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As Cai Xiao spoke with her clear voice, many people looked at Mu Chen. They looked as though they wanted to pierce through him with their glares.

The three ladies were top beauties, and all of them were talking about him. This made the men envious of Mu Chen.

The looks from the men made Mu Chen feel chilled, and he stared at Cai Xiao. He then cupped his hand and said to Su Biyue and Snapper, "Thank you for your invitations. Your seats are too high up. Thus, to avoid contention, I shall remain where I am."

Mu Chen sounded sarcastic, and he was obviously targeting his satire at Liu Yan. Some people turned to look at Liu Yan, who was looking indifferent.

Seeing that Mu Chen had rejected their offers, Su Biyue and Snapper smiled, choosing not to persist. They looked at Cai Xiao, as it seemed natural for beauties to be sensitive toward one another. They could sense that she was a dangerous person.

They were shocked to get such a feeling from Cai Xiao. Given their strengths, there were only a handful of people among the younger generation in the North Territory that could make them feel such an emotion. They wondered where the charming girl came from.

Light flashed across their eyes, and both of the women went back to their respective seats.

Mu Chen went back to his seat and looked sharply at Cai Xiao, who was smiling. He said, "Are you trying to get me into trouble?"

Cai Xiao rested her chin on her hands and replied with a smile, "These two beauties are dangerous. I am helping you, to ensure you are not seduced or hurt by them."

"You are more dangerous than them!" Mu Chen said snappily. Su Biyue and Snapper were not simple, but Cai Xiao was much more dangerous.

"You are so ungrateful," Cai Xiao said, as shook her head. She looked at the top floor of the Pavilion and continued, "There are a few powerful people among the younger generation in the North Territory."

Upon hearing this, he looked up as well. Other than Su Biyue, Snapper, Liu Yan and a few others, he could feel some powerful spiritual energy fluctuations hidden on the top floor. One of these fluctuations made one feel extremely cold, like the ice that had been hidden deep within Nine Netherworld.

As Mu Chen was sensing this cold spiritual energy fluctuation, the other party seemed to have noticed it as well, and started to move toward him like a venomous snake. It seemed as though one would be bitten the moment he came into contact with the coldness.

Mu Chen had not expected the person to be so aggressive. He was only checking things out, but the other party had attacked. He frowned and quickly withdrew his Spiritual Energy Sensor. As he withdrew the Sensor, he could still feel the cold air in his bones.

A purple flame in Mu Chen's eyes lit up. The undying flame surged, burning off the cold air. Under the protection of the undying flame, Mu Chen's Spiritual Energy Sensor withdrew into his body.

"The cold air is so domineering." Mu Chen sounded dignified, as he looked at one dark corner. He had guessed who the person was.

He should be the Prince of Netherworld, who had been ranked number two in the Dragon-Phoenix Record.

"Fang Yi, who has been ranked number one, has not appeared," Mu Chen muttered to himself. He had yet to sense another fluctuation that was more powerful than the Prince of Netherworld's. There were only two reasons for such a phenomenon.

The first reason was that, Fang Yi was not around, and the other one would be that, he had reached such a level, whereby he could keep the fluctuation within himself, without Mu Chen being able to sense it. If it belonged to the latter, Fang Yi's power would be terrifying.

Mu Chen looked grave. He could not belittle those top powers listed in the Dragon-Phoenix Record. The rankings could not be completely trusted, as they could be fabricated. Those who ranked behind Liu Yan might be more powerful and more tough to handle than him. Hence, Mu Chen was not confident, standing out from the rest of the participants in Dragon-Phoenix Rift.

The atmosphere in Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had now returned to normal. However, those people, who had looked down on Mu Chen earlier, were a bit fearful of him now. They had realized that Mu Chen was someone not to be trifled with.

Mu Chen felt more relaxed now. Although he had displayed some of his power earlier, it was worthwhile, since it had helped him to solve some of the problems. As Mu Chen was thinking of the strength of the top powers, who would be participating in Dragon-Phoenix Rift, the bell tolled. The entire Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion immediately quieted down.

Everyone looked eagerly at the top floor of the Pavilion. An elderly figure walked out slowly, everyone becoming excited upon seeing him.

