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As the bronze scroll spread out, golden light entered Mu Chen's eyes. The shining ancient writing seemed to come to life and moved before Mu Chen's eyes.

"Number nine in the Dragon-Phoenix Record, Snake Shrine Scarlet Blood. The actual body is a Scarlet Blood Python which possesses the bloodline of divine beast. It is cruel, loves blood, and has massacred up to 100 cities."


"Number seven in the Dragon-Phoenix Record, Ding Xuan of Djinn Clan. He has innate divine power and can lift up mountains. He has challenged people from all over and has gone through many battles. He has even defeated 100 Sovereigns."

"Number five in the Dragon-Phoenix Record, Demon's Gate Snapper. Flirtatious and eye-catching. Her name is well-known in the North Territory. Many geniuses have been infatuated by her. One of the geniuses from a top force has betrayed his sect because of her."


As Mu Chen came to this part, he was shocked. How beautiful is this lady by the name of Snapper that she could seduce someone to the extent of betraying his sect?

Amazing, Mu Chen complimented. Although her accomplishments were not stated, Mu Chen was not so silly as to think that she had been ranked in the fifth position due to her beauty.

What about Liu Yan of Tian Xuan Hall? Mu Chen suddenly thought of it and continued to read on. Given Liu Yan's talent and strength, he must have held a position in the Record. As Mu Chen had expected, he found Liu Yan's name in the fourth position.

"Number four in the Dragon-Phoenix Record, Liu Yan of Tian Xuan Hall. He has cultivated the Myriad Flame Celestial Body which is extremely overbearing. Wherever the flame passes, everything will be burned into ashes. He has fought with Grade Five Sovereigns and has escaped unscathed."

Myriad Flame Celestial Body…

Mu Chen stared at the words. Although there was only a difference of one word between Myriad Flame Celestial Body and Heavenly Flame Celestial Body, the Myriad Flame Celestial Body was much more powerful than the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body. Among the 99 Sovereign Celestial Body rankings, the Myriad Flame Celestial Body was ranked number 69. In order to cultivate it, one would require a few hundred unique flames from the heavens and the earth. After the spiritual energy had been purified, one could then refine the Myriad Flame Celestial Body. Once one had successfully cultivated the Myriad Flame Celestial Body, the power would be overbearing.

Compared to Liu Ming, Liu Yan was much more powerful. Mu Chen was surprised to learn that Liu Yan had fought with a Grade Five Sovereign and escaped unscathed.

It seemed like he was not the only one to challenge those above his rank. The other geniuses were able to do that as well.

"He is really a hard nut to crack," Mu Chen muttered. He had to be more careful in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift. Opponents of such caliber were watching in secret, thus he could not afford to be careless.

As this thought flashed across his mind, Mu Chen read on. He became more and more interested in the Dragon-Phoenix Record. Even Liu Yan was only ranked fourth. Which influential people take the top three positions?

Golden lights surged, and the golden writing moved around. Mu Chen fixed his gaze on the third position.

"Number three in the Dragon-Phoenix Record, Su Biyue from Holy Mountain. She is holy and pure, and she is as famous as Demon's Gate Snapper. She has gone around the North Territory and seldom fights. However, whenever she fights, she will defeat her opponents within ten rounds. She has fought with Snapper before and won by a small margin."

Win within ten rounds? Mu Chen was shocked. The records in the Dragon-Phoenix Record were valuable. These people were extraordinarily powerful. The thought of the ability to win within ten rounds was enough to make one terrified.

"Number two in the Dragon-Phoenix Record, Prince of Netherworld from Netherworld Palace. Netherworld Palace grooms geniuses by the use of venomous insects. Among the many geniuses, the one who walks out of it will become the Prince of Netherworld."

Mu Chen stared at the row of golden letters and felt a chill up his spine. Although nothing had been recorded on the achievements of the Prince of Netherworld, those few words were enough to make one shiver.

To groom geniuses through the breeding of venomous insects was extremely cruel. One could imagine that for the Prince of Netherworld to walk out of the place, he must have gone through much pain and many near death experiences.

Mu Chen remembered that Liu Tiandao had mentioned the Netherworld Palace a few months ago. It was an old school top force in the North Territory. They were not on good terms with Daluo Territory.

Mu Chen stared at the Prince of Netherworld and listed him as dangerous. Although he had not met him before, since they did not have a good relationship with Daluo Territory, he had to be extra careful.

What about number one? Mu Chen's heart jumped. Even the Prince of Netherworld has been ranked only as number two. Who is ranked number one?

As Mu Chen looked on, a row of ancient writing appeared at the top of the scroll.

