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After three rounds, Lord Asura was defeated and gravely wounded!

When Lord Asura retreated with heavy injuries, the atmosphere between the heavens and the earth was immediately frozen. Not only were the strong people of Daluo Territory gaping in awe, but even on the side of the Hundred Battle Territory, the crowd's faces were painted with shock.

Of course, this was a surprising result to them.

Lord Asura was not only famous in Daluo Territory, but was also well known in the Hundred Battle Territory. Although the Undead Spiritual King was rather bizarre, many expected this fight would be a closer match than the battle between the Sleeping King and the Demonic Sorrow Sovereign.

However, the result made everyone's jaws drop.

"How could this be..." Tang Bing mumbled as her face turned pale from watching Lord Asura, who was wounded and retreating.

Mu Chen stared at the sky with the same pale complexion on his face. He peered intently at a point far away in the sky. There was a figure wrapped completely in black bandages. He was emanating a strange and sinister aura.

When Lord Asura fought with this Undead Spiritual King just now, both their strengths were thoroughly revealed.

Grade Seven Sovereigns!

Lord Asura and the Undead Spiritual King were both Grade Seven Sovereigns in terms of capabilities. They were obviously the strongest among all the lords in their respective camps. Their ability could even equal that of kings.

As both of them were of the same grade, this generally meant that the fight should be a deadlock. And without a special move to break the tie, they could even end with a draw.

But while everyone was expecting that, a sudden change occured in that battle.
Everyone could see that after exchanging a few blows, the Undead Spiritual King had suddenly retreated. Then, with a wave of his sleeve, a darkened mummy emerged from his side.

The mummy was almost a skeleton, and eerie black runes were scribbled all over its body. An uncomfortable wave of chills spread from it.

That was a special move of the Demonic Corpse Sect, a Demonic Corpse!

The powerful practitioners in the Demonic Corpse Sect possessed a strong affinity in controlling corpses. They could manipulate the corpses of some powerful individuals, using them to battle. That was why the Demonic Corpse Sect practitioners generally depended on the power of Demonic Corpses to outnumber their enemies.

Everyone could tell by looking at this darkened Demonic Corpse that it was the Undead Spiritual King's Life Demonic Corpse.

After the Life Demonic Corpse was summoned, the Undead Spiritual King's bandages were instantly torn apart. In the next moment, his body ruptured. Most of his flesh and blood left his body and attached to the Corpse.

The sight of that was absolutely bloody and hideous. Anyone who saw it was frightened to the bone.

When most of the Undead Spiritual King's flesh and blood were combined with the Corpse, he waved his sleeves, and the Corpse rushed towards Lord Asura, and… it self-destructed, just like that.

The Life Demonic Corpse's strength was, to a certain extent, a Grade Seven Sovereign's after absorbing the flesh and blood of the Undead Spiritual King. With this level of power, even one as powerful as the Condor King would have to steer clear of the explosion to protect himself.

When the Demonic Corpse self-destructed, Lord Asura gave his all to defend himself, but he was still gravely wounded to the point of defeat!

Many were still unaware of the situation because the conclusion was too sudden. Their eyes were still sluggish, as they could not have imagined that the Undead Spiritual King would be that insane.

A Life Demonic Corpse was closely bound to its master's body. Although the self-destruction of a Life Demonic Corpse would not cause its master to die, the trauma inflicted upon him would be unimaginable. Besides, to train a Life Demonic Corpse was an extremely difficult task. Although the Undead Spiritual King had won through detonating his Life Demonic Corpse, it may not have been a worthwhile trade in the long run...

...Which was why everyone was stupefied by the Undead Spiritual King's reckless and unhinged act.

The price of his victory may have been too hefty…


Mu Chen took a long, deep breath of chilly air. He looked at the silhouette of the Undead Spiritual King. Blood was oozing out from underneath his black bandages without stopping, dripping downward. The spiritual energy fluctuation around the Undead Spiritual King had weakened to its lowest point. It was clear that the self-destruction of his Life Demonic Corpse had also wounded him greatly.

"This lunatic..." was most likely the impression of most people toward the Undead Spiritual King right now.


The Condor King leaped forward, catching Lord Asura's wounded body in his arms. He trained his cold stare at the Undead Spiritual King and said, "That was a brilliant strategy, but are you not worried that this may be too great a price to pay?"

Underneath the black bandages of the Undead Spiritual King were two cold eyes. With a sinister smile, he raised his shaky palm slightly. In his palm was a humanoid doll carved out of a bone, and the doll was full of cracks.

"A Corpse Doll?"

When the Condor King saw this, the color in his face drained. The Corpse Doll was an extremely ominous item. It was rumored that it could take a deadly blow for a person.

But since the method to create one was extremely bloody, not many people had one. Who would've thought that the Undead Spiritual King had such a treasure to absorb the fatal damage? In this case, there would be minimal repercussions upon the Undead Spiritual King, justifying his recklessness.

