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In the depths of the Thunder Magic Abyss, Mu Chen and Nine Nether stared at the black lightning sea with solemn looks. Although the lightning sea looked calm, the two could clearly feel the violence hidden beneath. In fact, they shuddered to think of what terrifying things were hidden within the bottomless darkness below.

"Let's go in together," Nine Nether said. She obviously could not allow Mu Chen to enter this kind of dangerous place alone.

Mu Chen nodded gently in agreement. Then, moving his body, he turned into a beam of light that shot towards the black lightning sea. Behind him, Nine Nether, whose whole body was now covered with purple flames, followed closely.


In the vast lightning sea, the sound of water could be heard. The two charged into the lightning sea, their bodies quickly vanishing into the darkness. It looked as if they were engulfed by a huge mouth of darkness.


When the two entered the lightning sea, the extremely violent roars of thunder enveloped them within an intense vibration. In fact, the most powerful attack from the Earthly Demonic Lightning were shock waves. Hence, the shock wave was more than sufficient to tear the entire surrounding ground apart.

Although Mu Chen and Nine Nether were both protected by their spiritual energies, waves of ripples still appeared on the spiritual energy covers that were surrounding the two, due to the shock waves.

Mu Chen scanned the area, but could only see the dark color of ink. Furthermore, because of the Earthly Demonic Lightning, his spiritual energy sensor was also very limited. To find the Netherworld Thunder Heart in this place was obviously as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack!

However, since they had already come so far, they could not give up now. No matter how difficult it was, they had to give it a try!

With renewed determination, Mu Chen and Nine Nether dove deep into the lightning sea. They had figured that, logically speaking, the Netherworld Thunder Heart was superior to the Earthly Demonic Lightning. Hence, if it was to form, it would definitely be found at the place where the Earthly Demonic Lightning was the most concentrated.


In the lightning sea, the violent rumbles of thunder could be heard continuously. Mu Chen and Nine Nether swam quickly. The light of spiritual energy surged around their bodies, making them the only sources of light within the dark depths of the lightning sea.

As the two dove deeper, they could also feel that the shock waves that were gushing towards them were becoming stronger. Therefore, they had to slow their swimming paces. However, as time passed, they still did not manage to sense any fluctuations that belonged to the Netherworld Thunder Heart.

Slowing down even further, the two glanced at each other and sighed gently. It seemed that, just as they had expected, finding the Netherworld Thunder Heart in the lightning sea was incredibly difficult. It was no wonder that, after so many years, the Thunder Magic Sect still had not found a single one.

"The Thunder Magic Abyss leads to the very deepest parts of the underground. The deeper we go, the more violent the power of lightning will become. By that time, even we will probably not be able to tolerate it," Nine Nether said with a stern look.

Mu Chen nodded gently. He had also realized that, if they continued to use this silly method, they would not be able to find the Netherworld Thunder Heart, even if they were to spend one or two years trying!

But, apart from this, are there any more efficient methods?

"The Earthly Demonic Lightning here has interfered with our spiritual energy sensor, and we cannot detect our surroundings at all," Nine Nether said resignedly. "If we could only find a way to be shielded from the interference of the Earthly Demonic Lightning, it would be much easier for us to carry out the search."

However, Nine Nether only said this half-heartedly, as she knew all too well that the Earthly Demonic Lightning was extremely violent and aggressive, and also repulsed external objects. So, even with their powers, it would be impossible to shield the interference.

Hearing all of this, Mu Chen frowned. Indeed, just like what Nine nether had said, there was only one way for them to find the Netherworld Thunder Heart in this place. They had to use the Earthly Demonic Lightning as a medium, but… The Earthly Demonic Lightning was very aggressive, and would definitely be unwilling to become a medium.

Nine Nether saw Mu Chen pondering, so she did not disturb him. She also did not interrupt because, at the moment, she did not have any other ideas.

After being silent for a while, Mu Chen said, "I will try the Thunder God Physique."

After he had finished speaking, the spiritual energy shield around his body dissipated. Immediately, as the Earthly Demonic Lightning rushed over, his body quickly became electrified. Then, dazzling lightning surged on his body.

Bang! Bang!

However, Mu Chen's plan did not work, as he had underestimated the extreme power of the Earthly Demonic Lightning. The fiercely vibrating Earthly Demonic Lightning collided onto his body heavily. Even though Mu Chen's physical body was very strong, the shocks still caused the blood in his body to surge.

Seeing this, Nine Nether, who was watching from the side, quickly cast the Unperishable Flame around Mu Chen to protect him. Frowning slightly, she said, "It doesn't work. Even though you have cultivated the Thunder God Physique, it doesn't mean that you are immune to all types of lightning!"

There were many different types of lightning in the world, each possessing different properties. Clearly, Mu Chen would not be immune to all lightnings, just by relying on the Thunder God Physique.