"Number one in the Dragon-Phoenix Record, Fang Yi from Divine Pavilion." Although the words were few, it was enough to cause Mu Chen to turn grave. With such a simple introduction, he was able to assume the number one position. Mu Chen could only describe him as horrifying.

Mandela's voice was heard from afar. "The Divine Pavilion has been a top force throughout the ages in the North Territory. Fang Yi is gifted, and he has survived five rounds of the Big Hunting War. All these years, Divine Pavilion has spent lots of effort grooming him. It looks like they have the intention of making him the next successor."

Mu Chen was shocked. No wonder Fang Yi was so powerful. He had been groomed by Divine Pavilion, a powerful and longstanding top force.

"The North Territory is full of people with unusual abilities," Mu Chen commented. It was only when he had entered the Great Thousand World that he realized how big the world was. It made life more exciting as well. The path of the masters was essentially filled with challenges. He could only slowly press on before he could stand out from the rest.

"Now you know how powerful those people who will be participating in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift are. Don't be proud simply because you have defeated those people of the lower grades," Mandela warned him. She spoke as though she were a senior, but her young and tender voice was a mismatch.

Mu Chen glanced at her and said, "When have I become proud?" Although he was confident of himself, he was not rash. He would not be silly enough to think that he was invincible.

"Are you not?" Mandela pouted her lips and said, "Are you still game to participate?"

Mu Chen stared at the Dragon-Phoenix Record in his hand and smiled. He kept it and said, "When the Dragon-Phoenix Rift ends, I will be in the top ten."

The names that were listed in the Dragon-Phoenix Record were the geniuses. They were the giants among the men. It would be a great opportunity for Mu Chen to toughen himself up if he could cross swords with them. He had never been afraid of such fights. When he was at the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, he had looked upon Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong, and the others as invincible masters. However, when he left the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, he was better than they were.

He might not have a distinctive family background like the geniuses, but he had never considered himself inferior to them. He had his pursuits. He had promised his father he would bring his mother back to him.

He had also promised the girl, who had always been in his mind, that he would become a matchless master. He would protect her.

He would have no fear as he traveled this path. Mu Chen always looked far ahead. Mandela looked at the smile on his face and was shocked. She gently clapped her hands and said with a smile, "Not bad, you have a great mind. Although you are not as powerful as you seem to be, you have not tarnished the name of the successor of the Primordial Immortal Body."

"Where is my gift?" Mu Chen asked with a smile. He ignored what she said and stretched forth his hand. Given Mandela's status, whatever she would be giving him must be something extraordinary.

Since Mu Chen knew that those who would be participating in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift were extraordinary people, he had to learn more skills. Although he was confident of himself, after seeing the top three in the Dragon-Phoenix Record, he knew that they were formidable.

Mandela glanced at Mu Chen and turned toward the pavilion. Mu Chen followed closely behind.

They passed through many bright stone platforms. Although the scrolls above were exuding extremely strong fluctuations, Mandela continued to move on. After about ten minutes, she slowed down her pace, and they came to the far end of the pavilion.

Mandela finally stopped walking.

Mu Chen lifted his head and saw a stone statue that looked indistinct. It was grey in color and formed a seal with one hand. The hand was facing upward, and a strange flower was hanging on its palm.

The strange flower was purple in color, and the petals were beautiful. A strange light circled around it and exuded a strange fluctuation. Mu Chen was in a daze and was nearly blown away by it.

Boom! Boom!

The Netherworld Thunder Heart in Mu Chen's heart suddenly thundered, and he regained consciousness. He quickly stepped back and stared at the strange purple flower. This thing could cause one's mind to be befuddled.

Mandela waved her hand, and the purple flower landed on her palm. After looking at it for a while, she flicked her finger, and the purple flower flew toward Mu Chen.

Mu Chen caught it with care. He realized that there were ancient words on the petals.

"This is a Primordial Divine Art. It is known as Datura Sky-wrecking Light. When it displays its power, the heavens and the earth will darken and be oppressed. Its power is enough to destroy the heavens and the earth."

Mandela said flatly, "If you want to cultivate it, you will need the power of the mandala flower, the Ancient Divine Flower." Mu Chen was stunned when he heard that. The Ancient Divine Flower was mystical, and it had spiritual intelligence. Every mandala flower was comparable to a Sovereign in terms of its power. How would he be able to get hold of it?

Mandala seemed to have read his thoughts. She extended her hand and gently pointed to his abdomen where his Sovereign Sea was. A mysterious black page was in the Sovereign Sea…

Mu Chen suddenly realized it and was elated. There were divine runes of the mandala flower on the Immortal Page. The Datura Sky-wrecking Light was specially made for him! No one would be able to cultivate it other than him!

Although Mu Chen had been extremely composed, at that moment, he could not help bursting out in laughter. The present from Mandela was wonderful!

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