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The distant and ancient cries of the dragon and phoenix sounded as if they were from ancient times, having travelled across time and space to resound in Mu Chen's mind. At that moment, the blood in Mu Chen's body seemed to be boiling in response. 

A bright golden light began to expand from the center of Mu Chen's eyebrows. Then, in just a short moment, it managed to spread to every corner of Mu Chen's body. Moreover, when that type of golden light penetrated into his flesh and blood, an extremely intense burning sensation was immediately emitted.

The burning sensation instantly caused Mu Chen to twist his face in pain. His body was continuously trembling, and traces of blood were actually beginning to escape through his pores.

At this moment, that one small drop of dark golden-colored Blood Essence had revealed its incomparable overbearance. It actually wanted to burn up all of the blood in Mu Chen's entire body!

This scene was clearly not what Mu Chen wanted to see. He was well-aware that, if the blood in his body were to be completely burnt out, it would cause him to be severely injured. At that time, the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence would take over. If this happened, he feared that even his flesh would be destroyed!

"No matter what you are, the moment you enter my body, you have to behave!" Mu Chen gritted his teeth, while his state of mind was being stretched to its limit. The spiritual energy in his body began to operate quickly, to the extent that even the speed of the flow of blood in his body was also quickening.

He knew that he could not cower in the slightest. No matter how overbearing this Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence was, he was definitely not going to allow it to incinerate all of the blood in his body!

The golden rays of light were seeping into his flesh and blood, causing it to glimmer. But under Mu Chen's control, and along with the help of the spiritual energy, the blood in his body began its counterattack, once again suppressing the golden rays of light.

The two began a tug of war within his flesh and blood. With every clash, his flesh and blood squirmed. The immense pain that was being emitted caused Mu Chen to shout uncontrollably, as that kind of pain was as unbearable as the sensation of having one's flesh cut off!

But, at this moment, he had no way to retreat. In order to cultivate this Dragon-Phoenix Body, he would certainly have to bear all the risks.

If a person were to look at the exterior of Mu Chen's present body, they would notice that it was emitting blood red and golden colors. The two colors were continuously making contact, as if each wanted to corrode the other. Then, while the two rays of light were shining, Mu Chen's twisted face became particularly ferocious.

Although that Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence was overbearing, it was still rather weak. Thus, once this type of tug of war face-off ended, the golden light finally subsided.

Just as Mu Chen was letting out a slight breath of relief, above his head and underneath the Dragon-Phoenix Divine Wheel, a golden light was blossoming once again. Then, another drop of Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence fell down, landing into the center of Mu Chen's eyebrows.


Mu Chen only had time to mentally curse in rage, before he was hit by a surge of severe pain. He could only hold on tight to his previous state of mind, thus preventing his consciousness from being dispersed, due to that sharp pain.

In this current state, for the next few moments, Mu Chen began to savor the wonderful feeling of living death. With each new round of the tug of war, he could perceive that the flesh and blood in his body was as if it was being split into countless pieces. It was a similar feeling to the sensation of being cut again and again by a sharp knife.

In the end, he did not even know how long this tug of war had been going on. He did know that he had lost all of his senses, except for his consciousness, which was still a little foggy, however.

While Mu Chen was stuck in this condition of muddle-headedness, he was not aware that, within the flesh and blood in his body, along with each tussle, traces of dark golden wisps of blood were actually appearing. These wisps of blood could be found everywhere within the flesh and blood, slowly squirming outside of his skeleton. It was like an extremely terrifying life force was faintly emitting out from his very bones!

On the surface of Mu Chen's skin, there was also a surge of dark golden rays of light. Then, indistinctly, what seemed like finely and closely woven dark golden scales emerged from within his skin. At this moment, his whole body seemed to be going through a tremendous change.

Within this superb Dragon-Phoenix Pool, the water level of the golden waters in the pool was continuously decreasing. It was also at this time that the originally bright golden light began to dull. Clearly, it was due to Mu Chen's considerable absorption of the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence, which was contained within it.

Cai Xiao, who stood outside the Dragon-Phoenix Pool, looked at the pool. Along with the continuous decline of the water level, the shadow of Mu Chen, who was originally sitting cross-legged at the bottom of the pool, could also be faintly seen. Judging by this sight, it seemed that Mu Chen's training had not yet come to an end.

"Even the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence within this Dragon-Phoenix Pool is unable to support the formation of the Dragon-Phoenix Body," Cai Xiao mumbled to herself.

Soon after, she knit her long, shapely eyebrows and pondered slightly. Then, with a grip of her lily-white hands, a Dragon-Phoenix Fruit, which was interlaced with a dragon and phoenix, appeared in a flash. The bright light that erupted resembled a small sun.

The amount of Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence that was required to cultivate the Dragon-Phoenix Body slightly exceeded Cai Xiao's expectations. If she allowed this to go on, then perhaps it would be impossible for Mu Chen's training to reach the perfect level.

This was because the moment the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence runs out, he would then have to automatically stop his cultivation as well. If he lost this chance, it would be extremely difficult for him to get to this point again. Thus, at this moment, Cai Xiao took out a Dragon-Phoenix Fruit resolutely.

