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After he parted with Huo Mei'er, Mu Chen returned to the previous location where he was doing his training. Since he did a massacre earlier on, the spiritual blazing serpents had become extremely sparse. Now the area had become the best location for him to retreat to for his cultivation.

Mu Chen blew up another hole in the karst cave for his cultivation. He ducked into the new cave and sat in it with his legs crossed. He closed his eyes and gradually entered into the state of cultivation.

He did not start off by refining the Spiritual Blazing Marrow from the Blazing Dragon Scorpion. Instead, he chose to cultivate quietly to adjust his body's condition.

As Mu Chen could feel the intense heat emitted from the pure spiritual energy in the Spiritual Blazing Marrow, he knew that he needed to prepare himself, as it was not an easy task to refine it.

He needed to adjust his state to its peak, and it took him ten days to do so.

During those ten days, Mu Chen sat there like a rock, remaining patient regardless of the time spent. He closed his eyes tightly, sinking all his heart and soul into the deepest Sovereign Sea, heaving along with the tide of the spiritual energy.

On his tenth day of cultivation, he finally opened his eyes. A deep spiritual glow sparkled in his eyes, and his skin glowed in the dark.

It was a sign that the spiritual energy in his body had come to a saturation point.

After ten days of intensive cultivation, Mu Chen felt a sense of saturation from the Sovereign Sea. An individual Sovereign Master who has a power that is too vast can only be accommodated by the inner space within the Sovereign Sea. But the Sovereign Sea had its own limitation. It must be expanded with its own strength.

If Mu Chen wished to have another breakthrough, he would need to hit Grade Three Sovereign.

Almost there.

As he clasped both palms together, he could feel the great vitality of the spiritual energy that was similar to the force from the raging sea. He heaved a sigh of relief. The sensation emanating from the substantial power was too intoxicating.

He flicked his finger, and a glowing red ball of light that was several feet long appeared with crystalized magma running in it. The purity of the spiritual energy emanating from it had reached its utmost level, fogging the entire cave.

After calling out the Spiritual Blazing Marrow, Mu Chen waved his hand. A crystal clear torrent flowed out like a creek suspended in the air, and the splashing sound of water could be heard.

The stream was formed by over 10,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. The spiritual energy from the Spiritual Blazing Marrow was too overbearing, and as such, it required the mild and purified energy from the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to neutralize it. With the help of the neutralization, it would achieve the perfect effect. 

Mu Chen looked at both valuable items in front of him. He could not help but smack his lips. Apart from the talent, the cultivation of spiritual energy also relied on resources. Just like having the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid that was required to make a breakthrough to the next level, most solo practitioners without any background or resources would feel powerless and frustrated.

It was no wonder those younger talents mostly had a strong background. If they practiced from the time they were young, their achievements would definitely be incomparable to those of ordinary people.

Mu Chen took a deep breath and closed his eyes again. With his command of thoughts, the Spiritual Blazing Marrow floated right above his head, and the piping red magma streamed down from it.


The piping hot magma fell on top of his head, and a sizzling sound could be heard. The look on Mu Chen's face was twisted because of the searing pain from the burn.

The magma followed his body contour, and within a short while it covered half of his body in thick layers of magma.


At the same time, the stream of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid that poured down on him turned into a crystal-clear liquid, wrapping up the other half of Mu Chen's body.

Mu Chen was sitting quietly on the boulder with half of his body covered by magma, and half of his body covered by the crystal clear liquid. Both halves were slowly circulating, and it was a peculiar scene.

As his physical body entered into such a peculiar state, an earth-shaking transformation was erupting within his body at the same time.

He immersed his mind and soul into it until the body was fully red on the inside. The magmlike liquid penetrated into the pores of his entire body like a tidal wave, drowning every corner in it.


As the liquid flowed through every inch of his body, he felt a burning sensation on his skin and flesh as if they were going to melt away. An unbearable pain spread across his entire body, so much so that he could feel his meridians twitching.

The intensity from the Spiritual Blazing Marrow of Blazing Dragon Scorpion was more powerful by far than those long-life spiritual blazing serpents.

Luckily, Mu Chen had it all prepared. When the magmlike liquid was injected into the body, on the other side, the mild and cooling Sovereign Spiritual Liquid rushed in quickly, eventually combining with the magmlike liquid.


General speaking, when two different spiritual energies of drastic nature come into contact, it definitely becomes a life-or-death struggle. But Sovereign Spiritual Liquid is a kind of spiritual energy that was the mildest and easiest to absorb for cultivation. Hence, when it was in close contact with the magmlike liquid, it could dissolve itself, neutralizing the impact from the magmlike liquid.

Mu Chen took the opportunity and activated his Great Pagoda Art. With the activation of the spiritual energy, it followed the path of the meridian, refining the energy generated, perfusing the Sovereign Sea.

And within the Sovereign Sea, the sky seemed to be torn apart as the magma fell from the air like a waterfall. With a loud splash, it entered into the Sovereign Sea, and the endless downpour caused the sea level to gradually rise.

