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The moment Huo Mei'er made her move, Mu Chen charged at the escaping Blazing Dragon Scorpion, while a tremendous Spiritual Energy permeated throughout his body. However, as his combat capability was not as valiant as Huo Mei'er's, it was not as easy for him to tackle the Blazing Dragon Scorpion, even though its combat capacity had significantly been reduced by its injuries.

Mu Chen was extremely fast in his speed. On top of that, the scorpion had suffered a heavy blow, both before and hence, allowing Mu Chen to catch up with the fleeing scorpion within a few breaths.


The scorpion let out an outraged roar, as soon as it discovered that Mu Chen was chasing from behind. Its scarlet eyes were filled with ferociousness, as it recalled that it was Mu Chen who had led it there.

However, being angry is one thing, yet the scorpion knew its current condition very well. Hence, it did not attack Mu Chen, but merely issued a warning to him, before accelerating its escape.

Unfortunately for the scorpion, however, Mu Chen was like maggots feeding on a corpse, following closely behind it. Finally, as his eyes flickered, he clasped his hands, and the Great Meru Demonic Pillar appeared. It transformed into a colossal silhouette, hitting the scorpion without mercy.


A sizable magma pillar burst forth from the huge mouth of the Blazing Dragon Scorpion, colliding with the Great Meru Demonic Pillar and trembling the region with a powerful and frightful vibration. The Great Meru Demonic Pillar was reversed by the shock of the vibration, as Mu Chen quivered a few thousand feet away, unable to hold back the horror now surfacing on his face.

All it had taken was an attack by himself, before he could realize how powerful the scorpion truly was. Moreover, it was severely injured. If it had been in its prime, this exchange of blows could have caused Mu Chen to sustain serious injuries.


The scorpion stared at Mu Chen fiercely, before it made its escape again. Apparently, it did not want to stay in such a dangerous place, at least not just because of Mu Chen, who was merely a little bug in its eyes.

Mu Chen stared at the running scorpion. He gritted his teeth, hesitated for a moment, then adopted a fearsome look, which took over his entire face.


Mu Chen raised his foot and stomped forward, aiming at the head of the scorpion this time.


The Blazing Dragon Scorpion could no longer endure Mu Chen's repeated provokes. It erupted with a loud roar, and in the opening of its hideous mouth, a stream of magma was rippling. The opening of its mouth aimed right at Mu Chen, and then, swallowed him whole!

Mu Chen watched as the huge mouth engulfed him. His eyes flickered, and he stomped his feet again. Instead of dodging it, he had dashed straight into the mouth, which was filled with magma.

At the same time, from the opposite direction, a sad and shrill cry rang through the sky. A bright red, glowing light ray that looked like a flaming blade, which could divide all the supreme beings on earth, was slicing off the last head on the Three-Headed Spiritual Blazing Serpent.

The magmlike fresh blood spurted into the air, and the shrill cry came to an abrupt end. The little body of Huo Mei'er was floating in mid-air. As she flicked her slender finger, the last head of the serpent that was soaring in the sky exploded into fragments. A little red glowing light, which was a few feet long, dropped and drifted in front of her.

That was the Spiritual Blazing Marrow from the serpent. Within the glow of light, there seemed to be endless, pure flaming spiritual energy, which was flowing in the stream of magma.

Huo Mei'er raised her hand and kept the Spiritual Blazing Marrow. Her sweet-looking expression changed a little. As she looked back, it was the exact moment when Mu Chen had been gobbled up by that huge mouth of the scorpion.

No matter how calm she had been before, her facial expression changed totally when she witnessed it. Anxiousness and worry reflected in her beautiful eyes. Although her relationship with Nine Nether could be really complicated, they did not bear each other any deep grudges. Instead, what they shared was more of a mutual recognition of each other's talents from the past competitions they'd had. If Mu Chen were to die here, given Nine Nether's character, she probably would not let her off.

Huo Mei'er had splashed Mu Chen with cold words, as she wanted to test the ability of this new commander who had been introduced to Nine Nether. Who knew he would be so dumb as to get swallowed.

"This dumbass!

Huo Mei'er gritted her teeth and flit towards the Blazing Dragon Scorpion rapidly. She armed herself with an extreme surge of her Spiritual Energy between her palms.

Just when she was ready to launch an attack, the huge body of the scorpion gave a jerk, and a loud cry of pain came from its throat. Huo Mei'er was bewildered. She turned her focus to the mouth of the scorpion, just as a beam of gleaming golden light shot out. Furious spiritual energy went berserk and exploded.

Balls of magma were spat out from the mouth of the scorpion, as if it was coughing up blood. Even the most robust scales on its body were blown up into fragments. Apparently, the berserk energy was exploding from within its body.

If the scorpion had been in its best condition, it would have been able to suppress the blow from within. But now that it had sustained severe injuries from the previous fight, it could only moan in pain, while sizzling magma continued to spurt out, like fresh blood.