"I'm actually allowing you to have this advantage."

Cai Xiao glanced at Mu Chen, who was sitting cross-legged at the bottom of the pool. She lightly pouted her small rosy lips. Then, with a flip of her fingers, the Dragon-Phoenix Fruit immediately turned into a golden light. The light shot out in a straight line, directly landing into the Dragon-Phoenix Divine Wheel, which was just above Mu Chen's head.

The moment the Dragon-Phoenix Fruit entered the Dragon-Phoenix Divine Wheel, an overwhelming golden light shot out violently. Then, a golden light beam soared to the sky. The beam was so enormous, it could be clearly seen within the radius of a thousand miles.


Within that enormous golden light beam, the ancient cries of a dragon and phoenix began to ring out, leisurely echoing throughout the world. It also seemed like the shadow of a Real Dragon Real Phoenix was spiralling within that light beam.

At the source of the golden light beam, Mu Chen was sitting cross-legged silently. At this moment, the dark golden-colored Dragon Phoenix Blood Essence was flowing downwards, like a small stream, directly covering his whole body within it.


When the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence flowed down, Mu Chen's skin felt as if it was being burned, as it let out a constant stream of sharp sizzling sounds. It like like this Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence was not blood, but rather was recently melted magma of gold and iron.

Mu Chen's body was trembling wildly within the cocoon of the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence. The hoarse sound of a low roar, which was constraining endless pain, was continuously spreading out. Both of his fists were hitting the ground wildly, causing streaks of cracks to appear at the bottom of the Dragon-Phoenix Pool. 

Cai Xiao's beautiful eyes were firmly fixed on that trembling shadow. She couldn't help but to curl up her lily-white hands into fists, ready to forcibly drag Mu Chen out of that state of cultivation.

She knew that, if this current situation were to continue, the moment Mu Chen failed to persist, even his flesh might be melted away entirely by the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence. It was obvious that they had underestimated the degree of the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence's overbearance.

"Hang in there," Cai Xiao said with a low voice. If she forcibly dragged Mu Chen out of his state of cultivation, then it was possible that all of the cultivation he had done thus far would come to naught. It would also mean that they would have wasted a Dragon-Phoenix Fruit as well. Thus, she would only make this unwise decision later, if she truly had no other alternative. 

The golden light beam soared straight up to the sky. It continued on for a few hours, yet there still seemed to be no sign of decline. However, as time went on, that wild smashing sound also quieted down, and Mu Chen's body, which was initially trembling violently, also gradually calmed down.

When Cai Xiao saw the unmoving Mu Chen, she couldn't control the change on her pretty face. She saw that Mu Chen appeared to be weakening rapidly. 

"You've failed?"

There was an irregular change in Cai Xiao's eyes. Soon after, she gritted her teeth and tapped her pale feet in the air, sending her immediately to the bottom of the pool. Then, her lily-white hands reached into the golden light in order to pull Mu Chen out.


However, just when Cai Xiao was going to pull Mu Chen out from that golden light, an extremely hoarse and blurred sound could be heard weakly, echoing out from that light beam.

Cai Xiao's lily-white hand went stiff in mid-air. She firmly fixed her eyes on that glaringly bright golden light beam. In the end, she could only put down her pale foot lightly and retract her hand slowly. Mu Chen's tenacity had similarly exceeded her expectations.

The golden light remained bright for quite some time. Then,it finally began to show signs of weakening, shrinking little by little. Finally, it turned into a small ray of light before disappearing into thin air.

When that light beam had completely vanished, the situation at the bottom of the pool had also become clearer once again. Cai Xiao's beautiful eyes looked over and saw a layer of golden crystals covering a silhouette. That silhouette was like a mosquito within amber, as his body was rigid and his twisted face was solidified. At this moment, all of his life force seemed to have disappeared.

Cai Xiao kept her beautiful eyes firmly fixed on the shadow within that golden crystal layer. At this moment, even she could not detect Mu Chen's breathing. Thus, she did not know if the current Mu Chen had succeeded or failed...


However, just when Cai Xiao could not hold back the uneasiness in her heart, and attempting to forcibly make a move to shatter that crystal layer, the surface of the crystal layer suddenly cracked. Then, the crack began to spread out rapidly! Within a short time, it had already caused the surface of the crystal layer to be crammed within it...

At the same moment within that crystal layer, Mu Chen's tightly shut eyes jolted slightly. Then, right before Cai Xiao's happy gaze, those eyes slowly opened.


A bright golden light violently shot out form Mu Chen's open eyes. With a boom, the golden crystal layer immediately exploded, before turning into an overwhelming golden light that was shooting everywhere. 

While the golden light was exploding and filling up the air, a golden shadow had soared up to the sky. Soon after, he howled to the sky. The howl was actually accompanied by the cries of a dragon and phoenix, too!

While the golden light was permeating the air, behind him, a huge dragon shadow and a phoenix shadow could be faintly seen. At this moment, a terrifying feeling of oppression permeated the entire world.

The golden shadow stood upright in the sky, accompanied by a dragon and phoenix. Just like a god, it was domineering without compare.

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