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Under the moonlight, Mu Chen was beaming at the girl, who was staring back at him with a pair of glistening, marble-like eyes. He could not help but feel his face stiffen. Apparently, he had not expected that he would invite trouble upon himself.

Indeed, if this dazzling girl in front of him could be his travel companion, it was something that most people would wish for. But, as he sensed the mystery hanging over the two of them, he did not want to deal with it too much.

Before he could say anything, Gu Lin, on the other side of him, rejected the idea immediately, "No way!"

If their parents knew that Cai Xiao was participating in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, on top of that, along with a stranger, they probably would skin him alive. Mu Chen heaved a sigh of relief, when Gu Lin objected.

He nodded with agreement, and said frankly, "Sorry, we do not know each other that well yet. I guess it is not only uncomfortable for both of you, but it is also the same for me."

Upon hearing this, Gu Lin threw him a glance, subtly expressing a look that said: "I'm glad you know it", but Mu Chen pretended not to have seen it.

Cai Xiao sat with her long slender legs curled up, resting her sharp chin on her knees. She looked over to Gu Lin and Mu Chen with her lovely eyes, and said, "Objection is overruled. I've already decided. Even if you are not bringing me along, I can always find someone else. I don't see why I cannot find someone to lead the way, since everyone is heading to the Dragon-Phoenix Rift now."

Mu Chen shrugged his shoulder, as he was indifferent about it. As long as he was not the one, she could find anyone she liked. Gu Lin, still on the other side, and whose face had turned grey, cried out, "Sis, you are creating trouble for me!"

As he sounded extremely desolate, Mu Chen could not help but grin. Although this fellow possessed a terrifying ability, he seemed to be powerless in front of this young girl.

Cai Xiao smilingly said, "You have two choices now. Get him to lead the way, or I will find someone else."

Gu Lin's delicate face was quivering, as he knew his sister's character too well. The moment she decided on one thing, no other persuasion could change her mind.

"I will take my leave first."

Sensing the trouble, Mu Chen gave a chuckle and turned around. Just as he moved, a hand was on his shoulder.

Mu Chen jerked his head and saw Gu Lin, tears welling up in his eyes. Mu Chen bit his teeth and said, "Bro, I've already given you five drips of the Ancient Flaming Dragon Blood, so don't rip me off anymore."

He was not kidding when he said this. This girl before him possessed a similar beauty as Luo Li, except for the difference in their dispositions.

Luo Li had more of a cold and desolate type of personality, while Cai Xiao was bewitching and mesmerizing by nature. Basically, a "danger zone" was always formed around this type of girl, especially one with such beauty. If she tagged along with him, he could foresee that she would bring a lot of inconvenience to him.

"Choose the lesser of two evils." Gu Lin patted Mu Chen's shoulder, his face filled with regret.

Mu Chen could not help but roll his eyes. "Can you really trust me with her?"

Mulling over putting a charming girl under the care of someone they barely knew, Mu Chen could not really understand what this fellow was thinking. Moreover, based on Cai Xiao's Spiritual Energy fluctuation, her ability was not as supreme as that of Gu Lin.

"Rest assured that, the one who can take advantage of my sister has not born yet," Gu Lin laughed and said secretively. "You might lose out big time, if you look down on her."

Mu Chen was stunned for a moment, and could not help but look at Cai Xiao again.

"Bro, help me out, just this time. Even we have not known each other for long, and I already think you are more trustworthy than many others." Gu Lin smiled again, and continued, "If someone, who has lost five drips of his Ancient Flaming Dragon Blood due to extortion, can remain calm while talking to us, then this is not someone with merely an ordinary magnanimity."

"And, of course, the most important thing is….," he pointed at Cai Xiao, "My sister has extremely sharp senses. If she can accept you, then there will be no issues."

Mu Chen pouted. Apparently, he could not agree to this last reason.

"Can I refuse?" Mu Chen asked resignedly, rubbing the spot between his eyebrows.

Cai Xiao smiled brightly, and said, "If you do, I will have to trap you here till the Dragon-Phoenix Rift ends." 

"Ok, I will agree." Mu Chen nodded, without hesitation in his voice, as he knew all too well that a wise man does not fight when the odds are against him. He did not doubt her words for it. Based on her ability now, as compared to his, she was definitely capable of doing it.

"Clever." Cai Xiao gave a sweet smile. All her smiles exuded a bewitching charm that could stun anyone. It was lucky that Mu Chen had a strong-will, and he managed to keep his manner in front of her.

"Don't worry. It is not a bad thing that I come along with you. Although my ability has its limitation, for now, due to my body condition, I will not be getting in your way. Like what you have mentioned, the younger generation from the North Territory, who are participating in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, are the cream of the crop. I am sure they all have extraordinary abilities. Who knows, you might need my help then."

