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When Mu Chen appeared on top of the Daluo Blazing Pool, countless people in the place turned simultaneously to look at him. Then, their looks all turned somewhat solemn.

At the moment, a powerful spiritual energy fluctuation was rippling around Mu Chen. His black eyes were as resplendent as the stars, and spiritual light was blooming out of them. As he moved his body casually, a shocking spiritual energy fluctuation was released. He was clearly much stronger than he had been three months ago.

Among the nine grades of the sovereign-level, there was a huge difference between any two consecutive grades. For an ordinary person to break through into the next grade, it would require much time and effort.

However, Mu Chen was able to complete the transition within just a few months. Although he had relied on the unique power of the Daluo Blazing Pool, the ability to do so was still considered a marvel to many.

"He has indeed managed to break through." Bing Qing and the other commanders of the Daluo Celestial Army stared at Mu Chen in surprise.

Obviously, it felt somewhat incredulous that Mu Chen could really complete the break through in just three months. The Daluo Blazing Pool was indeed very beneficial to cultivation, but the benefit was clearly not so large.

In the sky, Nine Nether saw the scene, which caused a smile to appear around her rosy lips. However, she did not feel too surprised. After all, she had been with Mu Chen for so many years, so she was used to him creating miracles.

Not many fluctuations could be seen in the golden pupils of Mandela either. As she waved her hand, everyone appeared on the stone platform alongside the Daluo Celestial Army. All the soldiers of the Daluo Celestial Army quickly knelt down to salute her.

"Greetings, Dominator." Huo Mei'er also bowed to salute.

Mandela waved her hand once more. Although she had the appearance of a little girl, no one dared to be even the slightest bit disrespectful toward her. They all knew that, even when a super-being, such as an Earthly Sovereign, moved around casually, the pressure leaking out would still cause a usual sovereign to be terrified.

"Haha, Nine Nether, you have brought back a nice successor this time."

Smiling, Huo Mei'er stared at Nine Nether, who was standing behind Mandela. She laughed and said, "I am quite interested in Mu Chen. How about you give him to my Daluo Celestial Army? I will agree to any conditions."

Seeing Huo Mei'er, Nine Nether also seemed to have missed her. However, hearing her words, Nine Nether's face immediately turned cold. But before she could speak, Huo Mei'er walked up to her and smiled, then said, "Seems like you are very reluctant. But this guy is really not bad."

Nine Nether rolled her eyes, not even bothering to reply. Mandela looked at Mu Chen with her golden pupils. Then, she nodded gently and said, "The three months time limit has passed. If you want to represent the Daluo Territory and participate in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift experience in the North Territory, you must get through the Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array."

Hearing about the Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array, Nine Nether also frowned and looked at Mu Chen with a worried expression. It was obvious that she was familiar with the name. In fact, she knew its power well.

"The Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array is very powerful. Even a grade four sovereign, would not be able to get through it easily. So… do you still dare to try?" Mandela stared at Mu Chen and asked slowly.

Under the many stares, Mu Chen, who was standing on the magma, also lifted his eyes. A smile appeared on his handsome face. Then, he folded his hands and said calmly, "Dominator, please arrange the array."

The young man's smile was calm and relaxed. Even though he knew that the array was dangerous, he was still fearless. His attitude soon attracted much admiration from the powerful people of the Daluo Territory.

The young man could become famous in the Daluo Territory in such a short period of time exactly because he indeed had many remarkable aspects. Of course, there were also some people who twitched their lips secretly.

Most of them were the soldiers in the Daluo Celestial Army. Even Bing Qing and the other commanders did not express any admiration about Mu Chen's calmness. It was not that they were looking down on Mu Chen. But rather, it was that their knowledge about the Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array far exceeded the others.

In the past, when they were trying to break through the array, they had failed many times, before finally succeeding. Moreover, during that time, they were already stronger than the current Mu Chen.

Knowing that they had failed many times, it made Mu Chen even more motivated to get through it in just one try. However, this seemed to be almost impossible.

Mandela ignored the many stares. After Mu Chen made his declaration, she also nodded gently and said, "Since you do not intend to quit, we will respect your decision. As long as you can pass through the Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array, I will allow you to become the sixth commander of the Daluo Celestial Army."

Her words immediately led to many surprised exclamations in the place. The Daluo Celestial Army was the most powerful troop in the Daluo Territory!

Nevertheless, its commanders were commanded by the Dominator directly, and it was considered one of the trump cards of the Daluo Territory. Also, it was common knowledge that the other people, even the lords, could not get involved in it. At the moment, however, the Dominator would actually allow Mu Chen to become the sixth commander.

The eyes of the various lords sparkled, and they eventually looked at Mu Chen with envy. They all asked themselves why the Dominator was actually taking care of the this young man so much. Not long ago, she had offended the Tian Xuan Hall just for him, and now, she even wanted to train him as a commander of the Daluo Celestial Army!

