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The instant Mu Chen opened his eyes, two dazzling beams of golden light shot out. It was as if nothing could hide in the golden light.

At the center of the Great Solar Undying Body's eyebrows, brilliant golden light was blooming as if from an eye-catching golden sun. A shocking energy fluctuation rippled out, attracting countless astonished stares.

Mu Chen was sitting cross-legged on the head of the Great Solar Undying Body. He lifted his head and saw the enormous lightning sun falling towards him. Its shadow enveloped the entire Great Solar Undying Body.

The lightning sun had yet to explode, but its power had already caused the ground below to collapse layer by layer.

That was Qin Ling's attack after making use of his topographical advantage, and it was indeed horrifying. It was enough for him to win, even if he faced a Grade Three Sovereign, not to mention a Grade Two.

Unfortunately, his opponent this time was not ordinary.


Mu Chen gradually blew out a ball of white mist. His hands formed a seal and immediately, golden light spread out from the center of the Great Solar Undying Body's eyebrows while its giant hands clenched tightly.

The liquid-like golden light gushed out from the center of the Great Solar Undying Body's eyebrows and converged onto its hands. The golden light solidified and actually turned into a layer of golden crystals.

The layer of diamond-like crystals wrapped around the Great Solar Undying Body's fists. The surface of the crystals seemed to be filled with the most primitive mysterious runes. An indescribable fluctuation rippled quietly.

"Sovereign Super Power, the Power of One Sun!"

Coldness suddenly surged in Mu Chen's black eyes. Then, the Great Solar Undying Body stepped in the air and its fist, which was covered with the layer of diamond crystals, punched hard at the lightning sun as it was falling down.

The diamond-like fist seemed to penetrate across space and appeared below the lightning sun instantaneously. It punched without any hesitation.

The two collided forcefully into each other, but unexpectedly, no deafening sounds were produced. Everyone's eyes narrowed because they saw that the diamond-like fist actually pierced through the lightning sun directly at the point of collision.

There were no obstructions at all. It was as if it had pierced through a mere piece of tofu.

The glittering diamond fist was like the invincible hand of God and was extremely terrifying.


Many viscous-looking golden rays burst out from the violent lightning sun in all directions. In the end, the lightning on the sun started to disappear at a shocking speed.

In only a few breaths' time, the lightning sun, which previously seemed to be able to destroy the earth, gradually dimmed and vanished…

Gentle wind blew across the battlefield, but the entire region was filled with silence.


In the sky, Qin Ling's face turned very pale. Just then, he spat out a mouthful of blood, and his body started to tremble as he watched the scene in horror.

He could not understand why Mu Chen could block such a powerful attack so easily!

This guy was only a Grade Two Sovereign!

On top of the Great Solar Undying Body's head, Mu Chen also stared at the lightning sun that had been crushed in just one punch, and astonishment flashed in his eyes. The power of the Great Solar Undying Body's Sovereign Super Power was also beyond his expectations.

The Great Solar Undying Body is indeed worthy of its name… Mu Chen praised in his heart.

According to Mandela, the Great Solar Undying Body could at least be ranked among the top 30 in the 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies ranking. Previously, he had been somewhat doubtful, but as he gradually began to open up the Great Solar Undying Body's powers, he also started to feel how amazing it really was.

He glanced at Qin Ling, whose face was pale. Coldness flashed in Mu Chen's eyes, and his hands formed a seal. The Great Solar Undying Body's diamond-covered palm penetrated across space once again and appeared directly in front of the Thunder Magic Celestial Body, smacking down at it.


Air exploded directly at that moment, and visible spiritual energy ripples violently spread out.

Qin Ling's face darkened. He grit his teeth and did not dare to hesitate. Lightning surged around the Thunder Magic Celestial Body and quickly formed an enormous lightning screen in front of it, as if it were a lightning shield.


However, the diamond palm once again displayed its terrifying power and penetrated the lightning screen in just one hit. It felt as if nothing in the world could stop it.

It could truly destroy anything.

When the diamond-like palm penetrated the lightning screen, Qin Ling's expression finally completely changed. However, before he could retreat, the diamond palm had already hit the Thunder Magic Celestial Body with an unavoidable speed.


Golden light burst out, and a visible shockwave spread out. The Thunder Magic Celestial Body trembled and was blown directly backwards. As it flew, it crushed many magnificent mountains into flat land.

A streak that was a 100,000 feet long appeared on the ground.

At the end of the streak, dust filled the air, and cracks filled the Thunder Magic Celestial Body. In the end, the cracks spread, and the celestial body finally reached its limit. It cracked completely open and turned into many light spots that filled the air.


When the Thunder Magic Celestial Body was crushed, an awkward figure also flew backwards from it. He spat out a large amount of blood, and his body collided hard into another mountain. It was as if his entire body were embedded in the mountain.


