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In the main hall of the Thunder Magic Sect.

"So far, we have captured almost half of the territory."

A Spiritual Energy Screen was spread out in the main hall. Nine Nether pointed at the map of the battling territory. Almost half of it had been taken over by Daluo Territory. One could imagine that within one month, both parties must have had multiple wars.

As Mu Chen looked at the screen, he could indistinctly smell the scent of blood. For every city that had been captured, there was bloodshed and killing. War was brutal and without mercy.

This was not the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy.

"The real war starts now," Nine Nether said calmly.

Mu Chen, Tang Bing, and the other top powers of Nine Nether Palace nodded and looked grave. The three top forces in the Hundred Battle Territory had not acted during this period. If they had, Daluo Territory would not have been able to capture part of the territory so quickly.

"In the Valley of Ten Thousand Swords, are there any movements from the Demonic Corpse Sect and Sorrowful Sky?" Mu Chen asked. Since the line of defense had shrunk tremendously, the three top forces would not possibly continue to forbear it. Otherwise, the other forces in the Hundred Battle Territory would be unhappy with them.

"According to the latest information, all the people of the Valley of Ten Thousand Swords, Demonic Corpse Sect, and Sorrowful Sky are gathering at this place." Nine Nether squinted and pointed at the map. It was the most sophisticated line of defense in the Hundred Battle Territory.

"Battle City."

Mu Chen stared at the city on the map. He had heard that it was an important strategic city, and the scale was grand. It had been controlled by three forces. At this moment, it was the best line of defense in the Hundred Battle Territory.

Even Daluo Territory found it knotty in the face of such an important strategic city.

Nine Nether turned grave and said, "The masters and other powerful people of the Valley of Ten Thousand Swords, Demonic Corpse Sect, and Sorrowful Sky will gather here. It will be very powerful.

"The Hundred Battle Territory has challenged us to the final war. The entire North Territory is watching us. Any retreat or sign of weakness will tarnish our reputation."

"Challenged us to the final war?" Mu Chen turned pale. The Hundred Battle Territory had the audacity to challenge them to the final war!

"With Tian Xuan Hall secretly helping them, the Hundred Battle Territory has become bold," Nine Nether said with a sneer.

Mu Chen nodded. When the Battle of Conquest had started, the Dominator of Daluo Territory had mentioned that Liu Tiandao of Tian Xuan Hall had been eyeing them, so he could not get himself involved. If Daluo Territory lost such a top power like the Dominator, they would lose their dominant position.

The Hundred Battle Territory had the audacity to challenge Daluo Territory because if they managed to win the war, they could step on Daluo Territory to assume their position. Their reputation would skyrocket.

This would not be an easy battle for Daluo Territory.

"What did the Three Kings say?" Mu Chen asked. The Battle of Conquest was controlled by the Three Kings. Since the Hundred Battle Territory had issued the challenge, the Three Kings would have reacted.

"The Three Kings have commanded all the top powers in Daluo Territory to gather outside the Hundred Battle Territory. War is going on within a thousand miles in the region," Nine Nether said.

Mu Chen nodded. Given Daluo Territory's position, they had to accept the challenge. The upcoming battle would be extremely intense and horrifying.

It would be a fight between the two great powers. The earlier fights would be nothing compared to it.

Mu Chen looked at Nine Nether and asked, "What about us?" Since Daluo Territory had mobilized all the top powers, Nine Nether Palace would not stay out of it.

"Let's go to Battle City!"

Nine Nether stood up without hesitation and waved her hand. Her cold voice resounded in the main hall. As a citizen of Daluo Territory, they would not back down from such a crucial war.

The top powers in Nine Nether Palace cupped their fists and shouted, "Yes!"

Mu Chen lifted his head and looked out of the main hall. In the northwest, the sky was gloomy and filled with warfare.

He could feel his blood pulsing through his veins. He needed such combat, as this would help to sharpen his skills toward the path of being a matchless master.

One day, everyone in Tianluo Continent would know him. By then, he would have fulfilled the promise that he had made to the girl.

Luo Li, wait for me.

Battle City.

This was a lofty city that had been passed down from the Primordial Age. It had withstood many fierce battles and continued to stand tall on this piece of land.

The ancient city had once again gone to war.

A great light array in the sky covered the entire city. It looked like a huge bowl that had been turned over. Many shadows darted across it, and powerful spiritual energy fluctuations shot up into the sky.

Outside the city far away, many figures were standing in the air. The powerful spiritual energy caused distortion in the sky.

Battle City was the battlefront, and it slowly spread out to as far as the eye could see.