Mu Chen smiled bitterly. At first, he had thought that he could simply rely on the Thunder God Physique to make the Earthly Demonic Lightning less aggressive. But, by the looks of it, it seemed that this was only wishful thinking.

"The Thunder God Physique is also useless..." Mu Chen muttered to himself and frowned. After a while, an idea suddenly came to him. He recalled a divine technique that he had cultivated in the past, but that he had been using only very rarely since: The Lightning Controlling Technique.

When he was still in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, the Northern Sea Dragon had passed the divine technique to him. The divine technique was somewhat special, as it was said that it could allow one to communicate with all of the lightnings in the world, and therefore, attract any lightning.

However, there were many restrictions for the divine technique, particularly if it was to be used in a battle. Hence, Mu Chen had only rarely cast it. Nevertheless, at the moment, it may actually solve his urgent need!

"I will try again," Mu Chen said to Nine Nether. He then sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes. His hands quickly formed a mysterious seal, as he completely stopped moving, just like an old, meditating monk.

As Mu Chen calmed down gradually, his mind power spread out quietly. Then, he carefully tried to make contact with the Earthly Demonic Lightning that filled the place.

A fluctuation spread out from Mu Chen's mind power. It was the Lightning Controlling Technique.

The fluctuation was emitted outward, wave by wave. Then, a surprising scene appeared. The Earthly Demonic Lightning that was originally rippling violently around Mu Chen and Nine Nether slowly became calm. Nine Nether watched the entire scene in surprised amazement.

This guy had actually succeeded?

Mu Chen's closed eyes opened gradually at that exact moment, and he was similarly filled with surprise. The magical properties of the Lightning Controlling Technique had exceeded his expectations.

Although he could not really control the Earthly Demonic Lightning in this place, and especially not in such a short time, he was at least able to obtain some preliminary communication. Now, the Earthly Demonic Lightning no longer repulsed and attacked him violently.

Next, he only needed to somehow use the Earthly Demonic Lightning as the medium. By controlling his mind power, he could then search the horrifying lightning sea at an incredible speed.

Mu Chen closed his eyes again, while his mind power adhered quietly onto the many bolts of the Earthly Demonic Lightning. Then, it started to spread out at an astonishing speed…

Nine Nether stood beside Mu Chen to protect him. Although the spreading of the mind power could not be seen, she could feel that something was sweeping out into the depths of the lightning sea, just like a beam of light that was flashing across the sky.

Wherever his mind power passed, the rumble of thunder could be heard continuously. However, because he using the Lightning Controlling Technique, the Earthly Demonic Lightning would not attack Mu Chen's mind power. Otherwise, the fragile mind power would be completely destroyed by the violent Earthly Demonic Lightning in an instant.

Countless images appeared in Mu Chen's mind continuously. However, it was all still only darkness, as no special fluctuations could be felt. Nevertheless, Mu Chen did not hurry. Instead, he condensed his mind power and kept searching.

Time passed slowly, as the search was dull and boring. However, Mu Chen did not dare relax his efforts. He cautiously analyzed the tiny fluctuations that were transmitting, trying to find his target, which was hidden somewhere within the lightning sea.

However, he was still unsuccessful.

One day… Two days… Four days…

Four days had passed now. In these four days, Mu Chen was totally motionless, as if he was a monolith. His closed eyes did not open at all.

Nine Nether also stood guarded silently beside him for these four days. As the time passed, her fists had clenched quietly, mirroring her tense thoughts. Even if he does this, he still may not be able to find the Netherworld Thunder Heart...

She turned her head slightly to stare at the stern yet handsome face of the young man. On that face, the original immaturity had already faded away gradually, making way for the signs of perseverance that could now slowly be seen. His tightly closed lips, just like himself, looked stubbornly persistent.


Nine Nether sighed gently. Her sigh fell into the ears of Mu Chen, as his body began to tremble abruptly. Wild joy suddenly surged on his stern face.

The reason for this scene was due to the fact that, in the extension of his mind power, he finally had found an abnormal fluctuation. Moreover, he could feel that even the Earthly Demonic Lightning would not dare approach that direction, as if it was afraid of something.


However, as Mu Chen inspected the mysterious region with an intense desire, a thunder that sounded like the howl of a ghost suddenly roared in his heart. Mu Chen's body trembled and his face turned pale. Then, all of his mind powers shattered. But, just before his mind powers had shattered, he had vaguely seen that, in the darkness, there seemed to be a broken stone tablet that was partially visible…

Mu Chen's eyes opened suddenly, as a cold sweat rolled down from his forehead. His hand held onto his chest, while distracting thoughts surged wildly in his mind. Even the spiritual energy in his body seemed to be out of control.

A cold hand was placed on his back. Warm spiritual energy gushed in quickly, repressing all of the spiritual energy in his body that was out of control.

"How are you?" Nine Nether asked anxiously.

Mu Chen panted for a while. Then, he turned his head and looked at Nine Nether's charming face, which was filled with worry. He grinned, joy filling his smile.

"Found it!"

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