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On the stone platform, many soldiers of the Daluo Celestial Army looked at the Spiritual Energy Screen in front of them in amazement. On the screen, the Sovereign Celestial Body, which had dimmed, due to the depletion of spiritual energy, was once again projecting a bright golden light.

Moreover, anyone could feel that the spiritual energy fluctuations that were flowing out from the Sovereign Celestial Body were more powerful than they had been before.

"How could his spiritual energy have been restored?" Someone gasped in astonishment.

"He's cultivating the Spiritual Blazing Marrow in battle." Surprise flit across Commander Tie Shan's face, as he spoke the words solemnly.


Upon hearing this, even Commander Bing Xin was stunned. The soldiers of the Daluo Celestial Army around him were equally stunned, as they were extremely familiar with the Spiritual Blazing Marrow.

They understood that, when one was absorbing and refining it, the body had to endure so much burning pain during the process, that it was most common to look for a quiet and safe place for cultivation. Hence, they could not even think of such a bold act as attempting to cultivate it amid a battle! After all, no one had the skills or the confidence to be able to endure the burning pain, while also maintaining an unwavering fighting spirit. 

"Isn't that too daring?" Many of those gathered could not help but mutter, as they looked at the bright golden silhouette on the Spiritual Energy Screen, glints of admiration in their eyes. No matter what, this young fighter's courage was admirable. And, most importantly, he had actually succeeded… 

Bing Xin's originally tense expression relaxed gradually. The young man named Mu Chen, who was so valued by the Dominator, did seem to stand out from among the others.

Originally, she had great doubts about whether or not Mu Chen could overcome the "Nine Flaming Dragon Array" in three months. However, after seeing this fellow's reckless abandon throughout his cultivation process, it was hard to determine how things would turn out.

Along with the many people on the stone platform, who were amazed by the sudden restoration of spiritual energy in Mu Chen, Mu Chen himself was as surprised as them! His surprise stemmed from the fact that he could feel the mighty spiritual energy inside him.

The strength of the spiritual energy was stronger than it had been before. It was obvious that his spiritual energy had reached a break through.

There was a significant distance required to break through to the rank of a Third Grade Sovereign. In normal circumstances, it would take a long period of time to and many hours of practice to be able to achieve this kind of refinement. However, it only took a few hours for Mu Chen to attain that level now.

In such a high pressure situation, it only served to make Mu Chen stronger. This revealed the truth that the more dangerous the challenge was, the more it could inspire one's potential. Hence, although danger lurked everywhere in the Daluo Blazing Pool, it brought about great benefit to cultivation.

Mu Chen's dark eyes grew sharp, as a valiant aura surged in his heart. He had experienced countless life-threatening battles in his journey thus far, so this small Daluo Blazing Pool was not going to stop him in his tracks!

Mu Chen laughed. Then, a golden light swept through the Great Solar Undying Body. A golden palm emerged, carrying the terrifying power of crashing mountains and overwhelming the two Spiritual Blazing Serpents. As they fell back, they emitted shrill shrieks of agony.


It was at this time that the Great Solar Undying Body stepped directly into the crimson red magma, and the golden light swept across madly towards the Spiritual Blazing Serpents. His current attacks were even more ferocious than his prior assaults, as waves of magma splattered everywhere violently. The serpents that were encircling him now rioted in panic, as each time the golden giant fist of light landed, a serpent was blown to pieces.

However, these Spiritual Blazing Serpents lacked intelligence, so they did not have the capability to show or feel true fear. Yet, Mu Chen's murderous intent had triggered their combat desire. With shrill hisses, the serpents charged out incessantly, unafraid of death.

Amid the red magma, a massive golden silhouette waved its giant fist, the golden light it emitted carrying violent and unmatched spiritual energy as it swept across the arena. Then, from within the magma, ferocious Spiritual Blazing Serpents rushed out in a frenzy. 

The magma rolled in tumultuous waves, due to the chaotic massacre. The raging battle caused even the veteran warriors of the Daluo Celestial Army to be dumbfounded.

Despite Mu Chen having restored his spiritual energy by cultivating the Spiritual Blazing Marrow, he could not continue fighting indefinitely. This was because, even though his spiritual energy could be restored, human vigor could not be recovered by relying on external materials.

Thus, when the insane battle lasted for a whole day, the Great Solar Undying Body, who was surrounded by Spiritual Blazing Serpents, suddenly burst out of the magma territory in a brilliant flash. As golden light flashed about, a figure took the distracting opportunity to hide inside a nearby cave.

As soon as Mu Chen went into the cave, he sat down cross-legged immediately. His face was deathly pale and his expression was thick with exhaustion. The high intensity of the battle had almost completely exhausted his energy. If not for his strong willpower, he would have passed out long ago.

Although he was done battling at the moment, he had no time to rest, as now was the best opportunity to practice his cultivation. With a wave of Mu Chen's hand, a bright red Spiritual Blazing Marrow hovered in front of him. As he held it gently, a sparkling jade bottle appeared in his hand.

