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The majestic and enormous Sovereign Celestial Body was sitting cross-legged. Its immense and vast spiritual energy wave was howling like a sea, sending out wave after wave furiously. It was an extremely spectacular scene.

Above the Sleeping King's Sovereign Celestial Body, a giant golden dragon was coiling around it. Its mouth opened, and its roar echoed throughout the skies. The air was completely filled with its might.

This was the Heavenly Dragon Celestial body, ranked 17 among the 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies!

Innumerable powerful individuals within the heavens and the earth looked in astonishment at the gargantuan body of the dragon. It was so colossal, it appeared almost as if to be covering the heavens and the earth.

With the force of a Grade Eight Sovereign, the Sovereign Celestial Body that the Sleeping King had summoned was so concentrated, it was no different than a physical body. In fact, the degree of concentration was so dense, even Mu Chen's Daluo Golden Body could not match even a fraction of it!

Mu Chen stared at the humongous Heavenly Dragon Celestial Body in awe. It was the strongest of all the Sovereign Celestial Bodies that he had ever witnessed. Of course, this was mainly due to the terrifying power of the Sleeping King. After all, among the ranks of powerful individuals, even the most common Sovereign Celestial Bodies harbored horrifying destructive powers.

"Rumor has it that, in order to attain the Heavenly Dragon Celestial Body, one has to capture an actual Heavenly Dragon as a medium for their training."

What was more even shocking to Mu Chen was the Heavenly Dragon Celestial Body itself. In order to master the Heavenly Dragon Celestial Body, it required the body of a Heavenly Dragon as a medium. The medium was needed to absorb its spiritual energy and then combine it with one's own spiritual energy.

Furthermore, Heavenly Dragons were of the highest rank among all dragons, as they are exceptionally ferocious and valiant, not to mention their having a strong backing. To capture one of them is a nearly impossible task. The fact that the Sleeping King was able to grasp such an opportunity, implied that destiny was at work.

Amid the shouts and yells, the Demonic Sorrow Sovereign slowly looked up. His usually calm visage looked at the enormous figure, which seemed infinite in size, with solemn eyes. He then formed a seal with his hand.


As he formed the seal, a monstrous spiritual energy burst out. A blinding golden light gathered behind the Demonic Sorrow Sovereign. Within a few breaths, the golden light materialized into a physical being. A golden Celestial Body that was as enormous as the Heavenly Dragon Celestial Body appeared, now standing erect behind the Demonic Sorrow Sovereign.

That Celestial Body looked like it was cast in pure gold. In one of its giant hands was a golden bowl. On the bowl were countless ancient runes. A golden liquid seemed to be overflowing from the golden bowl.

"That's the Great Vajra Celestial Body, ranked 73 among the 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies!"

The countless gazes from the crowd were now set upon the golden Celestial Body. It looked like it was made of diamonds, glittering, resplendent, and appearing to be unbelievably sturdy. It was obvious that this Sovereign Celestial Body of the Demonic Sorrow Sovereign was equally remarkable.

The two enormous Sovereign Celestial Bodies were standing upright, their heights extending from the ground to the skies. Even the sky had darkened, due to the intense pressure emanating from the two. Each and every soul held their breath when they saw this spectacular display.

The figure of the Sleeping King floated in the air steadily, finally halting above the head of the Heavenly Dragon Celestial Body. His gaze was focused on the Great Vajra Celestial Body. He did not waste his time on small talk, as they both knew that only one winner must emerge today. 

To emerge victorious, at their level, they would have to unveil their trump cards. No one know what would happen once that time came.


The Sleeping King was not an indecisive person, and therefore, he did not hesitate to act. With a shine in his eyes, he stomped his foot. Immediately, the golden Heavenly Dragon seated upon his Sovereign Celestial Body opened its eyes and spread its menacing jaws, before inhaling sharply.