The Spiritual Pupil King, Nine Nether, and others also saw the Corpse Doll, and their complexions turned pale. Obviously, the Undead Spiritual King had come prepared. No wonder the Hundred Battle Territory proposed holding this gambled battle.

If it weren't for the Sleeping King's unpredictability clinching their first win, Daluo Territory could have already lost completely.

"Ahah, it seems like we, the Hundred Battle Territory, have gotten an easy win!" The Sword-Hiding Elder jeered with a smirk. Within the eyes of those in the camp of Daluo Territory, that smirk was absolutely disgusting.

The Condor King's eyes were cold as he carried Lord Asura, who had passed out from his injuries, back to the camp. Then, he left Lord Asura in others' care, and looked at the Dominator of Daluo, ever unmoving on his throne.

"Heh, a win and a loss."

The light around the Dominator of Daluo started to vibrate gently, then a soft laughter resonated. However, in that laughter was a sliver of discouraged spirit. "It seems like you are well prepared, Hundred Battle Territory."

Liu Tiandao, who had yet to utter a single word, now spoke with a smile. "Ohoh, you are mistaken, Dominator of Daluo. The Hundred Battle Territory is not as powerful as the Daluo Territory to begin with. They are merely giving their all to survive."

With the help of a powerful Earthly Sovereign like Liu Tiandao, the Sword-Hiding Elder and the others were less fearful of the Dominator of Daluo. With a smile, the Elder spoke. "Dominator of Daluo, we are now tied after two matches. If you would kindly retreat, we can forget about the third match."

With a win and a loss, the third match of this gambled battle had unexpectedly become the most important yet. The candidate for the third match from the Hundred Battle Territory was Qin Bei. Among all the commanders in the Hundred Battle Territory, he was the one with the lowest profile. However, his capabilities were even acknowledged by the arrogant Lin Qingfeng. Many believed that his capabilities were considered rare, even among the younger generation of the North Territory.

On the other hand, Daluo Territory's candidate was a Grade Two Sovereign commander. While he may have had some fame, his was like earth compared to Qin Bei's heaven. Which was why for the third match, the Hundred Battle Territory was very confident. After all, as long as Qin Bei remained undefeated, this gambled battle could be considered their victory. Since Daluo Territory had brought such a crowd to the Hundred Battle Territory, even when they were ranked above the Hundred Battle Territory, they would become the laughingstock of the North Territory if they were to end this battle miserably.

On the side of Daluo Territory, countless powerful individuals looked at each other. Then they could not help staring at the youth standing before the Nine Nether Troop. Their eyes were filled with helplessness.

They had expected to clinch the first two matches. In that manner, the third match would not even matter. But who would have anticipated this turn of events…

A battle that shouldn't even have mattered had become the most important one.
The tide of change was truly unfathomable.

Facing the countless helpless gazes, Mu Chen could only shrug. He then looked at the Dominator of Daluo. To send him into battle or not clearly still depended upon the will of the Dominator.

The countless gazes moved away from Mu Chen and toward the Dominator of Daluo. While everybody was focused on him, the Dominator laughed. There was not a shred of surprise within his laughter.

"It seems like the result is just as expected." As the Dominator's gentle laugh echoed, the expression on the faces of the powerful individuals in the camp of Daluo Territory turned solemn.

What does this mean? Had he anticipated this situation from the beginning? Why would he pick Mu Chen to fight in this most important battle? Is he that confident in him?

The Dominator of Daluo looked straight at Mu Chen, and a faint voice asked him, "The honor of Daluo Territory is dependant on the third match of this gambled battle. How confident are you of winning?"

Mu Chen held his right fist with his left palm and replied calmly, "I will give my all." He was still doubtful of the Dominator's interest in a minor character like himself. But since this opportunity has presented itself, he had no reason to reject it.

"Very well."

The Dominator of Daluo laughed and said, "Go. Fight in the third match."

In Daluo Territory's camp, innumerous powerful individuals forced bitter smiles. Since it seemed like the Dominator of Daluo had no intention of changing his mind, they could only wait and see if this new commander called Mu Chen was worthy of the Dominator's election.

"Good luck, Mu Chen!" Tang Bing tightened her fists as she encouraged Mu Chen. While she may not have known how this match would turn out, she still had to give Mu Chen her support.

Mu Chen nodded at her. When he wanted to move, he felt a gaze projected onto him. He raised his face and saw Nine Nether staring at him with a worried expression.

Mu Chen gave Nine Nether a smile. Without another word, his body vanished. And under the gaze of countless powerful individuals from both camps, he appeared in the sky. He then faced the Hundred Battle Territory's camp, his left palm clasping his right palm, and a clear and sonorous laughter resonated.

"Mu Chen of Nine Nether Palace from Daluo Territory, coming forward!"

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