Mu Chen's cultivation had begun.

A month gradually passed while he was cultivating himself.

On the individual stone platforms above the Daluo Blazing pool, a group of figures was sitting quietly with their legs crossed, breathing in the piping hot magmlike spiritual energy of the place to refine their meridians.

Huo Mei'er stood on one of the stone platforms with Bing Qing while the other three commanders gathered behind her.

"That fellow has yet to complete his cultivation?" Huo Mei'er stretched her back, showing off her curvy lines. Her voice was so soft and sweet that it could quickly make hearts throb.

But right behind her, the other three commanders were looking down on the ground. The rest of the soldiers from the Daluo Celestial Army were closing their eyes, and no one dared to look at her. Apparently, this commander held an awe-inspiring position in the army.

Bing Qing nodded coldly as usual. "He should be trying hard to make a breakthrough to Grade Three Sovereign, but I'm not sure if it will work."

"Maybe he's too anxious about it." Another commander, who stood right beside Bing Qing, shook his head. It was unlikely that Mu Chen could make a breakthrough since he had only been training there for a little over two months.

"He has one Spiritual Blazing Marrow from the Blazing Dragon Scorpion. If he can cultivate and absorb it, he will have a chance to succeed." Huo Mei'er smiled alluringly.

Bing Qing and the other three commanders were visibly moved by her words, as they all knew how daunting the Blazing Dragon Scorpion could be. Moreover, even given their abilities, they might not be able to capture it. So how did Mu Chen do it?

"Sister, previously did you say you got your Three-Headed Spiritual Blazing Serpent because of a Blazing Dragon Scorpion?" Bing Qing flickered her eyes as all of a sudden she recalled the account that Huo Mei'er had told her.

She nodded and said, "Yes, that's right. The Spiritual Blazing Marrow that Mu Chen owns now belongs to that Blazing Dragon Scorpion."

"Sister, your assistance did not seem to comply with the rules. The territory lord had said that any cultivation over here must depend on no one but himself." Bing Qing frowned her willow-leaf shaped eyebrow.

"I did not help him at all," Huo Mei'er drew her red lips. "He really did it on his own."

Bing Qing was stunned when she heard this, as she knew that there was no need for Huo Mei'er to lie to her. But Mu Chen only had the strength of a Grade Two Sovereign. Even if the Blazing Dragon Scorpion was severely injured, he was still no match for it.

Huo Mei'er rolled her eyes and asked abruptly, "Did the territory lord ask him to conquer the Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array?"

Bing Qing nodded and asked, "Sister, do you think he would have any chance of conquering it?"

"It would be difficult."

Huo Mei'er paused and shook her head before she continued, "Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array is an examination to allow soldiers from Daluo Celestial Army to advance to commander. Even a Grade Four Sovereign who does not know the conquering techniques could not conquer it. On top of that, if he could make a breakthrough to Grade Three Sovereign, given that combat strength, it is still challenging to conquer it.


She paused for a while as she thought of the young man who had his ruthless and merciless decisiveness when dealing with the Blazing Dragon Scorpion. She pursed her red lips and said, "We cannot underestimate this fellow. It would depend on his capability if he can conquer the Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array."

Bing Qing and the rest were quite surprised. Almost none of them was optimistic about him. They did not expect Huo Mei'er would actually hold a certain amount of uncertainty.

"Well, let's just wait and see. It is less than half a month away from the three-month deadline." Huo Mei'er smiled and gazed at the bottom of the Daluo Flaming Pool. Her beautiful eyes sparkled with the glow from it.

While Huo Mei'er and the rest waited, another ten days passed quietly.

Five days were left before the three-month deadline was up.

All the soldiers from the Daluo Celestial Army opened their eyes as they wanted to witness the outcome of an outsider challenging their Nine-Nine Flaming Dragon Array.

But judging from how the present situation looked, could that fellow Mu Chen be missing in action to avoid the test?

At the thought of this, someone could not help but grin.

Time was moving on day by day. Another three days were gone, too.

Huo Mei'er sat cross-legged at one of the rock boulders with her long red hair gently fluttering in the breeze. Suddenly, her expression changed as she looked up. Light beams flitted in and finally stopped in mid-air.

The one leading had a petite body and at the same time, possessed a dominating presence. The only one within the Daluo Territory who had such a presence was none other than Mandela.

Following behind Mandela was Nine Nether, and even the Third Prince and the other princes showed up. With this lineup, surprise was written all over the faces of the Daluo Celestial Army's soldiers.

"This lad has a huge group of spectators." Huo Mei'er looked at the lineup and smiled charmingly. As she lowered her head, a huge vortex was forming on the magma sea below.


The magma gushed up into the sky, and as it got higher, a figure stepped on the flowing magma, making his way slowly under the gazes of countless eyes.

The juvenile was slender and handsome, looking calm and relaxed with his pitch-dark eyes. Apparently, Mu Chen had completed his cultivation.

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