Huo Mei'er looked at it, astonished. She quickly knew what was going on, and raised her eyebrow with a serious look, commenting, "This fellow is quite ruthless."

Huo Mei'er was, after all, a commander in the Daluo Celestial Army. So, she could understand the true intentions of Mu Chen. He could not possibly kill the scorpion, if he were to go head-on with it.

Moreover, if the scorpion was driven into a dead corner, it would probably go berserk and self-destruct its Spiritual Blazing Marrow. Until then, Mu Chen would have to return with empty hands. So, this fellow merely made use of its arrogance, thus making his way into its body to activate his fatal kill.

To a certain extent, this method may seem to have been the most effective way, but it could also be the most dangerous way, as the body of the Blazing Dragon Scorpion is like a furnace. As such, anyone who entered it, might get dissolved immediately. And, if the scorpion was at its prime conditions, even Huo Mei'er dared not barge into its body!

But, the truth is, the scorpion had suffered from significant injuries, and its current condition was not even ten percent of what it had been during its prime days. Thus, the body was no longer a restricted area. Mu Chen got this fact right, at least. Hence, he could enter its body relentlessly, then breakthrough from within.

This may seem simple, but the decision-making process required unwavering decisiveness and true ruthlessness. Not everyone could make this kind of decision in such a short period of time. The seriousness within Huo Mei'er eyes was partly due to this awareness.

It was not Mu Chen's ability that was impressive to her, but it was his decisiveness that had changed the way she now looked at him. She had finally come to an understanding about why Nine Nether would allow a young chap like him to lead the Nine Nether Troop.


As Huo Mei'er was gathering her thoughts, a ray of golden light beamed through the neck of the scorpion, and magma was spurting out from it furiously. The Blazing Dragon Scorpion let out its final cry. The cry eventually weakened, before finally, the body collapsed with a loud thud.


At this time, the head of the scorpion exploded, as the golden ray beamed out and transformed into a massive silhouette, which was none other than the Great Solar Undying Body.

The Great Solar Undying Body was piping red amongst the glow, causing it to look like a melting gold bar, which had just been taken out from the furnace. The Great Solar Undying Body dimmed down rapidly, and eventually, vanished. A slim figure appeared.


As soon as he revealed himself, he coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood. The clothes he was wearing had almost turned into ash. His skin was scorching red, and a significant portion of his muscle seemed to be melting off, revealing his bare bones.

Despite the protection from the Great Solar Undying Body, he had made a huge sacrifice when he entered the body of the scorpion. Luckily, he managed to kill it before he was completely melted.

Mu Chen traced off the blood stain at the edge of his mouth, then stretched out his hand toward the dead scorpion. A crimson ball, with a glow that was as bright as the one Huo Mei'er possessed, drifted in front of him.

Within the glowing ball, the crystal clear magma was streaming and the pure spiritual energy emitted was so attractive, that Mu Chen wet his lips with greed. The purity of this Spiritual Blazing Marrow was much more powerful, as compared to the previous ones he had made.

Mu Chen clapped his hand tightly. With this marrow, he could now break through to the Grade Three Sovereign.

"Heh Heh, you have some guts, huh." A crisp clapping sound came from the side. Huo Mei'er flit over, smiling. She tilted her head and looked at Mu Chen with affection.

"Not bad. I'm still alive." He could not be bothered with her, yet he was also not resenting her, as both of them were not yet sharing any particular relationship. Thus, she had no obligation to help.

"Haha, are you angry with me?" Huo Mei'er came up to Mu Chen, laughing. She placed her soft little hand, without any embarrassment, on his bare chest. Her body closed up against him, as she smiled lovingly at him, saying, "Looks like I have underestimated you. Nine Nether finally brought a capable person."

Huo Mei'er was enchanting and bewitching, and she seemed to have a bold and uninhibited character. Mu Chen blushed, as her fragrance lingered in front of him. He was thinking to avoid it, but he observed a slight cunningness and teasing within the eyes of the girl in front of him. So, he drew his lips and reached his arm out to cuddle her curvy waist instead.

Tsk Tsk

Huo Mei'er tilted her head slightly, before his hand could even touch her. Her long red hair twined across his arm, and her finger stroked softly on Mu Chen's chest, before she chuckled like a goblin and moved quickly away.

"Little one, you are still too young to take such advantage. Wait till you become a Grade Six Sovereign first!" Huo Mei'er quickly disappeared into the lava rocks, leaving her bell-like laughter behind.

"Grade Six Sovereign, huh? Just you wait!"

Mu Chen looked in the direction where she had just left and gritted his teeth together. Someday, he will definitely teach this little devil a lesson.

But, all these were just wishful thinkings yet, as the thoughts just flashed and disappeared. Mu Chen held the ball of Spiritual Blazing Marrow in his hand. The thing he needed to do now, was to breakthrough his current level and hit Grade Three Sovereign!

Otherwise, he might be disqualified from the Dragon-Phoenix Rift by Mandela, and that would be a disgrace.

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