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"Mu Chen from the Nine Nether Palace of the Daluo Territory has come for advice!"

The young man stood high up in the sky, as his clear and bright voice spread across the land. It also attracted the attention of countless powerful people within that battle territory. Soon after, as expected, this scene led to a low commotion.

The commotion was filled with alarms and sneers. This was because the people could all see that the young man in front of them only had the capability of a Grade Two Sovereign. This capability could only be considered as the bare minimum, when placed in accordance to their battle territory's commander levels. But, if it was to be compared with the abilities of top notch commanders, such as Qin Bei and Lin Qingfeng, there was just too much of a difference.

"Is there no one else in the Daluo Territory, such that they would actually have to send out this adolescent to battle? Would it not be easier to just admit your defeat?"

"Ha ha, you're right."


Many whispers, each filled with ridicule, were spreading around, but the handsome face of the young man in the sky remained calm, despite all this mockery.

"Hmph, it's this fellow again!"

At an area of the battle territory, Qin Tiangang was looking at Mu Chen's shadow with a gloomy gaze. Behind him, Qin Ling's face was also livid. His Thunder Magic Congregation was defeated by Mu Chen, resulting in heavy casualties. Now that they had met again, it was only natural for him to be furious.

"This brat has an exaggerated opinion of his own abilities. So much so, that he thinks of Qin Bei as being someone who can be easily challenged." Qin Lin grit his teeth as he spoke, while his tone was filled with taunting.

The only reason why Mu Chen could have defeated him was because he was more skilled in his control of fighting spirit. But the sort of fight now was the kind where troops would be useless, and yet, he still dared to show up. He really was so arrogant, to the point that Qin Ling did not know what the dominator of the Daluo Territory was thinking to place the task of such an important fight unto this brat!

"Actually, I want to see how battered he would be after experiencing Qin Bei's power." Qin Ling looked at Mu Chen's shadow with a dense gaze. He was already quite anxious to see the look of a lost dog on Mu Chen's appearance later. 

While these people were whispering, at the forefront of the battle territory, Qin Bei who was wearing a green garment, raised his head. He looked over at Mu Chen's shadow, yet there was no hint of contempt in his eyes. The fact that he had come this far could only mean that he was not a stupid person.

Moreover, even if Mu Chen was truly just a phoney, he was still going to do his best against him. This type of steadiness had increasingly distinguished Mu Chen for the past few years, becoming known as his most reliable quality. So now, just like a lion wrestling with a rabbit, he was also going to give it his all.

"Qin Bei, we're relying on you for the final battle," Sword-hiding elderly said with a low tone, as he looked over at Qin Bei.

Qin Bei nodded and did not say another word. He took a stride and appeared in front of Mu Chen, with a flash of his figure. Then, his dull voice began to spread.
"Battle territory. Sorrowful Sky. Qin Bei."

Mu Chen looked at this man, who had a dull expression on his face, which was accompanied by a slightly grave stare. Although this man had yet to operate his spiritual energy, the transmission of a faint pressure was enough to make Mu Chen aware that this person before him could possibly be even stronger than Qin Ling from the Thunder Magic Sect. It was clear that Qin Bei's capability was at least at the level of a Grade Three Sovereign.

"The fact that you could be chosen by Daluo's dominator, despite only having the capabilities of a Grade Two Sovereign, must mean that you have some outstanding properties. I hope you can enlighten me," Qin Bei said lightly, while staring at Mu Chen.

He did not continue saying anything else, but instead, took a light step across the space behind him, which was suddenly beginning to distort. The expanse of the Sovereign Sea was partly visible, as the fluctuation of the surging spiritual energy engulfed the sky and land.

This sort of fluctuating spiritual energy was one that exceeded the peak of a Grade Three Sovereign. In fact, the current Qin Bei must have already begun to step into the level of a Grade Four Sovereign. With more practice, it would even be possible for him to complete his breakthrough and become a Grade Four Sovereign!