As the space before the dragon crumbled, infinite pieces of spatial shards were sucked into its mouth. In the next moment, a golden spiritual energy that was embedded with dark spatial shards was launched from its mouth, flooding forth like a wave.

"Dimension Crushing Dragon Breath!"


The flood of golden spiritual energy pierced through space, ignoring the distance and materializing before the Great Vajra Celestial Body. This torrent of gold, which gathered the shards of space, could obliterate anything in its path.

"Great Palm of Vajra!"

With a solemn look, while channeling his thoughts, the Demonic Sorrow Sovereign's Great Vajra Celestial Body quickly extended its palm. As the palm went against the wind, it expanded and shone with a bright golden light. Then, just like a mountain made out of diamonds, it collided ferociously with the golden torrent.


The heavens and the earth shook vigorously at the exact instant of collision. Meanwhile, tornadoes that were ten thousand feet tall were birthed from the clash, leaping and dancing without restraint and shattering the earth and the heavens.

As the golden torrent striked the palm, layers of clouds splintered and scattered. The giant palm of Vajra was sent propelling backwards for several thousand feet. But at that moment, the golden torrent that was carrying spatial shards was blocked completely.

The hurricane continued to rage throughout the heavens and the earth. The spectators' hearts almost fell out their chests from shock. The extent of this collision was too great a trauma.

The eyes of the Demonic Sorrow Sovereign glinted with gold flecks. Looking at the spiritual torrent, the expression in his eyes suddenly became somber, but his body relaxed steadily.

"This is to be expected from the strongest of the Three Kings."

His calm voice resonated in the heavens and the earth, along with the hurricane. He stared at the Sleeping King, who was standing above the Sky Dragon Celestial Body. Then, he took in a long, deep breath. At their levels, neither of them could win simply by using normal techniques. If that were so, there would be need for either to hold back.

"If you can endure this move of mine, I'll concede this match!"

The Demonic Sorrow Sovereign shut his eyelids slowly, then put his palms together and clasped both hands into a fist. As he did so, the golden bowl that was being held by his Sovereign Celestial Body began to float.

The golden bowl expanded rapidly, growing to several thousand feet within a blink of an eye. On the surface of the bowl, the ancient golden runes were glimmering fantastically.

Then, the bowl swiftly turned, aiming itself toward the Sleeping King and his Heavenly Dragon Celestial Body. As the golden bowl flipped, the raging hurricane stopped abruptly. In this moment, even the air flow slowed dramatically.

As all of this was happening, a silent aura of danger spread throughout the heavens and the earth. Every powerful individual could feel its chill on their skins.

It was clear that the Demonic Sorrow Sovereign had no intention of prolonging the battle. Instead, he planned to execute his last resort in order to swiftly end this battle and determine a winner.

Mu Chen watched with a sullen look. He could feel the frightening waves surging within the golden bowl. This must be the strongest attack in the entire arsenal of the Demonic Sorrow Sovereign.

"What does he want to do?" Tang Bing could not help asking.

Mu Chen's eyes glimmered for a moment, then he said, "I am afraid he's gonna use his Sovereign Super Power."

A Sovereign Super Power was a skill only available to the more powerful Sovereign Celestial Body. The Great Vajra Celestial Body obviously possessed this ability.

A Grade Eight Sovereign exerting his Sovereign Super Power, how devastating would that power be? Mu Chen could not even begin to imagine...


The focus of countless gazes in the heavens and the earth, a white puff of breath blew out of the Demonic Sorrow Sovereign's mouth. After which, he promptly opened his eyes. His normally peaceful pupils now appeared like avalanches and earthquakes, filled with a violent rage.

He changed the seal with both hands, then roared as his eyes widened. "Sovereign Super Power! Heaven Obilerating Vajra Bowl!"


With a shake of the giant golden bowl, the ancient runes flew out, causing the bowl to vibrate fiercely. The next moment, a golden torrent swirled out from the middle of the bowl. The endless torrent crushed space itself into smithereens, splitting into countless jets, before rushing toward the Sleeping King from all directions.