Everyone in the place stared at the scene, after which shocked exclamations erupted. People from both the Daluo Territory and the Hundred Battle Territory widened their eyes and could not believe what they saw.

Qin Ling actually lost!

Moreover, this was the outcome after Qin Ling made use of his topographical advantage...

"This guy..." Everyone stared with some horror at the golden celestial body standing in the sky. They all swallowed uncontrollably. How exactly did this person manage to do it?

People from the Daluo Territory looked at each other and finally felt some real awe towards Mu Chen. Although this young man had spent less time in the Daluo Territory than they had, he was really capable. In the foreseeable future, he would surely become a very popular person in the Daluo Territory. Maybe he could even be among the top in the younger generation of the North Territory.

Mu Chen smiled gently under countless stares. The Great Solar Undying Body slowly vanished. His face was somewhat pale, probably due to the fact that he had also spent a great deal of spiritual energy.

He reached out his hand and clenched forcefully. Just then, the mountain cracked open, and an awkward figure was lifted across space. Qin Ling's body was covered with blood, and the spiritual energy fluctuation around him was a mess. Clearly, he was severely injured and could not resist Mu Chen anymore.

Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the intense battle above him. His somewhat cold voice rang out, "Clan Leader Qin, it seems that Elder Qin did not meet your expectations."

At Mu Chen's words, Qin Tiangang's spiritual energy instantly became disordered. Obviously, he had also noticed that Qin Ling had been caught by Mu Chen. Immediately, he roared in anger, "Little bastard, put him down!"

"You still have the ability to care about others?" a cold and clear voice answered. Higher in the sky, the wings behind Nine Nether flapped, and her body turned into an afterimage as she flew out. The wings were like the sharpest divine artifact and tore across space. It turned into a windstorm and swept towards Qin Tiangang.

Bang! Bang!

Qin Tiangang also tried his best to fight back, but Nine Nether was clearly more powerful than he was. Furthermore, Mu Chen had won, and Nine Nether no longer had anything to worry about. Immediately, her fierce attacks caused Qin Tiangang to be at a disadvantage.

In the chaotic battlefield below, the morale of the Hundred Battle Territory started to fall. They could all tell that the situation at hand was extremely unfavorable for them.

Qin Ling had been caught by Mu Chen, and Qin Tiangang was also losing and clearly could not fight against Nine Nether.

Morale dropped and the forces from the Hundred Battle Territory finally did not dare to continue fighting. In the end, some people started to back off, and this immediately caused a chain reaction. In only a few minutes, the previously highly-spirited Hundred Battle Territory lost all its morale, and everyone started to escape in all directions.

On the other hand, the forces from the Daluo Territory started to chase and attack. The sound of people being killed spread throughout the battlefield.

Now, the outcome of the war was already very obvious.


In the sky, Qin Tiangang gave a furious and dispirited roar. Immediately, his palm collided head-on with Nine Nether and trembling, he was blown backwards 10,000 feet. He grit his teeth and descended quickly. Within a blink, he appeared above Mu Chen.

Seeing that Qin Tiangang had actually come for him, Mu Chen's look also turned serious. He pushed his palm out in the air and Qin Ling was blown backwards, spitting out blood along the way.

Qin Tiangang stared at Mu Chen with a vicious look, and then looked at Qin Ling who was flying backwards. Finally, he grit his teeth and rushed towards the latter. He grabbed Qin Ling's shoulders and backed away quickly.


A cold humph came from the sky. A black wing burning with a purple flame tore across space and hit Qin Tiangang's back like a bolt of lightning.


A ferocious bloody wound resulted, and he spat out a large quantity of blood.

Qin Tiangang's body trembled intensely, but he did not stop. He grabbed Qin Ling and escaped into the distance. Only his vicious roar could be heard from afar.

"Nine Nether, Mu Chen, just wait. My Thunder Magic Sect will not let you off easily!"

As the roar faded away, Qin Tiangang also quickly disappeared into the horizon.

Watching Qin Tiangang retreat, Mu Chen heaved a sigh of relief. Judging from Qin Tiangang's powers, if he really wanted to risk his life to fight, he would also certainly pay a heavy price.

Therefore, the best outcome was to make him flee. In any case, what Mu Chen and the rest wanted was only the Thunder Magic Sect and not Qin Tiangang's life.


Nine Nether dashed down from the sky. Her tall and slender body appeared beside Mu Chen.

Nine Nether's bright eyes stared at Mu Chen and she asked, "Are you injured?"

Mu Chen smiled and shook his head. He stared at the damaged ground in front of him and glanced at the magnificent Thunder Magic Mountain, after which, he grinned uncontrollably.

The Thunder Magic Sect now belonged to them.

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