Phoenix Body," Mu Chen muttered. He was in a daze. He had not expected one to be able to cultivate the Dragon-Phoenix Body to a level that could make the real dragon and real phoenix come to life. Moreover, he could make them merge together and form the legendary Dragon Phoenix!

This power was beyond what one could imagine.


After a long while, Mu Chen let out a deep breath. The Dragon-Phoenix Body was mysterious. To cultivate it to the realm of the mysterious figure, he would have to go through many hardships.

The Dragon Phoenix started to fade away and scattered into golden light spots. The mysterious figure standing on the wave flicked his fingers, and the golden light spots gathered before Mu Chen and formed ancient text.

Mu Chen gazed at the ancient text and saw a few words at the top. A majestic aura spread out.

"Dragon-Phoenix Scripture!"

The golden text turned into a streamer and entered Mu Chen's head. The golden ocean started to crash up, and the figure on the tidal wave started to dissipate as well.

Before the figure dissipated, Mu Chen felt that he was looking at him. His look seemed to pierce through Mu Chen's soul.

Before Mu Chen could recall the look, he had opened his eyes. He was on the Dragon-Phoenix Golden Platform. The golden bone in his hand had turned into powder and had flown away with the wind.

He could sense some obscure information in his mind. It should be the legendary Dragon-Phoenix Scripture.

Mu Chen curved his lips with joy. Although he had cultivated the Dragon-Phoenix Body, without the cultivation method from the Dragon-Phoenix Scripture, the Dragon-Phoenix Body would only be slightly more powerful than the Thunder God Physique. It would be impossible for him to reach the level of the mysterious figure.

He was fortunate to have obtained the Dragon-Phoenix Scripture.

"It seems like you have had a good harvest." Cai Xiao came behind Mu Chen and laughed. Cai Xiao was able to reach the top of the Dragon-Phoenix Platform, as the horrifying oppression had completely disappeared after Mu Chen had successfully stepped onto it.

Mu Chen nodded and smiled. He immediately said, "Thanks a lot."

He meant it, as he knew that without Cai Xiao's help, he would not have been able to come this far. Given his current strength, it would be impossible for him to contend with Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld.

He was fortunate to have met Cai Xiao and to have not prevented her from following him.

Cai Xiao just waved her hand and said, "We have got what we wanted. Without you, I would have gotten myself into trouble as well. You deserve it."

Mu Chen smiled. As he was about to say something else, he suddenly saw a golden light above the Dragon-Phoenix Platform. It then turned into a space whirlpool.

This was the space passageway that would lead them out of the Dragon-Phoenix Rift.

"It looks like the Dragon-Phoenix Rift is about to end." Cai Xiao looked at the space whirlpool and was a bit hesitant. After a while, she patted Mu Chen's shoulder and said with a smile, "Nice working with you."

Mu Chen nodded and also said with a smile, "Nice working with you."

As the space whirlpool appeared, most of the top powers showed no desire to stay. Many shadows whooshed into the space whirlpool.

Likewise, Mu Chen took one last look at the place and turned into a streamer. He dashed into the space whirlpool together with Cai Xiao.

They were in the space whirlpool for a few seconds, and then there was a great change to the surroundings. The feeling of being in a desolated, ancient place disappeared. They saw a clean place which made them feel relaxed.

Mu Chen and Cai Xiao were on the Dragon-Phoenix Ridge. Many people were there as well, and the top powers darted out of the space whirlpool like locusts.

The entire place was in an uproar.

Mu Chen and Cai Xiao stood in the air, and as people passed by, they would avoid them. All of them were wary of Mu Chen and Cai Xiao.

With their strength, Mu Chen and Cai Xiao had won the respect of many of the proud and overbearing top powers.

Mu Chen looked around, and as he was about to leave the place with Cai Xiao, he suddenly stopped. He could feel a horrifying spiritual energy swirling out in the area.

The spiritual energy oppression was directed at him!

An angry voice filled with killing intent resounded in the area and caused many top powers to turn pale.

"How dare you destroy my son's physique and harm his spirit. I shall tear you into pieces!"

Mu Chen was shocked. It was Liu Tiandao, hall master of Tian Xuan Hall!

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