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When fresh blood spewed out from the top of the Dragon-Phoenix Platform, everyone froze and was taken aback. No one had expected Mu Chen to be so bold. He had not only traversed nine steps in one move, he had even moved on to the tenth step!

However, when he was on that tenth step, he seemed unable to bear the oppression from the dragon and the phoenix. The flesh on his body even started to tear apart. All the top powers swallowed hard and sighed. If Mu Chen could not accomplish this feat, then no one could possibly cross over to the tenth step!

All of the people present were shouting out in shock. As she looked at the scene before her, Cai Xiao turned pale. Fresh blood was spewing out everywhere, causing her to look with devastation at Mu Chen, who was about to be killed. She had not expected Mu Chen to go so far!

Did he not know that the tenth step was the step that could kill him? This dangerous step was not a simple matter of strength. In fact, throughout the years, even the most outstanding talent would stop at the ninth step! No one was allowed to take this step...

Cai Xiao gritted her teeth, her expression changing. As she was about to dash out to save Mu Chen, who was about to fall down, Mu Chen managed to balance himself. Then, he knelt down on one of his knees and cried out.


His cry was filled with pain, but it carried with it a fierce determination and perseverance that moved everyone present. His body had become so bloody, one could even see his bones!

Also, a large part of his flesh had been torn apart. His body would have been entirely destroyed, had he not had the vitality of the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence!

Yet, even in this vulnerable state, he had no intention of giving up! His cry was like a lion's roar, resounding in the heavens and the earth!

The top powers looked at the top of the Dragon-Phoenix Steps in shock. Mu Chen lifted his head up, crying out. Seeing this scene, all of the extraordinary masters, including Cai Xiao, Su Biyue, and Snapper, were taken aback by Mu Chen's present show of fortitude and determination. Mu Chen's strong conviction had indeed moved them.

"He is amazing!" Ding Xuan was stunned and gave him a thumbs-up. Mu Chen had gained even more respect in this face-off than he had when he contended with the Prince of the Netherworld!

At that moment, the cry that resounded in the heaven and the earth caught the attention of many top powers. At this same instant, the cries of a dragon and a phoenix resounded at the top of Dragon-Phoenix Platform.

Everyone was shocked. At the end of the Dragon-Phoenix Steps, a majestic golden light beam shot up to the sky. Mu Chen could be seen kneeling on one knee within the light beam.

Also, liquid seemed to be flowing within the golden light beam. If one looked carefully, it could be seen that this liquid was the completely pure golden Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence!

The golden Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence then whizzed down like a storm, landing on Mu Chen's broken body, continually covering him. His flesh, which had been torn apart, speedily regenerated itself.

Seen from afar, Mu Chen looked like a Golden Arhat. He exuded an awe-inspiring oppression that harkened back to ancient times. The oppression was directly from the real dragon and the real phoenix!

"This is the…Dragon-Phoenix Bloodbath!"

All the top levels were stunned at this sudden change of events. After a while, they were then filled with envy, as they noticed how pure the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence was! No number of Dragon-Phoenix Pools could ever compare to it!

"This guy is so lucky!" A top level said, looking envious.

That was the Dragon-Phoenix Bloodbath. Even someone with a weak physique could be transformed after being washed in the Dragon-Phoenix Bloodbath.

Luckily, Mu Chen had strong physique, making it that much easier! After this, he could contend with his same rank, based on his physique alone.

Although many people were envious, they knew that Mu Chen had been able to obtain the Dragon-Phoenix Bloodbath by his strong determination and boldness. They would not have had the courage to take the risk of going up the forbidden step!

"The tenth step is only a test." Su Biyue and Snapper looked perplexed as they watched the scene. They had truly believed that anyone that stepped on the tenth step would surely lose his life. Even after all of these years, no one had dared risk his life. But, now, this Mu Chen had broken the record!

Cai Xiao heaved a sigh of relief. She definitely found Mu Chen interesting. Although he was young, he had such strong convictions and determination. Even she was moved by him. As she looked at Mu Chen, she truly felt that he would become very well-known in The Great Thousand World one day.


Some of the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence from the golden light beam spread out to Cai Xiao, Su Biyue, and Snapper. Although it was nothing compared to what Mu Chen had received, if they could refine it, they would benefit greatly from it. They immediately sat cross-legged, absorbing as much Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence as they could.