As she finished her sentence, she clapped her hands, cunningness flashing across her eyes, "In conclusion, you will have more advantages than disadvantages, if you lead the way. So, you have no reason to refuse."

Mu Chen was speechless. Gu Lin, on the other hand, patted his shoulder sympathetically, "See, I told you! You can't win against my sis. Better to resign to your fate."

Mu Chen rolled his eyes. Since this matter had been cast in stone, he was too lazy to ponder over it, but instead asked, "When can we go?"

"Rest for a night. We will continue on our way tomorrow," Gu Lin quickly said, for fear that Cai Xiao would just leave with Mu Chen immediately.

Cai Xiao lifted her alluring face, alighting gracefully onto a tree, without any effort. Her slender figure was concealed between the dense leaves.

Gu Lin turned his gaze towards Mu Chen, holding up his fist, as he said, "Brother Mu Chen, thank you for your help. I will remember this favor of yours. And if you require any help next time, just ask me for it."

Mu Chen shrugged his shoulders, and replied, "You have the upperhand. If I continued to refuse, I would have been the one losing out regardless."

Generally, the stronger ones, like Gu Lin, would not have cared about the choice made. Gu Lin could have forced him to agree, since he was powerless against both of them. However, both of them did not stoop to that level, which actually left some good impression on Mu Chen.

"Hehe, even if you really refused us, we would not do anything to you. For if we did, and our mother were to hear about it, we would get it from her!" Gu Lin smiled. 

Mu Chen laughed out loud, his fondness for Gu Lin having significantly increased. The two of them were now sitting around the campfire, chatting happily.

While on the tree, the girl was leaning against the branch. She closed her bewitching eyes, raising her lip lines while listening to their laughter her perch above.

"Hee, Mu Chen?"

The next day, early morning.

In the midst of the mountain range, which was filled with nothing but trees, Mu Chen looked at Cai Xiao, who was standing beside him. Once again, he sighed helplessly. He looked at Gu Lin, who was standing in front, shrugging his shoulders as well.

Both of them could not handle her, evidently.

"Brother Mu Chen, I shall leave my sis in your care. If you see any ignorant fellow, just take him out. I will take care of the consequences." Gu Lin held his fist up and smiled.

In his long black robe, he looked delicate and fine. Mu Chen could tell that both of them came from an extraordinary family.

Mu Chen nodded his head, smiling in his reply, "It's almost time, and we have to go. Once you are done with your mission, you can wait for her outside the Dragon-Phoenix Rift."


Mu Chen held his fist up, cast a glance at Cai Xiao, and took his leave first. 

Gu Lin watched his back as he left, before he turned to Cai Xiao and sulked, "Sis, don't be too harsh. If our parents find out, I will be getting a scolding again."

"Be good. Keep a secret for me, and I will reward you." Cai Xiao grinned, as she bid goodbye, "I'm leaving!"

She did not wait for Gu Lin to continue. Without any hesitation, she waved her hand and vanished into a beam of light, sweeping across the sky to chase after Mu Chen, who has already gone far.

Gu Lin gazed as they slowly disappeared. He sighed resignedly.

"Little Lord, will Missy be alright with him alone?" A space behind Gu Lin started to twist open in the air. A dark and unclear shadow mystically surfaced, with an old and hoarse voice asking.

Gu Lin nodded, but scratched his head, his face filled with helplessness. It is true that the Real Dragon Blood is precious, and hard to get, but this sister of his had seen all sorts of treasures. Logically speaking, she should not get too tempted with the Real Dragon Blood. But why had she decided to go Dragon-Phoenix Rift then?

"Don't worry, although her power has been suppressed, I doubt anyone from the younger generation in the North Territory will be her match. If the rest of the Sovereigns are ignorant, they should consider themselves unlucky. Our dad has left his Soul Mark in mine and her bodies."

"Let's go, we have to move, too."

Gu Lin swung his arm, turned around, and stepped forward. He disappeared into the twisted space in front of him, vanishing into thin air. The dark shadow went missing as well.

The forest was back to its peacefulness once again.

On the other hand, Mu Chen moved at full speed across the sky. Within a few minutes, he was out of the mountain range. He glanced aside and saw the girl, her arm behind her, following after him effortlessly.

He did not manage to shake her off.

Mu Chen curled his lips and slowed down his speed.

"You wouldn't be so naive to think that you could shake me off, right?" Cai Xiao and Mu Chen were moving side by side now, as she tilted her head and asked mockingly.

Mu Chen touched his nose, feeling embarrassed. "Can we have a deal?"

"Speak out."

"Can you put on a veil? If you smile at anyone like this, that would be a huge problem." Mu Chen gave her his honest suggestion.

The girl stared at him with her bright eyes, ignoring his suggestion entirely. As soon as her fair-skinned foot stepped itself forward gracefully, she darted to the faraway land, and only her crisp and clear voice could be heard from afar:

"No way!"

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