On each golden jet, ancient runes were engraved. Even a single jet could terrify a Grade Seven Sovereign. And now, with so many of them, even a Grade Eight Sovereign wouldn't dare face them head-on!

This was clearly an attack that was completely free of all reservations from the Demonic Sorrow Sovereign! The golden streams of torrents filled the skies, flying past the countless gazes of shocked onlookers. However, the figure of the Sleeping King was unmoving, standing completely still upon the head of his Heavenly Dragon Celestial Body.

Within the entire heavens and the earth, only the Dominator of Daluo remained emotionless. Liu Tiandao, who was on the other side, however, knit his brows slightly.


The golden torrents rained down from above, then burst forth. All the while, a smile remained on the Sleeping King's face. Then, he quickly formed a seal with both of his hands. As he did so, a glint of golden light could clearly be seen within his eyes.


The golden Heavenly Dragon sitting upon the Heavenly Dragon Celestial Body roared at once, before immediately stretching out its jaws and inhaling deeply. The innumerable crowd marveled, as they watched the terrifying streams of golden torrents being so nonchalantly swallowed up by the golden dragon.

The heavens and the earth fell silent. Who would have thought that the most powerful attack from the Demonic Sorrow Sovereign would be impeded so easily by the Sleeping King?!

"Awesome..." Tang Bing exclaimed in awe, while cupping her own mouth.

Mu Chen's expression changed as well. He stared intently at the silhouette of the Sleeping King. In the previous moment, he could feel a miniscule change in the spiritual energy fluctuation surrounding the Sleeping King.

Commotions and uproars arose in the crowd. On the side of the Hundred Battle Territory, the faces of the Sword-hiding Elder and others could not help but turn pale. This turn of events was certainly beyond their expectations!

"How is this possible? They are both Grade Eights, so how could he block the Demonic Sorrow Sovereign's most powerful attack with such ease?" The Sword-hiding Elder wondered aloud.

On top of the Great Vajra Celestial Body, the Demonic Sorrow Sovereign stared at a silhouette in the distance. As the golden light dissipated, the figure of the Sleeping King emerged once more, but the horrifying spiritual energy surrounding him was nowhere to be found.

Although his spiritual energy had disappeared, the Demonic Sorrow Sovereign could still feel a truly menacing aura closing in and enveloping him. This caused his calm visage to turn pale. He looked at the Sleeping King, then said "It seems like I have overlooked you!"

To create an aura enough to pressure a Grade Eight Sovereign like him, it was clear that the Sleeping King's capabilities had far surpassed his! The Sleeping King's capabilities were not those of a Grade Eight's, but a Grade Nine's!

Many were shocked and speechless. Even the Condor King and the Spiritual Pupil King could not keep from inhaling sharply. Who would've thought that the drowsy, groggy Sleeping King had such unfathomable powers?

"It's my loss."

The Demonic Sorrow Sovereign was straightforward in his admittance. He knew it was impossible for him to win this match, so he dispersed his Sovereign Celestial Body at once. He then turned his back and left, returning to the Hundred Battle Territory camp.

"The first match goes to the Daluo Territory!"

"It's in the bag!"

Astonishing cheers erupted within the camps of the Daluo Territory. Tang Bing couldn't stop herself from smiling. With the victory of the first match, they just had to clinch another match to win this entire gambled battle!

After the end of the first match, the second match was soon started...

"Lord Asura versus the Undead Army Spiritual King!"

As the Daluo Territory was still rejoicing with deafening shouts and cheers, and were in a state of relaxed celebration over the first match, the second match had already ended with an alarming speed! The shocking result instantly silenced the joyful cheers in the camps of the Daluo Territory.

The entire crowd was staring wide-eyed, their faces filled with disbelief. Within just three rounds, Lord Asura had been defeated with a grave wound!

(To be continued…)

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