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"Greetings, sixth commander!"

In the sky, Mu Chen looked at the soldiers of the Daluo Celestial Army, who were all bowing respectfully. As he did so, his originally calm heart rippled slightly. After all, the Daluo Celestial Army that was standing before him was the strongest troop in the Daluo Territory.

Although the potential of the Nine Nether Troop was definitely worthy of note, if the two troops were to fight against each other at the present moment, the Nine Nether Troop would probably be wiped out completely in just a matter of minutes. After all, the Daluo Celestial Army was formed by very powerful people, all of whom had already entered the sovereign-level. In fact, if the power of this troop were to be unfolded completely, apart from the three kings, even the lords in the Daluo Territory would probably lose to them.

Since the Daluo Celestial Army was so strong, it was not easy to become one of their commanders. Even though Mu Chen had passed the Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array, he knew that the Daluo Celestial Army was most likely not really convinced about his worthiness yet in their hearts. After all, he was much weaker than their other commanders.

Nevertheless, Mu Chen was not unhappy about this. He knew that there was still some gap between him and the other five commanders at the moment. But, given enough time, there would eventually be one day, when everyone in the Daluo Celestial Body would take back any previous contempt towards him.

Mu Chen descended slowly from the sky, then landed near Mandela and the rest. He waved his hand, where an alabaster jar was lying. In the jar, two streams of spiritual energy with different colors were surging.

Enveloped in the spiritual energy were nine drops of blood essence, which were flowing like magma. Waves of scorching fluctuations spread out from among them. That was the blood essence of the Ancient Flaming Dragon.

"Do they belong to me now?" Mu Chen smiled at Mandela and asked.

Mu Chen naturally coveted the Ancient Flaming Dragon. Even on the Divine Beast Record, where there were many powerful beings, the Ancient Flaming Dragon could be ranked among the top. Its powers were no weaker than those of the Northern Sea Dragon.

During that time, Mu Chen had spent much time and effort in obtaining one drop of blood essence of the Northern Sea Dragon at the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy. Now, he managed to obtain nine drops in one shot, so he was obviously extremely delighted. Mandela nodded, unconcerned. Even though the Ancient Flaming Dragon Blood was precious, it was no big deal for her.

"Since you have passed the Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array, the only quota in the Daluo Territory that is allotted to the 'Dragon-Phoenix Rift' will be given to you."

Mandela glanced at Mu Chen and continued. "The Dragon-Phoenix Rift is a major event among the young generation in the North Territory. Everyone there is outstandingly gifted and has a powerful background. You definitely cannot compare them to any of your other peers."

Mu Chen nodded. Naturally, he would not look down on those geniuses, who had been brought up by the various top-notch forces with all of their endless resources. Although he had yet to meet anyone else, Liu Yan from the Tian Xuan Hall alone was sufficient to make him feel threatened.

"There are some restrictions in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, meaning that we all cannot enter. Therefore, you can only rely on yourself at that time. Even if you are killed there, you can only blame yourself for being too weak."

"Has anyone from the Daluo Territory participated in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift in the past?" Mu Chen thought for a while, before he asked.

"Yes, but the person was killed by someone from the Netherworld Palace after entering for only a short while," Mandela said, her little face turning slightly angry at the remembrance. During that time, the Daluo Territory was mocked by many others because of this.

"In the past, the young generation of our Daluo Territory was slightly weaker than those from the other top-notch forces. Ha, the Dominator does not seem to be very interested in the event," the Condor King said.

"Who has so much time to wait for all the young people to grow up slowly? I can kill all the so-called geniuses in just one slap, so what's the point of bringing them up? As long as I am here, the Daluo Territory will remain untouched. If I am gone, no matter how many geniuses we have, it's all useless," Mandela said these things, while staring at the Condor King with her golden eyes.

Mu Chen twitched his mouth uncontrollably. Although Mandela said this, she clearly did not mean it. Over these years, she had been trying to train the young generation, but nobody seemed to have reached the level that would satisfy her.

However, what she had said was also not wrong. The main reason why the Daluo Territory could stand among the top forces in the North Territory was precisely due to her presence.

After all, she was an Earthly Sovereign super power. As long as she was here, nobody would dare to attack the Daluo Territory. On the other hand, if she was gone, no number of young geniuses would be able to support and protect the Daluo Territory.

"Haha, in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift this time, I hope that Mu Chen can have some remarkable performance, so that everyone in the North Territory will know that our Daluo Territory now has an outstanding young man," the Condor King smiled and said.

Mu Chen nodded gently and said, "I will do my best."

Even though he knew that all of those participating in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift would be geniuses among the many top forces, he did not have any fear. The others were strong, but Mu Chen himself was no weakling! If he did not have such confidence in himself, he could never have reached his current position.

