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Golden rays dazzled in the sky and painted the clouds gold. It was an extremely remarkable sight.

A figure ascended to the skies.The golden rays radiated from his body. A gigantic Dragon-Phoenix Shadow soared behind him. Finally, it let out a thunderous, earth-shattering roar as it entered into his body and disappeared without a trace.

Mu Chen kept his head down. His palms gradually curled into fists. The force in his body surged like a flood; his powers had reached their peak. If they exploded, it would definitely result in extreme destruction.

Mu Chen had never experienced such a powerful physique. Even the strength of the Ennea Rune Lightning Physique could never be as powerful as this. He could sense that his body was undergoing a tremendous transformation; such strong vitality was truly unprecedented.

The torturous pain he had gone through previously was truly worth it.

Mu Chen's lips curled into a smile. With a single move, he appeared directly before the magnificent Dragon-Phoenix Pool. He stared at Cai Xiao and said earnestly, "Thanks."

Although he was previously in the deep state of training, he realized that the sudden powers of the Dragon-Phoenix blood essence did not originate from the Dragon-Phoenix Pool; they were actually from the extremely rare Dragon-Phoenix Fruit.

Had it not been for the Dragon-Phoenix Fruit, his training would definitely have ended midway. As such, not only would he have failed to train the Dragon-Phoenix Physique, he would have also wasted too many valuable items. He would have evidently suffered great losses.

Thus, he was truly grateful to Cai Xiao for all her help. Besides, they were partners in crime. He had gotten quite a few benefits throughout the journey.

Cai Xiao smiled nonchalantly. Her beautiful eyes started sizing Mu Chen up in high spirits. She even gently pinched Mu Chen's shoulders with her delicate fingers as she said with a smile on her face, "This truly is the Dragon-Phoenix Physique. There are definitely some parts that are worth seeing."

She was experienced and knowledgeable; she also had a good eye. Naturally, she would be able to see the remarkable vitality possessed by Mu Chen's body. With the possession of such powerful vitality, so long as Mu Chen did not sustain any form of deadly injury, he would be able to heal with astonishing speed.

Mu Chen also nodded. He was extremely impressed with the powers and durability of the Dragon-Phoenix Physique. If he were to stumble upon Liu Yan now, it was evident that victory would be in his hands.

Since he was now equipped with the abilities of a Grade Three Sovereign coupled with the powers of the Great Solar Undying Body and the Dragon-Phoenix Physique, anyone whose abilities were lower than a Grade Five Sovereign would not be able to rival his powers.

"It seems like you already have a pretty great physique to begin with," Cai Xiao complimented him in a casual manner. If an ordinary person were to go through this form of training, it would be impossible for them to successfully cultivate the Dragon-Phoenix Physique, even with the aid of the Dragon-Phoenix Fruit. She was aware of the fact that the powers of the Dragon-Phoenix Body were extremely overbearing. Anyone with a frail physique would definitely not be able to withstand the powers of the Dragon-Phoenix's blood essence. Not only would their blood boil, but they would also not be able to protect their body.

Mu Chen smiled. Although the Thunder God Physique that he had trained was not the best technique to cultivate one's body, it still had its own advantages. The Thunder God Physique was able to further refine every single part of the body. Not only would it strengthen the body to an unimaginably powerful state, but it would also provide the cultivator with an extremely fit body, which would allow them to train other body-cultivation techniques and yield twice the results with half the effort.

After remaining silent for a moment, Cai Xiao said abruptly, "Although you have successfully trained the Dragon-Phoenix Physique, I'm afraid that you'll not be able to fully unleash its powers just by relying on the usual tricks."

"Hmm?" Mu Chen stared at her blankly.

"You are only human. You don't know the hidden potentials of the Dragon-Phoenix Body. In order to cultivate it to perfection, you'll have to rely on the cultivation technique of the Real Dragon Real Phoenix," said Cai Xiao.

"The cultivation technique of the Real Dragon Real Phoenix?" Mu Chen furrowed his brows. The Real Dragon Real Phoenix was the most powerful cultivation technique that existed within the Dragon and Phoenix clan. Even if their cultivation techniques were considered one of the best in their clans, not many forces nor powerhouses would have the guts to snatch the cultivation technique from them, even if they were to step foot in the Great Thousand World.

"Why do you need to snatch it? There are ready-made ones in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, right?" Cai Xiao asked as she rolled her eyes at Mu Chen.

After listening to her claims, Mu Chen immediately understood. "Are you talking about the inheritance which was passed on by the Real Dragon Real Phoenix?"

Having said this, he could not help but to smile wryly. The Dragon-Phoenix Rift had been activated for so many years, but no one had ever truly possessed the inheritance from the Real Dragon Real Phoenix. Evidently, it would be an indescribably difficult task.

He was confident, and dared to pat his chest proudly and guarantee that he would definitely be able to obtain the inheritance. The Dragon-Phoenix Rift had attracted a sea of talents. All eyes were fixated on the inheritance of the Dragon-Phoenix. That included Fang Yi, the Prince of Netherworld, Su Biyue, and other privileged figures. The first two possessed terrifying abilities which could rival Cai Xiao's. It would definitely be a strenuous task to be able to stand out from those people.

