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The echoes of war still enveloped the region. The Daluo Territory decidedly had momentum going in its favor. Thus, as it swept past the enemy territory, it was as unstoppable as a fierce tiger. However, the morale of its troops following the Hundred Battle Territory dropped, due to the defeat of Qin Tiangang and Qin Ling. Without any spirit left to fight, their ranks started to collapse. In light of this twist of events, this battle seemed to already have an obvious outcome.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether stood in mid-air. They did not launch another attack, but rather allowed the other forces to end the war. Instead, they led the Nine Nether Troop onward, to take over the Thunder Magic Mountain directly. This would be their prize.

Regarding the Nine Nether Palace's occupying the mountain, the many other forces did not object to this, because they all knew that this had been the ultimate target of the Nine Nether Palace in the first place. Furthermore, the Nine Nether Palace had obviously made the greatest contributions towards the victory of the war.

Hence, it was the consensus that these spoils of war were more than deserved, as the most powerful person would naturally take the biggest fruit. On the Tianluo Continent, this had long been a common principle.

After taking over Thunder Magic Mountain, Nine Nether brought Mu Chen, Tang Bing, Tang Rou and the rest of the troop to the most important treasure room. Generally speaking, a sect would gather all of its most prized collections in one single place. The most important resource, the sovereign spiritual liquid, would also be placed there.

The treasure room was guarded by spiritual arrays. But, these spiritual arrays did not hinder Nine Nether. She merely had to wave her hand and the huge bronze door of the treasure room cracked open.


As the huge bronze door opened, a wave of majestic and pure spiritual energy gushed out. For a moment, the air in the entire area became viscous.

Nine Nether entered into the room first, followed closely by Mu Chen. Then, Mu Chen saw many crystalline torrents, zigzagging in the treasure room like pythons. Pure spiritual energy fluctuations spread out continuously, all of which were formed by the convergence of sovereign spiritual liquid.

Generally speaking, it was highly unusual for the sovereign spiritual liquid in any sect to be stored in a Mustard Seed Bracelet. Instead, it was most often stored using a special spiritual array, because only this could maintain the purity of the sovereign spiritual liquid in the most perfect way. Precisely because of this, Mu Chen and the rest did not need to worry about anyone taking away the sovereign spiritual liquid that was stored in the Thunder Magic Sect.

In addition, Qin Tiangang obviously had not expected them to lose the war. Hence, he had not even completed these preparations that should have been performed in the case of their defeat.

"Seems like most of the sovereign spiritual liquid is completely preserved." Mu Chen smiled. From the looks of it, even if the Thunder Magic Sect had taken away some sovereign spiritual liquid beforehand, being cautious, they had still left most of it behind.

Standing off to the side, Tang Bing's usually cold face had turned completely red. She stared at the torrents formed from the sovereign spiritual liquid with her already red eyes.

Seeing her appearance, Nine Nether also laughed pleasantly. She tapped gently on Tang Bing's shoulder and said, "Bing'er, do some counting. In the future, we will no longer need to live our days feeling that pressed for finances."

It was also the first time that Mu Chen saw the normally cold Tang Bing being so attracted to wealth. Immediately, he teased her. "The other forces also made some contributions. How about we share this treasure with them?"

"No way!" Tang Bing instantly turned to Mu Chen, a fierce look in her bright eyes, then said, "Our Nine Nether Palace has been so carefully watching our spending all this time. We don't have extra sovereign spiritual liquid to give them! If you want to give some to them, you might as well give me away, too!"

Hearing this, Mu Chen immediately laughed out loud. He felt that Tang Bing was being very adorable at the moment.

Seeing his teasing smile, Tang Bing finally understood that Mu Chen was just joking with her. At once, she blushed and stared at Mu Chen with her charming eyes, clearly embarrassed.

"You dare to bully Bing'er. Be careful, your Nine Nether Troop may rebel against you later." Nine Nether also rolled her eyes at Mu Chen. Then, she held her arm around Tang Bing's slim waist and smiled. "But don't worry. Even if he has to give himself away, he would be unwilling to give you away!"

"Sister Nine Nether!" Hearing Nine Nether's words, Tang Bing's face turned even more red.

Mu Chen gave a dry laugh, but did not dare stay on the topic. He quickly turned his head to look around the treasure room. After a while, he stepped forward and walked further into the room, eventually stopping at a stone platform.

On the stone platform, there were a few crystalline jade boxes. A few scrolls, enveloped in lightning, were inside the jade boxes.

Mu Chen waved his sleeves, releasing spiritual energy, which then swept out and cleared the spiritual energy barrier on the platform. Then, he stretched out his hand, and a lightning scroll landed right into his palm.

He glanced at the scroll. Three words, glittering with lightning, were partially visible: Thunder Magic Physique.

The scroll was the Thunder Magic Physique that Qin Ling had cultivated. It was also a lightning-based body-refining divine technique.

Mu Chen closed his eyes and read through the Thunder Magic Physique. Then, he shook his head, because he realized that, although it was also a lightning-based body-refining divine technique, the Thunder Magic Physique was far less complicated than the Thunder God Physique.

In addition, the Thunder God Physique could train the physical body to a deeper extent and build an extremely solid foundation for more powerful body-refining divine techniques in the future. Just based upon this criteria alone, the Thunder Magic Physique was far less superior.