Over at the Daluo Territory, many strong people felt the fluctuation of the spiritual energy being emitted from Qin Bei's body, as the displeasure was clear on all of their faces. As for Xu Qing and Zhou Yue, their expressions were solemn.

Both of their capabilities were actually up to the standard of a Grade Three Sovereign. But, when compared to Qin Bei, they were lacking by a good length. Hence, if they were the ones sent in for this fight, everything would probably end in disaster.

Both of them shared a look, before letting out a soft sigh. Qin Bei was truly the most low profiled, yet the most capable commander in the battle territory.

"Has he already begun to step into the level of a Grade Four Sovereign?"

Mu Chen was also staring at Qin Bei's shadow with a solemn look. This sort of capability was truly the strongest out of all the commanders he had ever seen.

He sneered.

A bright flash of lightning began to flicker from the surface of Mu Chen's body. Soon after, he clenched his hand, and his whole body instantly turned into thunder, while nine lightning runes emerged from his chest area.

When the Thunder God Physique was urged to its peak, Mu Chen's gaze suddenly became chilly. He took a step firmly, and his figure actually strangely disappeared during a space warp.

When Mu Chen's shadow disappeared, Qin Bei's gaze fluctuated for a moment. Soon after, he vigorously formed a seal with one hand, then beat it toward the space behind him. In that seal, the spiritual energy, which was as majestic as the sea, stirred along with it.


Suddenly, there was a crack in the space behind Qin Bei. A dragon's shadow swept out in a flash, immediately turning into Mu Chen's shadow. As for his extremely powerful wind blast of fist, it had already turned into Rushing Thunder, and was now aiming to strike Qin Bei's head in an extremely vicious manner.

At the same time, Qin Bei's seal had also coincidentally swept over. Then, their fist prints collided.


The blast from the violent spiritual energy wreaked intense havoc. Mu Chen's shadow jolted slightly, before his stature shot out from below. He had to stamp his soles heavily in the air in order to stabilize his body. A numb feeling was emitting from that fist.

He raised his head to look at Qin Bei, but he seemed to have only taken a few steps back. Clearly, there was not much effect, despite his having used the Dragon Soaring Art's sky piercing attack.

"Despite only having the capabilities of a Grade Two Sovereign, you still managed to make a tear in space from a short distance. You really do have some skills," Qin Bei said lightly, while staring at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen smiled, but did not reply.

"I don't like to probe when I fight. So don't blame me for not giving you the chance to prove yourself." Qin Bei smiled as well, but that smile was slightly cold.

He waved his sleeved robe, and it began to move on its own. Suddenly, it drummed up and made a fluttering noise. At the same time, that spiritual energy, which was as majestic as the sea, had also swept out overwhelmingly.

With a shift in his stature, he immediately appeared high up in the sky. Then, he held out his palm across the void from Mu Chen, pressing down lightly. The moment he pressed down, what seemed to be a light rune appeared on his palm. That light rune resembled a stone tablet.


Suddenly, the bright spiritual energy began to spread downward, as it was actually following the pressing motion of Qin Bei's palm. Then, it turned into a huge palm of spiritual energy. And, in that palm, ten thousand fathoms of radiance abruptly burst out from a stone tablet rune. It was as if this palm could suppress even mighty mountains and rivers.

"Large Monument of Spiritual Hand!"

While Qin Bei was making a low sound, that huge palm of spiritual energy was already turning into a shadow, as it began to envelop Mu Chen, causing him to be unable to dodge it.


Mu Chen took a deep breath, as the cold rays in his black eyes stirred. All of a sudden, an appalling ominous aura soared up to the sky. A huge Demonic Pillar appeared in a flash, and was immediately held tightly in Mu Chen's arms. Then, it began to whirl and violently shake together, along with that huge palm of spiritual energy.

Dong! Dong!

The terrifying spiritual energy continuously stormed over, engulfing everything. Along with the repression by the huge palm of spiritual energy, Mu Chen, as well as the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, were also descending to the earth, section by section. Clearly, this sort of direct confrontation was more beneficial for Qin Bei, who had strong spiritual energy.


