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Thunder Magic Abyss.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether stood in mid-air and stared at the bottomless black abyss. The abyss was like a demonic dragon that was snaking and lurking deep underground. It was extremely terrifying.


The deep roar of thunder rang out continuously from the depths of the abyss and caused the ground to shake.

"This is the Thunder Magic Abyss." Nine Nether stared at the black abyss, and her face turned somewhat dignified as she said, "In the Thunder Magic Abyss, the Earthly Demonic Lightning comes into being. This lightning is rather special. Although it is a type of lightning, it can communicate with the earth. When activated, it can easily crack the earth open and cause earthquake-like destruction."

Mu Chen nodded. He had cultivated the Thunder God Physique and had also trained in the Lightning Territory in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy. Being quite familiar with the power of lightning, he could therefore feel the terrifying power of lightning that was converging in the Thunder Magic Abyss.

However, although the Earthly Demonic Lightning was strong, it was inferior to the Unperishable Flame. If he were to use it for spiritual energy fusion, the Earthly Demonic Lightning would definitely be burned away by the Unperishable Flame.

Therefore, he had to find lightning that could match the Unperishable Flame. The Earthly Demonic Lightning was clearly not strong enough.

Thus, Mu Chen's target was not the Earthly Demonic Lightning but rather the Netherworld Thunder Heart that was hidden in the deeper parts of the Thunder Magic Abyss and was also more powerful!

"But the Netherworld Thunder Heart is so powerful, even if we can find it, it will not be easy to fuse it," Mu Chen said in a thoughtful manner. Previously, when he was fusing the Unperishable Flame, he had spent a great amount of effort. At the moment, to fuse the Netherworld Thunder Heart would definitely be even more difficult and very dangerous.

"But if you fuse it successfully, your spiritual energy will have the properties of both lightning and fire. It will be much more powerful than ordinary spiritual energy," Nine Nether said and smiled.

"Of course, it doesn't mean that the more properties your spiritual energy has, the more powerful it is. For example, if you just talk about fire, the Flame Emperor from the Endless Fire Territory is probably the strongest in the Great Thousand World. He is really the emperor of fire and can easily control any flame in the world."

"So if I specialize in one area, I will be stronger?" Mu Chen asked. The Flame Emperor had really cultivated the way of fire to its extreme. At his level, other types of powers would probably be unattractive.

Nine Nether shook her head and replied, "You can't say that, either. The world is really mysterious, and no path is the best. I heard that the spiritual energy of the Martial Ancestor in the Martial Border has many different properties. He is adept at not just the powers of lightning and fire. That time he broke into the Ice Spirit Clan, the power of ice that he had shown was so strong that even the Ice Spirit Clan, which was an ancient clan that relied on the power of ice to survive, found it difficult to deal with."

"Martial Ancestor? His spiritual energy actually has so many properties?" Mu Chen was temporarily stunned as he recalled Lin Jing, whom he had met on the Continent of Trade. The Martial Ancestor should be her father, right?

"It is said that this is because the lower plane he is from is special. Although the Great Thousand World is where countless worlds converge, some lower planes also have remarkable parts. Some of their unique cultivation methods are not ordinary, even in the Great Thousand World."

Nine Nether smiled gently and continued, "Therefore, in the world, there is no cultivation path that is the strongest, only one that suits you the most. As long as you can find your own path, in the future you may even be able to match the most powerful people in the world."

Mu Chen nodded, after which he gave a bitter smile and said, "But it's too early to talk about this now. We haven't even found the Netherworld Thunder Heart."

Mu Chen looked at the Thunder Magic Abyss with some unease. At first he was quite optimistic, but now when he realized that over so many years, the Thunder Magic Sect still had not found the Netherworld Thunder Heart, his hope dropped to a minimum.

It was unlikely that if the Thunder Magic Sect had not found the Netherworld Thunder Heart after spending so much time and effort, that he would be so lucky to find it.

"No matter what, we have to try," Nine Nether said.

Mu Chen nodded. Then, he and Nine Nether glanced at each other and turned into two beams of light that descended quickly into the Thunder Magic Abyss. As they whizzed down, darkness instantly engulfed them.


Low roars of thunder kept rumbling out from the darkness below. Mu Chen and Nine Nether descended at an extremely fast speed, and in only ten breaths' time, they were 100,000 feet below the ground. Their speed gradually slowed down because they could feel that at such a depth, the lightning that filled the place seemed to be more and more violent.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether stood in place. Mu Chen flicked his finger and bright balls of spiritual energy rose slowly from his fingertip. Eventually, they expanded quickly and bright light burst out, banishing all the darkness at the bottom of the Thunder Magic Abyss.

Darkness retreated, and the scene surrounding them also became clear. Mu Chen scanned around, and his look turned serious. The walls of the abyss were filled with dense black holes, each about ten feet wide. In these dark holes, gray-black lightning shuttled to and fro like snakes. The deep rumble of thunder caused the ground to shake.

That gray-black lightning was the so-called Earthly Demonic Lightning.