"It will be good if you can gain some achievements, but don't get killed by those unknown people! That would only make them famous instead. Should that happen, you will have caused the Daluo Territory to be humiliated." Mandela dampened Mu Chen's brief flare of enthusiasm.

Mu Chen gritted his teeth and said, "Which other dominator will be like you?!"

Everyone around was horrified by their conversation. In the Daluo Territory, Mandela was basically the sole ruler, so nobody dared go against her words. Although her current appearance of a little girl was very adorable, nobody dared show any disrespect. Therefore, when they saw that Mu Chen actually dared to talk to Mandela in such a way, they were all dumbstruck.

However, Mandela did not appear to be angry. Instead, her lips curled up teasingly. Then, she clasped her hands behind her back and turned around to leave. As she left, her young voice spread out.

"Come with me. In five days, the Dragon-Phoenix Rift will open. I will give you something, lest you say that, as the Dominator, I do not care for my subordinates."

Hearing this, Mu Chen was also stunned. Then, he waved his hands at Nine Nether and followed up quickly.

Seeing the two people leave, the Condor King and the rest all looked at one another, after which they smiled bitterly. They were really unsure of the relationship between Mu Chen and the Dominator. Clearly, from the conversation between the two, they certainly did not have a principal-subordinate relationship. Otherwise, with Mandela's cold personality, she would have killed Mu Chen with the snap of a finger long ago, should Mu Chen have dared to talk in such a way.

Nine Nether also smiled and shrugged her shoulders. She was naturally very happy that Mandela would care so much for Mu Chen. In the first place, she had brought Mu Chen to the Daluo Territory because she wanted him to have a better environment to cultivate. Although she was also unsure about how exactly Mu Chen came to share such a relationship with Mandela, it was ultimately not a bad thing.

Following behind Mandela, Mu Chen flew across Daluotian. In the end, they landed on a peak among the deep mountains. On the peak, there was a quaint pavilion.

Mu Chen landed before the pavilion and scanned his eyes around. Then, his body became tightened reflexively, because he felt some dangerous fluctuations that were seeping into his bones.

"This is the scripture pavilion of the Daluo Territory. All the divine techniques, spiritual arrays, and inheritance from the sects and clans that we have defeated over the years are stored inside. It's considered to be an important place in the Daluo Territory. In addition, this is also where Little Meng spends her seclusion," Mandela said casually.

"Little Meng?"

Mu Chen was stunned. Then, he realized that she was probably referring to the Sleeping King. Immediately, the corners of his lips twitched uncontrollably. The Sleeping King was the head of the three kings, but Mandela called him such a funny name!

"So this is where the Sleeping King guards..." Mu Chen's body relaxed slowly. It was no wonder that he had felt an intense danger. With the protection from such a powerful person, ordinary people would not dare go near this place.

"Although you have managed to break through now, you are still only a grade three sovereign, and there is still some gap between you and all of those geniuses. I heard that Liu Yan from the Tian Xuan Hall became a grade four sovereign long ago. He is many times stronger than Qin Bei, whom you defeated sometime ago." Mandela's young voice spread out in front of the pavilion.

"Furthermore, you have crippled Liu Ming, and Liu Yan has also made his opinion known about you. Therefore, he will definitely deal with you in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift."

Mu Chen nodded slightly. Liu Yan was indeed very strong, and Qin Bei could not compare with him at all. Mandela waved her little hand, causing the quaint door of the scripture pavilion to open slowly. Immediately, a shocking fluctuation swept out, but it did not even manage to move the dress of Mandela, who was standing at the front.

Mandela walked in, with Mu Chen quickly following. Entering the pavilion, many different colors instantly filled his eyes. The many stone platforms were filled with balls of light, in which scrolls were floating.

Those scrolls were all emitting powerful spiritual energy fluctuations. Clearly, they were not ordinary.

The superb collection caused Mu Chen to be dumbstruck. He twitched his lips uncontrollably. This was the foundation of a top force!

Although he deeply desired to have something, Mandela did not let Mu Chen choose anything. Clenching her hand, a streamer flew over and landed in her hand. Then, she threw the object at Mu Chen.

"Since you are going to participate in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, you need to know your enemies. On this, all of the outstanding people among the young generation in the North Territory are now recorded. You can take a look at it, so that you will be prepared upon meeting them in the future."

Hearing Mandela's words, Mu Chen started to focus intently, quickly taking over the streamer. The light dissipated and the object turned into a bronze scroll. The sides of the bronze scroll were surrounded by dragons and phoenixes. Then, faintly, the fair howls of the dragons and phoenixes seemed to spread.

He opened the scroll slowly. Immediately, golden light circulated and three flamboyant golden words appeared in front of his eyes...

"Dragon-Phoenix Record."

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