Mu Chen kept the scroll in the Mustard Seed Bracelet. Then, he checked out the other few scrolls that he had found. They were all lightning-based divine techniques, but he felt that they were still too weak to be of use to him.

After checking the scrolls for a while, he shook his head in disappointment. Just when he was about to leave, something suddenly caught his eye. It was another stone platform, but this one was made of black stone.

On the black stone platform, there was a gray bamboo slip, upon which were some vague lightning stripes. But the bamboo slip was a drab and unattractive gray color, and did not appear appear to be special in any way.

However, out of instinct, Mu Chen still took the gray bamboo slip into his hand. Then, his hand clenched and spiritual energy gushed into the slip, extracting its hidden information out...

The Heart Demon Lightning Lotus is cultivated by using the Netherworld Thunder Heart as its material, combined with a special refinery method...

After a while, Mu Chen opened his eyes. Some surprise flashed across his eyes, because he realized that the information recorded in the bamboo slip was not an ordinary divine technique. Instead, it was actually the method to produce an item known as the "Heart Demon Lightning Lotus".

This so-called "Heart Demon Lightning Lotus" was a detonatable divine artifact, so it could obviously only be used once. Furthermore, it required the Netherworld Thunder Heart as its material.

Although the requirements to produce it were difficult to achieve, it was very powerful. When it was detonated, even a grade five sovereign would need to dodge the blast!

And this was only the power of a single piece! If they could be produced in bulk, by throwing out dozens of them, even a grade five sovereign could only flee in panic.

"The Thunder Magic Sect actually has this kind of treasure!" Mu Chen's eyes were filled with surprise. If the information recorded was accurate, and the Thunder Magic Sect really had such a powerful weapon, why had they not used it?

As Nine Nether walked toward Mu Chen, a pleasant aroma accompanied her every step. Upon seeing her approach, Mu Chen passed the bamboo slip in his hand to Nine Nether, expressing his doubts.

"It's actually the Heart Demon Lightning Lotus..."

Nine Nether seemed to have heard about the power of the weapon before, as even her expression changed slightly. Then, she frowned and said, "It's probably not that Qin Tiangang did not want to use them, but rather that they have not even managed to produce them yet..."

"Haven't produced them?" Mu Chen was stunned. In the Thunder Magic Mountain, there was the Thunder Magic Abyss, whose depth was filled with the Earthly Demonic Lightning. Also, the Earthly Demonic Lightning was a breeding ground for the Netherworld Thunder Heart. How could it be that, throughout all these many years, the Thunder Magic Sect still had not found any Netherworld Thunder Hearts?

"Don't think that the Netherworld Thunder Heart is very common." Nine Nether shook her head gently and said. "After all, that is an extremely unique lightning that is comparable to the unperishable flame. Hence, it is far more powerful than the divine black lightning, so it is quite possible that the Thunder Magic Sect has been unable to find it all this time."

Mu Chen twitched his lips in surprise. Even though he knew that the Netherworld Thunder Heart was rare, he had not expected it to actually be so very rare...

"Since we have occupied the Thunder Magic Sect, we can rest for a while. Later, we will go and take a look at the Thunder Magic Abyss," Nine Nether's eyes sparkled, and she spoke in a thoughtful manner.

Mu Chen nodded. Apart from the sovereign spiritual liquid, the other reason that they had attacked the Thunder Magic Sect was the Thunder Magic Abyss.

The two walked out, and Tang Bing also moved over with a red face. Her eyes were filled with excitement, which she could hardly conceal. It seemed that she was extremely satisfied with the outcome of her inspection.

"Sister Nine Nether, from a rough estimate, there should be one hundred and thirty thousand sovereign spiritual liquid here. There are also many divine artifacts and divine techniques. If they were to be converted into sovereign spiritual liquid, they should be worth about sixty or seventy thousand."

Hearing Tang Bing's report, even Mu Chen twitched his lips uncontrollably. The Nine Nether Palace could only get about ten thousand drops of sovereign spiritual liquid a year. On the other hand, the treasure room in the Thunder Magic Sect already stored one hundred and thirty thousand. This gain could allow the resources in the Nine Nether Palace to grow quickly.

Nine Nether also smiled and said, "This really solves our urgent need."

Previously, the Nine Nether Palace had to spend very carefully, and could sustain itself only by relying on the sovereign spiritual liquid that Mu Chen had taken out. Now, they had obtained such a huge amount, that the Nine Nether Palace had become much wealthier in an instant.

"Ask someone to organize these things. For this period, we will remain stationed here," Nine Nether said.

"Alright!" Tang Bing gave a sweet reply.

Nine Nether flicked Tang Bing's smooth forehead gently with her slim finger. Then, she and Mu Chen left the treasure room, directly moving toward the deeper parts of the Thunder Magic Sect. They could feel that, in the deeper parts, an extremely violent lightning fluctuation was spreading out.

At the deeper part of the Thunder Magic Sect, Mu Chen and Nine Nether appeared in the sky, both looking below them. There, an enormous crack was torn among the mountains.

The crack was about ten thousand feet long and seemed black and bottomless. The rumbling sound of thunder came from the bottom of the abyss, causing the ground to tremble slightly.

A strange power of thunder passed over through the vibration. This place was Mu Chen's target, the Thunder Magic Abyss!

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