The Earthly Demonic Lightning spread all over the abyss, and a violent fluctuation was given out, causing the space to distort. When the bright balls of spiritual energy appeared, the lightning also seemed to have sensed the intruders. Immediately, countless lightning strikes shot out from the black holes and swept towards Mu Chen and Nine Nether.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether did not panic. Nine Nether waved her hand, and a fire shield formed from purple flames and enveloped them. The Earthly Demonic Lightning rumbled over and was eventually burned into nothingness by the fire shield formed from the Unperishable Flame.

"Look below."

Nine Nether ignored the interference from the Earthly Demonic Lightning. Her slim finger pointed below and her face was solemn.

Mu Chen also looked below. Flicking his finger, a ball of spiritual energy flew towards the deeper part of the dark abyss. Then, the ball burst open and countless light spots swept out, lighting up the region below.


When Mu Chen saw the scene below, he gasped uncontrollably. In the deeper part of the darkness, gray-black lightning seemed to have formed a sea and filled the entire bottom of the Thunder Magic Abyss. It was so dark, it seemed to be a passage leading to another world that looked extremely terrifying.

The lightning sea was actually completely formed from the Earthly Demonic Lightning.

"It's no wonder that the Thunder Magic Sect could not find the Netherworld Thunder Heart after searching for so many years." Mu Chen sighed gently. Nobody had expected the Earthly Demonic Lightning in the depths of the Thunder Magic Abyss to actually be so vast and majestic. Even if Qin Tiangang was a Grade Five Sovereign, he would not dare to come to this place lightly.

Nine Nether nodded gently, after which, she frowned and said, "It seems that in order to find the Netherworld Thunder Heart, we need to go deep into the lightning sea formed by the Earthly Demonic Lightning."

Mu Chen also stared at the lightning sea and nodded slowly. However, he did not start the search directly. Instead, he looked at the Thunder Magic Abyss, which was filled with the Earthly Demonic Lightning, and some thoughts flashed across his mind.

Mu Chen said suddenly, "Nine Nether, I plan to bring the Nine Nether Troop here to cultivate."

"Huh?" Nine Nether said, slightly surprised. "The Thunder Magic Abyss is filled with the Earthly Demonic Lightning. Although you and I are not afraid of it, it is probably quite dangerous for the Nine Nether Troop."

"I plan to pass the Thunder God Physique to them," Mu Chen said slowly. "This Thunder Magic Abyss is a very good place to train the Thunder God Physique. If the Nine Nether Troop can successfully cultivate the Thunder God Physique, the fighting spirit condensed by them will definitely be significantly stronger."

The Thunder God Physique was extremely beneficial to the training of the physical body. However, as Mu Chen became stronger, the increase in combat ability brought about by the Thunder God Physique was also becoming less significant. On the other hand, if the Nine Nether Troop could cultivate the Thunder God Physique, their overall power would increase greatly. Mu Chen was very confident that by that time, with just the 1,000 people from the Nine Nether Troop, he could beat any troops in the Daluo Territory, except the mysterious Daluo Celestial Army.

Furthermore, in the longer term, if one day he really needed to go to the Luo God Clan, he definitely would not go alone. He therefore also needed a power that belonged to himself.

The Nine Nether Troop was obviously a good choice. Although at the moment, they were not strong enough, they had the potential to become so.


Nine Nether thought about it briefly and then nodded. She could also vaguely understand the thoughts that Mu Chen had in his heart. Even though to some extent, the Nine Nether Troop was her personal army, she had no objections at all to the idea. Based on the relationship between the two, these things clearly had no effect.

Since they had made the decision, Mu Chen did not delay any further. He flew out of the Thunder Magic Abyss and then gathered the Nine Nether Troop, after which, he brought them all into the Thunder Magic Abyss.

Based on the strength of the Nine Nether Troop, they naturally could not enter as deeply as Mu Chen and Nine Nether had. They could only reach the depth of 30,000 feet and could not go deeper.

Seeing this, Mu Chen ordered them to stop. He waved his sleeves, and many scripts flew out from them, landing in the hands of each Nine Nether Troop soldier.

"This is the cultivation method of the Thunder God Physique that I have cultivated. From today onwards, you will cultivate here."

Hearing Mu Chen's toneless voice, Qiu Shan and the rest were all stunned and stared at Mu Chen. After a while, an intense gratitude gushed out from their eyes because they were aware of the value of the Thunder God Physique. In other forces, it would be extremely difficult to obtain such a body-refining divine technique. On the other hand, Mu Chen actually just passed it to them...

"Thank you, commander!"

Qiu Shan and the rest glanced at each other. Then, they held tightly onto the scripts and knelt down on one knee in mid-air, their faces filled with heartfelt respect and support. They did not flatter unnecessarily, but their deep voices were filled with gratitude.

A soldier will die for the person who recognizes his worth. With such a commander, they would all give their full support.

Mu Chen nodded gently. He similarly did not say anything unnecessary and only waved his hand. Then, under the thousand respectful stares, he dashed towards the depths of the Thunder Magic Abyss directly.

He had already achieved what he wanted. In his opinion, using the Thunder God Physique in exchange for the loyalty of the Nine Nether Troop was a very good deal.

Since he had already made a proper plan for the Nine Nether Troop, he could also search for the Netherworld Thunder Heart that he wanted in the Thunder Magic Abyss without further worries.

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