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Countless lights shot past the sky, creating whizzing sounds. Every light carried majestic spiritual energy around it. The scene was awesome.


The white apes around the skeleton hill sensed that they were in danger, and started to howl. Their howling was filled with the strong desire for blood.

The two strong formations quickly came together, clashing against each other. The spiritual energy fluctuations surged crazily, as they filled the sky.

The spiritual energy was like a streamer, streaking past the white apes, killing them. However, there was a large number of the apes, and every time one batch had been killed, another batch would replace them. The continuous attack had caused many of the top powers to be killed.

This region had become a place of slaughter. The smell of blood covered the entire area.

Although there were many white apes, they had extremely low intelligences. When the top powers joined forces, the white apes lost their footing, and started to retreat.


Mu Chen waved the Great Meru Demonic Pillar in his hands, creating afterimages. He smashed the white apes that were approaching him with the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. He then squinted his eyes, concentrating his stare at the skeleton hill, which had been protected by several white apes. With the attacks of the top powers, the white apes that were protecting the hill had started to space out.

Mu Chen turned to look at the side. Cai Xiao had disappeared once the fighting had begun. However, he was not worried about her. Cai Xiao was extremely powerful, and not many people in the Rift would be able to harm her.

It is about time.

Mu Chen looked at the chaotic sky, his dark eyes gradually turning sharper. In the next instant, he disappeared into thin air, and a space warp appeared a few hundred feet away.

A dragon shadow flew past the white apes, heading straight for the skeleton hill. As Mu Chen flew past the white apes toward the skeleton hill, more than 10 top powers from all the other directions did likewise.

These people were extremely powerful, and they had been waiting for just such an opportunity as well. As Cai Xiao had mentioned, Mu Chen was not the only one who wished to benefit from this circumstance.

However, Mu Chen did not bother himself with these people. As he went past the defense of the white apes, the skeleton hill appeared before him. He headed straight in, turned into a streamer, and like a lightning bolt, shot up to the peak. 

Mu Chen was traveling at full speed, and his body was very tense. The spiritual energy in his body kept churning. He knew that it would not be easy to reach the Dragon-Phoenix Pool.


Mu Chen was alert. He noticed that the land of bones that lay before him had suddenly cracked, and a huge claw came up out of the hole, then started to attack him.

Mu Chen looked grave. The Great Meru Demonic Pillar that he was holding possessed majestic spiritual energy. He waved it hard, hitting the huge claw.


A violent spiritual energy exploded out like a windstorm. The land of bones cracked, and Mu Chen was thrown back several steps.

With a somersault, Mu Chen landed on the ground. He looked in front of him with a frown. Above the land of bones, a scarlet beam had shot up to the sky. A huge, strange beast slowly appeared in the beam.

The strange beast looked similar to the white apes, but was red. It looked more vicious, too, and had scales all over its body. As the sun shone upon it, the beast emitted a cold luster aura.

This Demonic Ape had the blood of the real dragon.

Mu Chen was shocked that it exuded such a powerful spiritual energy fluctuation. Even a Grade Four Sovereign would have a hard time dealing with it. This must be one of the dangerous spiritual energy fluctuations that he had sensed earlier.


The Demonic Ape stared at Mu Chen with its red eyes. Its mouth was dripping with saliva. As it roared, a huge skeleton rod appeared in its hand, and it charged toward Mu Chen.

The Demonic Ape traveled at a stunningly great speed. The huge skeleton rod turned into afterimages, swirling crazily toward Mu Chen. Wherever the rod passed, space warps would be formed, following in its wake.

At the moment, there was a space warp behind Mu Chen, and the Sovereign Sea was looming behind that. A powerful spiritual energy surged up, and he whizzed out the Great Meru Demonic Pillar.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Several afterimages of the rod whizzed out, colliding against the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. A powerful spiritual energy windstorm raged in the heavens and the earth.

As Mu Chen was fighting the Demonic Ape, other areas of the hill shook as well. Spiritual energy fluctuations shot up. The other top powers had encountered some powerful strange beasts, too.