From the bottle, a small, clear stream flew out, winding and tangling around Mu Chen. The stream was filled with the purest form of spiritual energy. Now, both the Spiritual Blazing Marrow and the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid were ready!

Sitting cross-legged, Mu Chen used his hands to conjure up several seals rapidly. As he did so, he closed his eyes in exhaustion. He then entered the state of cultivation, his mouth opening and closing in order to absorb the Spiritual Blazing Marrows and drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Mu Chen's originally expended spiritual energy fluctuations slowly awakened in his body, becoming stronger and condensed. It was a great success! During the following month, Mu Chen's cultivation continued in this same constant cycle.

Meanwhile, amid the crimson red magma, turbulent waves and chaos emerged every day. Golden light pervaded the area, as the huge golden figure behaved like a tireless fighting machine, battling nonstop with the incessant Spiritual Blazing Serpents.

With every battle, he would persist until his energy reached its limit. He would then drag his tired body out of the magma territory, returning to the depths of the cave to continue cultivating. Mu Chen's cultivation was so insane, even the warriors of the Daluo Celestial Army, who were no strangers to constant cultivation, were shocked at his intense determination.

The young man looked warm and kind on the surface, but they had never expected him to possess such a high degree of persistence and stubbornness! However, this is what moved them to respect him.

Even Tie Shan, Bing Xin, and the other Commanders of the Daluo Celestial Army were shocked by Mu Chen's performance this past month. At the same time, they sighed, as they now understood why this young man was so valued by the Dominator.

In fact, Mu Chen's improvements were astounding. He had put in an immense effort, and during a short period of just one month, the spiritual energy in his body had become increasingly powerful. Although he was still unable to attain a break through, it was still twice as powerful as it had been a month ago. Mu Chen's combat resilience also had greatly improved! 

In the beginning, he had tried his very best, only to last most of a single day. However, after a month, he was able to persist in combat for nearly two days at a time!

And, with every new day of battle, his body began to gradually adapt to the cruel scorching environment of the Daluo Blazing Pool. Now, as he inhaled its hot air into his body, it brought a warm feeling of comfort instead of a sense of scorching, menace.

Also during in this month, countless of decades old Spiritual Blazing Serpents had been hunted down and killed by Mu Chen, many of which were centuries old. In fact, the body count had reached a staggering triple-digit count thus far!

Following these battles, the arena where the Spiritual Blazing Serpents had gathered had almost been entirely cleared by Mu Chen. The current sparse, shabby environment before him now was nothing like the spectacular gathering that had been held here just a month ago.

Although the Spiritual Blazing Serpents were not intelligent, they could sense the blood from their own kind flowing in this magma arena. This mixture of their own kind's blood mixed with the lava made them realize that this was a very dangerous place.

Thus, as they fled to escape the obvious danger, the number of Spiritual Blazing Serpents in the area rapidly decreased. Then, a month later, Mu Chen discovered that all of the creatures had escaped entirely. There was not a single serpent left for him to hunt.

On a rock that was protruding from the magma, Mu Chen stood still, his eyes surveying his surroundings. From this vantage point, he could not see any prey, which made him purse his mouth helplessly, before mumbling to himself.

"The spiritual energy in the Sovereign Sea seems to be reaching its saturation point…"

Mu Chen looked down at his palm. His hands clenched slowly. Feeling the surge of spiritual energy flowing in his body, he could not help but grin.

But, then he frowned, as he could feel that the growth of spiritual energy in his body had begun to stagnate. He soon realized that, no matter how much he refined the Spiritual Blazing Marrow and the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid these days, it was getting harder to allow the spiritual energy to increase.

It was obvious that he had reached the spiritual energy bottleneck. As such, he was no longer able to use the same methods to achieve the same results as he had previously.

His eyes shone sharply, as he stared at the crimson red sea of magma, licking his lips. It was a tough pill to swallow, knowing this The Spiritual Blazing Marrow was no longer enough for his cultivation. 

If he wanted to break through this bottleneck, he knew that he needed a stronger Spiritual Blazing Marrow. He also knew that this level of Spiritual Blazing Marrow, one that lasted for several years, would only appear in the deepest depths of the the Daluo Blazing Pool.

However, the extreme temperature of the magma in those deepest depths was absolutely harrowing. It was so terrifying, in fact, that even powerful figures like Tie Shan, Bing Xin, and the other Commanders dared not face it.

However, this was not enough to stop Mu Chen. He raised his head and smiled. He could feel the fluctuations of spiritual energy there. Bing Xin and the others were also paying attention to it. He took a deep breath. Then, without hesitation, he transformed into a stream of light, charging straight into the sea of magma.


Magma sputtered and raged wildly. Mu Chen had leapt into the Daluo Blazing Pool! On the stone platform, Commander Bing Xin and the others could only watch and look at each other, speechless!

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