"What's wrong? Are you afraid?" Cai Xiao smiled.

"I'm not really scared, but there is indeed some level of difficulty." Mu Chen smiled and immediately looked into the distance. A burning spirit to fight started flickering in his eyes like fire.

"However… I'm quite interested to see for myself how strong the prominent figures among the youth of the North Territory truly are."

Cai Xiao stared at the young man who stood before her. She saw a burning ambition flickering in his eyes, the ambition to go through a journey to be the strongest in the world. Plus, he was firm about his ambition; there seemed to be no reason for it to waver.

This actually convinced her that perhaps in the near future, the young man in front of her would definitely be able to stand at the top of the world and look down upon the heavens and earth.

"Let's go. Regardless of whether you truly are bragging or not, the truth will be revealed soon on the Dragon-Phoenix stage."

Cai Xiao could not help but be a little dazed for a short moment. She immediately broke into a smile. Without saying anything further, she just uttered to herself, "He is a rather interesting fellow."

They had already enjoyed the pleasures of the Dragon-Phoenix Fruit and the Dragon-Phoenix Pool. Thus, the two of them did not remain there. They quickly packed their things and left immediately.

Looking back, they had already been in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift for more than a day. There was no difference between day and night in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift. Hence, time passed without them noticing it.

However, there was not much time left. Based on Mu Chen's prediction, five of the Dragon-Phoenix Pools that had already been explored had probably been long divided and possessed by the rest. However, he wondered who had taken over the other four remaining Dragon-Phoenix Pools.

However, since the Dragon-Phoenix Pools had been completely divided, numerous talented powerhouses would definitely be rushing toward the most significant event of the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, the Dragon-Phoenix Stage… Rumor had it that the Dragon-Phoenix Inheritance could be found there.

Mu Chen and Cai Xiao had their eyes on the same target as well.

Thus, in the following journey, the two of them did not make any stops. After clearly identifying the direction, they rushed there quickly. In a short span of four to six hours, they had left the remote place behind.

On their way there, Mu Chen stumbled upon various powerhouses who were traveling in groups. However, these fellows were not heading toward the Dragon-Phoenix Pools. They were actually working together to rob the powerhouses who were traveling alone.

In the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, only a minority would be able to obtain the Dragon-Phoenix Pools. However, there were tons of valuable treasures which could be found in them. Those were the targets.

However, when they were intending to rob Mu Chen and his partner, they had sealed their unlucky fates. Thus, Mu Chen managed to obtain the latest information from those unlucky fellows about the many incidents which had happened within a day in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift.

The information had evidently given him a great shock.

This was due to the fact that in the Dragon Phoenix Rift, there were actually eight Dragon-Phoenix Pools, including the one that he had possessed in the beginning!

Initially, the information had noted that there were only five pools that had been explored. Thus, in the span of a day, there was actually a lucky fellow who had also managed to find three unidentified Dragon-Phoenix Pools!

However, the eight Dragon-Phoenix Pools were now possessed by someone else. Mu Chen was rather surprised by the news. Among the eight Dragon-Phoenix Pools, he had taken over one of them. Su Biyue from the Holy Mountain, Demon's Gate Snapper, and Ding Xuan from the Djinn Clan had each possessed a Dragon-Phoenix Pool for themselves as well.

Mu Chen was taken aback by the fact that there were four remaining Dragon-Phoenix Pools. The Prince of Netherworld had monopolized two of the pools while Fang Yi, the man who had snatched the unripe Dragon-Phoenix Fruit away from them, had actually possessed one of them. Meanwhile, the final Dragon-Phoenix Pool had fallen into Liu Yan's hands.

"These fellows do have some tricks up their sleeves. It seems like the six of them have cultivated the Psuedodragon Body or the Pseudophoenix Body. I just wonder what level they have achieved."

After hearing the news, Mu Chen could not help but to let out a sigh. The talented figures who were able to take part in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift were truly a part of the privileged.

"Among them, I'm afraid that Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld are the toughest nuts to crack," uttered Cai Xiao.

Mu Chen nodded. Although Fang Yi had only obtained a single Dragon-Phoenix Pool, there was still a Dragon-Phoenix Fruit in his hands. Although it was unripe, the blood essence of the Dragon-Phoenix contained in the fruit would be much more powerful than the powers of the Dragon-Phoenix Pool. Meanwhile, the Prince of Netherworld, who had obtained two Dragon-Phoenix Pools, had probably cultivated a rather powerful Pseudodragon Body.

"There will be a rather thrilling sight on the Dragon-Phoenix Stage."

Cai Xiao smiled excitedly. "In the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, there will be various treasures which will contain the blood essence of the Dragon-Phoenix. Thus, some lucky folks will be able to cultivate the Pseudodragon Body and the Pseudophoenix Body. These people will also qualify to step onto the Dragon-Phoenix Stage."

Mu Chen nodded and took a deep breath immediately after. He looked into the distance. In the hazy surroundings, he seemed to see a rather majestic ancient stone platform.

Meanwhile, in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, all the privileged would congregate and compete with one another.

This battle would truly be filled with vigor and a fiery fighting spirit.

No matter what happened, the so-called Pseudodragon Body and the Pseudophoenix Body would always be in the shadow of the Dragon-Phoenix Physique.

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