"Hohoho, Dragon-Phoenix Rift gets livelier with each round…"

The elderly figure looked at the crowd of young but strong impetus figures with a smile and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I am Mu Qiu, Master of Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion."

"Pavilion Master Mu, nice to meet you," echoed the crowd.

Although those people within Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion were elites, they showed respect toward Mu Qiu, who was well-known, and was considered to be the top power in the North Territory. Although there were few people in Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, it had been around the North Territory for a long time. Hence, only a handful of rivals could vie with them. 

Although Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had held its grounds in the Dragon-Phoenix Old Town, it had also expanded into other territories. They did not have many rivals, and not many dared offend them.

"Old Master Mu, please tell us about the situation in Dragon-Phoenix Rift," Su Biyue said in a gentle voice.

It had been said that those people from Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had acquired their skills from Dragon-Phoenix Rift, and hence, were able to check on the changes that had taken place within Dragon-Phoenix Rift. Therefore, before Dragon-Phoenix Rift opened up each time, they would provide some information to the participants.

"Hohoho, sure."

Mu Qiu smiled warmly and said, "All of you wish to enter the Dragon-Phoenix Rift because of the Blood Essence of the real dragon and real phoenix. However, there are constant changes within the Rift. Every time it opens, the situation will be very different."

"I have bad news for you. There will only be five Dragon-Phoenix Pools in the Rift this time around."

"What? Only five pools?" The Pavilion was in an uproar, and many of the top powers turned pale.

"What is Dragon-Phoenix Pool?" Cai Xiao looked at Mu Chen, asking him softly.

"I have heard that, during the Primordial Age, when the real dragon and real phoenix had fallen into the Rift, there were bones all over the Rift. When the bones of the real dragon and real phoenix came together, they formed the Dragon-Phoenix Pool. There were many Spiritual Beasts in the Rift, and they carried the blood of the real dragon and real phoenix in their bodies. When the fresh blood went into the Pool, together with the strength of the bones of the real dragon and real phoenix, one would be able to cultivate the Pseudodragon body and Pseudophoenix body," Mu Chen explained.

"Pseudodragon body and Pseudophoenix body?" Cai Xiao blinked when she heard this.

"Yes. The most crucial place is inside the Dragon-Phoenix Platform. The only prerequisite to stand on the Platform is to have the bodies of the Pseudodragon and Pseudophoenix…This means, in order to acquire real treasures, one would have to cultivate in the Dragon-Phoenix Pool," Mu Chen nodded and said.

"Previously, there were nine pools. However, it has been reduced to only five pools now," Mu Chen sighed helplessly. This would be adding fuel to the fire. The competition would be extremely fierce in this Dragon-Phoenix Rift.

Cai Xiao finally understood, nodding her head.

As they were talking, Mu Qiu had waved his hand to quiet everyone down. As he gently moved his wrinkled palm, a Spiritual Energy Screen spread out. It was a blurry map, and there were five bright dots on the map.

"Here are the locations of the five pools," Mu Qiu said. The minute he said that, almost everyone had his gaze fixed upon the map. Spiritual lights were dancing in their eyes, and all of them put the map into their memory.

Mu Chen stared at the Spiritual Energy Screen, quickly remembering the map. Although the map was blurry, it would be better than nothing.

Cai Xiao stared thoughtfully at the map, then asked suddenly, "How do they know the locations of the Dragon-Phoenix Pools?"

Mu Chen was stunned, and said with a frown, "The people in Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion have acquired their skills from Dragon-Phoenix Rift. That explains why they are able to enter into the space."

"That is to say, there may be more than five pools. If I am not wrong, some of the pools are more powerful," Cai Xiao said with a smile.

Mu Chen was shocked, and nodded in agreement. He said, "You are right. However, Dragon-Phoenix Rift is filled with danger. Many beasts have acquired the Blood Essence of the real dragon and real phoenix, and have become powerful Spiritual Beasts. Although they have low spiritual intelligences, they are extremely powerful. If we do not know where we are going, it will be very dangerous. Generally speaking, no one will perform any other checks."

Cai Xiao stroked her hair gently, as she smiled seductively. She looked at Mu Chen and said softly, "I know how to find a more powerful Dragon-Phoenix Pool. Would you like to try and find it with me?"

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