Huo Mei'er and the rest were also rather surprised, but they did not question what Mandela had said. After all, if Mu Chen could really get through the Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array, he would indeed be more than eligible to become a commander of the Daluo Celestial Army.

Nine Nether similarly did not say anything, because even if Mu Chen became a commander of the Daluo Celestial Army, he could still command the Nine Nether Troop. Therefore, she actually hoped that Mu Chen would succeed. After all, the Daluo Celestial Army was indeed very strong.

Just as Mandela finished speaking, her little hand raised up again. Immediately, everyone felt a terrifying fluctuation gush out from the depths of the Daluo Blazing Pool. Then, they saw the magma surface of the Daluo Blazing Pool actually rising at a shocking speed.


The magma rolled. It looked as if there were thousands of huge waves slapping onto a bottomless abyss. The large force even caused the entire volcano to vibrate slightly.

Boom! Boom!

As the Daluo Golden Pool rose continuously, many magma pillars that were each ten thousand feet large also ascended into the sky. They then turned into many magnificent magma rivers in mid-air.

The rivers surged forward, then split apart, forming a magma sea in the sky directly. In the sea, red magma runes rose up steadily.


The magma runes quickly converged and fused together. Vaguely, there seemed to be a violent dragon howl that was heard. In the end, a red light soared up above and nine dragons, so large that their bodies could not be seen fully, were condensed.

The nine huge dragons were all completely red. They were coiled up in the magma sea, with red magma flying along their enormous bodies. A terrifying pressure spread out, causing the looks from many people to dramatically change.

This was because they could feel how powerful the nine magma dragons were. Furthermore, the nine dragons did not seem to be condensed from nothing. Instead, their bodies were emitting the real pressure of those from the Dragon Clan.

"The nine magma dragons are not illusory. They are formed from the Ancient Flaming Dragon Blood that flew into the depths of the Daluo Blazing Pool by chance. As long as the magma exists, they cannot be destroyed." Mandela stared at Mu Chen with her golden pupils, as her young and toneless voice spread into the sky.

Mu Chen's look was dignified. Each of the nine magma dragons had a violent spiritual energy fluctuation. When the nine dragons were all out in full force, even a grade four sovereign would not dare fight them head-on. With such power, it was no wonder that this could become the trial used to select the commanders of the Daluo Celestial Army!

"The array has been formed. If you are ready, you can enter. But after going in, you have only your own powers to rely upon. Even if you are about to be killed, nobody will come and save you. Over these past years, quite a number of people in the Daluo Celestial Army were killed during this challenge."

Mandela gave her warning solemnly and tonelessly, before adding, "So now, you still have one last chance to change your mind..."


Mu Chen took a deep breath. He had indeed felt a dangerous fluctuation from the Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array, but it alone was insufficient to make him cower or turn back.

The black eyes of the young man gradually grew more fierce. Without saying anything, his toes kicked out. Then, under the countless stares, he turned into a streamer, charging directly towards the majestic magma array in the sky.

As he moved closer, a strong, scorching gust of wind gushed towards his face, as if it was going to set him ablaze. The temperature was so high, even gold would be melted. This showed how dangerous the array truly was!

However, Mu Chen's speed did not slow down at all, as an enormous amount of spiritual energy gushed out from his body. Eventually, he turned directly into a beam of light, before dashing straight into the magma sea that was emitting a terrifying pressure.


At the instant that Mu Chen charged into the Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array, a frightening heat swept towards him, and a magma wave a hundred thousand feet high fell upon him. It looked as if a mountain was crushing him, the likes of which could turn him into mere powder.

The attack was extremely unexpected, but Mu Chen did not seem to panic at all. His foot stomped on the ground and golden light surged in his eyes. The Great Solar Undying Body was summoned instantly.


The enormous pillar of magma hit the Great Solar Undying Body and magma flew down along the golden body. The high temperature caused the golden body to be increasingly bright and dazzling.

Then, Mu Chen appeared on the head of the Great Solar Undying Body. He stood proudly above the red sea, staring at eight places in the array with a penetrating look. There, eight magma dragons were coiled up quietly. Their red eyes looked at the golden giant from above, and the fluctuations that were emitting out of their bodies also became more and more violent.

"Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array... Let me have a taste of how strong you really are!"

Mu Chen took in a deep breath of the hot, flame-like air, his look as sharp as a blade. In the next moment, he stomped his foot, sending the Great Solar Undying Body into the air. Its huge fist clenched and the Great Meru Demonic Pillar flashed out. Then, the giant swept down with a terrifying fluctuation, then flew towards a magma dragon directly.

Against such a powerful array, Mu Chen not only did not wait to see what was going to happen, he immediately launched a full-on attack!

The dramatic scene caused the eyelids of many people outside to twitch in shock and surprise.

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