Mu Chen's figure fell unto the peak of a mountain, and immediately, the peak was crushed. The Great Meru Demonic Pillar was holding back the Spiritual Hand Stone Tablet. The bright lightning on Mu Chen's body was madly fluctuating.

Soon after, there seemed to be a low growl coming from his throat. At this moment, the ancient demonic rune on the Great Meru Demonic Pillar seemed to be squirming. At the same time, that fierce demonic force, which made a person's heart palpitate, had also completely erupted.


At this moment, the blood-red ominous light beam directly pierced through that Spiritual Hand Stone Tablet. The Great Meru Demonic Pillar had also penetrated the Palm Print Stone Tablet, before completely shattering it.

Despite having shattered this Spiritual Hand Stone Tablet, Mu Chen did not show any sign of relaxing in his expression. Instead, he raised his head with a solemn expression, as he saw huge Palm Print Stone Tablets continuously falling from the sky. The sort of repression caused by such strong spiritual energy had directly caused the mountain peaks to show signs of collapse.

When Qin Bei took action, it was exactly like how he said it would be, where he would not have any plans to hold back. This sort of violent offensive was enough to kill any strong person with a Grade Three Sovereign rank.

Over at the Daluo Territory, countless strong people shuddered with fear, due to Qin Bei's offensive. Xu Qing and Zhou Yue's expressions were even more glum, when compared to the rest, because they knew that, if it was them who had been sent for this fight, they would have been defeated by this round's offensive.

They simply did not know how Mu Chen was going to cope with this sort of attack.
Their gazes were fixated upon that collapsed mountain peak.

The young man supported the Great Meru Demonic Pillar with his hands, as he stood on a huge rock. Although there was a solemn expression on that handsome face, it was still calm and fearless. As for Tang Bing and the other strong people from Nine Nether Palace, their fists were clenched tightly, their eyes filled with worry.

From the battle territory's aspect, many strong people's demeanors were gradually relaxing. According to them, it seemed like there was already a result from this fight. Qin Bei's offensive had made it extremely disadvantageous for that brat called Mu Chen.

Streams of Spiritual Hand Stone Tablets descended in a whizz, and were reflected in Mu Chen's eyes, as if they were causing landslides and tsunamis. But, there was still no hint of fear in his expression. Instead, he closed his eyes and suddenly formed a seal with both his hands.

A bright golden light seemed to be sweeping out the very moment the streams of Spiritual Hand Stone Tablets crashed down. Suddenly, there was an overflow of light beams, which enveloped everything between the sky and land.

Boom! Boom!

The sound of a roar resounded through the air, while the earth was trembling wildly. All the mountains were beginning to collapse, and streams of large cracks were continuously spreading away from their lines of sight. Smoke and dust permeated the air.

There was silence throughout the space between the sky and land. Over at the Daluo Territory, countless people's faces were tightly wound up. However, over at the battle territory, there were some people who couldn't help but laugh out loud...

However, their laughter only lasted for a short while, as that smoke and dust, which was soaring up to the sky, had bright golden light shooting out from amongst it. High up in the sky, the usual dull expression on Qin Bei's face had uncontrollably changed.

With a wave of his sleeved robe, a fierce wind swept away all the smoke and dust. Once all the smoke and dust dispersed, he concentrated his gaze to see a tall and huge shadow standing upright within the ruins of the collapsed mountain. A gold scorching sun was suspended behind him, and at the same time, an indescribable feeling of repression began to envelop him.

At that area which was covered by the tall and huge shadow, which was emitting golden rays, was Mu Chen, who was standing still, quietly and unscathed. He raised his head and looked up at Qin Bei.

The moment the both of them made eye contact, within the fluctuation of a cold ray, there were sparks surging. It seemed as if, even the area where they looked face to face, was beginning to distort.

Only a scene like this could be considered as being the true battle between giants!

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