A visible Spiritual Energy Shockwave exploded, and Mu Chen and the Demonic Ape were thrown back. Mu Chen frowned, as he looked at the Demonic Ape that was now roaring.

As the Demonic Ape had a low spiritual intelligence, it was fearless. It crazily attacked Mu Chen, which shocked him. If it had been another Grade Three Sovereign, he would have been smashed by the Demonic Ape.

Mu Chen did not want to spend too much effort on a strange beast that had such a low spiritual intelligence. However, it would not leave Mu Chen alone.


The Great Meru Demonic Pillar hit against the skeleton rod again. Mu Chen shot up to the sky and looked coldly at the Demonic Ape that was dashing now toward him. His eyes started to turn dark and hollow.

Boom! Boom!

A loud thunder sounded from the heart of the Demonic Ape, catching it off guard. At the sound of the thunder, its body froze, and it lost control of its spiritual energy.

Netherworld Thunder Heart was able to subdue these strange beasts with their low spiritual intelligences. However, the Demonic Ape was not so easy to deal with. It suddenly looked up and howled, hitting its chest crazily with its fists, which created drumming sound waves. As the sound waves traveled to its body, it suppressed the sound of the thunder.


As the Demonic Ape was suppressing the sound of the thunder, Mu Chen had swiftly attacked it. He appeared on top of the Demonic Ape, then bent his fingers together. Lightning appeared, turning into a Spiritual Energy Spear. Mu Chen aimed at the Demonic Ape's eyes, then pierced it with the Spear.


One of its eyeballs exploded, causing fresh blood to spew out. Half of its face had exploded as well.


The Demonic Ape roared in pain. Before it could turn more violent, Mu Chen had hit it hard on its tough head with the Great Meru Demonic Pillar.

He had used his full force. The strong wind created by the Great Meru Demonic Pillar tore the space apart. Even though the Demonic Ape's head was strong as metal, it exploded.


The huge Demonic Ape fell, and the ground quaked.

Mu Chen slowly let down his hand. The blood of the Demonic Ape flowed down from the Demonic Pillar. As Mu Chen looked at the Demonic Ape, he heaved a sigh of relief. The Netherworld Thunder Heart had helped him greatly. Without it, he would have had a hard time dealing with the Demonic Ape.

Mu Chen lifted up his head to look at the other directions of the skeleton hill. There were spiritual energy fluctuations in all directions. Fierce fights had indeed been going on.

Suddenly, Mu Chen's eyes glittered. He grabbed hold of the Demonic Ape's dead body, as he flew up to the Dragon-Phoenix Pool.

The journey went smoothly. Mu Chen believed that all the strange beasts had gone after the other top powers.

Within a few minutes, Mu Chen shot up into the clouds and landed on top of the skeleton hill. With a somersault, he landed on the ground. His eyes turned grave, as he looked at the scene before him.

There were skeletons on top of the hill. Two extremely huge bones were lying in the center. The two bones were like huge rocks that weighed millions of tons. They did not seem to belong to the same owner. An oppressive energy exuded from these bones, which caused the surrounding air to become still.

As the two huge ancient bones came together, they formed a bone pool that was about 100 feet wide. Ancient light patterns had been carved in this bone pool. Light was glittering, and it seemed as though a powerful life force was constantly breathing.

An indescribable, strange force was lingering in the bone pool. This special pool must be the Dragon-Phoenix Pool that the top powers had been looking for!

Mu Chen's eyes were burning with excitement. As he was about to step forth, he suddenly caught sight of three other directions. Two extremely forceful spiritual energies shot up.

In two of the forceful spiritual energies that shot up, one of them was on the right, and the other on the left, with Mu Chen in between them. Both of them were obviously targeting him. Mu Chen's face turned cold, as he sensed that one of the spiritual energy fluctuations was familiar to him.


A figure appeared on the peak. It was Liu Yan, who was dressed in white. He looked at Mu Chen with disdain, and threw away the huge body of a strange beast that he was holding on to.

"I have told you, you cannot escape from me."

Liu Yan patted his palms gently, and one could tell that he was sneering at Mu Chen.

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