Southwest of Battle City.

Although this place was far from Battle City, the war had never stopped for a moment. The two troops had been trying to wipe each other out.

The fight was extremely fierce, and the people involved were no ordinary men. Both troops had strong fighting spirit!

The men on the left had yellow armor that looked like golden armor. They held heavy halberds in their hands. The majestic fighting spirit raged like a tornado in the heavens and the earth.

Gilt patterns were on the golden armor. They were the Kingo Troop that was under the command of Lord Gilt. He was one of the nine Lords in Daluo Territory.

Although the Kingo Troop was not as famous as the Asura Troop, Cracking Mountain Army, Blood Hawk Troop, or other powerful troops, it was quite powerful. It had established splendid records in battles.

However, their current situation did not look too good.

Their opponent was an army in green, holding long swords. A terrifying sword aura raged between the heaven and earth, and caused the sky to be in a devastating state.

They were the Three Thousand Swordsmen from the Valley of Ten Thousand Swords!

They had identified themselves as the Three Thousand Swordsmen through their unique style. The Three Thousand Swordsmen troop was the most powerful troop in the Valley of Ten Thousand Swords. Its combat force was one of the best among those in the Hundred Battle Territory.

The Three Thousand Swordsmen troop was more famous than the Kingo Troop.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Sword aura covered the sky and weakened the fighting spirit of the Kingo Troop. In the face of the attack by the Three Thousand Swordsmen, the Kingo Troop could only be on the defensive.

Other forces from the two sides were fighting as well, but as the Three Thousand Swordsmen had suppressed the Kingo Troop, the morale of the army from the Valley of Ten Thousand Swords was boosted. On the other hand, the army from Daluo Territory kept retreating.

A figure in green stood in the air above the Three Thousand Swordsmen and said, "Hohoho, Commander Qian Long, your Kingo Troop does not seem to be able to hang on anymore. Why don't you just give up and prevent the unnecessary loss of lives?" He was carrying a long green sword on his back. He looked at the Kingo Troop, who was trying to resist the Three Thousand Swordsmen, and smiled.

He was the commander of the Three Thousand Swordsmen, Lin Qingfeng.

His position was comparable to Xu Qing and Zhou Yue's in Daluo Territory.

A burly man from the Kingo Troop stood in the air and looked at Lin Qingfeng. He gritted his teeth and thought of how unlucky he was. He was just clearing out the remnants, but the Three Thousand Swordsmen suddenly appeared. He knew the power of the Three Thousand Swordsmen. In Daluo Territory, only the Asura Troop led by Xu Qing and the Cracking Mountain Army led by Zhou Yue could defend against it.

It was fortunate that not all of the Three Thousand Swordsmen were present. Otherwise, the Kingo Troop would have already been defeated. Even at this moment, they could only resist the attack.

Qian Long gritted his teeth and shouted, "Lin Qingfeng, don't be too cocky. Our top powers are on their way here. When they arrive, you will see what will become of you!"

"Hohoho, you have reminded me to quickly finish you off," Lin Qingfeng said with a smile. He bent his fingers and pointed in the air. A strong sword aura swirled out and covered the region. It turned into an extremely huge sword, and its spiritual energy tore the space apart.

When Qian Long saw it, he turned pale. He could sense grave danger. He shouted, "Gilt Divine Shield!"


A gilt fighting spirit shot up and turned into a huge golden shield. The golden shield was thick and solid like a mountain.


The huge sword did not pause for a single moment. It slashed down hard on the golden shield, and a horrifying sword aura burst out.


The sword aura raged, and Qian Long's expression changed abruptly. He saw that the golden shield had been cracked by the huge sword.

"Oh no!"

Qian Long turned even more pale. The Kingo Troop would suffer severe losses.

Lin Qingfeng looked calm. As he was about to destroy the Kingo Troop with his huge sword, he suddenly looked stunned. A violent thunder sound resounded in the sky from afar.


Dark lightning like a raging dragon shot toward Lin Qingfeng.

Lin Qingfeng frowned. He changed the direction of the huge sword to strike the dark lightning dragon.


A spiritual energy windstorm raged out. The top powers were shocked, and they lifted their heads to look at the sky.

"Who is stopping me?" Lin Qingfeng asked. The sharp sword aura spread out and cut the clouds apart. He looked sharply at the sky and saw that it had gradually turned dark.

The thunder sound continued to be heard.

As the thunder sound traveled across the sky, the sound of laughter accompanied it.

"Daluo Territory, Nine Nether Troop from Nine Nether Palace!"

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