The golden light beam swirled around the heavens and the earth, accompanied by the cries of the dragon and the phoenix. After about 10 minutes, it gradually dissipated.

The people immediately turned to look at the top of the Dragon-Phoenix Platform. The golden light beam had disappeared, and they saw Mu Chen kneeling down on one knee.

He was topless, and golden lights were shimmering all over his body. His bloody flesh had clearly been healed. As the golden lights surged, an oppression exuded from his body.

One could see the golden phoenix symbol on Mu Chen's back, its wings spread out majestically. It seemed to have come to life! In fact, with it outspread wings, it looked as though it was about to fly up to the sky!

A golden dragon symbol was on his chest. As the huge dragon looked down, it looked very imposing. It seemed to be looking at the world with disdain, wordlessly announcing that its majesty was not to be trifled with!

Mu Chen slowly opened his eyes. His dark pupils had turned golden. He looked incredibly awe-inspiring, stunning everyone.

After a while, the golden color disappeared from his eyes. He then lowered his head, looking at his healed body. He slowly grasped his fists, feeling the power that was surging in his body. He could distinctly sense that there were a real dragon and real phoenix in his body.

He touched the Real Dragon Symbol on his chest, his eyelid twitching at the same time. The Real Dragon Symbol and Real Phoenix Symbol seemed to have a rare vitality and energy within them! These were clearly not mere symbols, but were alive!

Whatever they were, Mu Chen had successfully overcome the catastrophe, so he was grateful! He could feel that the vitality in his body was more than 10 times stronger than it had been before.

Moreover, he had totally recovered from the injuries from his fight with the Prince of the Netherworld. He found the rate of his recovery to be amazingly fast! Thus, it looked like he had won this round!

As the golden light beam dissipated from the heavens and the earth, golden lights shone forth from the altar of the Dragon-Phoenix Platform. Dragon scales and phoenix feathers could be seen within the golden lights. Ancient texts also indistinctly appeared on the dragon scales and phoenix feathers.

"Those are the legacies of the real dragon and the real phoenix!"

There was an uproar when the dragon scales and phoenix feathers appeared, as many people were filled with envy. They thought that, if they could get their hands on one of the things left behind by the real dragon and real phoenix, it would help them greatly in their cultivation.

The dragon scales and phoenix feathers swirled around the Dragon-Phoenix Platform, engulfing the Dragon-Phoenix Steps. Luckily, Cai Xiao, Su Biyue, and Snapper were able to get ahold of them. However, as the steps got higher, the inheritance objects became more precious.

The power of the dragon scales and phoenix feathers were determined by the golden lights that exuded from them. The higher the steps got, the less dragon scales and phoenix feathers were present. However, the lights only grew stronger with the ascent.

When Su Biyue and Snapper saw the dragon scales and phoenix feathers, they were overjoyed. They wasted no time in trying to get ahold of them.

Mu Chen looked at the top of the Dragon-Phoenix Platform. The golden lights were sparse. In fact, as compared to the dragon scales and phoenix feathers that were on the lower steps, there were far less at the top. In his estimate, there were only about 10 rays present at the top.

Within these rays, one could see dragon scales, dragon bones, phoenix feathers and other objects. The objects consistently exuded out fluctuations that were clearly from ancient times. They were extremely mysterious.

Mu Chen looked at the 10 rays, knowing that he could only choose one object. He pondered for a while, shutting his eyes. Since it was difficult for him to make a choice, he decided that he would let nature take its course.

Thus, he slowly opened up his hands in a calm manner. Dim golden lights shone forth from his body. The Dragon-Phoenix Body had activated by itself!

The Real Dragon Symbol and Real Phoenix Symbol gently vibrated. Then, a golden beam suddenly shot out toward the right side of the 10 rays.

Swish. Swish.

The golden beam caught one of the rays, then brought it back to Mu Chen. Mu Chen opened his eyes to see the golden ray now hanging before him. He stretched out his hand, just as the golden ray landed onto his palm. Then, the ray dissipated, leaving an object in his still upturned palm. 

Mu Chen saw that it was a golden bone filled with ancient runes. The runes seemed to be ancient texts, as they exuded an intense and mysterious fluctuation.

Mu Chen closed his fist around the mysterious golden bone, holding it tighter. As he did so, he felt his blood and body shaking. He was stunned. It appeared that this golden bone must be very special to the Dragon-Phoenix Body!

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